Chapter 1545 – The Energy Of The Demon God!

Yang Ye was sure it was the Demon God solely because of his intuition!

He’d fought and killed Rebirth Realm experts, but that voice didn’t feel like a Rebirth Realm expert at all. Moreover, unless they observed him intentionally, even Rebirth Realm experts would be utterly incapable of instantly detecting that he was human.

He’d been detected!

Yang Ye’s face remained calm as he replied through his divine sense, “I am!”

Since he’d been discovered, he naturally had to admit it. After all, trying to deny it now would only make the Demon God look down on him.

A long moment of silence ensued, and then the voice resounded once more in Yang Ye’s mind, “You’re a guest, come in!”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief. Obviously, the Demon God had no intention to kill him.

Yang Ye turned to look at Man Shi, “Let’s go!”

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye and the others to arrive outside Demon God’s Palace. At this moment, the others in the top 30 were here as well.

“The patriarchs of the various clans are in there!” Hu Meng continued, “Looks like the Demon God sent a clone this time, so there’s probably something important.”

Around two hours later, the door to the palace opened abruptly, and then a voice came from within, “Little Fellows, come in!”

All of them walked into the hall, and then the scene before them instantly changed. It was the same for Yang Ye as well.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to appear within a wide hall. There was a middle aged man floating ahead. The middle aged man wore a luxurious moon white robe, and there was a fine ‘’ character which represented demon on his forehead.

The Demon God!

The Demon God’s gaze descended upon Yang Ye. He sized up Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “The Sword Domain, numerous Laws, two intents, and a body at the Undying Realm, yet you’re not over 30 years of age. I never expected such a genius like you to have appeared in the human race. The human race is lucky, and so is this world!”

Yang Ye said, “Senior, you’re not going to kill me?”

“Kill you?” The Demon God grinned, “Why would I kill you?”

Yang Ye replied, “The human race and demon race aren’t on friendly terms at all, right?”

The smile on the Demon God’s face gradually vanished. A long time passed before he shook his head, “A very, very long time ago, all the races joined forces to resist the god race. At that time, my demon race and the human race had an extremely good relationship. Unfortunately, things change with time. The friendship between our races wasn’t passed down, and our races have even started to become hostile against each other!”

Yang Ye said, “There’s no such thing as eternal friendship, only eternal benefits.”

The Demon God grinned, “You’re absolutely right. Everything is born out of consideration for the interests or benefits of people.”

Yang Ye nodded, “So, we should rely on ourselves. Our own strength is true strength, and only by being strong can you make no one dare to bully you!”

The Demon God suddenly said, “You’re like a person I once met!”

Yang Ye asked, “Who?”

The Demon God had a slightly solemn expression on his face as he said, “Another sword cultivator. He called himself the Unfettered One!”

The Unfettered One! Yang Ye was shocked, “Senior, you know him as well?” Yang Ye was naturally shocked because the Demon God and the Unfettered One weren’t from the same era.

“I don’t really know him!” The Demon God continued, “I just watched him fight in the past. He’s very strong.”

Yang Ye asked, “How strong?”

The Demon God remained silent for a while before he said, “No one in the history of the human race can compare to him.”

“He’s already strong to such an extent?” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Everything he heard about the Unfettered One were merely the legends which the Unfettered One left behind. However, those legends were from a very long time ago. So, he didn’t know how strong the Unfettered One was right now. But he knew that the Unfettered One was definitely very strong. He just hadn’t expected the Unfettered One to be so strong.

The Demon God nodded, “He’s a truly extraordinary genius. Unfortunately, he pursues the extremes of the Sword Dao and nothing else remains in his heart. Otherwise, your human race would have prospered tremendously with him!”

Yang Ye smiled. The Unfettered One had even abandoned the Sword Sect which he’d created himself, so how could he possibly care about the human race?

Yang Ye said, “Senior, you said no one in the human race can compare to him, then what about the other races?”

The Demon God grinned, “I don’t know. In the past, the continent was filled with numerous clans, and there were countless geniuses and experts amongst them. Moreover, there were many mysterious and formidable races of beings. I don’t know much about those supreme experts, so I naturally don’t know if they or the Unfettered One are stronger!”

The Demon God suddenly sized up Yang Ye at this point, and then he said, “Actually, your future accomplishments may not be inferior to him. You just lack time, the time to grow.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Perhaps. So, I’m sure you didn’t bring me here just to talk, right?”

The Demon God said, “You concealed your strength and came to the demon race. I’m really curious about your objectives!”

Yang Ye replied, “I have no intention to harm the demon race, nor do I have the ability to. Right?”

