Chapter 1428 – It’s Perfect To Annihilate All Of You!

Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region!

The old man in linen robes and the others were very well aware that if they fought in outer space, then Yang Ye’s group would have the initiative. Because Yang Ye’s group had two Celestial Demon Wolves, and those demon wolves were so swift that they couldn’t catch up to them at all. So, if they didn’t want to lose the initiative, then they only had one choice, and it was to head to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region!

If the battlefield was on Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, then Yang Ye’s group would be forced to fight them!

Moreover, they didn’t want to drag out the confrontation with Yang Ye’s group. They had a huge advantage over Yang Ye’s group right now, and they wanted to use that advantage to annihilate the potential problem that was Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

When the old man’s group arrived in the sky above Clouds of Heaven Continent, Yang Ye’s group arrived right after.

They were in confrontation again.

Meanwhile, the linen robed old man suddenly gazed at Elder Yuan’s group, “All of you are from Azure Cloud Merchant Group, right?”

Elder Yuan immediately frowned. They’d actually changed their appearance, and it was naturally because they were afraid that others would recognize them as members of Azure Cloud Merchant Group. But he hadn’t expected the linen robed old man to actually be aware of their identities.

Meanwhile, the linen robed old man said, “Please return to your merchant group!”

Elder Yuan gazed at the linen robed old man and said, “I don’t understand what you’re saying!” He naturally couldn’t admit it because it would implicate Azure Cloud Merchant Group.

A smile curled up on the corners of the old man’s mouth, and then he withdrew a transmission talisman and crushed it. A few moments later, the space in front of Elder Yuan’s group suddenly started trembling.

Elder Yuan and the others’ expressions gradually became quite unsightly.

Yang Ye gazed at them and asked, “What is it?”

Elder Yuan spoke in a low voice, “The patriarch ordered us to head back….”

Yang Ye’s face fell. Obviously, Wildlands Stellar Region was behind it.

Elder Yuan said, “The Eldest Young Miss has been relieved of all her duties and placed under house arrest. The Second Young Miss is managing everything within the merchant group now.”

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly narrowed slightly. He turned to look at the linen robed old man. Obviously, Wildlands Stellar Region had definitely pressured Azure Cloud Merchant Group.

Meanwhile, Elder Yuan sighed softly and said, “Young Brother Yang, I’m sorry. We must return. After all, that’s where our roots lie. Moreover, the patriarch has emerged from closed door cultivation because of this matter.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Elder Yuan, there’s no need to say more. I understand the difficulty all of you are facing. Once you’ve returned, spend my apology to your eldest young miss because I dragged her down into this.”

Elder Yuan nodded and said, “Young Brother Yang, you’re an extraordinary genius. I believe that today will definitely not be your last day. Farewell!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Yuan and the others vanished into the starry sky.

Once they left, Yang Ye only had Zhuang Weiran, Zhuang Weiran’s parents, and the two Celestial Demon Wolves on his side.

The gap between their strengths was too huge!

“It’s not wrong to be young and arrogant!” Meanwhile, the old man gazed at Yang Ye and said, “However, it isn’t good to be too arrogant. Yang Ye, what do you think?”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Actually, I suddenly have the feeling that the so-called successor of your stellar region was just a sacrifice. Why? Because your stellar region wanted to seize the territory of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and Celestial Demon Stellar Region for a long time. However, you didn’t have a reason to do so openly. But once I killed that fellow, it’s justifiable for you to occupy those worlds and even converge the forces of the other stellar regions to form a huge group!”

Yang Ye knew that he’d actually been used by Wildlands Stellar Region. Wildlands Stellar Region had definitely known when Man Tian had come to look for Zhuang Weiran, but they didn’t stop him. Why? Because they wanted Yang Ye to kill Man Tian. As for the reason, it was just as Yang Ye said, they wanted to cause conflict between both sides!

Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region had around 100 small worlds while Celestial Demon Stellar Region similarly possessed around 100 small worlds. So, it was a total of around 200 small worlds. Besides that, if they annihilated Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, it would be equivalent to obtaining two medium worlds and around 200 small worlds. The temptation was too great.

So, even if Zhuang Weiran gave up on the other worlds, they would still not spare Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. After all, weeds should always be pulled up by the roots.

The old man gazed at Yang Ye for a short while and smiled, “It’s pointless to talk about that, isn’t it?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Indeed!”

“Yang Ye!” The old man continued, “I’m willing to give you another chance. So long as you and Zhuang Weiran each hand over two strands of your souls, then we can spare Clouds of Heaven Continent.”

A medium world in exchange for two peerless geniuses. Wildland Stellar Region definitely didn’t suffer a loss when making such an exchange. Especially Yang Ye. If they took control of Yang Ye, it would be equivalent to taking control of that mysterious beast Yang Ye had and those two Celestial Demon Wolves. As for Zhuang Weiran, she was no ordinary genius. They would need the joint forces of at least three Deities to have a chance at killing her.

But she was just a Semi-Deity!

It could be said that not to mention one medium world, they would even be willing to give five medium worlds to gain control over Yang Ye and Zhuang Weiran.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the old man and just gazed at Zhuang Weiran instead, “Are you afraid?”

