Chapter 1553 – I Haven’t Fought Enough!

Yang Ye naturally refused to seem weaker. He immediately stomped his right foot down and transformed into a beam of light that charged up into the sky.

All the demon beasts watched as Yang Ye slammed his fist upwards. The powerful Dragon pressure was instantly shattered, and Yang Ye’s figure didn’t slow down at all as it shot towards Gu Yinglong.

All the demon beasts on the ground below were stunned by this scene!

They hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually dare to attack Gu Yinglong!

Who was Gu Yinglong?

One of the four peak experts of the demon race’s younger generation. Gu Yinglong and the others were legends in the hearts of all demon beasts.

Why weren’t they allowed to participate in the Meeting of the Clans? It was because they were too strong.

Yet now, they’d never imagined that Yang Ye would actually dare to attack Gu Yinglong.

Was he confident? Or arrogant?

In the sky.

A wisp of surprise flashed through the silver dragon’s eyes when he saw Yang Ye destroy his Dragon Pressure. Obviously, he hadn’t expected Yang Ye to shatter it with such ease, and when he saw Yang Ye charge towards him, his huge eyes instantly became icy cold while ghastly killing intent could be seen within them!

The dignity of a dragon tolerated no offense.

Yang Ye’s actions were clearly a form of offense to him!

A furious roar resounded through the sky, and then a dragon claw emerged from the clouds and slammed down in Yang Ye’s directions. It was like a divine claw capable of destroying the world, and the terrifying energy it carried caused all the other demon beasts to feel like the sky was about to collapse.

Man Shi and the others seemed extremely worried.

Could Yang Ye resist that attack?

Yang Ye didn’t move away, nor did he slow down. He sped up instead. When he arrived around 1m away from the huge claw, Yang Ye clenched his right fist while all the strength within him swiftly converged into his fist. A moment later, he slammed it forward!

The Elemental breaker!

When he saw the huge claw, Yang Ye knew that the Brink Laws would be useless against it. So, he’d decisively utilized the Elemental Breaker technique! Moreover, he wanted to see how strong it was!

The claw and fist collided in midair.


A rumbling explosion resounded through the sky, and then the space throughout the sky shook violently. It seemed like the sky was about to collapse, and it was truly shocking. Meanwhile, all the spectators watched with astonishment as the tough scales on the dragon claw instantly cracked apart and transformed into countless fine pieces that rained down from the sky. At the same time, the dragon claw had been blasted back from where it came from!

All the demon beasts were stunned on the spot.

Gu Yinglong lost the clash?

Even Gu Mo had disbelief in his eyes. After all, he’d been prepared to save Yang Ye.

Even though Yang Ye was strong, as far as he was concerned, there was definitely quite a gap between Yang Ye and the peerless geniuses of the demon race. After all, a genius like Gu Yinglong wasn’t just peerless in the demon race, he could be ranked in the top even when compared with the geniuses throughout the large world. However, he’d never imagined that Yang Ye was actually so strong!

Gu Mo took a deep breath, “He’s definitely not an ordinary human! No wonder the Demon God thought so highly of him!”

“How dare you!” Meanwhile, Gu Yinglong's furious roar resounded from behind the clouds. His voice carried boundless rage. After all, his scales had been shattered by a single punch while all the demon beasts here watched, so it was absolutely unacceptable to Gu Yinglong.

The most embarrassing thing in the world was failing when one was trying to show off!

Gu Yinglong naturally wouldn’t let the matter rest. He shook his figure, and a huge tail flashed out from the clouds and carried boundless might as it swept in Yang Ye’s direction.

Gu Yinglong was enraged to the point that he hadn’t held back anymore, and space warped wherever his tail passed.

The space in the large world was absolutely strong, but Gu Yinglong’s tail could make it warp. So, it was obvious how terrifying the strength it carried was.

A wisp of ferocity curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. If it was a one on one battle, then he’d never feared anyone in the younger generation.

Yang Ye stomped his right foot down and shot upwards towards the tail. At this moment, all tricks and techniques in battle were useless because Gu Ying’s physical strength was immense. So, under the condition that he couldn’t use his sword, trying to defeat Gu Yinglong by relying on skill was definitely a dream.

He had to go head-on against Gu Yinglong!

Yang Ye clenched his fist and slammed it forward.

It was the Elemental Breaker again. However, he didn’t use the ability to rebound energy that Little Sky had taught him, and he merely used the original form of the Elemental Breaker. The reason he had done so was because it was his final trump card while he couldn’t use his sword. Trump cards should be used at the critical moment!

All the spectators watched as Yang Ye’s fist collided with Gu Yinglong’s tail.


A loud explosion resounded through the sky, and then Yang Ye was blasted away. However, Gu Yinglong’s tail had been blasted backwards as well. At the same time, numerous silver scales were dropping from it, and they transformed into pieces that rained down from the sky!

The minds of all the demon beasts here were blank!

When the Dragon Clan was mentioned, everyone would definitely immediately think of strength and defense. The dragon clan’s strength and defense was beyond doubt. It was true, even though the Heavenly Dragon Clan didn’t dare to say it possessed the strongest defense and physical strength in the demon race, it was definitely capable of being ranked in the top three!