The Demon God fell silent for a long time, and then he said, “Fate brought us together, so I’ll give you a gift.” As soon as he finished speaking, the Demon God suddenly tapped his finger in Yang Ye’s direction. In an instant, a ray of golden light shot into Yang Ye’s forehead before he could even react.

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he hurriedly immersed his consciousness into his body. At this moment, there was a golden fist-sized thing near his heart. It was like a core, but it was quite big.

Yang Ye looked up at the Demon God and spoke with a bewildered expression on his face, “What’s that?”

The Demon God replied, “My Demon Core!”

“Your Demon Core?” Yang Ye was stunned, “An Inner Core? Your Inner Core? You don’t want it anymore?”

The Demon God smiled, “At my level of cultivation, it’s a form of restraint to me. But it’s very useful to you. Because I’ve cultivated it to its limits. So, you don’t have to cultivate it and can rely on its strength, the Energy of the Demon God.”

Yang Ye asked, “The Energy of the Demon God?”

The Demon God nodded, “It’s a unique technique that only I possessed. If you utilize that core with your current strength and realm of cultivation, you can instantly improve your physical strength by five times. Moreover, your physical defenses will be enhanced by the Energy of the Demon God for a short while, causing it to be improved by five times at least!”

“My god!” Yang Ye couldn’t stay calm at all!

What did it mean to instantly gain a five time increase in strength? His physical strength was extremely strong right now, so if he instantly gained five times his current strength, even a Rebirth Realm expert that’s caught off guard would be blasted away by a single punch from him. As for Dualism Realm experts, just a punch would smash them into mush!

As for his physical defenses, if it was enhanced by the Energy of the Demon God and improved by five times, then he could go head-on against Rebirth Realm experts!

Meanwhile, the Demon God added, “However, you must remember that it isn’t yours, so you can’t use it too much. Otherwise, it’ll cause a certain level of damage to you. Besides that, your cultivation is too weak, so you’re unable to use its strength fully. It’ll become more and more helpful to you as your strength grows!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Senior, why have you given me such a precious gift? Don’t tell me it’s because of fate.”

The Demon God smiled, “Now that you possess the Demon God’s Inner Core, you can be considered a part of the demon race, to a certain extent. So, if the demon race is in trouble in the future and you have the ability to help, then please lend it a hand.”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Senior, is something about to happen?”

The Demon God nodded, “Indeed. However, it might not happen for sure. In short, it’s just as you’ve said. Strength, one must have strength in order to be able to face everything.”

Yang Ye fell silent. Based on what the Demon God had said, it seemed like something major was about to occur! However, he wasn’t interested in all of that. His objective was just Snowy and Xi’er. As for everything else, even if the sky collapsed, there would be experts to deal with it. If there weren’t any experts left, then he would help if he could, and he would run if he couldn’t!

Meanwhile, the Demon God said, “I don’t have much time left. I have some other things to deal with, so you can leave now.”

Yang Ye cupped his fist to the Demon God, “Thank you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and vanished from the hall.

Once Yang Ye left, a white haired old man appeared in the hall, “I didn’t expect that he would be human.”

The Demon God said, “He has comprehended the Sword Domain, and he used it to conceal his aura. So, it’s impossible to notice that he’s human unless you scan him thoroughly.”

The old man spoke solemnly, “I wonder why he’s here in our territory!”

The Demon God gazed at the old man and said, “Gu Mo, you can’t always think of the worse case scenario for everything. Why don’t you think positively about it? He’s an extraordinary genius. If our demon race can become friends with him, then it’ll be extremely beneficial to our demon race.”

The white haired old man nodded, “I understand!” Just as the Demon Lord had said, even though the relationship between the human race and demon race wasn’t really good, being able to form a friendly relationship with a supreme expert of the human race was very beneficial to the demon race.

The Demon God said, “He concealed his identity and came here, so there’s definitely a reason behind that. Thus, don’t expose his identity. Moreover, he has my Inner Core, so to a certain extent, he can be considered as an heir of mine.”

The white haired old man’s expression instantly became bitter. Actually, he hoped that the Demon God would give that Inner Core to a genius of the demon race and not a human.

After all, those not from the same race couldn’t be trusted!

However, it was too late to change anything now. All he could do was follow the Demon God’s orders.

The Demon God looked up towards the distance. A long time passed before he sighed softly, “The human race is really full of geniuses.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure gradually turned ethereal. Right when he was about to vanish completely, he added, “Remember what I’ve said. Do it for safety’s sake. If that day really comes, then my demon race won’t be caught off guard!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot.

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