Chapter 1561 – Yang Ye Must Die!

Fuck off!

Fuck off right now!

At this moment, the experts of the Divine Phoenix Clan weren’t the only ones who were dumbstruck, Yang Ye was the same.

The Eye of the Heaven Dao! That was the Eye of the Heaven Dao of the large world!

How terrifying were the strands of stellar sword energy that Yang Ye had summoned with the Stellar Sword Diagram? However, as soon as the Eye of the Heaven Dao appeared here, it had instantly obliterated Yang Ye’s stellar sword energy. So, it was obvious how strong it was!

Yet now, Little Sky had pointed at it and told it to fuck off right now!

However, what happened next caused their jaws to almost hit the floor.

Because the Eye of the Heaven Dao stared at Little Sky for around two breaths of time, and then it suddenly started to tremble violently. It seemed like it had encountered something terrifying and started to become ethereal. Around two breaths of time later, it vanished in midair!

It really left?

Mo Jiang and the others were stunned on the spot and so was Yang Ye.

Yang Ye knew that Little Sky had a very good relationship with the Eyes of the Heaven Dao, but now it would seem like her relationship with them wasn’t that simple.

Mo Jiang stared at Little Sky, “Who are you?”

Just saying that had made the Eye of the Heaven Dao in the large world leave obediently. At this moment, his fear towards Little Sky had surpassed his fear of Yang Ye. Because as far as he knew, there hadn’t been any formidable figure capable of making the Eye of the Heaven Dao leave, and that included Jian Wuji and the Unfettered One!

Little Sky turned to look at Mo Jiang, “Imprisoning the Sprite Lord of this world and taking her consciousness. Your Divine Phoenix Clan’s actions are too inhumane.”

“Inhumane?” Mo Jiang had a ferocious expression on his face, “So Yang Ye’s slaughter of countless members of my Divine Phoenix Clan is humane?”

Little Sky shook her head and replied, “There’s cause and effect for everything in this world. You should be well aware why he’s attacking your clan. Moreover, I even gave your clan a chance to hand over the Sprite Lord’s consciousness. However, you refused to listen. Now, I’ll give you another chance. Hand over the Sprite Lord’s consciousness and his friend, and we’ll leave.”


Countless phoenixes gazed at Mo Jiang! At this moment, they naturally hoped that Yang Ye and Little Sky would leave. The Divine Phoenix Clan had suffered a heavy blow. If Yang Ye didn’t leave and continued fighting their clan to his last breath, then he would definitely be able to cripple their clan.

However, if the Divine Phoenix Clan allowed Yang Ye to leave, then it represented that the Divine Phoenix Clan would have to give up possession of the Sprite Lord. Moreover, it represented that the proud Divine Phoenix Clan had submitted, it had submitted to a human at the Deity Realm!

How could the Divine Phoenix Clan be willing to do that? Not to mention that Yang Ye had slaughtered so many phoenixes!

Mo Jiang gazed at Little Sky and said, “Then what about the dead members of my Divine Phoenix Clan?”

Little Sky replied with a question, “Do you want even more to die?”

Ferocity covered Mo Jiang’s face, “Let me tell you that it isn’t about the Sprite Lord anymore. My Divine Phoenix Clan has never suffered such a humiliation in tens of thousands of years.”

His gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and he continued, “The Divine Phoenix Clan can be destroyed, but Yang Ye must die. Kill Yang Ye!”

Besides what he’d just said, the reason Mo Jiang hadn’t chosen to let the matter rest was because the Eye of the Heaven Dao had destroyed Yang Ye’s stellar sword energy.

They didn’t have to fear Yang Ye once he’d lost the stellar sword energy in the sky!

As soon as they heard Mo Jiang’s order, all the Rebirth Realm experts here charged at Yang Ye. Now, they didn’t have to worry about Yang Ye’s stellar sword energy, so Yang Ye was nothing to be feared!

“Let’s go!” Little Sky took Yang Ye’s hand, and then her figure flickered a few times and vanished into the distance.

Yang Ye was suffering backlash from his sword intent, so he couldn’t fight any longer.

“Get him!” Mo Jiang spoke fiercely, “Seal off our Phoenix Domain. Besides that, send a message to the Heavenly Dragon Clan, Demon God’s Palace, and the Devil Ape Clan. Tell them that our Divine Phoenix Clan suffered a surprise attack from a human expert, and we need help. After that, notify the Emperor Sect and War Pavilion of the human race. Tell them Yang Ye is here, and that our Divine Phoenix Clan permits them to send their forces into our Phoenix Domain. One more thing, find Xiaoleng as soon as possible. Tell her to rush back here immediately. Moreover….”

As Mo Jiang gave the orders, countless powers throughout Sky Sky Continent knew that Yang Ye was at the Phoenix Domain, and then countless experts rushed to the Phoenix Domain.

Most of these experts were from the demon race, but there were humans as well.

