Chapter 615 – Saber Formation!

Luo Jun’s pupils constricted. He’d never imagined that the reason Yao Ye had emerged from underground was actually because Yao Ye had fled from there….

Yang Ye has gotten even stronger!

Luo Jun’s face turned horrifyingly savage when he thought up to this point. I’m the Mortal Emperor! I’m the representative of the world! So why is this fellow able to obtain endless fortuitous encounters? Why!?

Yao Ye’s expression was unsightly to the extreme. His forte was his speed, and it was swift to the point his opponents couldn’t dodge them. However, his speed had encountered its bane, and it was Yang Ye! Because his speed was utterly useless against Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s physical defense had completely exceeded his imagination. Or it should be said that the Hallowed Grounds had severely underestimated Yang Ye!

Merely relying on speed was insufficient to deal with Yang Ye because one had to pass through his defenses, and that was something which he was lacking in!


Meanwhile, an enormous explosion resounded in the sky, and it reverberated through the world and caused the entire southern territory to tremble violently!

After that, everyone watched with shock as a few corpses fell from the sky.

Luo Jun, Yao Ye, and the others revealed grim expressions when they saw those corpses because the experts of the Exalted Han Empire and Hallowed Ground were amongst them!

On the other hand, the profounders on Yang Ye’s side heaved sighs of relief. Because while Elder Mu was being surrounded and attacked, it seemed like Elder Mu wouldn’t be killed or defeated that easily. So long as Elder Mu didn’t die or lose, then the Hallowed Grounds and Exalted Han Empire had to eternally abide by the rule that Monarch Realm experts couldn’t act against Exalt Realm experts!

Otherwise, if a Half-Saint intended to act against others who were below the Half-Saint Realm, then even another Half-Saint wouldn’t be able to stop it!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and flashed over to the corpses of those Monarch Realm Experts. He waved his hand and placed them within the ancient sheath. Even though the ancient sheath wasn’t able to create Monarch Realm Sword Servants for now, it didn’t mean that Sword Spirit couldn’t accomplish it in the future. So, once he retrieved the ancient sheath’s sword, he could use these corpses that he’d gathered to refine countless Monarch Realm Sword Servants. Moreover, two of those corpses belonged to ninth rank Monarch Realm experts!

“How dare you!” Yao Ye roared furiously when he saw Yang Ye take the corpses of those Monarch Realm experts from the Hallowed Grounds, and then the sword in his hand moved slightly before a ray of white light flashed.

Yang Ye didn’t dodge and just allowed it to strike him.


Dazzling sparks flew off from Yang Ye’s body while his body moved a little, but he was completely fine.

Yao Ye’s face twitched when he witnessed this scene, and then he hesitated for a moment before he shouted. “Form the formation!”

Bu’er and the others who were fighting in the distance were stunned by this. Yang Ye is actually strong to the point that Yao Ye can’t fight Yang Ye on his own?

Amongst the 10 teams in the Holy Guard of the Hallowed Grounds, every single team had around 10 members, and every single team had its own formation. They were formations that were passed down by the experts of the ancient times, and it was prepared so that they could be utilized against the defiant profounders.

They were from the Saber Team, so their formation was a saber formation. It was necessary for one of them to have comprehended Saber Intent to utilize the formation, and the stronger the person’s Saber Intent was, the stronger the formation’s might would be. If all 11 members of the Saber Team were at the Monarch Realm and had attained the 1st level of Heaven Realm Saber Intent, then their joint forces could surmount a realm of cultivation to kill a Half-Saint! This was no rumor because it had really been accomplished in the past!

Even though they weren’t at the Monarch Realm or attained 1st level Heaven Realm Saber Intent, their joint forces could kill a Monarch Realm expert with ease!

They didn’t hesitate to flash over to Yao Ye’s side, and then they split up to form a triangular formation. Their Saber Intent surged out from within them, and then a huge hiltless saber that was formed from Saber Intent and profound energy gradually condensed in the air above them.

The saber was over 30m long. As their Saber Intent and profound energy surged incessantly into it, the saber started trembling slightly and gradually seemed to become material. In the end, it simply seemed like a real saber blade. Most importantly, the terrifying energy it contained caused the space around it to ripple. It was an extremely astonishing sight!

Yang Ye’s brows knit together slightly because he sensed that the saber had actually locked onto him. In other words, he could only go head on against it and couldn’t dodge it at all!

“Yang Ye, this is a formation the experts of my Hallowed Grounds specially created to deal with the defiant profounders. You should be honored to be able to die beneath this saber formation.” The Saber Intent within Yao Ye surged madly into the huge saber as he gazed at Yang Ye with a slightly ferocious expression. He’d never suffered such humiliation throughout his lifetime, and he would truly be unable to vent the hatred in his heart without killing Yang Ye. No, he didn’t just want to kill Yang Ye, even every single person related to Yang Ye had to be tortured and humiliated to death!

Yang Ye said, “I’d intended to fight you in a one on one battle, but you want to use numbers against me? Do you think that I have no one? Little Fellow, you can come out now!”

A ray of violet light flashed, and then the violet mink appeared on Yang Ye’s shoulder. Moreover, it wasn’t just the violet mink, Lei Lin had transformed into a bolt of lightning and appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

Lei Lin pointed one of her little fingers at Yao Ye’s group and tilted her head as she asked, “You want me to hit them?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Yes, with all your might. Because they want to take your food….”

