Chapter 1420 – Then We’ll Take Them!

It didn’t take long for Zhuang Weitian to officially announce that Zhuang Weiran was the new master of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

There was naturally no one who objected to it, nor did anyone dare to. Her strength was clear for all to see, and she could be said to be more suitable than Zhuang Weitian.

After the war, there naturally were many problems to be addressed. Fortunately, she had Ye Liuyun’s help, so the messy state Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region was in had gradually become orderly once more.

Zhuang Weiran and Ye Liuyun dealt with the matters of the stellar region while Yang Ye went into closed door cultivation.

Battle was the best way for someone to grow. Since he attained the Emperor Realm, he’d been fighting practically every single day. So, regardless of whether it was his body or cultivation, they’d been growing at an alarming rate.

Now, he had to charge into the Voider Realm.

His enemies were growing stronger and stronger, so the Emperor Realm wasn’t sufficient anymore. Especially in terms of profound energy. While he had the Worldmend Stone, if he encountered an expert like the Demon Lord, then not to mention just the profound energy within the Worldmend Stone, even stellar energy as well wouldn’t be sufficient.

He had to attain the Voider Realm!

On the 3rd level of the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged while madly absorbing the profound energy around him.

He didn’t have to use divine crystals anymore because the spirit energy within the Primordial Pagoda was too dense. After all, there were 11 Divine Grade spirit veins and 35 Saint Grade spirit veins here.

He was immersed in spirit energy.

Thinking about spirit energy made Yang Ye think of Snowy, and it made his gaze gradually become icy cold. Presently, he was most worried about Snowy and Zi’er. Since the Divine Phoenix Clan had taken Snowy and Zi’er, their objective was definitely not to just become friends with Snowy. Because they wouldn’t have done that if they just wanted to form a friendship with Snowy.

After all, doing so would make Snowy feel resentful towards them.

It could be said that the Divine Phoenix Clan definitely had other intentions when they captured Snowy and Zi’er.

“If Snowy and Zi’er are harmed in the slightest, then I’ll definitely annihilate your Divine Phoenix Clan!” Yang Ye took a deep breath, restrained his thoughts, and started absorbing profound energy. It didn’t make a difference no matter how much he thought about it right now. The important matter at hand was to improve his strength.

The Divine Phoenix Clan’s strength was absolutely not something that Celestial Demon Stellar Region could compare to. Based on his current strength, he couldn’t fight them even if Qiong Qi assisted him.

So, he had to improve his strength!

As Yang Ye started absorbing profound energy like a madman, his aura started growing stronger and stronger.

Xiao Yuxi opened her eyes and glanced at Yang Ye, remained silent for a long time, and then slowly closed her eyes before continuing her cultivation.

At this moment, the Primordial Pagoda could be said to be a paradise of cultivation. Not only was the spirit energy here dense, only a year passed in the outside world after cultivating here for 10 years. The results one gained while cultivating here was multiple times greater than cultivating in the outside world. If everyone from the Sword Alliance was brought here to cultivate, then their strength would definitely advance by leaps and bounds. However, besides the people he trusted the most, Yang Ye wouldn’t let anyone else in here.

He wasn’t stingy. It was mainly because the Primordial Pagoda was too heaven defying. If others were to find out about it, then he would definitely be plagued by endless problems.

Just the ability of the 3rd level was something that no one could refuse.

So, besides those who were closest to him, Yang Ye would absolutely not reveal the Primordial Pagoda to anyone else.

Cultivating was boring and dull, and it was lonely as well. Especially when cultivating like this in a meditative state. Yang Ye had never liked cultivating like this, nor did he have the time to cultivate like this. But it couldn’t be helped, he had to consolidate everything.

Time flowed swiftly during cultivation, and a month passed in the blink of an eye. Of course, only 3 days had passed in the outside world.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the 3rd level like a statue, and his aura was growing stronger and stronger. Besides that, he was absorbing more and more spirit energy at an increasing pace.

Wargod Hall. At this moment, only Ye Liuyun and Zhuang Weiran were here.

Ye Liuyun and Zhuang Weiran sat together at the seat of the host. Space was ceaselessly trembling in front of them, and then voice after voice emerged from there before entering their minds. A short while after that, they kept withdrawing transmission talismans and crushing them, and then their orders were sent out incessantly.

Just like that, around two hours passed before the amount of trembling in space started to reduce. Around an hour later, the space there finally calmed down completely.

“Thank you!” Zhuang Weiran turned to gaze at Ye Liuyun.

After the war between her stellar region and Celestial Demon Stellar Region, there were too many things to deal with here. She would have definitely been unable to resolve it all if she were by herself. After all, such things were even more tiring than cultivating. Moreover, she wasn’t very skilled in it. But Ye Liuyun was very suited for it, and she managed all of it much better than Zhuang Weiran.

Ye Liuyun turned to look at Zhuang Weiran and smiled, “Don’t mention it!”

If Zhuang Weiran wasn’t the one in control of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, then Ye Liuyun would naturally not go to such lengths to help. However, it was Zhuang Weiran, and the relationship between Zhuang Weiran and Yang Ye was obvious. Simply speaking, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region belonged to Yang Ye. So, helping Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region was equivalent to helping Yang Ye, and it was equivalent to helping the Sword Alliance.

