Chapter 1540 – See! He Was Lying!

What did Yang Ye see?

A young girl was standing in front of the door. It wasn’t Xiao Qi. If it was Xiao Qi, then he wouldn’t have been so shocked. The young girl was Little Sky!

Little Sky had actually come to the 3rd level of the Primordial Pagoda!

Yang Ye was shocked because the 3rd level was completely isolated from the 1st level, and only he could get up here. Only he could bring anyone here! But he hadn’t expected her to actually arrive here!

Little Sky sized up the surroundings with a curious gaze, and then she exclaimed with admiration, “Tsk, tsk. The time here is actually different from the outside world. Time has actually been changed! How amazing!”

Yang Ye walked over to her and asked, “How?”

She blinked with a puzzled expression on her face, “What do you mean?”

Yang Ye stared at her without blinking, “How were you able to get here?!”

She chuckled, “I knew you came in here, but I didn’t see you anywhere. So I went looking for you, and I ended up here.”

Yang Ye said, “How did you find this place?”

She shook her head, “I don’t know. In any case, I just searched around and found you here.”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

Meanwhile, Little Sky suddenly said, “Do you know who made this place?”

Yang Ye glanced at her and nodded, “Why?”

“It’s really amazing!” Little Sky nodded in an extremely serious manner, “Such ability is extremely formidable. Or I should say that such ability has surpassed the scope of this world.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Surpassed the scope of this world?”

“Fool!” She rolled her eyes at Yang Ye, and then she drew a huge circle with both hands, “The universe we live in is formed from time, space, and matter. You live in this universe. So, in other words, you live within the time and space of this universe of ours. You are restrained by the time and space of this universe. For example, you’ll get sick and age.”

She paused for a moment and continued, “You’re within the time and space of our universe, but the time in this small room of yours is completely different from the world outside. What does that mean? It means that the temporal energy within this room of yours has surpassed the temporal energy of our universe.”

Yang Ye frowned, “What you said is a little complicated!”

Little Sky rolled her eyes, “This room was just a very ordinary room, but someone modified it. In order to make 10 days pass here while only a day passes in the outside world, it requires the ability to modify time. Do you know how difficult it is to modify time? It’s difficult, extremely difficult!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “Can you accomplish it?”

She was stunned, and then she shrugged, “I don’t know!”


Yang Ye’s face darkened. Little Sky always suffered from memory loss, and he couldn’t discern if she’d really lost her memories. Yang Ye fell silent for an instant, and then he said, “Come, let me take you to a place!”

Little Sky’s eyes lit up, “Alright, let’s go right now!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. He shook his head and brought Little Sky to the 2nd level of the Primordial Pagoda. He brought her to Xiao Qi and said, “Little Sky, can you help me wake her up?”

Little Sky walked over to Xiao Qi, sized up Xiao Qi, and then frowned, “Her body has been destroyed.”

“Her body has been destroyed?” Yang Ye was puzzled, “Isn’t it completely fine?”

Little Sky shook her head, “That’s a Spirit Body!”

“A Spirit Body?!” Yang Ye was astounded, “How can that be possible? Spirit Bodies aren’t supposed to be like that, right?”

Little Sky replied, “She isn’t ordinary. Her soul is extremely strong and extraordinarily special. I’ve never seen such a Spirit Body in my life! I’m truly filled with curiosity!”

As she spoke, she kept touching Xiao Qi’s body at various different places, and she frequently nodded or shook her head.

A short while passed before Little Sky suddenly said, “She isn’t from our world!”

Yang Ye gazed at Little Sky with a puzzled expression on his face, “How do you know?”

She replied, “I know.”

Yang Ye rephrased his question, “How do you know that she isn’t from our world?”

Little Sky spoke like it was a matter of course, “I just know that she’s not from this world!”

Yang Ye slapped his forehead, “Little Sky, I can’t communicate with you! There’s a generational gap between us!”

Little Sky chuckled, and then she gazed at Xiao Qi, “She definitely overexerted herself, causing her soul to be damaged and fell into deep sleep!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Exactly. Can you wake her up?”

He’d tried to use Primordial Violet Energy to heal her, but it didn’t work. She was in a state similar to the state he was in when he suffered backlash from his sword intent. In the past, Primordial Violet Energy hadn’t been able to stop his sword intent from dropping to lower ranks!

Little Sky scanned Xiao Qi for a long time, and then she said, “I can try, but I need some time. Because I must gain a good understanding of her Spirit Body in order to provide the right treatment.”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he heard this. Because since Little Sky had said that, it represented that Little Sky was confident.

Suddenly, Little Sky looked at the pill furnace. Her eyes lit up when she saw the Divine Yin Flame and the little girl within the pill furnace, and she started walking towards it.

Yang Ye’s expression changed at the sight of this, and he hurriedly stopped her, “It’s dangerous!” He knew how terrifying the Divine Yin Flame was, so if it suddenly went berserk when Little Sky got close to it, then Little Sky would be in danger.

