Chapter 1427 – Mutual Destruction!

Who else?

Yang Ye had naturally not spoken those words to put on airs.

A huge emphasis was placed on morale during a battle between two armies. The gap between a side with great morale and a side with lacking morale was extremely huge. Yang Ye was boosting their morale right now.

He wanted their morale and auras to crush the enemy!

Who else?

No one from the old man in a luxurious robe’s side had accepted Yang Ye’s challenge. Obviously, their morale was crushed. Conversely, Yang Ye’s side’s morale would definitely rise explosively.

That was exactly what had happened. Yang Ye’s side’s morale had gained an utter advantage over their enemies when the old man’s group shrunk back from accepting Yang Ye’s challenge.

Zhuang Weiran and the others grew stronger as the battle progressed while the old man’s group grew weaker. It was mainly because of Yang Ye. Even though they hadn’t fought Yang Ye, they had to be vigilant against him at all times. Because they were absolutely afraid that Yang Ye would dash over to them and strike them with the same attack from before!

That attack was too strong!

After he executed two overlapped Heavenrends, Yang Ye’s countenance had turned slightly pale. Fortunately, only his countenance was slightly affected. If it was in the past, overlapping the true form of Heavenrend would definitely render him heavily injured. Moreover, his profound energy would have dried up. Yet now, he was a Voider, and he was entirely capable of enduring the might of two overlapped Heavenrends!

That was also why he’d dared to overlap the true form of Heavenrend just now!

“AH!” Suddenly, a shrill cry resounded.

Yang Ye turned to look towards its source, and he saw a Celestial Demon Wolf was chewing on something. What was it chewing on? A human, of course! One of the Deities had been slightly careless and given the demon wolf a chance, so he was dragged into its mouth.

In just around 10 minutes, the old man’s side had lost two Deities.

Now, it was seven against eight!

The pressure that the old man’s side experienced grew greater, but they were still fighting to the death and weren’t fleeing.

They were very well aware that even more would die if they fled now!

The Celestial Demon Wolves were too swift, so they couldn’t escape them at all.

The only person who was comparatively free here was Yang Ye. He wasn’t attacking, and he was just replenishing his profound energy while two Deities watched him. If he didn’t attack, they wouldn’t attack as well. They didn’t dare to!

That attack from before was too terrifying!

Just like that, around 15 minutes passed before another shrill cry resounded. After that, everyone turned to look, and they saw another Deity was being eaten by a demon wolf.

This made the expressions of the old man in a luxurious robe and the others from his group to become extremely unsightly.

Actually, Zhuang Weiran and Elder Yuan were extremely strong as well. The Deities in battle with them were actually no match for them as well. However, while it wasn’t very difficult to defeat a Deity, it was actually very difficult to kill a Deity. If Deities can’t win a battle and choose to constantly dodge instead of colliding directly, then it would be extremely difficult to kill them.

At this moment, the old man’s group was doing just that. They didn’t go head-on against Zhuang Weiran and the others, and they were just buying time.

Those two Deities that the demon wolves killed were trying to buy time too. However, the demon wolves were too strong and far surpassed them, so they’d been killed because they weren’t able to buy any more time.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weiran’s voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind. “They are definitely waiting for reinforcements!”

Yang Ye glanced at the old man’s group. He naturally knew that they were buying time. Obviously, they’d called for more reinforcements, and those reinforcements would be here soon.

Yang Ye remained silent for an instant, and then he transformed into a ray of light that shot towards one of the old men.

That old man’s expression changed drastically at the sight of this. He didn’t think about fighting back, and he just turned around and fled. Yang Ye didn’t chase that old man, and he just turned around and shot towards the old man who was in fierce combat with Zhuang Weiran.

That old man was horrified when he noticed Yang Ye shooting towards him, and then he acted just as the previous old man had. He immediately abandoned Zhuang Weiran, turned around, and fled.

Yang Ye didn’t chase that old man as well, and he continued charging towards the next old man.

In next to no time, a strange scene appeared here.

Anyone Yang Ye shot towards would flee.

During this process, two more Deities were eaten alive by the Celestial Demon Wolves.

At this moment, the old man in a luxurious robe only had four other Deities on his side!

As for Yang Ye’s side, Elder Yuan’s group had merely suffered light injuries that weren’t a problem at all. As for the demon wolves, they were completely fine. It could be said that unless two or more Deities joined forces against a demon wolf, just a single Deity was absolutely incapable of injuring any one of them. After all, they possessed formidable speed and defenses!

So, besides Qiong Qi, even Yang Ye would find it difficult to suppress them. As for Qiong Qi, it was quite strenuous for him to deal with two Celestial Demon Wolves. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dragged them into the Primordial Pagoda and allowed the Primordial Pagoda to suppress them.

The old man and the other four Deities didn’t choose to continue fighting, and they fled instead.

