Chapter 1421 – We Can’t Shrink Back!

Ye Liuyun fell silent, and so did Zhuang Weiran.

Take it!

What did that represent? It represented war!

Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region needed time to recover, so another war, and especially one with an opponent like Wildlands Stellar Region, a three star stellar region…. Moreover, Wildlands Stellar Region wasn’t the only stellar region they would have to face.

It was very unwise to enter into a war right now, and Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region couldn’t afford to enter into one.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye walked over to them and said, “I know that it isn’t a good time for Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region to go to war. However, have all of you thought about whether Wildlands Stellar Region and those other stellar regions will leave us alone even if we don’t take the initiative to strike back? They won’t. Once they openly take our worlds, yet we don’t react to it, they’ll act even more brazenly. We can’t shrink back at a time like this because we won’t seem imposing anymore, and they will think that we’re easy to bully.”

Yang Ye paused for a moment at this point and continued, “Moreover, Wildlands Stellar Region has acted itself. Obviously, we’re their target. Moreover, for the sake of preventing us from taking revenge on them, the other stellar regions who took our territory will definitely target us as well. In other words, regardless of whether we exercise forbearance or not, they still won’t spare us!”

He understood human nature very well. Most people in this world liked to bully those who were easy to bully. The nice were bullied, and he really agreed with that.

Moreover, Wildlands Stellar Region would definitely not spare Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region because Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region was the easiest to bully.

At this moment, the experts of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region were either dead or injured, and it didn’t even have the strength to reclaim its worlds. So, who else would they bully?

In other words, a battle would break out, sooner or later.

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, he would choose to attack when battle was inevitable.

The one who attacks first would seize the initiative, and the last to attack would have to passive react to the attacks of the side who’d seized the initiative.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weiran suddenly asked, “You’ve attained the Voider Realm?”

Ye Liuyun and Fen Cangyan gazed at Yang Ye. Yang Ye dispersed the Sword Domain around him, and then he nodded.

Fen Cangyan gasped when he saw Yang Ye nod.

Yang Ye who was at the Emperor Realm was already extremely terrifying. Now that he’d attained the Voider Realm, how terrifying would he be? Fen Cangyan didn’t know the answer. All he knew was that ordinary Deities would definitely be of no threat to Yang Ye.

Ye Liuyun was delighted. Because ordinary Deities wouldn’t be a threat to Yang Ye now that he’d attained the Voider Realm. Especially in the lower dimensions. Yang Ye could practically remain invincible with the help of Qiong Qi.

Zhuang Weiran nodded slightly while happiness could be seen in her eyes, “Your strength should have improved tremendously now, but don’t underestimate your opponents. There aren’t many in the lower dimensions who are stronger than the Celestial Demon Lord, but there aren’t few as well. Especially in the four star stellar regions. They have many living fossils who are extremely strong!”

“Four star stellar regions?” Yang Ye asked, “Why haven’t they tried to take advantage of the situation here?”

Zhuang Weiran shook her head and said, “It isn’t necessary. They don’t need the little territory that we or Celestial Demon Stellar Region have. Because the worlds they have are sufficient for them to enter the large world.”

Yang Ye frowned, “Then weren’t they invited to enter it?”

Zhuang Weiran spoke solemnly, “Besides possessing at least 10 medium worlds and countless small worlds, there’s another condition to enter the large world, and it’s to pass the large world’s test. That test is usually a test of strength. Someone will come down here from the large world to give the test, and they can enter the large world if they are able to defeat that person from the large world. If they can’t, then they have to wait until they can!”

Yang Ye said, “That’s very harsh!”

She nodded, “It’s extremely harsh. The large world actually does that to limit the amount of people who are able to head in there. After all, every single stellar region that enters the large world represents that the resources there will have to be shared by another stellar region. But if they don’t allow anyone to enter, then that wouldn’t work as well. Because then their forces could dream of coming down here as well. In any case, those above the Deity Realm can’t come down here, as for those below it, they would definitely die if they descended into our lower dimensions.”

“Moreover, if they destroy the hopes of everyone from the lower dimensions, the lower dimensions will definitely rise up against them!” Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun spoke, “Even though the strength of the lower dimensions is definitely weaker than the large world, what about if all the stellar regions here joined forces? Moreover, if an expert like Jian Wuji appeared, then if such an expert led the joint forces of all the stellar regions here, they would definitely be able to shake those powers in the large world. Even if they couldn’t obtain victory, it would definitely end with both sides suffering severe losses!”

