Chapter 608 – Saint Eradication!

The process was extremely painful, and it was at least a few dozen times more painful than when he tempered his body with the Nether Ghostflame. How strong was Yang Ye’s willpower? He’d even been able to endure the pain from the Nether Ghostflame as it tempered his body, but he couldn’t help but scream right now. Because these scales were growing out from within him, and they tore through his skin and meridians as they emerged….

Moreover, Yang Ye noticed that the red liquid seemed to have entered into conflict with the blood within him. The red liquid seemed to intend to destroy his original blood, but his blood had been cleaned by Primordial Violet Energy and had become extremely strong. So, the red liquid from the stone tablet hadn’t been able to destroy his original blood.

Besides that, Yang Ye’s blood was completely against this new blood that had entered his body, so the two of them started to collide with each other within him. Such an incident was simply torture to Yang Ye because every single collision between them caused him to suffer unbearably violent pain.

The two different types of blood were colliding within him while fine golden scales were still growing out from his skin. It wasn’t long before Yang Ye’s lower body was densely covered in fine scales. These scales were extremely fine like the wings of cicadas, but their edges were sharp like blades.

Suddenly, a pair of golden dragon horns emerged from the top of Yang Ye’s head. They were almost 30cm long, and they seemed extremely strange on Yang Ye’s head because he didn’t look like a human anymore!

On the other hand, the two types of blood within him were still fighting each other without showing any willingness to give in at all, so it overwhelmed Yang Ye with extraordinary pain….

While Yang Ye received the inheritance of the Dragon Ancestor, the Half-Saint Realm expert of the Exalted Han Empire, Luo Dao, and 30 Monarch Realm experts had arrived at Ancient Domain City. There were actually 5 ninth rank Exalt Realm experts amongst them, and all of them were white haired old men who seemed like they had one foot in the coffin!

Ancient Domain City was covered in terror when a Half-Saint and numerous Monarch Realm experts arrived. Because they were probably tiny like ants before a Half-Saint.

“Undertaker, Yang Ye must die, the human race must be united. What do you think about that?” Luo Dao gazed at Ancient Domain City as he spoke indifferently.

Elder Mu appeared in midair and said, “What? Your central territory doesn’t intend to abide by the rules anymore? Are you that confident in your ability to kill me? Truthfully speaking, just these forces of yours are insufficient.”

“What if my Hallowed Grounds is included as well!?” Right at this moment, a wave of fluctuation arose in the space above the city, and then 50 old men who wore the uniform of the Hallowed Grounds had appeared on Elder Mu’s left. The pupils of the Founding Ancestor and all the other Monarch Realm experts within Ancient Domain City constricted upon laying eyes on these 50 people because all of them were ninth rank Monarch Realm experts!

The blue robed old man who led the group from the Hallowed Grounds gazed at Elder Mu and said, “The path of cultivation is difficult, and it’s even more difficult to cultivate to the Half-Saint Realm. You should be someone who’s preparing to overcome the Heavenpath at any time. It’s truly unwise to go against my Hallowed Grounds from just the human race.”

“It’s even more unwise for all of you to go against Yang Ye for that so-called dignity of your Hallowed Grounds!” said Elder Mu.

The blue robed old man laughed coldly, “It’s unwise? Aren’t you thinking too highly of that disciple of yours? I can’t deny that his natural talent and potential are formidable indeed, and it’s even greater than the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor from all those years ago, but so what? Why would my Hallowed Grounds fear him even if he attains strength that’s on par with the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor?”

Elder Mu shook his head and said, “While you say you’re unafraid, you’re actually determined to kill him. How laughable! Alright, let’s cut the crap. Luo Dao, who else do you have on your side? Ask all of them to show themselves. I haven’t exercised my muscles for over 10,000 years, so I’ll play with all of you today!”

“How could my Divine Gold Dragon Clan not be here when something as important as the eradication of a Half-Saint is being carried out? Count us in!” Right at this moment, 10 enormous Monarch Realm golden dragons appeared in the sky above the city.

Meanwhile, the Demon Emperor appeared by Elder Mu’s side. He gazed at the Dragon Emperor and spoke in a low voice, “Dragon Emperor, looks like you really intend to go against my demon race!”

“The demon race?” The Dragon Emperor laughed coldly as he said, “Demon Emperor, open your eyes and have a look. Look around you! Do you think this Half-Saint and Yang Ye have a chance? Joining forces with them to fight the Hallowed Grounds is akin to leading our demon race to death. How could my clan agree to that?”

“My Divine Phoenix Clan refuses to agree as well!” Meanwhile, 10 fiery red phoenixes that blotted out the sky appeared here.

The Demon Emperor’s face turned grim when he witnessed this scene, “Tian Feng, even your Divine Phoenix Clan intends to stand on the Hallowed Grounds’ side?” There were four clans that he wasn’t able to control in the demon territory, and it was the Divine Phoenix, Divine Gold Dragon, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise Clans. Because they were clans of divine beasts, and their strength and reserves weren’t inferior to the Spatial Mink Clan at all!

The Divine Phoenix in the lead of the group transformed into a woman and said, “I don’t see any hope for the demon race if it stands on the southern territory’s side. Xiao Hu, Qian Wu, show yourselves.”

As soon as she finished speaking, 10 white tigers that weren’t smaller to the divine gold dragons appeared here, and then the ground outside Ancient Domain City quaked as 10 enormous tortoises that were comparable to mountains appeared within everyone’s fields of vision!

The four divine beast clans had converged here!

The Demon Emperor’s face turned utterly gloomy!

Right at this moment, the blue robed old man from the Hallowed Grounds suddenly said, “Demon Emperor, there’s no enmity between my Hallowed Grounds and the demon race. So long as you leave right now, I guarantee that my Hallowed Grounds won’t target your Spatial Mink Clan in the future. Otherwise, your Spatial Mink Clan will probably be vanishing from the continent after the matter here is resolved!”

The Demon Emperor fell silent for a short while before he shook his head, and then he waved his right hand. Space trembled violently before 20 enormous Spatial Minks appeared here. All of them were at the Monarch Realm!

The Demon Emperor said, “Dragon Emperor, Tian Feng, Xiao Hu, and Quan Wu. I know that all of you’ve been coveting the position of Demon Emperor for a very long time. Since it’s like that, then let’s put an end to it today. If our side loses, then my Spatial Mink Clan will leave the demon territory and live within the spatial rifts. However, if you lose, then I’ll definitely slaughter all of your clans!”

“You won’t have the chance to do that!” The blue robed man spoke coldly.

“I think he will!” Suddenly, Elder Mu spoke, “One Half-Saint and 120 Monarch Realm experts. Haha! What extravagance! Alright, let’s cut the crap and fight!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mu flashed into space. Luo Dao followed right behind Elder Mu, and then the remaining Monarch Realm experts and Monarch Rank divine beasts hurriedly followed after them.

The Demon Emperor was just about to lead the Spatial Minks over as well when Elder Mu’s voice resounded abruptly, “Just protect Ancient Domain City and prevent other Monarch Realm experts of the Hallowed Grounds from attacking it.”

The Demon Emperor pondered deeply for a moment before he led the Spatial Minks back into the city.

Everyone within the city was looking up into the sky right now because the outcome of the battle was related to their fate….

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