Lei Lin was furious, and she gestured towards the sky. The others in the surroundings watched with astonishment as dark clouds instantly covered the sky, and then an enormous pillar of lightning that was over 300m wide and over 1km long shot through the dark clouds and descended swiftly towards Yao Ye’s group.

The edges of everyone’s lips twitched at this sight. Who exactly is that little girl? She called down lightning with a single gesture? Is she the god of lightning?

Yang Ye was shocked by this scene as well. Because he hadn’t imagined that Lei Lin was actually that terrifying. After all, she’d actually caused the weather to change with a wave of her hand, and then a pillar of lightning had descended right away…. Fortunately, Lei Lin was on his side, otherwise that little girl would be an extremely troublesome existence.

The violet mink blinked. She glanced at the pillar of lightning, glances at Lei Lin, and then violet light glowed brilliantly in her eyes. She seemed as if she’d encountered something fun…

The expressions of Yao Ye and the others changed a little. When he saw that pillar of lightning, Yao Ye suddenly looked at Yang Ye and said, “Slash!”

The huge saber instantly shot forward towards Yang Ye. On the other hand, Yao Ye and the others flashed up into the sky to deal with the pillar of lightning. Countless strands of saber qi sprayed out and collided with the enormous pillar of lightning, and then deafening rumbling resounded through the sky.

Meanwhile, the huge saber wasn’t very swift, and it could even be said to be quite slow. However, Yang Ye was very clearly aware that he couldn’t dodge it at all because a mysterious force within it had locked onto him, and it was pointless no matter how he dodged. He could only go head on against it!

At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t really take notice of the might of the attack, and he’d taken notice of the Hallowed Grounds instead. Because regardless of whether it was Zuo Dengfeng or Yao Ye, their strengths, techniques, and treasures had far exceeded his imagination. Moreover, besides An Nanjing, Luo Jun, and himself, no one else in the younger generation of the entire continent could match their strength!

But they weren’t even the best geniuses of the Hallowed Grounds!

Yang Ye was very clearly aware that the Hallowed Grounds was probably much stronger than he’d imagined!

Yang Ye shook his head and discarded these distracting thoughts from his mind. He rubbed his head against the violet mink, and she nodded in response. She waved her little claw, and then a strange scene appeared. The huge saber started to slow down because the space around him had suddenly started to warp and overlap. However, it was still unable to stop the huge saber!

The saber tore apart the overlapped space that stood before it, and it continued down towards Yang Ye. Only its speed had become slightly slower, and the glow it emanated had dimmed down greatly.

The little fellow glared angrily when she noticed that her Spatial Domain wasn’t able to stop the huge saber at all. She started waving her claws about, and then countless rays of violet light enveloped the saber.

Hiss! Hiss!

The violet lights weren’t able to stop it, and they were slashed apart by the saber.

The violet mink was furious, and she intended to wave her little claws again. Meanwhile, Yang Ye rubbed her head and said, “It’s enough. It’s my turn now!”

Yang Ye stomped the ground with his right foot, and his figure shot forward like a cannonball while the wooden sword in his hand glowed as it stabbed towards the huge saber. As his figure travelled towards the huge saber, he poured out his 10th level Sword Intent without holding in the slightest, and it caused the glow on the wooden sword to dazzle like the sun!


The wooden sword smashed heavily against the tip of the saber, and an enormous explosion resounded.

The wooden sword and huge saber shook violently, and then everyone watched with shock as the huge saber started to crack apart slowly…. On the other hand, Yang Ye didn’t have it easy at all. Not only was the wooden sword trembling violently, even his dragon claws were trembling violently. If he hadn’t transformed his hands into dragon claws at the last minute, then his arms would have probably been blasted apart in this collision!

The pupils of Yao Ye and the others constricted when they witnessed this scene from afar. Yang Ye is actually able to go head-on against the joint strength of all 11 of us? And he’s actually able to form dragon claws? Is he from the dragon race?

“Break!” Yang Ye shouted as he suddenly pressed down with his claws. A ray of light erupted from the wooden sword before an explosion resounded.

Yao Ye and the others watched with horror as the huge saber exploded apart, whereas Yang Ye was blasted over 300m away by the energy that erupted from within the huge saber.

“Retreat!” Yao Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then his figure flashed with the intention of fleeing. Yang Ye’s strength had completely exceeded his expectations. Moreover, their profound energy had been practically exhausted from utilizing the saber formation. So, even if Yang Ye didn’t have much profound energy left as well, the problem was that Yang Ye still had that formidable physical strength and physical defense!

Most importantly, Yang Ye still had that violet mink and the little girl by his side…. So, they had no chance of winning if they stayed!

“Retreat? How? Little Fellow, stop them! Lei Lin, blast them apart!”

The violet mink and Lei Lin nodded, and then all sorts of violet lights and bolts of lightning covered the heavens and the earth as they appeared all around Yao Ye’s group. In an instant, Yao Ye’s group was enveloped beneath a wave of attacks.

Yang Ye didn’t stand by idly as well. He utilized the profound energy that remained within him and activated the Stellar Shuttle to charge into the area which was covered in lightning and violet light….

Bang! Bang!

It wasn’t long before numerous muffled bangs resounded within that area.

After less than 10 minutes passed, Yang Ye walked out from that area, and he was holding a person who was on the verge of death….

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