Chapter 1426 – Who Else?

Yang Ye wouldn’t do that, of course. He didn’t have an addiction to slaughtering entire cities. Moreover, he didn’t have the time to do it.

Their group charged into Nether Blue City under Yang Ye’s lead. They only picked out Semi-Deities to kill, so it took just around 10 minutes for all the Semi-Deities in the city to be killed.

Now that the Deities were gone, the Semi-Deities were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered when facing Yang Ye’s group. They couldn’t fight back at all!

After they killed the Semi-Deities, Yang Ye’s group left. But all of them frowned when they arrived in outer space.

Elder Yuan spoke solemnly, “There are experts coming towards us!”

Zhuang Weiran spoke solemnly, “No less than 10 Deities!”

10 Deities! Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Obviously, those stellar regions, that had occupied the worlds which used to belong to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, had joined forces. It was expected because they’d obtained those worlds, so they had no choice but to join forces in order to avoid being forced to return them. Because while Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region had just gone through an intense war, if it was solely in terms of Deities, then Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region was entirely capable of rivaling a three star stellar region.

That was why Wildlands Stellar Region hadn’t just sent its experts to annihilate Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. Because even if they could crush Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region with just their own forces, they would definitely be crippled during the battle.

So, even Wildlands Stellar Region didn’t dare to go start a full-scale war with Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

At this moment, there was no power in the lower dimensions that dared to look down on Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

Zhuang Weiran gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Shall we fight or retreat?”

Elder Yuan’s group of three gazed at Yang Ye as well.

If it was up to Elder Yuan’s group, their decision would be to retreat for now. After all, the enemy had 10 Deities. If they got into battle, it would definitely not be as easy as it had been just now. Moreover, once they were locked into battle, it would be extremely disadvantageous to them. After all, they didn’t have more reinforcements. However, all those stellar regions definitely didn’t have just 10 Deities. Moreover, there was Wildlands Stellar Region as well.

Once they were locked in battle, the enemy’s forces would definitely rush over swiftly. At that time, they would be outnumbered, and it would be extremely disadvantageous to them.

However, whether they fought or retreated depended on Yang Ye’s decision.

Even though Yang Ye’s cultivation was the lowest amongst them, he was the leader of their group.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a while, and then he shook his head, “We’ll wait for them!”

Zhuang Weiran asked, “Why?”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “We only have Clouds of Heaven Continent left. If we retreat, they’ll definitely attack Clouds of Heaven Continent. At that time, we can’t launch surprise attacks on the other stellar regions. Moreover, the battlefield would be dragged to Clouds of Heaven Continent instead while we would fall into a passive position where we can only defend ourselves against them. So, we can’t retreat, and we can only fight to the end!”

Zhuang Weiran pondered deeply for a short while and nodded, and it could be considered as her approval of Yang Ye’s decision.

Actually, Zhuang Weiran knew that Yang Ye considered everything before he made any decision. However, Yang Ye didn’t consider anything once he went mad. So, she was quite afraid that Yang Ye would act rashly, and thus asked him about some of his decisions. If Yang Ye was really acting rashly, then she would stop him, and she was the only one who could!

Fortunately, Yang Ye was still in a normal state of mind, and he wouldn’t act rashly!

Around 20 breaths of time later, 10 rays of light suddenly shot down from far away, and it only took an instant for the rays of light to arrive before Yang Ye’s group.

In next to no time, 10 old men had appeared before Yang Ye’s group.

All of them were Deities!

The 10 old men were slightly stunned when they saw Yang Ye’s group. Obviously, they hadn’t expected people to be waiting for them. After all, Yang Ye’s group was clearly waiting for them to arrive.

It didn’t take long for their gazes to converge onto Yang Ye, and their faces were covered in gloominess.

Obviously, they’d guessed who Yang Ye was.

Yang Ye and the others were here, so it meant that they were too late.

One of the old men who wore a luxurious robe stepped forward and said, “Yang Ye, I’m really curious. What exactly are you trying to do? Crush all of our stellar regions? Do you even have such strength?”

Yang Ye shrugged, “I don’t know. But I intend to try!”


The old man and the others instantly had slightly unsightly expressions on their faces. This fellow is absolutely arrogant and haughty!

The old man gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “As expected of Yang the Butcher, you’re arrogant indeed!” As he spoke, he glanced at Yang Ye’s group and said, “Just all of you don’t seem sufficient to annihilate us. What do you think?”

Yang Ye smiled, “You’ll only know after you give it a try. However, I think that fighting isn’t always the way to resolve problems.”

The old man said, “What? You intend to reason with us?”

Yang Ye nodded, “I do.”

The old man replied, “I’d like to hear it!”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “I’ll get straight to the point. Shouldn’t all of you return those worlds that belonged to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region? After all, they don’t belong to all of you.”