They’d mainly been fighting earlier to keep Yang Ye and the others here, and then wait for their reinforcements to arrive. Yet now, they didn’t dare to continue buying time. If they did, then they might be annihilated before their reinforcements even arrived.

“Should we pursue them?”

“Of course!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he took Zhuang Weiran’s hand and descended onto one of the demon wolves. That demon wolf understood Yang Ye’s intentions and transformed into a ray of dark light that vanished into the sky.

Meanwhile, Elder Yuan’s group hurriedly followed after Yang Ye.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to chase up to the old man’s group. Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath, and he just immediately commanded the demon wolf to charge at them.

The old man and the others’ expressions changed drastically at the sight of this. At this moment, they decisively chose to stop. Because their speed couldn’t compare to the Celestial Demon Wolf, so if they didn’t stop fleeing, then they would be constantly attacked and picked off.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye, Zhuang Weiran, and the demon wolves had arrived before the old man’s group. However, Yang Ye suddenly frowned while the old man’s group were delighted. After that, an emaciated palm suddenly emerged from the expanse of space above them, and it slapped down towards Yang Ye.

It was extremely swift and instantly arrived above Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he transformed into a ray of light that collided with the emaciated palm.


An explosion resounded. The emaciated palm shook violently, and then it shrunk back into that expanse of space.

Meanwhile, 12 old men appeared beside the old man in a luxurious robe.

12 Deities!

The leader of the group was a robust old man in linen robes, and he held a pitch black iron rod. There were two other yellow robed old men by the linen robed old man’s side. These two old men had something in common with the linen robed old man, and it was their extremely robust figures. They were at least double the size of the others here!

At the same time, they possessed the strongest auras amongst the Deities here!

The experts of Wildlands Stellar Region!

Elder Yuan and Zhuang Weiran had solemn expressions on their faces because there were 17 Deities standing in front of them!


Even though they had Yang Ye and those Celestial Demon Wolves who could each fight two Deities on their own, their enemy was 17 Deities!

But Elder Yuan’s group of three calmed down when they noticed Yang Ye’s calm expression.

Actually, Yang Ye wasn’t very calm in his heart. After all, 17 Deities had completely exceeded his expectations. According to his expectations, their reinforcements would be four or five Deities at most. However, his expectations were clearly mistaken.

Actually, it made sense. Wildlands Stellar Region and the other stellar regions were aware of Yang Ye’s strength, and they knew that 10 Deities wouldn’t be able to gain an advantage over Yang Ye’s group. After all, the forces of Celestial Demon Stellar Region had been comparable to around 10 Deities. Moreover, the Celestial Demon Lord and the two Celestial Demon Wolves had been extremely formidable.

However, even such a force had been annihilated by Yang Ye and the others.

So, Wildlands Stellar Region and the other stellar regions didn’t dare act carelessly when facing Yang Ye’s group. If Yang Ye and the others hadn’t launched a surprise attack on Nether Blue Stellar Region and taken them by surprise, there would have been at least 20 Deities waiting for Yang Ye’s group at Nether Blue Continent. It wouldn’t have been just those five Deities from Nether Blue Stellar Region!

The old man in linen robes gazed at Yang Ye and asked, “You’re the Yang Ye who killed the successor of my Wildlands Stellar Region?!”

Yang Ye nodded, “I am.”

The old man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “He didn’t die unjustly. I’m afraid that if it’s amongst the younger generation, then only the top three on the Dragon Rankings would be able to fight you.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I’m not interested in that. Since you haven’t attacked right away, I presume you have something to say. Go on, let me hear it.”

The old man glanced at Yang Ye’s group and said, “Yang Ye, I won’t beat around the bush. Even though we have greater numbers than you right now, I’m very well aware that at least half of us will die here in order to annihilate all of you. We don’t want to cause mutual destruction to both our sides, and we won't give all of you a chance. We are willing to spare all of you if you retreat back to your stellar region.”

A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “I won’t beat around the bush as well. I don’t want to make numerous enemies as well. I just have one condition, hand over those worlds that belonged to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, and then we can stay out of each other’s business.”

Even though those worlds didn’t belong to him, they belonged to Zhuang Weiran.

They’d seized her territory, and that was equivalent to bullying her. He was ready to risk his life against anyone who bullied her!

The old man in linen robes gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, and then he said, “Looks like we can’t reach an agreement!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he flipped his right hand, and a Dimensional Teleportation Flag appeared in his grasp. A moment later, a ray of light instantly enveloped him and the others around him”

“Yang Ye! Pay for your decision!” As soon as the old man finished speaking, all of them vanished on the spot.

A grim expression instantly appeared on Zhuang Weiran’s face, “They’ve gone to Clouds of Heaven Continent!”

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, and then he flipped his right hand. A Dimensional Teleportation Flag appeared in his grasp, and then all of them vanished on the spot.

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