Chapter 1520 – Wow! A Sword Spirit!

Yang Ye was gone!

He’d left just like that!

It had truly exceeded their expectations! They’d really not expected Yang Ye to actually flee! How arrogant was he just now? He’d intended to fight more than 10 experts on his own!

Moreover, Yang Ye really had done so. However, they hadn’t expected him to flee in the midst of battle!

This twist in the situation had been too fast!

One of the Dualism Realm experts intended to pursue Yang Ye through Heaven’s Door, but the old man in a luxurious robe stopped him.

The old man glanced coldly at that Dualism Realm expert, “Are you going there to give your life away?”

That Dualism Realm expert was slightly stunned when he heard the old man, and then he broke out in cold sweat. His cultivation wasn’t suppressed here, yet Yang Ye could still kill him in an instant. Once he passed through the door and arrived in the lower dimensions, his cultivation would be suppressed…. At that time, not to mention him, even the old man would be in danger!

They couldn’t go down there, nor did they dare to!

Even the old man didn’t dare to go down there!

Firstly, they were afraid of the Nether Pavilion; secondly, they were afraid of Yang Ye!

The strength Yang Ye revealed was too terrifying. Especially after his sword intent arrived at the Returnal Rank. Even though Yang Ye was still unable to defeat them while they were here, if they went down there and were suppressed to the Dualism Realm, then Yang Ye’s attacks would be a huge threat to them. Moreover, the slightest mistake might lead to their death!

One of the Dualism Realm experts asked in a low voice, “What should we do now?”

The old man stared at the door, and a long time passed before he said, “He won’t give up that easily. He’ll be back. Let’s wait for him. I refuse to believe that an ant at the Semi-Deity Realm can really defy the heavens!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man glanced at the others around him, “Let’s wait here. Besides that, don’t notify your sects about what happened here.”

One of the Dualism Realm experts asked, “Why?”

“Can you afford such humiliation?” The old man spoke coldly, and then he sat down cross-legged and started to recover his profound energy.

That Dualism Realm expert was stunned for a moment, and then he understood what the old man meant. The Emperor Sect, War Pavilion, and Ma Clan had sent a total of ten Dualism Realm experts and a Rebirth Realm expert. However, such a force hadn’t just been unable to kill Yang Ye, they even lost half their forces to him!

If news of this were to spread, they would definitely be humiliated!

Moreover, it wouldn’t just stop at them, even the Emperor Sect, War Pavilion, and the Ma Clan would become laughingstocks of the large world. After all, Yang Ye was just a Semi-Deity! One Rebirth Realm expert and ten Dualism Realm experts hadn’t even been able to kill a single Semi-Deity!

They couldn’t afford to embarrass themselves like that!

Meanwhile, one of the Dualism Realm experts spoke solemnly, “Elder Hua, we couldn’t do anything to him earlier, even with our joint forces. Yet now, we….”

“We were careless just now!” Elder Hua spoke solemnly, “We didn’t expect him to be able to improve his sword intent like that. Coupled with the fact that we were careless as well, that was why he’d been able to kill five of us. Yet now, we know his strength well, and we won’t underestimate him. Moreover, he utilized a secret technique to improve his sword intent, so he would have definitely suffered from backlash….”

One of them suddenly said, “He’s definitely suffering from backlash now! Why don’t we head down there right now and put an end to all future troubles?”

The others were tempted when they heard him. Yang Ye had used a secret technique to forcefully improve his sword intent, so he was definitely suffering from backlash. He would be at his weakest while suffering from backlash. At this moment, any Dualism Realm expert could kill Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, the old man in a luxurious robe said, “Have you forgotten that the Nether Pavilion is down there too?”

The Nether Pavilion!

Their expressions changed when they heard that name. Especially the War Pavilion and Emperor Sect’s members. Because their sect’s Rebirth Realm experts hadn’t returned upon going down to the lower dimension!

Silence filled the area.

If they weren’t afraid of the Nether Pavilion, they wouldn’t be in such a passive position, and they would have headed down to the lower dimensions to get Yang Ye. But because of the Nether Pavilion and coupled with the fact that their cultivation would be suppressed, they didn’t dare to go down to the lower dimensions, and they could only wait here for Yang Ye to come. In that way, Yang Ye held the power to decide if they fought or didn’t!

Meanwhile, Elder Hua added, “There’s no need to worry. The reason Yang Ye was so strong was because he forcefully improved his sword intent by a rank. If it wasn’t for his Returnal Rank sword intent, the threat he posed to us would be limited. I’m sure all of you are clearly aware that even if such secret techniques are utilized, the user will definitely have to pay a certain price. Even if he can endure such a price, he will definitely not dare to utilize that secret technique in the near future. So, now that he has lost the advantage that he gained from Returnal Rank sword intent, all of you can kill him with ease even if I’m not here!”

He paused for a moment and added, “Moreover, I have a backup plan!”

All of their expressions eased up when they heard that Elder Hua had a backup plan!