A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of the old man’s mouth, “They weren’t ours in the past, but they are now. Understand? Yang Ye, allow me to give you a word of advice. Go back to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, then perhaps you’ll be able to live a while longer.”

Yang Ye paid no attention to the old man, and he just turned to look at Zhuang Weiran. He spoke softly, “See that? It’s not that I love to fight, but we have no choice but to fight on most occasions! Many say that justice is in the heart. But as far as I’m concerned, justice isn’t in the heart, it’s in the fist! The one with the bigger fist is just and reasonable!”

The reason he’d said all of that was actually for Zhuang Weiran to hear. Because he knew that she didn’t want to make enemies with everyone. It could be said that if the old man and the others had been willing to return those worlds, then Zhuang Weiran would have definitely been willing to make peace with them. She would be willing to make peace with them even if she had to give up Celestial Demon Stellar Region’s territories.

Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region really needed to rest right now. Moreover, besides Yang Ye and Elder Yuan’s group, Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region only had three other Deities, so it couldn’t even compare to a two star stellar region. It could be said that it was all thanks to Yang Ye that Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region hadn’t been annihilated. But what would happen if war broke out?

It would require Yang Ye to deal with all of it!

She didn’t want Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region and Yang Ye to make enemies with everyone.

However, the old man in a luxurious robe had allowed her to understand that they wouldn’t return those worlds which belonged to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. Moreover, they clearly seemed that they intended to annihilate Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

It made sense because all the words which once belonged to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region were in their possession. So, would Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region let the matter rest? It definitely wouldn’t! Thus, they naturally have to annihilate Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region to put an end to all future troubles.

Even though Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region had Yang Ye’s group, they had Wildlands Stellar Region standing behind them. Moreover, even if they didn’t have Wildlands Stellar Region’s support, their joint forces had no need to fear Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region as well.

Zhuang Weiran glanced at the old man and the others in front of them, and then she gazed at Yang Ye, “I understand now. I won’t have such immature thoughts anymore.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he didn’t waste another breath. He immediately waved his right hand and ordered, “Kill!”

As soon as he gave the order, the Celestial Demon Wolvers roared with fury and charged at the old man’s group.

Yang Ye, Zhuang Weiran, and Elder Yuan’s group didn’t stand by idly. They immediately shot forward as well.

Ferocity instantly arose on the faces of the old man and the others in his group. They didn’t flee when they saw Yang Ye’s group attack, because fleeing at a time like this and especially when their speed was inferior to their opponents, they would definitely be courting death.


They had no choice but to fight!


Numerous terrifying auras surged out explosively from the old man’s group. In an instant, the entire area started to warp.

The battle erupted!

Seven against 10!

Even though it was seven against 10, the aura of Yang Ye’s group completely crushed the 10 Deities they faced. Especially the demon wolves, they were absolutely capable of fighting two Deities on their own!

As for Yang Ye, it was obvious. The old man in a luxurious robe had sent three Deities to besiege Yang Ye!

If he just sent a single Deity against Yang Ye, then it was very likely for that Deity to be annihilated in an instant!

So, he had no choice but to send three to fight Yang Ye!

The joint forces of those three Deities was entirely capable of resisting Yang Ye’s Heavenrend. Moreover, Yang Ye even showed signs of being suppressed by their joint forces!

As for the old man in a luxurious robe, his strength had exceeded Yang Ye’s imagination. Because the old man was actually locked in battle with two of the Deities from Elder Yuan’s group!

But even then, Yang Ye’s side held a firm advantage over the old man’s group.

Because those demon wolves were too strong!

Besides that, they had Zhuang Weiran as well. She was able to fight two Deities on her own as well!


Yang Ye’s Heavenrend was jointly stopped by the three Deities he fought, and then Yang Ye was pushed over 300m away.

As soon as Yang Ye stopped himself, he glanced at the surroundings.

We can’t delay!

We must end it as soon as possible!

Yang Ye pondered for just an instant before his profound energy surged madly, and then his figure shot towards the three old men before him.

A cold smile curled up on the corners of their mouths. Even though Yang Ye’s Heavenrend was powerful, they didn’t have to fear it while they worked together!

Just like before, they attacked once more. But their expressions changed drastically when Yang Ye drew his sword this time.


As soon as his sword was swung, one of the old men in front of him was instantly obliterated, and the other two old men were blasted over 30km away! Moreover, the space in the surroundings had collapsed, causing everyone here to instantly arrive within a black hole.

It was two Heavenrends overlapped together!

At this moment, everyone stopped fighting, and then they gazed at Yang Ye.

A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and then he glanced at the old man in a luxurious robe and the other Deities, “Who else?”

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