Little Sky smiled, “It’s fine. I can sense anything that’s dangerous to me!”

As she spoke, she walked around Yang Ye and arrived before the furnace. She sized up the Divine Yin Flame and exclaimed with admiration, “Wow! It’s truly amazing! It’s even greater than that… Er… Let me think… Right! The Heavenblaze Emperor Flame! It’s even stronger than the Heavenblaze Emperor Flame of our universe!”

“The Heavenblaze Emperor Flame?” Yang Ye asked, “What’s that?”

Little Sky replied, “A fellow that’s quite strong. It’s an existence in our universe that’s merely inferior to the Sprite Lord. No, a Sprite Lord that hasn’t matured is inferior to it.”

“The Sprite Lord!” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “You know about the Sprite Lord?”

“Of course!” She continued, “The Sprite Lord is the spirit of all things, and it’s extremely powerful.”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly sized up Little Sky and asked, “Are you or the Sprite Lord stronger?”

Little Sky blinked and said, “I don’t know. Moreover, I don’t know how to fight, and Sprite Lords usually don’t like to fight too.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around to look at the pill furnace, “This flame of yours isn’t a Sprite King. Or I should say that it has surpassed the boundary of flames and arrived at a new height.”

Suddenly, the little girl within the furnace opened her eyes. She blinked when she saw Little Sky, and then she flew over to Little Sky while revealing a brilliant smile on her face.

Little Sky stretched out her hand to pinch the little girl’s cheek, and then she smiled, “You’re fortunate that it’s willing to help you, so cherish it well.”

The little girl quickly nodded, and then she kissed Little Sky’s hand.

Yang Ye said, “She really likes you!”

Little Sky smiled, “How about I give her a name? I’ll call her Little Sky Flame, alright?”

Little Sky Flame…. Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and said, “Little Sky, that Eye of the Heaven Dao we encountered in the Ominous Territory, Little Little Sky. Were you the one who named it?”

“How did you know?” There was a trace of surprise in Little Sky’s eyes, and then she said, “Isn’t it a really nice name?”

“It really was your doing!” Yang Ye shook his head. He’d felt that his naming skills were horrible, but he hadn’t expected that there would be someone worse than him.

Even though Yang Ye felt it was horrible, the little girl was extremely happy, and she quickly nodded to display her willingness.

Yang Ye stayed there with Little Sky for a while, and then he left the Primordial Pagoda. He hadn’t forgotten that he had to participate in the competition.

A day later, Yang Ye left his cultivation room. Man Shi and Kuang Jing were waiting outside the door. Besides them, Hu Meng was there as well!

Hu Meng cupped his fist when he saw Yang Ye, “If you need my help in the future, then feel free to ask for it. I won’t hesitate no matter what it is!”

He was very well aware that if he didn’t join a group with a few strong experts, then he would have no chance of entering the next round. However, the strong experts like Man Shi and Kuang Jing wouldn’t seek to join forces with him at all. The strong always wanted to be with the strong, or if worse comes to worse, their companions had to be on par with them!

So, if it wasn’t for Yang Ye, Man Shi and Kuang Jing wouldn’t have accepted him into their group.

Yang Ye smiled, “Don’t mention it.”

Hu Meng nodded and didn’t speak further. Sometimes, it was pointless to say too much about some things, the key was to take action.

Meanwhile, Man Shi said, “Let’s go!”

Yang Ye nodded. Just like that, the four of them arrived at a square. At this moment, numerous demon beasts were gathered here. However, many were only here to watch the show.

Even though the demon beasts who were eliminated from the first round couldn’t participate in the second round, they could watch via talisman formations or even bet on the results. So, the area was bustling with excitement.

Yang Ye glanced at the demon beasts in their own respective groups. Needless to say, all of them were quite strong. Especially their auras, their auras were extremely thick and showed no signs that they’d attained their strength through the use of external forces. It was exactly why the competition during the second round was extraordinarily intense and brutal!

1,000 were fighting for 30 spots!

Suddenly, a group walked towards Yang Ye’s group. The leader of that group was a young man in beast skin. He led his group to Yang Ye’s group, sized up Yang Ye, and then a wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of his mouth. He gazed at Man Shi and said, “Man Shi, this is the trash you got? The Goat Clan? Haha!!”

Yang Ye gazed at Man Shi, “Who’s this fellow?”

“That fellow who got the third position in our group!” Hu Meng explained, “Man Shi and Kuang Jing formed a group with you and not him, so he’s probably displeased.”

Man Shi glanced at the young man and spoke indifferently, “He’s stronger than you!”

“Stronger than me?” A wisp of ferocity curled up on the corners of the young man’s mouth, and he gazed at Yang Ye, “I can fight 10 pieces of trash like him! I….”

Suddenly, the young man’s voice stopped abruptly because a hand had clamped down on his throat.

Yang Ye held the young man by the throat and slammed the fellow against the ground.


The ground cracked apart while blood sprayed towards the surroundings.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and said, “See! He was lying!”

All of them were simply flabbergasted.

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