Chapter 1544 – No! No!

Would a technique possessed by Little Sky be weak?

Of course not!

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, the Elemental Breaker was an extremely formidable technique. However, as far as Little Sky was concerned, it was nothing great. So, it was obvious how high Little Sky’s standards were and how strong the technique she possessed was!

So, Yang Ye couldn’t be bothered about his dignity and intended to get it first!

However, Little Sky shook her head, “No!”

Yang Ye’s face froze.

Meanwhile, she added, “But once you’re stronger, I can give you a fist technique then.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why do I have to wait until I’m stronger?”

Little Sky answered, “Because you’re a little weak right now. If I give them to you and you try to learn them by force, then it’ll only do more harm than good for you. So, you must grow stronger before I can give one to you!”

“Fine!” Even though Yang Ye wasn’t really willing to accept this, he had no choice. Since Little Sky had said that, then he naturally couldn’t say anything about it. In any case, he still had a chance in the future.

Meanwhile, Little Sky added, “However, I can make this technique of yours become slightly stronger!”

“It can be stronger?” Yang Ye was astounded, “How?”

She replied, “That technique of yours contains the energy of the five elements, and it strikes straight at the internal organs. The reason it can strike the internal organs is because the energy of the five elements are closely linked to the internal organs. That’s why your fist technique is special, and it’s the reason it’s strong. But what if you can’t harm your opponent’s internal organs?”

Little Sky paused for a moment at this point, and then she continued, “There’s one more thing. Many body cultivators and demon beasts cultivate their internal organs while they cultivate their bodies!”

“The internal organs?” Yang Ye was puzzled, “That can be cultivated too?”

“Of course!” She replied, “Do you know what your body’s flaw is? It’s your internal organs. If someone else uses that same technique against you, then would you be able to defend yourself against it?”

Yang Ye shook his head. His body was very strong, but his internal organs weren’t. If someone struck him with the Elemental Breaker technique, then it was very likely that he would be crippled in an instant or even killed. Of course, the precondition was that his opponent had to hit him.

Little Sky continued, “So, you have to strengthen your internal organs and make yourself invulnerable.”

Yang Ye nodded, “You said my technique can be improved? How?”

Little Sky replied, “Energy rebound, understand?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I don’t.”

“Fool!” Little Sky rolled her eyes at him, “Have you heard of echoes?”

“Echoes?” Yang Ye was puzzled, “Of course I have. What are you trying to say?!”

She walked over him and pointed at his chest, “Your fist technique transmits your energy into your opponent’s body. In other words, we can make that energy act like an echo and attack from inside out. Understand?”

Yang Ye’s eyes lit up!

If he still didn’t understand after she said that, then he was really an idiot.


Send energy into the opponent’s body, and then make it rebound from inside out to attack from the inside. In that way, the Elemental Breaker’s strength wouldn’t just improve slightly, it would undergo a qualitative change! Actually, it was slightly like the Brink Laws as both were a form of utilization of energy.

But it didn’t take long for Yang Ye to notice a problem.

“How should I make my energy act like an echo?” asked Yang Ye. That was the problem he noticed. Little Sky made it sound very simple, but how would he make his energy act like an echo and attack from the inside of his opponent? It was a huge problem for Yang Ye. However, he knew that Little Sky definitely had the answer.

However, she merely gave him a single word as the answer, “Train!”

Yang Ye said, “I know. But how should I train?”

“Space!” Little Sky continued, “Energy and sound are transmitted through space, so you can use space to make your energy rebound. Of course, it’s quite difficult. However, it probably won’t be so difficult for you. Because you’ve grasped the Laws of Space.”

As she spoke, she told Yang Ye how to use space to make his energy rebound like an echo.

Yang Ye’s comprehension was very good. Coupled with Little Sky’s guidance and the Spatial Laws which he possessed, it didn’t take long for him to understand what he should do. So, it was only a matter of time before he grasped it.


Every technique required continuous training. Yang Ye wasn’t able to grasp it just like that. Perhaps An Nanjing could!

In the next month of time, Yang Ye trained madly in that technique which Little Sky had taught him. Yang Ye gained quite a bit of skill in the simultaneous usage of energy and space. Presently, a portion of the energy within his punches could be rebounded. However, he wasn’t able to make all the energy rebound. He was only capable of making around 70% rebound!

Yang Ye wanted to continue his training, but he didn’t have more time.

Because three days had passed in the outside world, so it was time to go to the Demon God’s Palace!

Yang Ye left his cultivation room. Man Shi, Hu Meng, and Kuang Jing were waiting outside.

Man Shi asked, “Did you recover well?”

Yang Ye smiled, “I’m almost recovered. Why? Don’t tell me the Demon God’s Palace is dangerous.”

