Chapter 1430 – My Sword Is Quite Thirsty!

Yang Ye was aging rapidly in front of Zhuang Weiran.

Yang Ye’s whitened rapidly. Zhuang Weiran watched as Yang Ye’s hair turned snow white in less than two breaths of time. At the same time, threads of Death Energy had started to emerge from within his body.

That was exactly why Zhuang Wei was horrified!

Death Energy!

Death Energy was coming from within the body. What did that represent? It represented that the person’s lifespan was almost depleted. In other words, that person was about to die.

Yet now, it was actually coming from Yang Ye’s body!

So, how could Zhuang Weiran not be shocked and horrified?

Meanwhile, YANG YE opened his eyes. At this moment, there was a huge difference in them when compared to before. The sharp and fierce gaze he had was gone, and it was dim and lifeless instead. Moreover, there was a trace of muddiness within them as well. It seemed like the gaze of an old man who was about to pass away,

Besides that, his skin had shriveled, and there were lots of wrinkles on him.

He was old!

Yang Ye seemed extremely old!

“You….” Zhuang Weiran stretched out her hand and touched Yang Ye’s cheek while tears flowed down from her eyes without her noticing, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I caused this.”

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and took her hand. There was a slightly unsightly smile on his face as he said, “I love you, so who else would I help? Besides that, you promised not to speak such words that made it seem like I’m an outsider.”

Yang Ye had never regretted interfering in the war between Celestial Demon Stellar Region and Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. Even now, after he’d paid a price that he practically couldn’t endure, he still hadn’t felt any regret.

Zhuang Weiran!

He would never regret anything he did for her!

Zhuang Weiran shook her head and remained silent while lightly lying against Yang Ye and hugging him tightly. Her hands and body were shaking, and her tears were flowing incessantly. She was crying! Since she was young, she’d practically never cried. Because she would never allow herself to. Even when her parents forced her to marry someone, she still hadn’t shed a single drop of her tears.

But at this moment, her tears were flowing out incessantly.

Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region’s business had nothing to do with Yang Ye. But Yang Ye had been swept into this vortex because of her, and he’d paid a price that she should have paid. Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and her should have borne all of this, but it had fallen onto Yang Ye’s shoulders instead.

Even though she knew that Yang Ye had done so willingly, seeing Yang Ye in such a state caused her heart to be unable to help but be filled with pain.

Yang Ye wrapped his arms around her waist and spoke softly, “Stop crying, it’s not a big deal. I just lost some of my lifespan."

Actually, he hadn’t lost a little, he’d lost a huge amount!

Voiders had around 13,000 years to live. But because his strength wasn’t sufficient to endure the might of the stellar sword energy, forcefully utilizing Sword Domain to use the Stellar Sword Diagram had consumed around 99% of his lifespan. He wasn’t sure of the exact number, but he knew that based on the state he was in, he could live for three months, at most.

If he couldn’t attain the Semi-Deity Realm in three months, then he would enter eternal slumber.

However, it was extremely difficult to attain the Semi-Deity Realm in three months. After all, he’d just advanced to the Voider Realm! So, attaining the Semi-Deity Realm in three months was even more difficult than defying the heavens.

In short, he’d gone a little too far this time. Fortunately, there was a small benefit from it, and it was that his sword intent had advanced to the Quasi Returnal Rank.

He’d forced his sword intent to cover the stellar sword energy earlier. He’d naturally done that so those rays of sword energy would become even stronger. However, there were truly too many rays of stellar sword energy, so it was extremely strenuous for his sword intent to envelop all of them. But he still gritted his teeth and held on. He hadn’t expected that his persistence would have actually allowed his sword intent to attain a breakthrough.

Actually, it was normal.

It was like a person who ran 10 steps in every breath of time. But if someone strong pursued that same person with the intent to kill, then that person might be able to run 20 steps or even 100 steps in every breath of time.

If one didn’t force oneself forward, one would never know how outstanding one was!

Even though he’d attained Quasi Returnal Rank sword intent, the price he paid was too huge.

Three months!

Moreover, it might even be shorter than that. If he didn’t attain the Semi-Deity Realm by then, then there would be no need for others to come looking for him. He would die just like that. It was no joke. While the Primordial Pagoda was powerful and heaven defying, it couldn’t eliminate the Death Energy within him. This Death Energy hadn’t been forced on him by someone else, and it was created after his lifespan had been exhausted to a certain level.

The Primordial Pagoda couldn’t increase his lifespan! It wasn’t that heaven defying!

So, the only way to survive was to break through the barriers before him and attain a new height, so that his lifespan would increase!

