Chapter 1418 – I’ll Kill Anyone Who Forces You To Do Anything!

“My pleasure!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he vanished on the spot, and he was in front of Man Zhi when his figure appeared again. Man Zhi was clearly prepared, and he immediately swung his fist forward.

How could Yang Ye possibly fear him?

Yang Ye immediately slammed his fist forward as well.


An explosion resounded, and then Man Zhi was blasted backwards and slammed against the wall behind him.


The entire hall shook.

As for Yang Ye, he was pushed back a few meters as well. Yang Ye glanced at his fist, and then he gazed at Man Zhi, “You have some strength. No wonder you’re confident.”

A moment later, he shot towards Man Zhi.

Yang Ye didn’t like to cause trouble. But most of the time, even if you didn’t cause trouble, it didn’t mean that trouble wouldn’t come looking for you. The reason he’d attacked was because Man Zhi had insulted Zhuang Weiran.

He was absolutely unable to tolerate that.

When Yang Ye’s figure appeared again, he was in front of Man Zhi, and he didn’t waste his breath at all and just immediately slammed his fist forward.

The Brink Laws!

As soon as his fist shot forward, a terrifying wave of force surged out from his fist, and Man Zhi was instantly blasted back and slammed once more against the wall.


After that, a loud explosion resounded. Man Zhi’s figure smashed straight through the wall and flew off.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye didn’t stop and instantly chased after Man Zhi. Suddenly, the other man from Wildlands Stellar Region had finally recovered from his shock, and he hurriedly chased after Yang Ye.


A sword howl resounded, and then a ray of light suddenly shot into the hall from the outside. It flashed, and then the man’s arm instantly flew up into the air.

The woman who was about to chase after Yang Ye as well was stunned by this scene.

It wasn’t just her, everyone else besides Zhuang Weiran was stunned.

Even though Man Zhi had spoken disrespectfully, they hadn’t expected Yang Ye to actually attack. After all, Man Zhi’s group represented Wildlands Stellar Region!

Yang Ye suddenly walked into the hall before the others could recover from their shock, and then he tossed Man Zhi over to Zhuang Weiran, “I haven’t taken back something I’ve said, so I can’t really teach you how. However, I believe that you definitely know how to do it now. Go on, do it until I’m satisfied.”

“Yang Ye!” Meanwhile, that woman from Wildlands Stellar Region suddenly said, “Do you realize what you’re doing? We represent Wildlands Stellar Region. Doing this will….”

“Shut up!” Yang Ye suddenly gazed at her, “I don’t want to waste my breath on you. Speak another word and I’ll cut off your tongue.”

She was visibly livid, and her body was even trembling slightly. However, she didn’t dare say anything.

Yang Ye clearly wasn’t afraid of Wildlands Stellar Region, so she would be courting death if she spoke further.

Yang Ye didn’t pay any further attention to her and gazed at Man Zhi instead, “I’ll count to three. If you don’t take it back, then I’ll twist off your head and make it my ball.”

Zhuang Weitian seemed to want to say something when he heard Yang Ye, but he didn’t say anything in the end. He naturally didn’t want Yang Ye to kill Man Zhi. After all, Man Zhi was representing Wildlands Stellar Region. It was already slightly hostile towards Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region, so if Yang Ye killed Man Zhi, then wouldn’t he be giving them an excuse to attack?

However, he didn’t say anything because Yang Ye was clearly furious, so saying anything would be meaningless. The only person who could dissuade Yang Ye was Zhuang Weiran. So, Zhuang Weitian gazed at her.

Zhuang Weiran naturally understood the consequences. When Yang Ye was about to count, she gazed at Man Zhi and said, “Just an apology is sufficient.” Once Yang Ye started counting, it would represent that Man Zhi wouldn’t be able to survive. After all, how could Man Zhi take back what he’d said? It could be said that Yang Ye actually wanted to kill Man Zhi when he raised such conditions!

Yang Ye glanced at her, and then he didn’t say anything. He would naturally not argue with her about something so trivial.

Man Zhi clearly didn’t want to die, so he immediately said, “I’m sorry!”

Zhuang Weiran spoke indifferently, “Tell Wildlands Stellar Region that my Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region will deal with its own problems. Besides that, we don’t want to offend Wildlands Stellar Region, but it doesn’t mean that we’re afraid.”

Man Zhi glanced at her and said, “I’ll pass the massage!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he stood up and started walking away with the other ‘one-armed’ man and the woman. He suddenly stopped when he arrived at the entrance to the hall, and then he turned around to gaze at Yang Ye. He was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly spoke, “If you dare to say a single word, all three of you don’t have to leave today.”

Man Zhi’s face instantly became unsightly. Meanwhile, the woman by his side seemed to be absolutely afraid that he would say something and hurriedly dragged him away.

Once all of them left, Zhuang Weiran gazed at Yang Ye and spoke softly, “Why did you suddenly get so angry?”