She shook her head slightly.

Yang Ye smiled, and then he looked at the old man while a trace of ferocity appeared on his face, “Are 17 Deities very strong?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished on the spot, and he was in front of the old man when his figure appeared once more.

The old man’s face fell when he saw Yang Ye attack. However, he didn’t go head on against Yang Ye, and he just retreated around 3km away.

Even though he hadn’t fought Yang Ye, he knew Yang Ye had a very formidable sword technique, and it had instantly killed numerous Deities! So, he didn’t overestimate his ability to go head-on against Yang Ye’s attack!

At the moment Yang Ye attacked, the Celestial Demon Wolves didn’t stand by idly and immediately grew at least 10 times larger.

Two colossi appeared in the starry sky.

Yang Ye ordered them to leap forward and slam themselves against the Deities in front of them.

Those Deities’ expressions changed when they saw two Celestial Demon Wolves, that were huge as mountains, pouncing at them. They didn’t try to go head-on against the demon wolves, and they started dodging instead. But just a moment later, around 10 palms and beams of light slammed against the demon wolves. Even though their defenses were extremely strong, it still hurt them when they forcefully resisted the attacks of over 10 Deities. So, a trace of pain had appeared in their eyes.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had charged over, and then a wave of blood red sword energy swept out horizontally.


Numerous Deities were blasted around 10km back. Yang Ye didn’t pursue them. He just took a step forward, and then crystal blue stellar energy suddenly filled the surroundings. The stellar energy surged swiftly towards Yang Ye, and then Yang Ye’s figure crystallized in an instant!

Once his figure crystallized, Yang Ye transformed into a blood red ray of light that shot towards the Deities that were besieging the demon wolves.

Zhuang Weiran, Zhuang Weitian, and Qian Yaochan didn’t stand by idly, and they charged at the linen robed old man and the others.

Even though Yang Ye’s side had 11 fewer Deities than their enemies, the aura their side had while Yang Ye and the demon wolves led the charge was actually much greater than the linen robed old man’s group!

The demon wolves had to be given credit for that. Because they’d forcefully stopped most of the attacks. Meanwhile, Yang Ye crushed everything that stood before him, and no one dared to go head-on against an attack from him. Just he alone was keeping five Deities busy. However, the reason he could accomplish that was the Stellar Ward technique.

Those five Deities weren’t weaklings, and they would naturally not just stand by idly as Yang Ye attacked. However, Yang Ye’s Stellar Ward technique was too powerful, so their attacks could only push Yang Ye back at most. They weren’t able to cause any damage to him. Coupled with the fact that Yang Ye possessed sufficient profound energy and Primordial Violet Energy was ceaselessly repairing his body, ordinary injuries were utterly useless against him!

The linen robed old man and the others had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces.

That fellow is really difficult to deal with! No one dares to go against his sword, and no one can break through his defenses.

How are we supposed to fight him?

Besides that, the Celestial Demon Wolves were extremely terrifying after they completed their transformation. Just like Yang Ye, no Deity dared to go head-on against them. All of them could only dodge as they fought back. However, while their injuries could cause a certain amount of damage to the demon wolves, that damage wasn’t very severe and the demon wolves could hold on!

As for Zhuang Weiran, she was extremely strong as well. She was fighting two Deities without falling into a disadvantaged state.

Besides that, as the formed Wargod, Zhuang Weitian was naturally not weak as well. It wasn’t very difficult for him to fight two Deities as well. Qian Yaochan was the comparatively weaker member of the group, but her strength was more than enough to fight a single Deity by herself.

Six against 17!

“AH!” Suddenly, a shrill cry resounded. The old man in a linen robe and the others looked towards the source of the cry. They saw a white halberd had been pierced through the chest of a Deity.

Zhuang Weiran was standing before that Deity.

Yang Ye gazed at the linen robed old man while a wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of his mouth, “17 Deities don’t seem to be enough!”

“It really isn’t enough!” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and then the space around the linen robed old man’s group rippled. After that, 10 old men appeared here.

10 Deities!

Zhuang Weitian and Qian Yaochan instantly turned ghastly pale at the sight of this.

Zhuang Weiran’s face was quite unsightly as well, 26 Deities! Wildlands Stellar Region and those other stellar regions have mobilized most of their experts!

Besides Nether Blue Stellar Region that had been annihilated, the other 6 Stellar Regions and Wildlands Stellar Region definitely had over 30 Deities.

Now, 27 of those Deities were here. In other words, Wildlands Stellar Region and the other stellar regions had mobilized most of their experts!

“What about now?” The old man in a linen robe gazed at Yang Ye while a wisp of ridicule could be seen on the corners of his mouth, “Is it enough now?”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Most of your Deities are here now, right?”

“Yes!” The linen robed old man gazed at Yang Ye and said, “For safety’s sake, we’ve mobilized most of our forces. We won’t give you the chance to kill us in smaller groups.”

“Most of your forces are here!” Yang Ye nodded and said, “It’s perfect to annihilate all of you at once!”

The linen robed old man’s eyes were filled with ridicule, “You will?”

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath. He just waved his right hand, and a diagram appeared in front of him.

After that….

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