After embracing each other for a long time, Yang Ye and Zhuang Weiran returned to Clouds of Heaven City, and then entered the 3rd level of the Primordial Pagoda. When Xiao Yuxi saw Yang Ye, she reacted exactly as he’d expected. Her tears instantly started surging out. Yang Ye had no choice but to console her as well. Around two hours passed and after he kept guaranteeing that he was fine, Xiao Yuxi’s countenance finally returned to normal.

Xiao Yuxi hugged him tightly, and her voice was trembling slightly, but the indisputable tone in it was stronger as she said, “Don’t torture yourself like this again!"

Yang Ye naturally nodded quickly. Actually, why would he even want to torture himself? It couldn’t be helped. Under such circumstances, all of them would have been killed if he didn’t utilize the Stellar Sword Diagram. They were facing 26 Deities! Their enemies wouldn’t even have to attack because just their auras would have been sufficient to crush Yang Ye’s group.

A short while passed before Xiao Yuxi’s emotions stabilized, and then Yang Ye sat down cross-legged and started to recuperate.

He was extremely exhausted. Regardless of whether it was his mind, body, or even soul, all of them were extremely tired. It was naturally because he’d utilized the Stellar Sword Diagram.

His cultivation wasn’t sufficient, yet he’d forcefully utilized a force that he couldn’t endure. So, it definitely had severe effects on his body, mind, and soul.

In the cultivation room, Yang Ye cultivated in silence. But in the outside world, hell had been raised.

The outside world here wasn’t just Clouds of Heaven Continent, it represented all the worlds in the lower dimensions.

The Stellar Sword diagram had appeared again!

All the stellar regions started to investigate. In the end, they got a report, and all those reports had a name on it — Yang Ye.

It didn’t take long for the leaders of those stellar regions to give an order — Don’t offend Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and don’t offend Yang Ye!

The Stellar Sword Diagram was in Yang Ye’s possession, and he’d used it to kill 26 Deities. Most importantly, based on the reports they received, Yang Ye was definitely a madman. He was someone who’d even dared to slaughter a city, so how mad was he? Moreover, Yang Ye liked to fight because of the slightest disagreement, and he would fight to the death!

It was best not to offend such a person!

Just looked at Wildlands Stellar Region and all those other stellar regions. That was the consequences of offending Yang Ye. It could be said that even if Yang Ye didn’t take further revenge, Wildlands Stellar Region was completely crippled. As for the other two star stellar regions, it was even worse. They only had two choices, submit to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region or submit to other stellar regions.

Only then would they be able to survive.

In short, Wildlands Stellar Region and all those other stellar regions were finished!

After recuperating for five days in the Primordial Pagoda, Yang Ye’s body had recovered completely. Of course, his lifespan had definitely not recovered. After accompanying Xiao Yuxi for some time, Yang Ye left the Primordial Pagoda.

Wargod Hall.

When Yang Ye walked in, everyone immediately looked at him. There was adoration, fear, and various other emotions in these gazes.

Zhuang Weiran was seated at the seat of the host.

Zhuang Weitian and Qian Yaochan had retired from their positions, and Zhuang Weiran was managing everything on Clouds of Heaven Continent.

Zhuang Weiran walked over to Yang Ye. She took his hand and walked back to her seat while everyone watched, and then she glanced at everyone in the hall, “His orders are my orders from now on. No one is allowed to disobey him. Understand?”

All of them naturally nodded.

Zhuang Weiran nodded slightly, and then she sat on the seat of the host with Yang Ye. Even though the seat was meant for a single person, it could accommodate two without a problem.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “This isn’t very suitable, right?” Actually, Yang Ye wouldn’t do anything intimate with her while there were outsiders present. Because he didn’t want to harm her prestige, and it was a form of respect to her.

She gazed at him and said, “I think it’s absolutely fine!"

Yang Ye smiled, “If you say so!”

A smile curled up on the corners of her mouth. However, it vanished in an instant. She turned to look at the others in the hall, and her gaze fell on Ye Liuyun in the end, “Liuyun, did Wildlands Stellar Region and those other stellar regions reply?”

Ye Liuyun shook her head slightly.

Zhuang Weiran’s face fell.

Yang Ye asked, “What’s wrong?”

She spoke in a low voice, “I sent messages to Wildlands Stellar Region and those other stellar regions. I asked them to return those worlds which belonged to us. But they didn’t reply!”

So that’s what happened! Yang Ye nodded, and then he gazed at Ye Liuyun, “Liuyun, send them another message. Tell them that my sword is quite thirsty.”

Ye Liuyun was at a loss for words.

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