As the number one genius of the Heavenly Dragon Clan, Gu Yinglong’s defenses were definitely beyond doubt as well.

But Gu Yinglong’s defenses had actually been destroyed by someone from the Goat Clan today!

Moreover, it had been accomplished with such ease!

Yang Ye stopped, and then he immediately charged towards Gu Yinglong again. At this moment, Yang Ye was filled with the desire to do battle. Regardless of whether it was the battle with Ku Moye or Yan Lingxue, he hadn’t been able to fight to his heart’s content. At this moment, he wanted to fight to his heart’s content.

At this moment, Gu Yinglong was both shocked and furious. He’d really never imagined that the first in this year’s Meeting of the Clans would actually be so strong. He naturally knew his own physical defenses well, and he knew that it could resist the attacks of a Rebirth Realm expert. However, it had been destroyed by someone from the Goat Clan!

While he was extremely furious right now, Gu Yinglong hadn’t lost his cool. He knew that he’d encountered a strong opponent, and he knew that he’d underestimated his opponent.

It didn’t take long for the figure of the huge dragon in the clouds to shake, and then it vanished. After that, a man in a silver robe appeared in front of Yang Ye.

Being large was sometimes an advantage, but it was also a disadvantage at some times. Because if one was too huge, one would become a living punching bag!

Gu Yinglong didn’t waste his breath, and he immediately charged at Yang Ye. Once he arrived in front of Yang Ye, he clenched his right fist, and his fist was covered in silver scales. This time, scales weren’t the only thing that covered him, there was a layer of silver light as well.

Yang Ye didn’t avoid Gu Yinglong and just slammed his fist forward as well.


As soon as their fists collided, a terrifying wave of energy erupted from the point of collision, and then it pushed both Yang Ye and Gu Yinglong back.

This time, the scales on Gu Yinglong’s fist didn’t vanish, but the silver light had vanished.

Yang Ye glanced at his own fist. At this moment, his fist felt quite numb. He looked up at Gu Yinglong.

Needless to say, Gu Yinglong’s strength was really not bad. Even though he’d utilized the Elemental Breaker, he hadn’t used it to strike Gu Yinglong’s internal organs, and he’d just used it to break through Gu Yinglong’s defenses!

After all, if he really attacked Gu Yinglong’s internal organs, it would transform this battle into a battle of life and death.

However, they were clearly not fighting to kill. So, if he struck to kill, the other demon beasts here would definitely be displeased.

Even though the demon race sought to prevail over others in battle, they mostly didn’t decide on life and death. Just like the competition. Regardless of whether it was Yan Lingxue, Ku Yuan, or the others, all of them hadn’t launched any fatal strikes. They’d immediately stopped once the victor was clear.

Gu Yinglong’s face grew even more solemn. He’d utilized one of his divine abilities just now, but he hadn’t expected it to get him nowhere. He knew that he’d truly encountered a formidable enemy.

Yang Ye and Gu Yinglong exchanged glances, and then they charged at each other again.


They immediately split apart upon colliding, but it only took a moment for Yang Ye to charge at Gu Yinglong again.

After fighting Gu Yinglong for a while, Yang Ye noticed that his physical strength and defenses were inferior to Gu Yinglong, but the Elemental Breaker helped him make up for it. Yang Ye’s body couldn’t endure Gu Yinglong’s punches, but Gu Yinglong didn’t dare to use his body to take one of Yang Ye’s punches as well. Because so long as he was struck, Gu Yinglong would definitely be injured!

When they saw Yang Ye become locked in a fierce battle with Gu Yinglong and even show signs of gaining the upper hand, many demon beasts were astounded.

Yang Ye was very strong, but they’d never imagined him to be this strong.

However, as far as they were concerned, it was a good thing. Because this battle was a truly fierce battle between two experts.

When the other battles in the competition were compared to this battle, they were simply like child’s play!

The happiest were Man Shi, Kuang Jing, and Hu Meng. They’d really broke out in cold sweat for Yang Ye when they saw Yang Ye get into battle with Gu Yinglong. After all, Gu Yinglong was no ordinary demon beast. Gu Yinglong was like a legend to them. But they hadn’t expected Yang Ye to actually be so strong!

Yang Ye was their friend, so they were naturally happy that he was strong!

The battle in the sky didn’t continue for long because Gu Mo appeared between them. He naturally couldn’t let Yang Ye and Gu Yinglong’s battle continue. If it continued, their blood would boil, and it might end up turning into a battle which only one of them could survive from. But he didn’t want anything to happen to either of them!

Even though Yang Ye was a human, Yang Ye had the Demon God’s inner core, and he was someone the Demon God thought highly of. So, Gu Mo had taken Yang Ye to be a part of the demon race.

Gu Mo glanced at Yang Ye and Gu Yinglong, “That’s enough!”

Yang Ye nodded. He had to give face to the old man. He was just about to speak when Gu Yinglong suddenly said, “I haven’t fought enough!”

His voice was filled with a provocative and aggressive tone!

Yang Ye’s temper flared when he heard Gu Yinglong, “Bring it on! The first one to walk away is a coward!”

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