Chapter 1560 – Fuck Off Right Now!

At the moment Yang Ye saw Snowy, his slaughter intent had arrived at a breaking point.

After he slaughtered like a madman and absorbed the blood of countless phoenixes, his slaughter intent had finally broken through that point and attained a new height.

The Returnal Rank!

Once his slaughter intent advanced to the Returnal Rank, the surroundings were transformed into an ocean of blood. An endless smell of blood and monstrous slaughter intent swept out madly towards the surroundings. At this moment, the minds of many Dualism Realm experts were affected while those below the Dualism Realm were instantly corrupted into machines of slaughter!

The phoenixes that survived the descent of stellar sword energy started to go mad and kill each other.

The entire Divine Phoenix Clan was filled with sorrowful howls!

Meanwhile, the 25 Rebirth Realm experts in the sky were stunned when they saw Yang Ye attain Returnal Rank slaughter intent.

A moment later, all of them attacked in unison.

They’d given up on stopping the stellar sword energy, and that represented that countless strand of stellar sword energy was descending into Phoenix Domain. If they couldn’t kill Yang Ye as soon as possible, then it meant that many phoenixes would perish.

Even Dualism Realm experts couldn’t stop the strands of sword energy, so those ordinary phoenixes were absolutely helpless against them!

Thus, they had to kill Yang Ye as soon as possible!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s mind was filled with the desire to kill. Fortunately, he was still conscious. Actually, he couldn’t be considered to be fully conscious, and he was partially conscious and partially berserk. When he saw those Rebirth Realm experts charge at him, he didn’t hesitate to utilize the Demon God’s inner core within him, and it only took a moment for a wave of surging energy to erupt within his body.

Once this energy erupted within him, a tremendous change instantly occurred within Yang Ye’s body. At this moment, both his physical strength and defenses had risen to a terrifying level.

After he utilized the energy of the Demon God, he didn’t try to go head-on against those 25 Rebirth Realm experts, and he just started strived to keep them occupied while dodging their attacks.

He was buying time!

His plan was to buy time. The more he delayed, the more advantageous the situation would be for him. Because the Divine Phoenix Clan didn’t have any other experts to stop his stellar sword energy, and it represented that the stellar sword energy would descend smoothly into the Phoenix Domain!

The stellar sword energy would strike a disastrous blow on the Divine Phoenix Clan! Most importantly, the danger he faced would only be resolved once the sword energy descended completely.

Of course, the precondition was that he survived until then!

Mo Jiang and the mothers wanted to kill him before the sword energy descended completely and struck Phoenix Domain. So, he had to hold on until that happened!

How terrifying were the joint forces of 25 Rebirth Realm experts?

Even though Yang Ye’s body had been strengthened tremendously and he even had the casket lid, he was too weak before the joint forces of 25 Rebirth Realm experts. Fortunately, he didn’t choose to go head-on against them, and he was ceaselessly dodging their attacks. With the casket lid and the energy of the Demon God in his possession, those 25 Rebirth Realm experts couldn’t do anything to him in a short amount of time!

The sword energy was getting closer and closer to the ground, and those Rebirth Realm experts were attacking more and more madly. Yang Ye was like a small boat in a raging ocean while suffering the attacks of those Rebirth Realm experts, and it seemed like he would be crushed at any moment. However, Yang Ye was extremely tenacious. But it was obvious that if this continued, then Yang Ye would definitely lose. No, he would definitely die.

However, at this moment, the stellar sword energy was already in the sky of the Phoenix Domain, and it would take five breaths of time at most for them to strike the Phoenix Domain.

The most terrifying part about the Stellar Sword Diagram was that it covered a huge area. This was exactly why that power had surrendered immediately when Jian Wuji activated the Stellar Sword Diagram all those years ago.

No power dared to try and withstand the stellar sword energy created by the Stellar Sword Diagram, and they couldn’t afford to withstand it either!

Suddenly, the patriarch of the Divine Phoenix Clan, Mo Jiang, gazed at Little Sky, “Get that woman!”

Obviously, he wanted to use her to threaten Yang Ye.

As soon as Mo Jiang finished speaking, two of the Rebirth Realm experts shot towards Little Sky.

Little Sky was stunned. She hadn’t expected them to act against her. Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of her and said, “Quickly get in!”

Little Sky turned to glance at the Rebirth Realm experts of the Divine Phoenix Clan, and then she spoke angrily, “Just you wait! I’ll go think about how to fight, and I’ll kill all of you once I regain my memories!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she stamped her feet and entered the Primordial Pagoda.

Once she entered the Primordial Pagoda, Yang Ye turned to look at Mo Jiang’s group, “You’ve lost!”

Mo Jiang and the others were stunned, and then they looked up. A dense expanse of stellar sword energy filled their vision. The stellar sword energy was like a storm, and there wasn’t a single gap between them.

Mo Jiang roared with fury, “Stop them!”

In an instant, all 25 Rebirth Realm experts returned to their true form. Numerous phoenixes appeared here, and they ceaselessly released their auras and flames to stop the stellar sword energy that covered the sky. However, it was a little too late. Countless strands of stellar sword energy rained down throughout the Phoenix Domain.

In an instant, howls of sorrow and pain filled the surroundings!

Countless phoenixes started to flee the Phoenix Domain. The fast were able to avoid the stellar sword energy and escape, but even more died beneath Yang Ye’s stellar sword energy.

Presently, Yang Ye was a Deity, and coupled with the two Returnal Rank intents he possessed, the stellar sword energy was much stronger than any other time he’d used it in the past.

Besides the stellar sword energy, there was Yang Ye’s slaughter intent as well. Waves of slaughter intent surged out incessantly from Yang Ye, and they swept throughout the Phoenix Domain. Besides experts at the Dualism Realm who could barely resist it, all the others below the Dualism Realm were corrupted by the slaughter intent and became machines of slaughter!