“You’re more suited to this than I am!” Zhuang Weiran continued, “How about you stay here and help me manage this stellar region?”

Ye Liuyun smiled, “Are you trying to steal from him?”

Zhuang Weiran replied, “Helping me is helping him!”

Ye Liuyun gazed at her and said, “Are you really going to just give it all to him?”

Zhuang Weiran stood up slowly and looked out of the hall, “Many people think like that, including my father and mother. Liuyun, it’s actually wrong to think like that. Because he doesn’t care about Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. Both the Sword Alliance and this stellar region can’t keep up with him. Trust me, it won’t be long before both the Sword Alliance and this stellar region will be beneath him.”

Ye Liuyun fell silent because Zhuang Weiran was absolutely right.

Yang Ye's footsteps were too quick. Regardless of whether it was the sword alliance or Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, they couldn’t keep up. Once he left them far behind, then not only would they be of no help to him; they would be a burden to him.

Ye Liuyun remained silent for a moment before she spoke, “The reason you took control of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region was to resolve the conflict of interest between the Sword Alliance and Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.”

Zhuang Weiran nodded and said, “If I take control of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, then all the conflicts of interest between it and the Sword Alliance will vanish. But if I don't, then numerous problems will arise between the Sword Alliance and my stellar region. Because the Sword Alliance would feel that my stellar region is using Yang Ye. Actually, it’s right. My father did hope to rely on Yang Ye’s forces to reclaim the worlds that our stellar region lost.”

“Your decision was a wise one!” Ye Liuyun continued, “Once you became the master of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, everyone from the Sword Alliance, including me, would feel that it was only right and just for Yang Ye to help Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. In that way, we’ll be able to avoid a lot of trouble for both sides.”

“Unfortunately, my parents and younger brother feel like I’m siding with an outsider, and that I’m going to give the stellar region to Yang Ye.” Zhuang Weiran spoke indifferently, “They’ve never thought about how Yang Ye isn’t obligated to help us. As for the favors he owed me in the past, they were actually repaid when he saved Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. Of course, both him and I wouldn’t make a fuss about those so-called favors.”

“But your respective subordinates will!” Ye Liuyun smiled, “Actually, even I would make a fuss about it. But I won’t now. Your decision really was wise. Of course, most importantly, your decision will save Yang Ye from a lot of problems in the future. Otherwise, if conflict arises between the Sword Alliance and Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, then he’ll be the most troubled person!”

Zhuang Weiran gazed at Ye Liuyun and said, “You’re one of the people he trusts the most, so just call me Weiran. From this moment onward, you’re my stellar region’s counsellor, and you’re authorized to manage everything in the stellar region.”

Ye Liuyun fell silent for a while and said, “Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region needs to be reformed. Especially many of the systems in the city, they have to be changed. But changing all of that will affect the interests of many.”

“You have Yang Ye and my support!” Zhuang Weiran looked Ye Liuyun in the eyes, “Regardless of whose interests are affected, just go ahead and do it.”

Ye Liuyun shook her head and said, “I’m not worried about myself, I’m worried that it’ll be difficult for you. I’ve looked into it. The people close to you, especially your younger brother, have too many special privileges. That’s extremely unfair. Of course, the city belongs to your family, so it’s fine to have some special privileges. However, too much of the resources are being taken by those in high positions, so it’s difficult for those in lower positions to grow. If that continues for long, the strong will grow stronger while the weak will grow weaker, and the stellar region’s ability to expand will be severely restricted.”

Zhuang Weiran fell silent for a moment before she said, “He should head out and temper himself.”

Ye Liuyun glanced at her and said, “Then I’ll do as I see fit.”

In the next few days, Ye Liuyun started to reorganize the city. She definitely encountered all sorts of problems during this process, but she had Zhuang Weiran’s full support, so those problems were resolved with ease.

After all, no one would dare to say anything when facing absolute strength.

Half a month later.

Fen Cangyan suddenly walked into Wargod Hall. He gazed at Ye Liuyun and Zhuang Weiran who sat at the seat of the host and said, “My Lord, Miss Liuyun, I’ve just received news that Wildlands Stellar Region and some other stellar regions are taking control of the worlds which belonged to Celestial Demon Stellar Region. Celestial Demon Continent and more than 30 worlds have been taken by them, and that even includes those worlds that Celestial Demon Stellar Region took from us.”

Ye Liuyun and Zhuang Weiran’s faces fell when they heard this.

Because Wildlands Stellar Region has really acted.

What was it like to reap the benefits, this was exactly it! They’d waited for Celestial Demon Stellar Region and Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region to be heavily injured in battle, and the Wildlands Stellar Region reaped the benefits!

Ye Liuyun gazed at Zhuang Weiran and asked, “What should we do?”

The latter remained silent.

Meanwhile, a voice suddenly appeared in the hall, “Get them back, of course.”

Zhuang Weiran and Ye Liuyun looked forward and saw Yang Ye had suddenly appeared in the hall.

Ye Liuyun asked, “What if they refuse?”

“Then we’ll take them back!” Yang Ye continued, “We won’t just take what was ours, we’ll even take what they have!”

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