Chapter 1539 – I’ll Kill Anyone Who Comes At Me!

The black bull glared at Yang Ye when he noticed Yang Ye looking at him, “Coward! Do you want to die?”

Yang Ye remained silent. He suddenly realized that he’d made a huge mistake. One couldn’t try to keep a low profile in the demon race. The more one tried to do that, the easier it was for trouble to arise.

Strength was the only thing respected here, so he had to make a show of strength!

As soon as he thought up to this point, Yang Ye cracked his neck. A moment later, he appeared in front of the huge bull, and then he slammed his fist forward.

Ferocity flashed through the black bull’s eyes when he saw Yang Ye actually dared to attack him, and he slammed his body down in Yang Ye’s direction.


As soon as Yang Ye’s fist struck the black bull, the black bull was instantly blasted away!

The demon beasts who were comparatively close to Yang Ye and the black bull were stunned. Obviously, they hadn’t expected Yang Ye to be so strong. After all, that huge black bull had been occupying that stone pillar for a long time, and that clearly showed how strong the bull was.

However, that huge black bull had been blasted away by a single punch from Yang Ye!

Yang Ye didn’t stop. His figure flashed and appeared behind the black bull, and then he grabbed the bull’s tail before swinging him up and slamming him down against the ground!


A thunderous explosion resounded through the surroundings, and then a huge hole was opened up in the ground. A moment later, Yang Ye shot up into the air, and he was still holding that huge bull’s tail. Once he got around 300m away from the ground, he released the bull’s tail, and then he stomped his foot down on the bull’s back.


The black bull was instantly smashed into the ground, and the entire ground here shook like an earthquake was surging through it!

Yang Ye didn’t continue beating up the huge black bull that was on the verge of death. He just flashed over to the stone pillar which the black bull had been on previously, and then he glanced at the demon beasts in the surroundings, “This stone pillar is mine! I’ll kill anyone who comes at me!”

All the other demon beasts glanced at Yang Ye, and then they moved their gazes away and left the vicinity of Yang Ye’s stone pillar.

Yang Ye was too difficult to defeat, and they didn’t want to try!

After he deterred the other demon beasts, Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the stone pillar and closed his eyes. He paid no further attention to the surroundings. Because of the strength he displayed just now, the demon beasts in the surroundings acted extremely intelligently and didn’t look for trouble with Yang Ye.

There were so many stone pillars, and not all the demon beasts on those pillars were as strong as Yang Ye. So, they started targeting those other pillars.

Yang Ye closed his eyes on the stone pillar and recalled the battle from before.

For the sake of deterring the demon beasts here, he hadn’t held back, and that was why he’d been able to instantly defeat that black bull. However, he noticed a problem, and it was that his full strength hadn’t been able to break through that black bull’s defenses!

He couldn’t get through it at all!

What did that represent? It represented that the physical defense of the demon race had far surpassed his expectations.

If he couldn’t use his sword, then his chances of getting in the top three wasn’t that good!

However, he had no other choice because it was the only way for him to enter the Divine Phoenix Clan’s territory.

Around 15 minutes before the first round came to an end, many demon beasts were lying on the ground, but the battle was still going on. There were demon beasts that were ceaselessly launching attacks against the demon beasts on the stone pillars!

It could be described as being more intense than before!

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings. It didn’t take long for him to notice Hu Meng. At this moment, Hu Meng was on a stone pillar, but there were numerous injuries throughout his body. All of them were claw injuries. Moreover, there were a few demon beasts around Hu Meng that were still attacking him.

Hu Meng wasn’t in a very good situation!

However, Yang Ye had no intention to help. If he did, then it would definitely not be a problem for him to help Hu Meng maintain possession of that stone pillar, but he didn’t do that.

This was a competition, a fair competition. Most importantly, he felt that encountering difficulties was a good thing. Just like this very moment, if Hu Meng could persist and hold on, then it would definitely be extremely beneficial to him. Moreover, Hu Meng wasn’t in a hopeless situation yet.

Time trickled by, and it was almost over. At this moment, the ground was covered by demon beasts. None had killed their opponents, so all the demon beasts lying on the ground were merely injured or exhausted. However, so long as they laid down, then the other demon beasts wouldn’t attack them.

All of them were from the same race, and there was no deep-rooted enmity between them, so none were willing to kill.

Yang Ye gazed towards the center of the area. There were three demon beasts on the tallest stone pillars at the center. Those three demon beasts had much stronger auras than the other demon beasts in the surroundings.

Yang Ye remembered their appearances, and then he restrained his gaze.

A short while passed before a voice suddenly resounded, “Stop!”

Sighs of relief instantly resounded. They were naturally from those demon beasts on the stone pillar because it meant that they’d advanced to the next round!

As for those who weren’t able to get a spot on the stone pillars, they had helpless expressions in their eyes.

They’d tried their best! Many demon beasts had truly tried their best! They’d fought until they were completely exhausted, and they’d fought until they couldn’t go on anyone!

Yang Ye gazed at Hu Meng. At this moment, Hu Meng was still on that stone pillar. He seemed to have noticed Yang Ye’s gaze and looked at Yang Ye as well. After that, he cracked a smile. However, that smile was quite miserable because he’d really suffered just now!

