Chapter 1435 – Watch Me!

They’ve been waiting for me? Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then a cold smile curled up on the corners of his mouth. He had three ferocious beasts within him, and if he was included, his group could even crush 10 Deities. After all, he possessed Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent now. Moreover, if he used the Sword God’s Seal, then he would possess true Returnal Rank sword intent!

It could be said that unless 20 Deities surrounded him, otherwise any other ambush against him would be no different than seeking death!

But did Wildlands Stellar Region have 20 Deities now?

It clearly didn’t.

However, Yang Ye would absolutely not underestimate his opponents. After all, better safe than sorry. There were many who’d died because of their carelessness.

Yang Ye looked up and saw space trembling not too far away from him. It didn’t take long for a robust middle aged man to appear before him, and there was a young man with a fan standing by the middle aged man’s side.

Besides that, there were no other experts here.

It isn’t an ambush! Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the middle aged man. The man’s aura was extremely powerful, and it felt dangerous like the Celestial Demon Lord. Yang Ye glanced at the middle aged man before he gazed at the young man. He sized up the young man for a moment before a trace of solemnness appeared in his eyes. Because the young man had a mysterious layer of energy surrounding him, and it caused Yang Ye to be unable to see through the young man’s cultivation.

Yang Ye gazed at the middle aged man, “You’re the Wilds Lord of Wildlands Stellar Region?”

The middle aged man spoke indifferently, “I am!”

He naturally wanted to kill Yang Ye. After all, Wildlands Stellar Region had been reduced to such a state because of Yang Ye, and it could be considered to be even inferior to a two star stellar region now. Because 90% of Wildlands Stellar Region’s Deities had been killed by Yang Ye, and it filled him with pain.

It was his idea to besiege Yang Ye with absolute strength and give Yang Ye no chance to escape. Because he was very well aware that he couldn’t continuously send small groups to deal with Yang Ye. If they did that, they would be giving their lives away to Yang Ye. So, he’d converged the Deities of practically the entire Wildlands Stellar Region and the other stellar regions with the hopes of annihilating Yang Ye in one go.

However, he hadn’t expected Yang Ye to possess the Stellar Sword Diagram, and then turn the situation around and kill all of their forces instead.

Besides Wildlands Stellar Region, all the other stellar regions had surrendered after the battle. As for his Wildlands Stellar Region, it couldn’t endure the losses it had sustained as well, and it fell from the sky right down to the ground.

It was all because of Yang Ye. If it wasn’t for Yang Ye, Wildlands Stellar Region would be the strongest three star stellar region in the Eastern Territory.

Yang Ye nodded, “So you’re the Wilds Lord!”

Yang Ye suddenly vanished on the spot. At the same time, a ray of light appeared, and it shot rapidly towards the Wilds Lord.

He didn’t care why the Wilds Lord had still dared to continue occupying those worlds which once belonged to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and refrain from taking any action. All he knew was that killing the Wilds Lord would result in the destruction of Wildlands Stellar Region.

The Wilds Lord’s face instantly became extremely gloomy when he saw Yang Ye attack without saying a word.

He didn’t say anything and slammed his fist forward as well.


An explosion resounded abruptly, and then Yang Ye and the Wilds Lord split apart. As soon as they did, Yang Ye pushed forward again. Once he arrived in front of the Wilds Lord, the ancient sheath appeared on Yang Ye’s left grasp, and then he drew the sword in the sheath and swung it.

Heavenrend! Two overlapped Heavenrends!

The Wilds Lord was the lord of a three star stellar region, so his strength was definitely on par or greater than the Celestial Demon Lord. So, ordinary attacks were utterly useless against him. Thus, Yang Ye had immediately overlapped two Heavenrends when he attacked. The strength of his current overlapped Heavenrend was much more powerful than before, and it was because his sword intent had attained the Quasi Returnal Rank!

Once it was enhanced by two types of Quasi Returnal Rank intent, Yang Ye’s attack caused the space throughout the entire sky to collapse and be obliterated in an instant!

Meanwhile, the Wilds Lord’s pupils had constricted when Yang Ye drew his sword. The Wilds Lord naturally didn’t dare to underestimate Yang Ye, so he’d treated Yang Ye as an equal from the very beginning. However, when he saw this attack, he knew that he still had underestimated Yang Ye a little.

The Wilds Lord took a deep breath as his right hand moved slightly, and then a huge pitch black axe appeared in his grasp. His left foot moved slightly to the side, and then he grabbed the axe with both hands and swung it down at Yang Ye.

The sword and axe collided!


A loud explosion resounded through the sky above Wildlands Continent. At this moment, it felt like the entire continent was trembling. At the same time, the space in a tremendous area around Yang Ye and the Wilds Lord collapsed. At this moment, the entire sky seemed to have become a black hole.

Meanwhile, rumbling was resounding incessantly in the sky that seemed like a black hole.

Quite some time passed before the sky gradually returned to normal. Yang Ye and the Wilds Lord appeared once more in the sky, and they were around 10km away from each other.