At this moment, the Phoenix Domain had become hell on earth!

Yang Ye didn’t stop. After the stellar sword energy descended throughout the Phoenix Domain, he charged at those experts who were stopping his stellar sword energy. At this moment, those Rebirth Realm experts were defending the Phoenix Domain against his stellar sword energy, so it was the best time for him to counterattack and he naturally wouldn’t let such an opportunity slip by.

One of the Rebirth Realm experts was taken by surprise, and Yang Ye’s Rebirth Sword killed him in an instant. After Yang Ye attained the Deity Realm and coupled with the dual Returnal Rank intents and energy of the Demon God that he possessed right now, his strength could only be described as terrifying. Moreover, most of that Rebirth Realm expert’s strength and attention was being used to stop the stellar sword energy, so Yang Ye had been able to kill him in an instant.

After he killed one Rebirth Realm expert, Yang Ye charged towards the next.

Those Rebirth Realm experts were horrified. If it was at any other ordinary time, they would naturally not fear Yang Ye. Yet now, endless stellar sword energy was right above them!

Fortunately, Mo Jiang appeared in front of Yang Ye. Mo Jiang stared at Yang Ye with a pair of blood red eyes. The desire to kill in his eyes was simply shocking. He was about to speak, but the sword in Yang Ye’s grasp, Heaven’s Gravestone, had vanished.


A loud explosion resounded, and then Mo Jiang was blasted around 3km away. Mo Jiang was shocked by this. Because he noticed that Yang Ye was much stronger than he had been just now.

It was a matter of course. After all, Yang Ye didn’t just possess dual Returnal Rank intents right now, he had the energy of the Demon God. Presently, not to mention a single Rebirth Realm expert, he didn’t even fear fighting three Rebirth Realm experts at once!

Yang Ye didn’t stop after repulsing Mo Jiang, and he charged forward again. Once he arrived around 30m away from Mo Jiang, he drew his sword and swung it!

Five overlapped Heavenrends!

After he attained the Deity Realm, Yang Ye had been able to overlap four Heavenrends. Now that his strength had been further boosted by the energy of the Demon God, he could overlap five Heavenrends!

How terrifying were five overlapped Heavenrends?

As soon as he swung his sword, the space around Yang Ye cracked apart!

Space had cracked!

Mo Jiang’s expression changed at the sight of this. After all, they were in the large world, and the space here was strong to a horrifying level. But Yang Ye’s attack had actually been able to crack the space here!

Mo Jiang didn’t dare to act carelessly at all, and he immediately returned to his true form. After that, his body transformed into a huge ball of fire that shot towards Yang Ye’s attack.


The sword energy and the flaming phoenix instantly exploded on contact, and the space throughout the sky shook violently. Countless waves of energy, sword energy, and fire surged madly towards the surroundings. As for the phoenix, it had been blasted over 10km away.

At this moment, there were no more flames covering Mo Jiang’s body, and his body was covered in injuries. Countless strands of blood were flowing incessantly from those injuries, and it made Mo Jiang seem like a blood phoenix.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye appeared in front of Mo Jiang again, and then he drew his sword and swung it once more!

Another five overlapped Heavenrends!

At this moment, the space in a huge area around Yang Ye collapsed!

Mo Jiang was astounded. He knew how terrifying Yang Ye’s attack was, so how could he dare to go head-on against it? He immediately intended to dodge, but it was too late. Because the sword energy was too swift, and it had even locked onto him, so he could only defend himself by force!

Mo Jiang flapped his wings, and a wave of fire swept out and instantly slammed against Yang Ye’s sword energy.

However, the wave of flame was torn open by Yang Ye’s sword energy, and it didn’t slow down at all before instantly slamming against Mo Jiang.


Mo Jiang’s figure crashed down from the sky and slammed against the ground. No one knew if he was still alive.

Yang Ye charged down towards Mo Jiang. However, a wave of terrifying pressure suddenly appeared in the sky above the Phoenix Domain, and then the space there was torn open abruptly. It didn’t take long for a huge golden eye to appear in the sky. As soon as the eye appeared, the stellar sword energy that covered the sky was instantly dispersed, and they transformed into bits of sword energy that rained down from the sky.

The Eye of the Heaven Dao!

It didn’t take long for the eye to lock onto Yang Ye.

Yang Ye looked up at the golden eye, and then he frowned.

Meanwhile, Little Sky appeared by Yang Ye’s side. He gazed at her and asked, “What’s going on?”

Little Sky spoke solemnly, “You shattered the space here, and you killed too many. It harms the balance, so….”

“Hahaha!!” Suddenly, roaring laughter resounded. Yang Ye turned to look, and he saw that it was coming from Mo Jiang.

At this moment, Mo Jiang had returned to human form. However, he was in quite a miserable state. Because his arms were gone.

Mo Jiang gazed at Yang Ye, and his face was covered in madness, “Yang Ye! It’s the Eye of the Heaven Dao! Haha! You’ve brought death upon yourself! Hahaha!”

Suddenly, Little Sky looked up at the golden eye and waved her hand, “Leave! This has nothing to do with you!”

That golden eye gazed at Little Sky, and then it gazed at Yang Ye. In the end, Yang Ye watched with astonishment as a bolt of golden divine lightning emerged from the Eye of the Heaven Dao and shot down towards him.

At this moment, Little Sky’s face became cold. Her figure shook, and then she appeared in the sky. As soon as she appeared there, the golden divine lightning vanished.

Little Sky went over to the Eye of the Heaven Dao, and then she pointed a finger at it and shouted angrily, “Fuck off! Fuck off right now!”

Everyone who witnessed this was rendered speechless.

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