Chapter 1543 – I’ll Be A Good Person!

Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes in the teleportation formation. He hadn’t expected that someone would stop him, and he’d never expected it to be that young man in beast skin clothes that he’d taught a lesson to earlier.

As they say, if you don’t kill the tiger, it’ll come for revenge!

Yang Ye walked out of the teleportation formation and gazed at the young man. The young man laughed coldly and was about to speak, but Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot and appeared before him.

Since they were here to look for trouble with him, then what was there left to say?

Just fight!

The young man and the others were stunned when they saw Yang Ye attack without saying a single word. After all, it was quite unusual to do that!

The young man hadn’t even recovered from his surprise when Yang Ye’s fist was shooting towards his head.

Meanwhile, a young man in a luxurious robe suddenly appeared in front of the young man in beast skin, and he slammed his fist against Yang Ye’s fist. But his expression changed as soon as his fist collided with Yang Ye’s fist!


An explosion resounded, and then he was blasted away. He wasn’t the only one to be blasted away, even the young man in beast skin who stood behind him had been blasted away.

As for the others in the young man’s group, they were stunned for a moment, and then they immediately charged at Yang Ye!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an instant, all four of them were blasted away.

Not even one of them could resist Yang Ye’s punches!

However, Yang Ye didn’t stop, and he immediately charged towards the young man in beast skin!


Explosions resounded incessantly.

They were being completely crushed!

All of them couldn’t even fight back against Yang Ye.

What happened next instilled horror in the hearts of all the demon beasts in the surroundings. After he punched them away, Yang Ye hadn’t stopped at all, and he continued to beat them up. Especially the young man in beast skin, Yang Ye grabbed the young man’s leg and slammed him against the ground, causing the ground to crack open from the impact of the young man’s head slamming against the ground.

Even though the defensive capabilities of demon beasts was usually very strong, it still couldn’t withstand such an impact!

Yang Ye stopped around an hour later.

At this moment, all of them and the young man in beast skin were lying on the ground. All six of them weren’t dead, but they were on the verge of it. They seemed like they would die at any moment.

It was horrifying! Absolutely horrifying!

Yang Ye walked over to the young man in beast skin clothes.

The young man’s eyelids twitched when he saw Yang Ye approach him, and he instinctively shrunk backwards. There was fear in his eyes. Besides that, there was a trace of awe in his eyes as well.

At this moment, he knew that he’d offended someone he shouldn’t have offended.

Earlier, Yang Ye had struck him in public yet didn’t suffer any consequences, so he was naturally unhappy. That was why he wanted to take revenge on Yang Ye. He knew his strength was inferior to Yang Ye, so he got five friends to help him. But Man Shi and the others were with Yang Ye, so he didn’t dare to attack while Man Shi and the others were present.

He’d thought that he wouldn’t have a chance, but Yang Ye was the last to leave. So, he’d decisively attacked with his friends!

However, while his plan was good, the outcome was terrible.

Yang Ye looked down at the young man and said, “Now, do you know your place?”

The young man gazed at Yang Ye and remained silent.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, “You don’t?” Yang Ye slowly clenched his fist as he spoke.

The young man’s expression changed at the sight of this, and he said, “I do, I do.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Good.” He turned around and walked away.

Kill the young man?

It was naturally very easy to kill the young man with the strength he possessed. But if he did that, others would definitely label him as ruthless. He naturally wouldn’t mind being labeled as ruthless in the outside world, but he couldn’t allow that while he was here. Because if he did that, it would definitely make many demon beasts unhappy. After all, the young man in beast skin and the others didn’t have the strength to fight back anymore. If he killed them now, he would seem too ruthless.

At a certain point in the sky, there were two old men there.

“That kid’s strength isn’t bad!” One of the old men who wore a black robe said, “The Goat Clan has produced someone extraordinary!”

The yellow robed old man who stood by the black robed old man nodded slightly, “His strength isn’t the main point, the main point is his character isn’t bad. I thought he would kill those little fellows, but he didn’t. He has the quality of a leader!”

“He’s not bad indeed!” The black robed old man nodded, “Let’s take care of him in the next rounds.”

The yellow robed old man nodded, “We should!”

Meanwhile, after Yang Ye dealt with the young man’s group, he went to one of the teleportation formations. At this moment, all the demon beasts there moved aside.

Who dared to stop him?

No one did!

Yang Ye entered the teleportation formation. This time, he didn’t have an invulnerability talisman, but no demon beast dared to attack him. Who would dare to do that? At this moment, all of them just hoped that Yang Ye would leave faster. They didn’t feel safe at all while such an expert stayed here!

