Chapter 1439 – Death Is Beyond The Yellow Springs!

Yang Ye was quite stunned indeed. Because he hadn’t expected the Celestial Demon Wolves to rather enter the Primordial Pagoda than take him to the Ominous Territory.

They were comparable to peak Deities! It could be said that it would take at least 10 or more Deities to kill them.

But they were actually afraid of returning to the Ominous Territory.

Was the Ominous Territory more terrifying than the Primordial Pagoda?

Of course it wasn’t. The reason they would rather stay in the Primordial Pagoda was mainly because it wouldn’t harm them. They actually weren’t so afraid of it anymore. Because so long as they had no intention to fight back, then it wouldn’t act against them. Moreover, they liked staying in it now.

Because the spirit energy in the Primordial Pagoda was extremely pure.

Such spirit energy was tremendously beneficial to them. So, they naturally chose the Primordial Pagoda when Yang Ye compared it to the Ominous Territory.

Yang Ye didn’t summon the demon wolves again, and he gazed at Zhuang Weiran instead.

She fell silent for a long time before she said, “My father spoke very scarcely about the Ominous Territory once he got back from it. He just warned me to absolutely not go there before I attain the Deity Realm. So, he didn’t tell me how to get there.”

She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “I’d thought the Ominous Territory is just a little more dangerous than the outside world, but now it seems like it’s far from that. You….”

She wanted to advise him not to go. However, how would he deal with his lifespan if he didn’t? Cultivate? Cultivate to the Semi-Deity Realm in two months? It wasn’t realistic!

Yang Ye grinned, “I know it’s very dangerous, but you should be aware of my strength. Besides that, I have three ferocious beasts with me. We can even safely escape from the joint forces of 20 Deities. So, you don’t have to worry. Understand?”

Zhuang Weiran’s face eased up slightly. Indeed, ordinary Deities weren’t a match for Yang Ye’s current strength. Coupled with the fact that he had those three ferocious beasts with him, it would take at least 20 plus Deities to pose a threat to him. Moreover, even if he faced over 20 Deities, Yang Ye’s group’s strength was sufficient to retreat unharmed from such an attack.

Yang Ye smiled, “Come, let’s go see your father.”

Zhuang Weiran nodded and left the hall with Yang Ye.

Zhuang Weitian’s room.

Zhuang Weitian asked solemnly, “You intend to head to the Ominous Territory?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Zhuang Weitian asked, “Is it absolutely necessary?”

“Why?” Yang Ye continued, “Is it really very dangerous?”

“It isn’t just dangerous!” Zhuang Weitian spoke solemnly, “No one knows how the Ominous Territory was formed. All we do know is that it has been there since a very long time ago. It’s an independent world, and no one knows its actual size. Because no one has been able to come out alive after going deep into the Ominous Territory.”

He gazed at Yang Ye at this point, “In the past, a supreme expert…. A supreme expert who was ranked at the 1st position on the Dragon Rankings went deep into the Ominous Territory, but he never returned. Moreover, the experts of the large world have even sent its forces down here to explore the Ominous Territory, and they never came back once they went deep in there.”

Zhuang Weiran’s face instantly became extremely solemn.

Yang Ye’s face was quite solemn as well. After all, even the experts of the large world had gone in there, yet they hadn’t come back out! When he thought about the Celestial Demon Wolves’ reaction, Yang Ye knew that it really was extremely dangerous. Even though he was confident in his own strength, he knew that there always was someone stronger.

For example, Blind Maiden, the Unfettered One, Jian Wuji, and the old man in a Daoist’s robe!

If an expert at their level was present in the Ominous Territory…. Even though it was probably impossible for an expert at the level of the old man in a Daoist’s robe to be present there, it wasn’t impossible for an expert at Jian Wuji, Blind Maiden, or the Unfettered One’s level to be present there. If he encountered such an expert, then his strength would be insufficient even if Qiong Qi and the demon wolves were included.

So, while he could be confident, he couldn’t be conceited.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weitian said, “I actually entered the Ominous Territory by chance all those years ago. However, I didn’t go deep, and I merely stayed in the outer area. However, I obtained tremendous fortune just from the outer area. My strength, Peacekeeper, and the Wargod Formation were obtained there. I’m not the only one. Even the Celestial Demon Lord gained those two Celestial Demon Wolves and his strength there.”

Zhuang Weitian paused for a moment and continued, “The Celestial Demon within the Demon Lord was from the Ominous Territory. However, he seems to have suffered heavy injuries. Otherwise, he wouldn’t need a host. However, even if he was heavily injured, his strength was extremely terrifying.”