Man Shi shook his head, “The Demon God’s Palace is naturally not dangerous. However, I’m sure you’re aware that those who entered the top 30 are mostly proud. Since we’ll all be gathered together, trouble is almost impossible to avoid. So, it’s best to be careful!”

“So that’s why!” Yang Ye nodded, “It’s fine. Let’s go!”

Yang Ye’s group set out for the Demon God’s Palace.

Yang Ye was quite surprised to find out that the Demon God’s Palace wasn’t in Heaven’s Vault City, and it was outside the city instead.

Demon God Mountain.

Demon God Mountain could be considered as a forbidden area in the entire Demon Territory. Because it was once the residence of the Demon God. Even though the demon race governed their own clans and weren’t completely united, when it came to the Demon God, all clans and even the Divine Phoenix Clan or Heavenly Dragon Clan were extremely respectful towards the Demon God. Because if it wasn’t for the Demon God, the current demon race wouldn’t exist!

Demon God Mountain was extremely tall.

At the foot of the mountain, there were quite a few people here when Yang Ye’s group arrived. Of course, they weren’t really people but demon beasts. However, they were in human form, so Yang Ye treated them as people.

Yang Ye glanced at them. Sure enough, they were the experts who’d entered the third round.

Yang Ye asked, “Were they waiting for us?”

Man Shi glanced at Yang Ye and shook his head, “How could that be possible? They’re here because it isn’t time yet!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

Meanwhile, Hu Meng said, “Once… once all 30 are here, we’ll go up together. It can be considered as a competition to see who ascends first!”

Yang Ye asked, “Are there any benefits for being the first?”

Hu Meng thought for a while and replied, “I don’t think so. It’s usually organized by the top 30. So, there are no rewards. However, the top three are very likely to be the top three at the end of the competition.”

Yang Ye shrugged. Since there were no rewards, it was best to keep a low profile.

Time trickled by, and it didn’t take long for all 30 to be gathered here.

Once everyone got here, some of the demon beasts here immediately returned to their true forms, and then they charged towards Demon God Mountain.

Man Shu and Kuang Jing returned to their true forms as well, and then they charged up the mountain. Even Hu Meng did the same.

Yang Ye shrugged and followed after them. However, he didn’t ascend too quickly. He never liked to seek the limelight, not to mention that his identity was quite special. Moreover, there were no rewards to reap.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to notice the demon beasts were gradually slowing down, and they were growing slower and slower!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Obviously, there was something different about this mountain. Of course, even though the mountain seemed to be very high, it only took a few breaths of time for these demon beasts. If there was nothing difficult about it, then the fastest person would definitely take the first!

A short while later, Yang Ye noticed a wave of pressure descending upon him. He noticed that if he sped up, then the pressure would grow stronger. However, the pressure wasn’t really heavy if he maintained his current speed. So, he could ascend at this speed. However, it was impossible to get a good position in the race if he continued at this pace!

Yang Ye looked up. Even though the demon beasts had slowed down in overall, there were a few who were comparatively outstanding. They had started slowing down in the beginning, but they were growing faster right now!

Since they were growing faster, the pressure on them was growing stronger. However, they were still able to speed up, and that displayed how terrifying their strength was!

Yang Ye glanced at Man Shi, Kuang Jing, and Hu Meng. Man Shi and Kuang Jing were in comparatively better states, and they maintained their position in the top 15. However, Hu Meng was quite far behind.

Around 15 minutes later, all the demon beasts were at the top of the mountain. However, Yang Ye didn’t know who was the first to arrive. Because they hadn’t waited for him and had entered Demon God’s Palace.

As soon as Yang Ye arrived at the top of the mountain, Man Shi and the others grabbed him and started running.

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What’s going on?”

Man Shi replied, “The Demon God has shown himself! Let’s go! Hurry!”

“The Demon God has shown himself?” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he spoke without thinking, “That fellow isn’t dead?”

Yang Ye knew he’d made a slip of the tongue as soon as he finished speaking, “I mean he’s still alive?”

“Yes, but not in this universe. A strand of his divine sense returned this time.” Man Shi continued, “The patriarchs of many clans have rushed over. Come, we have to hurry and see if we can meet the Demon God!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye hurriedly shook his hand, “No, no! I’m not going!”

What a joke! If he were to meet an old fellow like the Demon God, then the Demon God would definitely be able to discern that he was human and not demon. Once the Demon God noticed his presence, he would have no chance to survive this place.

Man Shi gazed at Yang Ye with a puzzled expression, “Why?”

Yang Ye was about to speak when a strand of divine sense suddenly descended onto him, and then Yang Ye immediately couldn’t move anymore. After that, a voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, “You’re a human!”

The Demon God!

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