Countless cultivators throughout Wildlands Continent turned ghastly pale when they saw the Wilds Lord. Because the Wilds Lord’s left arm was gone, and there were a few dozen holes throughout his body. Every single hole was bleeding, so the Wilds Lord seemed like he was covered in blood. Conversely, besides a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth, Yang Ye didn’t seem to be injured at all.

The gap in their strength was obvious!

The Wilds Lord had actually lost to Yang Ye, and he’d even lost in a head-on collision!

So, it made them wonder how strong Yang Ye was!

The Wilds Lord stared fixedly at Yang Ye, “Dual intents!”

The reason he’d suffer a loss was Yang Ye’s dual intents. His defenses were extremely formidable, but Yang Ye had relied on that sword in his grasp and dual intents to pierce through his defenses with ease!

Even though his cultivation was greater than Yang Ye, he had no advantage when facing Yang Ye!

Yang Ye paid no attention to the Wilds Lord, and he just waved his right hand. The two Celestial Demon Wolves appeared by his side.

Roar! Roar!

They immediately roared once they appeared here, causing space to start rippling before the soundwaves created from their roars. It was absolutely shocking!

It didn’t take long for the demon wolves to turn around and look at Yang Ye, and their gazes carried a trace of flattery. Presently, they understood Yang Ye’s temper a little, and they knew he was one who didn’t succumb to coercion but could be persuaded. If one treated him nicely, then everything could be discussed; but if one tried to use force on him, then he would be even more forceful.

So, if they wanted to live a better life from now on, then they had to get on friendly terms with Yang Ye. Otherwise, they would have many days of suffering to endure.

Yang Ye patted them gently, and then he gazed at the Wilds Lord. At this moment, the Wilds Lord was looking at him as well, and there was an extremely solemn expression on his face. After all, he’d heard of the strength that these two demon wolves possessed. They were extraordinary ominous beasts that were comparable to peak Deities!

“Kill!” As soon as Yang Ye gave the order, he was about to attack with the demon wolves.

However, the young man with the folding fan suddenly appeared not too far away from Yang Ye, “Brother Yang, allow me to say a few words, alright?”

Yang Ye gazed at the young man and smiled, “It can’t wait until I deal with him?”

The young man’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he smiled, “Brother Yang, if you repay enmity with enmity, then when will the cycle end? How about you make peace with the Wilds Lord?”

“Make peace?” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he said, “Are you joking?”

“Of course I’m not!” The young man smiled, “As they say, if enmity isn’t settled amicably, then there’ll be no end to it. If both of you continue fighting, then it won’t be beneficial to any one of you. What do you think?”

“I think you’re joking!” Yang Ye chuckled, “I don’t like to beat around the bush, nor do I like to waste time. I presume you’re the help that Wildlands Stellar Region found. Since that’s the case, I think there’s nothing for us to talk about. If I’m stronger, Wildlands Stellar Region will vanish from this world; if you’re stronger, I’ll vanish from this world. What do you think?”

“Brother Yang, you’re really confident!” The young man smiled, “I won’t beat around the bush with you as well. I specially came here to see you just to tell you that Wildlands Stellar Region has submitted to my Falling Sky Stellar Region. So, stop looking for trouble with Wildlands Stellar Region.”

“Falling Sky Stellar Region?” Yang Ye frowned, “I’ve never heard of it.”

The young man’s face instantly froze.

Meanwhile, the Wilds Lord suddenly laughed coldly, “Yang Ye, are you feigning ignorance? Falling Sky Stellar Region is our Eastern Territory’s only four star stellar region, yet you actually said you haven’t heard of it? Are you really ignorant, or are you looking down on Falling Sky Stellar Region?”

The young man’s face was quite hostile as he gazed at Yang Ye.

A four star stellar region! Yang Ye glanced at the young man. He hadn’t expected the young man to be from a four star stellar region.

Yang Ye fell silent for a moment before he gazed at the Wilds Lord, “No wonder you dared to feign ignorance, so you found powerful backing.”

Yang Ye gazed at the young man and said, “I presume you are aware of the enmity between my Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and Wildlands Stellar Region, but you still decided to accept Wildlands Stellar Region’s surrender.”

A wisp of ferocity curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “Do you think you can bully me?”

The young man replied, “Brother Yang, that’s not my intention. But Wildlands Stellar Region is a subordinate of my Falling Sky Stellar Region. So, please give me face and don’t make things difficult for Wildlands Stellar Region anymore.”

Yang Ye chuckled, “Then can you give me face? Don’t interfere in my business with Wildlands Stellar Region, alright?”

The young man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he spoke, “Brother Yang, so you don’t intend to give me face?”

The Wilds Lord had a cold smile on his face as he said, “Yang Ye, I advise you to gain an understanding of Falling Sky Stellar Region before coming back here and answering that question.”

Yang Ye chuckled, “I’m one who respects those who respect me. If others don’t respect me, then I don’t care who that person is! Let me say this, I’m destroying Wildlands Stellar Region.”

“Don’t you dare!” The smile on the young man’s face had vanished, and there was only coldness there right now. At the same time, he crushed a transmission talisman in his right hand. It didn’t take long for ripples to run through the space in front of him.

“Watch me!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he vanished on the spot with the two Celestial Demon Wolves.

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