Chapter 1517 – I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Lost!

Yang Ye spent the next few days with Zhuang Weiran.

She too put all her work aside and stayed with Yang Ye all day.

They’d just been married, so they were naturally firmly glued to each other!

Something worth mentioning was that Yang Ye had given Zhuang Weiran one of the Fire Spirit Fruits he obtained in the Ominous Territory. She instantly rose to the peak of the Deity Realm upon consuming it.

Zhuang Weiran’s natural talent wasn’t bad at all, and it should be described as being extremely great. If she hadn’t been injured by the cosmic rays of the Celestial Demon Lord , she would have attained the peak of the Deity Realm a long time ago. Zhuang Weiran’s combat strength was extremely strong before this. Now that she was at the peak of the Deity Realm, it was even quite terrifying. If Yang Ye hadn’t cultivated the Rebirth Realm, then he wouldn’t be able to defeat her unless he utilized the Stellar Sword Diagram!

Three days later, Yang Ye left Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

He left the Ancient Emperor Python behind when he left. The Emperor Python wasn’t inferior to the master of the Martial Sect. So, with the current strength of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region combined with the Emperor Python, there weren’t many powers in the lower dimensions that would dare to offend Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

As for the large world, they would dare to rashly send anyone because of the Nether Pavilion’s presence in the lower dimension.

After all, the large world had sent Rebirth Realm experts before this, yet they’d died at Blood Maiden’s hands.

The loss of every single Rebirth Realm expert was a huge loss to them!

Regardless of whether it was the Rebirth Realm or Dualism Realm, they wouldn’t dare to rashly send experts at such levels of cultivation!

Because once such experts were sent down here and had their cultivations suppressed, they wouldn’t be a match for the Nether Pavilion!

Thus, so long as nothing happened to the Nether Pavilion, the large world wouldn’t dare to send anyone.

It could be said that Yang Ye had grabbed onto a powerful source of backing.

Once he left Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, a piece of news started to spread.

Yang Ye would be fighting his way up into the large world in a month from now!

Everyone started seething with excitement when they heard this. Who was Yang Ye? Presently, practically everyone in the lower dimensions knew his name. He was the number one genius and expert of the lower dimensions!

Yet he was going to fight his way through the Heavenpath!

The Heavenpath!

In the last tens of thousands of years, only two people had entered the large world in this way. One of them was Jian Wuji, and the other was the Unfettered One. Moreover, both of them were sword cultivators. Now, Yang Ye was a sword cultivator too. So, this method of cultivation that had suffered a decline, the cultivation of the sword, had become popular again.

Sword cultivation!

Actually, there were comparatively fewer sword cultivators in the world. Why? Because it was too difficult!

There was something very difficult about being a sword cultivator, and it was sword intent. If one couldn’t comprehend sword intent, then one couldn’t be considered as a sword cultivator. Even if one possessed formidable sword techniques, one wouldn’t be able to bring forth their true strength without sword intent. Besides that, even if one possessed sword intent, one’s combat strength would be similarly limited without the Enlightened Sword Heart!

Because of these harsh requirements, many people had given up on becoming sword cultivators! That was also why the cultivation of the sword was suffering decline.

Yet now, Yang Ye’s appearance had made the cultivation of the sword popular once more!

Sword cultivators were either weak or extraordinary!

Of course, that wasn’t the main point. The main point was that Yang Ye was heading up the Heavenpath!

Could he pass through it?

Many people really looked forward to it. So, countless people were prepared to head over to the ends of the Northern Territory. No one was willing to miss it.

While everyone was waiting for the month to pass, Yang Ye had arrived at the Northern Territory without alerting anyone.

This time, he’d snuck over without letting anyone find out. Besides Ye Liuyun and Zhuang Weiran, no one else knew that he’d left Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. Presently, everyone thought he was still cultivating there and preparing to challenge the Heavenpath in a month from now.

High above in space at the furthest reaches of the north.

There was a rainbow stairway made from stone not too far above Yang Ye. Every single stair was over 30m wide, and it rose up all the way to the end of his vision!

Obviously, it was the Heavenpath.

Suddenly, Little Sky appeared by Yang Ye’s side. A wisp of surprise flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, “What are you doing out here?”

She blinked, “It feels slightly family. I think I’ve been here!”

“You’ve been here?” Yang Ye was astounded, “Weren’t you always sleeping?”

She replied with a question, “Does that have anything to do with having been here?”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

She paid no further attention to him and just looked up at the Heavenpath. After that, she frowned. A short while passed before she said, “This path feels quite familiar, but it feels like something from very, very long ago. So, I can’t really recall it. Oh my, forget it, I should just go have fun!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she intended to enter the Primordial Pagoda.

However, Yang Ye grabbed her and said, “Little Sky, can you think a little more. Just think about whether you’ve been here.”