Zhuang Weiran nodded slightly, “So, they have to give the people of the lower dimensions some hope. If there’s hope, they won’t feel despair, and they won’t go to extremes unless they feel despair. That’s their true goal.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “Forget about them. Let’s talk about the current situation. I suggest we take the initiative to attack. What do both of you think?” He wasn’t a headstrong person, and he had to obtain Zhuang Weiran’s agreement before he acted. After all, it would drag Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region into a dangerous situation again.

Zhuang Weiran fell silent for a long time and said, “Our strength isn’t sufficient!”

Yang Ye replied, “Wildlands Stellar Region is the leader. It’ll be easy to resolve once we deal with Wildlands Stellar Region.”

Zhuang Weiran looked him in the eyes and said, “Wildlands Stellar Region isn’t weaker to Celestial Demon Stellar Region, and it might even be stronger.”

Yang Ye replied with a question, “Then what do you think we should do?”

Zhuang Weiran fell silent.

If they chose to fight, they didn’t have the strength to do so; if they didn’t choose to fight, then the consequences would be just as Yang Ye had said. Wildlands Stellar Region and the other stellar regions would definitely not spare Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. Simply speaking, a battle couldn’t be avoided. If Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region took the initiative to attack now, then it would have seized the initiative, and it would be more beneficial to them. However, it might cause a chain reaction.

Attacking might bring calamity to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Actually, we’re not as weak as you think. Have you forgotten that I have two Celestial Demon Wolves? Moreover, I can seek help from Nangong Qin. If Elder Yuan’s group is included, while the number of Deities we have will still be inferior to Wildlands Stellar Region and the other stellar regions, it wouldn’t be very inferior. Besides that, numbers aren’t the only thing that are important in war.”

Zhuang Weiran looked up at Yang Ye, remained silent for a long time, and said, “You decide.”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, “It’s not that I like to fight, and I want peace more than anyone else. However, it can’t be helped. There are many occasions where we can only fight to stop more fighting. Because we’re actually in a hopeless situation. If we want to escape it, then forbearance or seeking peace will not work. The only way is to kill our way out of it!”

Zhuang Weiran nodded and said, “I understand.” She naturally understood because Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region was actually still in a hopeless situation, and the only way to survive was to do as Yang Ye said! They had to kill their way out!

After he obtained her agreement, it was practically decided.

Ye Liuyun said, “I’ll send a transmission to Nangong Qin and ask her to send Elder Yuan’s group.”

Yang Ye nodded. They were Deities, and they were true Deities who hadn’t relied on external forces to attain their current cultivation. So, they were definitely a huge help to Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region at this time.

War couldn’t just be started because one wanted to. Yang Ye wanted to, but there were many things to prepare and arrange before that could be done. Otherwise, Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region would fall into chaos before the battle even began.

Ye Liuyun and Zhuang Weiran started preparing for the war while Yang Ye went back to cultivate. He’d broken through to the Voider Realm, but he’d only just completed the advancement, so it wasn’t that stable. So, he wanted to further consolidate his cultivation.

Yang Ye was a Voider now, so regardless of whether it was his body or every other aspect, they’d attained huge improvements. Especially his profound energy. Based on the current volume of profound energy he could store, he could execute 5 Heavenrends in succession without even utilizing the profound energy within the Worldmend Stone and stellar energy!

His profound energy had doubled!

As for his body, while it was still at the Epoch Realm, it had arrived at the peak of the Epoch Realm. He just needed the right opportunity, and he could attain the undying Realm. Of course, he was very well aware that it was extremely difficult to find such an opportunity. Unless he gained some sort of fortuitous encounter. Otherwise, if he cultivated normally and suffered attacks normally, it would be utterly impossible to advance to the Undying Realm!

So, he could only put it aside for now!

10 days later, Yang Ye left his cultivation room.

10 days in there was only a single day in the outside world.

Wargod Hall.

Besides Zhuang Weiran, Ye Liuyun, and Zhuang Weiran’s parents, Yang Ye saw Elder Yuan’s group of three there as well.

All three of them nodded slightly to Yang Ye while a trace of happiness could be noticed in their eyes. They’d gained huge amounts of wealth when they went to Celestial Demon Stellar Region with Yang Ye. So, they immediately rushed over when they heard that Yang Ye needed their help.

Yang Ye hadn’t asked for a single spirit vein that they’d obtained that day, and all of it had been theirs. So, they had a very good impression of Yang Ye, and they were really satisfied with how he did things.

Yang Ye nodded to them and glanced at the others here. All the Deities of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region were here as well.

A slight smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. He was about to speak when a terrifying aura suddenly assaulted Wargod Hall.

After that, a ferocious voice resounded, “Yang Ye! Get the fuck out here and die.”

Everyone looked at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye frowned because he didn’t recognize the voice.

Meanwhile, Zhuang Weiran frowned and spoke softly, “It’s him….”

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