The Divine Phoenix Clan wouldn’t let Yang Ye live, and neither would the Emperor Sect or War Pavilion from the human race. Yang Ye was like a thorn in their side, and they wouldn’t be able to eat and sleep in peace without pulling it out! Now, Yang Ye was trapped in the Phoenix Domain and coupled with the fact that the Divine Phoenix Clan was acting against him as well, it was definitely a perfect opportunity for the Emperor Sect and War Pavilion.

The Demon God’s Palace.

Gu Mo closed his eyes slowly and remained silent for a long time. He took a deep breath and stood up slowly, “Envoy of the fourth hall, immediately send reinforcements to the Divine Phoenix Clan!”

Actually, he didn’t want to act against Yang Ye, but he had to. If Yang Ye really was from the demon race, then he wouldn’t have to do anything. Unfortunately, Yang Ye was human. Even though Yang Ye had the Demon God’s inner core, Yang Ye was still human, and it was a face that couldn’t be changed.

Since the Divine Phoenix Clan was seeking assistance, the Demon God’s Palace had to help! Even though Yang Ye was someone the Demon God thought highly of, Yang Ye was still an outsider, and the demon race had to be united against the other races!

Demon God’s Palace wasn’t the only power that sent experts to the Divine Phoenix Clan, the Heavenly Dragon Clan, Devil Ape Clan, and Phantom Fox Clan has done so as well.

Oblivion Boundary City. The Goat Pub.

Ding Shaoyao was alone in a room.

She remained silent for a long time before she shook her head, “I knew that you would cause quite the commotion upon heading to the Demon Territory. But I never expected you to actually cause such a commotion. You slaughtered the Divine Phoenix Clan…. You’re really brave!”

She slowly closed her eyes, “How should I help you? The Nangong Clan? Impossible. It’s impossible for Master to lend you a hand. Even if she agrees to help, she won’t be able to save you. The Sword God’s Pavilion? That won’t work either. Not only would it refuse to help, it may even try to assassinate you…. The Nether Pavilion?”

Ding Shaoyao’s eyes suddenly opened wide when she thought up to this point, and then she hurriedly said, “Heaven, Earth, Profound, and Yellow! Give the order for everyone to stop what they’re doing and do everything they can to find the Nether Pavilion! Hurry!”

“Yes!” Four voices came from the shadows, and it didn’t take long for the room to fall silent again.

The Nether Pavilion!

Ding Shaoyao closed her eyes slowly once more. Yang Ye was currently facing a hopeless situation, and there was only a single power capable of getting him out of it. It was the Nether Pavilion! Besides the Nether Pavilion, no other power could save Yang Ye. As for Yang Ye himself…. Could he fight the entire demon race on his own?

The answer was a definite no! Perhaps it would be possible if he was given a few more years to grow.

The Nether Pavilion was Yang Ye’s only hope. However, where were they?

Ding Shaoyao’s brows were pressed tightly together.

If one looked down at this mountain range, one would notice that it looked like a sleeping dragon. There was a bamboo house in a dense forest deep within the mountain range. A woman in a white dress who held a feather fan was seated cross-legged in the house, and a Go board was right in front of her.

Presently, both the black and white pieces were in a fierce battle.

She gently picked up a white piece and placed it on the board, and then a smile curled up on the corners of her mouth, “Not even at the age of 30, yet he possesses Returnal Rank slaughter intent, Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent, and the Sword Domain. Hah, what an extraordinary genius. Even Jian Wuji and the Unfettered One weren’t any better. The Divine Phoenix Clan has really bitten off more than it can chew!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she picked up a black piece and placed it down on the board, and then she continued, “He possesses both great karmic luck and great bad luck as well. Both good luck and bad luck. First there was bad luck, then good luck came. So, you definitely obtained some sort of fortuitous encounter. Yang Ye…. What secrets are you hiding? I’m truly curious!”

The bamboo house fell into a moment of silence, but it didn’t take long for the woman to continue, “Nether Pavilion. Hah, will you show yourselves? Would you dare to show yourselves? I really look forward to your arrival. However, you probably won’t come. But if you don’t come, then what will Yang Ye do? He’s in a hopeless situation right now. Hmm? No, it isn’t a hopeless situation yet. His destiny is extremely tenacious, so he may be able to get out of it. Hmm, I have to lend the Divine Phoenix Clan a hand!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she picked up another piece and said, “Give my order. Tell Azure Sky and White Earth to head to the Demon Territory. Tell them to kill some demon beasts from the Heavenly Dragon Clan, Devil Ape Clan, and Phantom Fox Clan. It isn’t necessary to kill many, just around 10,000 per clan is sufficient. Tell them to give those clans a warning. If they don’t let Yang Ye go, then their clans will be annihilated.”

“Understood!” A soft voice came from outside the door.

The woman waved her hand, and the Go board vanished. After that, she walked slowly to the door, and she looked up into the sky. She remained silent for a long time before she suddenly smiled, “Nether Pavilion…. The enmity between us is finally coming to an end.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly turned to look at a corner of the house, and she said, “Don’t worry, that man you love has an extremely tenacious destiny. He probably won’t die. You’ll be able to see him very soon!”

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