It didn’t take long for the space here to become ethereal. A short while later, Yang Ye felt the scene before his eyes flash, and then he’d returned to Heaven’s Vault City.

After they returned to Heaven’s Vault City, all the demon beasts returned to their human form.


All 1,000 who’s advanced were gathered here. It didn’t take long for an old man to appear in front of Yang Ye and the others. The old man glanced at them and nodded, “Remember that the brutal side of the competition has only just begun. Three days from now, the second round will begin. Go prepare yourselves.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man vanished on the spot.

Once the old man left, the others here vanished on the spot in succession.


The most important thing for them right now was to rest. Because practically all of them were completely exhausted from the battle in the Spatial Battlefield. The second round was starting in three days, so if they didn’t recover to their prime, then they would definitely be unable to persist during the second round.

Yang Ye and Hu Meng returned to their cultivation rooms. As soon as he returned to his room, Hu Meng locked himself in. He’d suffered quite heavy injuries, so he had to make the best use of his time to recover!

As for Yang Ye, he was about to cultivate after returning to his room. However, blue light suddenly flickered on the door to his room.

It represented that someone wished to enter!

Yang Ye frowned. Who is it?

He waved his right hand and the restrictions on the door were removed. After that, two robust men appeared within his room.

Yang Ye sized them up and said, “It’s both of you!”

He naturally recognized them. They were the 1st and 2nd in the Spatial Battlefield that he’d fought in!

The yellow robed man walked over to Yang Ye and said, “I’m Man Shi from the Lion Clan, and he’s Kuang Jing from the Divine Elephant Clan. We’re here because we want to work together with you.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Work together with me?”

Man Shi nodded, “Only thirty will advance in the competition that’s held in three days from now. In other words, 970 will be eliminated. It’ll be extremely intense. At that time, everyone from the ten groups will form their own teams. Because the only way to enter the next round is to join forces with each other.”

“Join forces?” Yang Ye frowned, “It isn’t prohibited?”

Man Shi shook his head, “They want us to be united. The first round was to show us how important individual strength is, and the second round is to make us understand how important unity is. If I’m not wrong, the top three of all the other groups will join forces during the second round. Besides the top three, the others of every group will join forces as well.”

Yang Ye remained silent for a moment, and then he said, “Why did you come looking for me?”

Man Shi and Kuang Jing exchanged glances. In the end, Man Shi answered Yang Ye, “I saw you fight in the Spatial Battlefield.”

So that’s why! Yang Ye nodded and said, “I want to bring someone else along!”

Man Shi asked, “The Tiger Clan’s Hu Meng?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Man Shi shook his head, “He isn’t strong enough, so he’s bound to be eliminated.”

Yang Ye was about to speak when Man Shi continued, “I know what you mean. However, it’s not a bad thing for him.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why?”

Man Shi spoke solemnly, “In theory, three from every single group will be able to enter into the second round. However, there have been incidents in the past where not a single one from many groups were able to enter the second round. Why? Because they were crushed by the other groups. You know… The final battle for advancement is very brutal. If you don’t have sufficient strength yet stubbornly try to advance, then it really might end in death. It’s not like the first round where 100 could advance from every group. Now, only 30 are able to advance!”

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while, and then he shook his head, “I’m still going to take him with me.”

He knew Hu Meng quite well, and he knew that Hu Meng wanted to enter the third round. Hu Meng had never dreamt about getting into the top three, and his goal was just to enter the third round. So long as he could enter the third round, then he would have brought glory and honor to his clan.

Since Hu Meng’s objective was just the third round, Yang Ye didn’t mind helping. In any case, the second round stressed upon working together!

Man Shi and Kuang Jing exchanged glances. Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Which one of you is willing to take a punch of mine?”

Man Shi and Kuang Jing glanced at Yang Ye. In the end, Man Shi said, “I’ll do it!”

Yang Ye nodded and swung his fist forward!

Man Shi swung his fist forward as well!


An explosion resounded, and then Man Shi was pushed almost 100m back, but Yang Ye still remained on the spot.

Man Shi and Kuang Jing exchanged glances, and they saw shock in each other’s eyes.

Yang Ye said, “My friend won’t be a burden while I’m there!”

A long moment of silence ensued, and the Man Shi nodded, “Fine, we’ll see you in three days.”

Both of them left once Man Shi finished speaking.

After they left, Yang Ye entered the Primordial Pagoda.


Yang Ye refused to give up any opportunity to cultivate. Moreover, he’d noticed that the physical defenses of those demon beasts were much stronger than he’d imagined, so he had a stronger sense of urgency that he had to improve his strength as soon as possible.

Especially the Elemental Breaker technique!

During his fight with the huge black bull in the Spatial Battlefield, Yang Ye hadn’t utilized the Elemental Breaker. It was one of his trump cards, so he would naturally not use it rashly. It could be said that under the circumstances that he couldn’t utilize his sword, the Elemental Breaker was his greatest trump card! So, he had to improve his mastery of it!

Just like that, time passed by swiftly.

Twenty days later.

Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes in the 3rd level of the Primordial Pagoda, and then he looked towards the door. Suddenly, he seemed to have seen something and jumped up from the ground while he cried out involuntarily, “How could this be possible? How could this be possible?!”

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