Little Sky was puzzled, “Why?”

Yang Ye replied, “Because I’m going up there, but I know nothing about it!”

“You’re going up there?” She blinked, “You’re so stupid. Just walk up.”

Yang Ye’s face darkened. If it was that easy, would I need to ask you?

He shook his head, “There may be people waiting to ambush me up there. However, I’m not afraid of that. What I want to know is if there’s anything dangerous about this path?”

Little Sky shook her head, “There’s no danger on it!”

Yang Ye asked, “Are you sure?”

She replied seriously, “I’m not very sure!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Little Sky suddenly looked at the Heavenpath, “I recall a little. It seems to have been made by some fellow, and it was to give the lower dimensions a way up. Because many people at the peak of the Deity Realm will perish without being able to get to a higher dimension. But if they break open space and travel through space to the large world, it will cause a huge amount of harm to the core of the universe. So, this path was created. All those who are qualified and possess sufficient strength can use this path to enter the large world!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Then why didn’t that person just break open the barrier between the lower dimensions and the large world so that they are linked together?”

“You have to ask your own kind for the answer to that!” Little Sky continued, “All things in the world were equal in the beginning. So, who ranked them according to status? It was you, humans! It was the humans who divided themselves into different levels of status! The large world is a higher dimension, this place is the lower dimensions, and even weaker worlds are considered to be even lower dimensions. It was you humans who did all of it.”

She suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “In the future, don’t ever speak about defying the heavens. Understand? If the heavens hadn’t interfered, this entire universe might have been destroyed by your human race.”

“It’s not that serious, right?” Yang Ye continued, “Even though humans are quite greedy, it isn’t to the extent of causing the destruction of this universe, right?”

“It isn’t?” Little Sky spoke flatly, “Let’s not even talk about spirit energy because it’s normal for you to absorb spirit energy in order to survive. But what about war? Once the experts of the human race fight each other, it causes the loss of even more worlds. Let me give you an example. If two Dualism Realm experts fought each other here and the Eye of the Heaven Dao doesn’t exist to oversee the battle, then their battle may destroy a continent. Do you think they can’t accomplish that with their strength?”

Yang Ye fell silent.

Not to mention two Dualism Realm experts, even he could accomplish that. So long as he destroyed the core of the continent, then tsunamis and earthquakes would erupt. It wasn’t that difficult to destroy a world!

Little Sky continued, “Besides the fact that they are too strong and cause too much damage, another reason why they’re not allowed to come down here is to prevent the people in the lower dimensions from being enslaved. Because the large world has an innate advantage. The experts there are more numerous than here. If they can come down here without any restraints, then the people and demons of the lower dimensions will have no way to stay safe. That includes you. If they could come down here without any restrictions, then would you be able to survive?”

Yang Ye glanced at Little Sky, “Based on what you’ve said, the Heaven Dao is the reason that the universe still exists and is still at peace?”

“Of course!” She said, “If the Heaven Dao didn’t establish rules and order, the universe would have been destroyed a long time ago. But many of you aren’t grateful and keep shouting about defying the heavens! Hmph! The heavens gave birth to and nurtured all of you, but most of you are ungrateful bastards!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Little Sky, do you know the Lord of the Heaven Dao?”

Little Sky’s identity was too special and mysterious. Moreover, she knew the Eyes of the Heaven Dao very well, and she was really protective of the Lord of the Heaven Dao and the Eyes of the Heaven Dao. In his opinion, Little Sky definitely knew those fellows related to the Heaven Dao or she might even be one of them!

But Little Sky shook her head, “I don’t. I know Little Little Sky and the others because I frequently played with them all those years ago.”

Yang Ye asked, “Then why did they play with you?”

She replied with a question, “Why wouldn’t they?”

Yang Ye’s face froze for quite some time, and then he said, “Let me change my question. They will definitely not play with me, but they are willing to play with you. Why is that?”

Little Sky replied with a question, “Why?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “You win!”

She chuckled, “Actually, Little Little Sky and the others are very friendly. However, you definitely can’t become friends with them because they really don’t like you!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, “That was quite frank of you!”

She smiled and spoke seriously, “Are you really going to go up there?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Little Sky nodded slightly, “Then good luck!”

Yang Ye asked, “Aren’t you going to help?”

Little Sky shook her head, “I don’t know how to fight! I don’t like to fight too. So, I think I’ve sealed my ability to fight.”

Yang Ye was astounded, “You sealed your ability to fight?”

She nodded, “I think that you should seal your ability to fight too. Because you’re too good at it!”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “In other words, you knew how to fight, right?”

She nodded, “I think so!”

Yang Ye asked, “How strong were you?”

She thought for a while and replied, “I don’t think I’ve ever lost….”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

— End of Book Eleven —

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