Yang Ye shook his head and gazed at her, “I just suddenly felt that it’s really difficult for you. Don’t worry, I dare not guarantee that no one will try to force you to do something again. However, I guarantee that I’ll kill anyone who tries.”

Zhuang Weitian’s face instantly became quite unsightly when he heard Yang Ye because he felt like Yang Ye had intentionally said that for him to hear!

She gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before she said, “No matter what it is, we’ll face it together.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Of course!”


Meanwhile, Zhuang Weitian coughed lightly. After all, they’d completely disregarded him, and he had to remind them of his presence.

Zhuang Weiran glanced at Zhuang Weitian, hesitated for a moment, and then she brought Yang Ye over to them. She introduced them to Yang Ye, “My father and mother.”

Yang Ye would naturally not act rashly. He immediately bowed slightly to them and said, “Uncle, Aunty.”

Zhuang Weitian’s face eased up slightly when he saw Yang Ye act so respectfully. He nodded and said, “Even though we’ve never met before this, I’ve heard of you from Weiran. To be honest, I didn’t believe that you would be able to help my stellar region. But the facts prove that I was wrong. Her judgment is extremely good!”

Not to mention anything else, just the fact that Yang Ye was an absolutely extraordinary genius made him completely worthy of Zhuang Weiran. However, Zhuang Weitian was quite worried about Yang Ye’s temper. Yang Ye’s temper made it easy for trouble to arise. Fortunately, while Yang Ye had a very bad temper, he was extremely strong as well.

In overall, Zhuang Weitian was quite satisfied!

Meanwhile, Fen Cangyan suddenly walked in, “City Governor, someone who claims to be Yang Ye’s friend is here to pay you a visit.”

Zhuang Weitian gazed at Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s divine sense swept out, and then he nodded a moment later, “Let them in.”

Fen Cangyan nodded, and then he left. It didn’t take long for two women to walk in under Fen Cangyan’s lead.

They were none other than Ye Liuyun and Nangong Qin.

“City Governor Zhuang!” Nangong Qin cupped her fist to Zhuang Weitian and said, “Congratulations on defeating Celestial Demon Stellar Region.”

Zhuang Weitian nodded, “Thank you!”

Nangong Qin nodded slightly, and then she gazed at Yang Ye and smiled, “Young Master Yang, it’s nice to see you again.”

Yang Ye smiled. He naturally knew why she was here. He immediately gazed at Zhuang Weitian and said, “This is the Eldest Young Miss of Azure Cloud Merchant Group, Nangong Qin. She was the one who sent those 3 Deities that helped us in the battle.”

Zhuang Weitian was visibly moved when he heard this, and then he stood up and cupped his fist to her, “Thank you.”

She smiled, “Don’t mention it.”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “Uncle, Young Miss Nangong Qin hoped to open stores throughout Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. Right, I promised her that her stores wouldn’t have to pay any fees for 30 years.”

“That’s not a problem at all!” Zhuang Weitian continued, “But... our stellar region only has Clouds of Heaven Continent….”

Everyone here fell silent.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye stepped forward and said, “I think that we should reclaim our lost territory and the territory of Celestial Demon Stellar Region.”

A slight smile curled up on the corners of Zhuang Weitian’s mouth. He’d actually wanted to do that a long time ago. However, Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region’s strength had declined tremendously, so it was utterly unable to reclaim those worlds that the other powers had taken, let alone the territory of Celestial Demon Stellar Region. So, the only way to accomplish that was to rely on Yang Ye’s strength.

Now that Yang Ye had said that, it represented that he was willing to help Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region.

A smile appeared on Nangong Qin’s face as well. She was naturally not smiling because Yang Ye was going to help Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. Actually, she didn’t really attach much importance to the benefits that she would gain from Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region any longer.

She attached even more importance to Yang Ye.

The stronger Yang Ye was, the more benefits she would receive in the future. Based on the potential Yang Ye had revealed, so long as he didn’t perish, he would definitely grow to become a peerless expert. At that time, she just had to say the word and she would be able to change Azure Cloud Merchant Group’s fate. Or she just had to let others know that Azure Cloud Merchant Group was connected to Yang Ye, and then no one would dare to bully them!

Suddenly, Ye Liuyun stepped forward and said, “Those worlds naturally have to be taken back. But what about after that’s done?”

Everyone gazed at Ye Liuyun.

Zhuang Weitian gazed at Yang Ye instead.

Yang Ye said, “Ye Liuyun, the Counsellor of my Sword Alliance, and one of the people I trust the most.”

Only now did Zhuang Weitian recall that Yang Ye was the master of the Sword Alliance as well, and he represented a medium world.

Zhuang Weitian seemed to have thought of something, and the smile on his face gradually vanished. He fell silent for an instant before he gazed at Ye Liuyun, “Miss Liuyun, feel free to be frank.”

Ye Liuyun smiled and said, “City Governor Zhuang, forgive me for asking this, but will you be handing Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region over to Zhuang Weiran or your son?”

Everyone gazed at Ye Liuyun once they heard her.

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