The Celestial Demon! Yang Ye fell silent. Yang Ye didn’t know how strong the Celestial Demon actually was. But based on the fact that the Celestial Demon could take control of the Celestial Demon Lord, the Celestial Demon’s strength was definitely extremely powerful. If the Celestial Demon hadn’t courted death by entering Yang Ye’s body, Yang Ye might have been helpless against the Celestial Demon.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weitian added, “Even if we only went around the outer area, it was still extremely dangerous. If I didn’t have good luck, I would have lost my life there. Actually, entering that place isn’t a matter of strength but a matter of luck.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

Zhuang Weitian explained, “Because if you encounter something dangerous there, then you’ll definitely die. Conversely, you might obtain a fortuitous encounter and survive if you’re able to avoid those dangerous things. However, once you encounter those dangerous things….”

Yang Ye asked, “What are those dangerous things?”

Zhuang Weitian shook his head, “I don’t know. Because practically all who encountered them are dead. Even if some survived, they aren’t willing to speak about it.”

He gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “I know that you’re very strong, and even 20 Deities can’t harm you if those three ferocious beasts of yours are included. However, if it’s possible, it’s best to not take such a risk. Do it for yourself, and for Weiran.”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, “If it’s possible, I wouldn’t want to go as well. But it can’t be helped, I have to.”

He wasn’t someone who liked taking risks. Because as far as he was concerned, only someone who had nothing better to do and wanted some excitement in their lives would act like that. If it wasn’t for his lifespan, he would definitely not head to the Ominous Territory. But it couldn’t be helped, even if he cultivated within the Primordial Pagoda, he still wasn’t confident in his ability to attain the Semi-Deity Realm within a little over two months of time.

Once he couldn’t attain the Semi-Deity Realm in that time limit, then he would be finished.

Zhuang Weitian was puzzled, “Why?”

“Lifespan!” Meanwhile, Zhuang Weiran spoke, “He lost a huge amount of his lifespan when he utilized the Stellar Sword Diagram. So, he must head to the Ominous Territory to obtain the Spring of Life.”

“He lost his lifespan?” Zhuang Weitian’s face changed slightly. After all, losing lifespan wasn’t a trivial matter. Why did everyone cultivate? It was naturally for the sake of gaining more lifespan. After all, if they didn’t work hard on their cultivation, they would die once their lifespan was exhausted. He’d known that Yang Ye had definitely paid some sort of price for utilizing the Stellar Sword Diagram, but he hadn’t expected it to be Yang Ye’s lifespan.

Zhuang Weitian had taken Yang Ye to be one of his own because of Zhuang Weiran. Actually, Yang Ye was. Even an idiot could discern that Zhuang Weiran would be together with Yang Ye in the future. Moreover, Yang Ye was the backbone of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. So, if something were to happen to him, it would be extremely disadvantageous to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

Zhuang Weitian remained silent for a long time, and then he spoke in a low voice, “Heading to the Forest of Darkness isn’t a problem because it’s in the outer area. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to get there with the strength you possess. However, you have to be careful. You absolutely shouldn’t go past the Yellow Springs River. You may not be able to get back if you go beyond it.”

As he finished speaking, Zhuang Weiran seemed extremely serious and solemn.

Yang Ye was puzzled, “The Yellow Springs River?”

Zhuang Weitian explained solemnly, “The Yellow Springs River is also called the River of Life and Death. Death is beyond it. It’s a boundary, and everything beyond it isn’t the outer area anymore. Everyone who has passed through the river has never returned.”

The Yellow Springs River! Yang Ye frowned. What is it? It’s that terrifying?

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weiran suddenly spoke, “Why don’t I go with you?”

“NO!” Zhuang Weitian said, “Weiran, while you’re strong as well, you wouldn’t be of any help to him. Yang Ye and those three ferocious beasts of his have the ability to fight against or flee away from any danger. But if you go with him, then not only will you be of no help, you might even be a burden for him. Moreover, there’s a huge number of things to do here. You’re needed here.”

Yang Ye glanced at Zhuang Weitian, and then he gazed at Zhuang Weiran, “Weiran, Uncle is right. If even I can’t withstand the danger I encounter, then you’ll only be giving your life away.”

She shook her head slightly, “I have a bad feeling.”

Yang Ye took her hand, “I promise you that if I encounter danger and can’t win, I’ll run right away. I absolutely won’t be stubborn. Look, there are probably very few that can catch up to Qiong Qi and my speed, right? Moreover, don’t forget that I still have that fellow within me.”

Zhuang Weiran’s face eased up slightly.

The Primordial Pagoda!

It belonged to the old man in Daoist robes, and just the old man’s close had been able to kill a peerless expert like Jian Wuji!

So, a treasure that belonged to such an expert wasn’t something that the Stellar Sword Diagram could compare to.

It could be said that the Primordial Pagoda had surpassed her knowledge!

In short, Zhuang Weiran wasn’t that worried when she remembered that the Primordial Pagoda was by Yang Ye’s side.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weitian said, “Yang Ye, it’s good that you think that way. Remember to flee when needed. It isn’t humiliating because staying alive is the most important.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Of course!”

If he couldn’t win, Yang Ye would naturally run. He was no fool, he wouldn’t stand and fight when he couldn’t win.

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