Yang Ye went through the Heavenpath and returned to the lower dimension. After that, his figure flashed and arrived on the ground, and then he transformed into a ray of light that shot underground and only stopped after traveling around 3km beneath the ground.

After he stopped, he immediately entered the Primordial Pagoda.

After he stopped, Yang Ye immediately entered the Primordial Pagoda.

In the world on the 1st level, Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground while the spirit energy in the surroundings surged madly into him. Once it surged into him, the spirit energy was swiftly converted into Primordial Violet Energy to repair his body. Even though Primordial Violet Energy was repairing his body, Yang Ye was still frowning. Moreover, his face was gradually warping!

The backlash from his sword intent!

Raising his sword intent to the Returnal Rank definitely had a time limit, and its time limit was over now.

Even though Yang Ye was mentally prepared, he still couldn’t help but exclaim when the backlash arrived. The backlash he suffered from his sword intent was much more painful than the backlash he experienced from his body in the past. It was simply not something that a human could endure. He hadn’t used the Sword God’s Seal to increase his sword intent for so long because he was afraid of the backlash!

However, he had no choice just now. He could either raise his sword intent to the Returnal Rank or utilize the Stellar Sword Diagram. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to fight them at all. But the Stellar Sword Diagram consumed his lifespan. So, in the end, he chose to suffer this pain!

Meanwhile, the Sword Precursor transformed into the Sword Spirit.

She couldn’t help Yang Ye reduce the pain he suffered, but she could maintain his sword intent at the Quasi Returnal Rank. After all, forcefully rising the rank of his sword intent would cause his sword intent to drop. However, Yang Ye wasn’t too worried. Because besides the Sword Spirit’s help, there was one other reason, and it was that his sword intent was extremely solid and strong!

If a sword cultivator with unstable sword intent was in his place, then that sword cultivator would definitely suffer a drop in his or her sword intent after utilizing the Sword God’s Seal!

Yet now, Yang Ye merely suffered some pain!

“Wow! A Sword Spirit!” Suddenly, Little Sky’s voice resounded, and then she appeared in front of the Sword Spirit.

The Sword Spirit merely glanced at her and didn’t say a word. She knew about Little Sky, and she knew that Little Sky was very mysterious, so she didn’t want to offend Little Sky.

Little Sky was very interested in the Sword Spirit. She went around the Sword Spirit and ceaselessly sized her up. Little Sky’s eyes were filled with interest, “Tsk, tsk. It really is a Sword Spirit, and it’s a Chaos Sword Spirit.”

The Sword Spirit frowned slightly and was puzzled, “A Chaos Sword Spirit?”

“Yes!” Little Sky smiled, “You were forged from the Chaos Energy of a world, so you’re a Chaos Sword Spirit!”

She glanced at Yang Ye and said, “No wonder you’re with him. You’re a sword, and only a powerful sword cultivator can help you grow. Even though that fellow’s sword intent is still very weak, it’ll definitely be extremely strong in the future.”

The Sword Spirit fell silent for an instant before she said, “Are there Sword Spirits that are greater than Chaos Sword Spirits?”

“Of course!” Little Sky continued, “However, there should be very few. It’s extremely difficult for existences like you to form intelligence of their own. I never expected I would be able to see a Chaos Sword Spirit with intelligence of its own. Moreover, your intelligence and mind are so mature.”

The Sword Spirit asked, “Is that casket of yours a treasure forged from Chaos Energy as well?” She naturally remembered that casket. After all, even she couldn’t destroy that casket!

Little Sky nodded, “It seems to be one. However, that fellow isn’t as smart as you, and it hasn’t formed an intelligence of its own.”

The Sword Spirit nodded slightly and fell silent.

Little Sky glanced at Yang Ye and asked, “Did that fellow go fight someone again?”

The Sword Spirit nodded.

“Sigh!” Little Sky sighed softly, and then she turned around and vanished into the distance.

A day later, Yang Ye’s countenance gradually returned to normal, and his injuries had been completely repaired by his Primordial Violet Energy.

At this moment, he’d returned to his prime again!

Yang Ye gazed at the Sword Spirit, “Thank you!” If it wasn’t for the Sword Spirit, his sword intent would have almost certainly dropped by a rank.

The Sword Spirit nodded, “Are you going to continue?”

“Of course!” A cold smile curled up on the corners of his mouth. This time, he was prepared to fight them until the end!

The Sword Spirit said, “They may have sent even more experts there!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “It’s fine. I’ll run if I can’t win.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished on the spot, and the Sword Spirit followed closely behind him.

In the outside world, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that shot out of the ground, and then he sped up and flashed up the Heavenpath.

Heaven’s Door shook slightly, and then Yang Ye emerged from behind it.

At the moment Yang Ye emerged from the door, Elder Hua and the others immediately opened their eyes.

A wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed through Elder Hua’s eyes when he saw Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, you….”

“Cut the fucking crap!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that shot forward towards them!

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