The battle was still going on, but Yang Ye had appeared in Heaven’s Vault City.

As soon as he appeared there, Man Shi, Kuang Jing, and Hu Meng went over to greet him. They’d watched what happened in the spatial battlefield earlier because a talisman formation was broadcasting everything which occurred in the battlefield. They’d broken out in cold sweat for Yang Ye earlier. Fortunately, Yang Ye had left the battlefield safely!

Man Shi walked over to Yang Ye and said, “Should we beat them up again once they come out?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “They’re just a bunch of insensible kids. Just teaching them a lesson was enough.”

Man Shi glanced at Yang Ye. He didn’t feel that Yang Ye was trying to act like a senior. Because Yang Ye really had the strength to speak such words.

Man Shi nodded, “We’ve advanced to the next round, and it’ll be held in fifteen days. During this period, we must return to our peak. Right, we must go somewhere in three days from now.”

Yang Ye asked, “Go somewhere? Where?”

“The Demon God’s Palace!” Man Shi spoke in a low voice, “Those in the top 30 are qualified to enter the Demon God’s Palace and obtain a treasure or technique. If the Demon God likes you, you may even be able to obtain the Demon God’s inheritance!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “The Demon God?”

When they saw the expression on Yang Ye’s face, Man Shi, Kuang Jing, and Hu Meng had quite strange expressions on their faces. Meanwhile, Man Shi hesitated for a moment and said, “You don’t even know about the Demon God?”

Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged as he said, “Since I was born, my Goat Clan started fostering me in secret. So, I’ve just been cultivating throughout the years, and I know very little about the outside world. Of course, I naturally know about the Demon God, he’s the idol of our demon race! I just don’t know much about him!”

“No wonder I’ve never heard of you!” Man Shi nodded and said, “During the ancient times, there were numerous powerful races throughout the world. The demon race wasn’t strong when compared to them, or it should be said that the demon race was enslaved during that period in time.”

Yang Ye asked, “Enslaved? Which race had such power? The human race?”

Man Shi shook his head, “The god race. Those fellows called themselves supreme gods, and they enslaved the other races of this universe. However, their rule was overturned in the end. During that time, our demon race was almost annihilated by the god race, and it was the rise of the Demon God that allowed our demon race to survive. Otherwise, our demon race might have vanished along with the other races.”

“Is the Demon God still alive?” asked Yang Ye. The reason he asked this was that if the Demon God was alive, then he couldn’t go to the Demon God’s Palace. After all, he wasn’t really a demon.

Man Shi shook his head, “He’s gone!”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and said, “Alright, I’ll go to Demon God’s Palace with all of you.” Since the Demon God was gone, he naturally intended to go there. After all, he would be getting treasures! It would be a waste to miss such an opportunity!

After he bade farewell to Man Shi and Kuang Jing, he returned to his room with Hu Meng.


As far as Yang Ye was concerned, he had to cultivate now and work hard on it!

Even though he hadn’t encountered a worthy opponent in the last two rounds, the competition in the last round would definitely be extraordinarily intense. Everyone would stop concealing their strength during the last round, and it would be a truly intense battle between experts!

Under the circumstances that he couldn’t use his sword, Yang Ye couldn’t allow himself to relax or slack off in the slightest!

For the sake of gaining even more time to cultivate, Yang Ye cultivated in the 3rd level of the Primordial Pagoda.

Suddenly, a voice resounded, “Tsk, tsk. That technique of yours is pretty bad!”

Yang Ye looked up and saw Little Sky walking over with her hands behind her back.

Yang Ye asked, “Aren’t you helping me wake Xiao Qi up?”

Little Sky shook her head, “I’m resting. Waking her up isn’t something that can be completed in a short while!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “You said my technique is pretty bad? What do you mean?”

Little Sky replied, “I mean it isn’t powerful!”

Yang Ye hurriedly went over to her, “Right, you’re absolutely right. This fist technique is horrible. Err, so… you don’t want me to practice with such a terrible technique too, right? So, er….”

Little Sky blinked, “Are you trying to say that I should give you a powerful fist technique?”

Yang Ye hurriedly nodded, “Yes!”

She shook her head, “I can’t give it to you!”

Yang Ye was unhappy, “Why?!”

She spoke seriously, “Because it’s too strong. If it falls into your hands, then this world will be in danger!”

“No! No!” Yang Ye suddenly grabbed her arm and said, “Little Sky, I guarantee that I’ll be a good person from now on. I’m serious. I’ll change my ways and become a good person….”

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