Chapter 1413 – Kill Her First!

The Stellar Ward technique!

Yang Ye had thought that there would be no need to execute it since he had Qiong Qi’s help. But now it would seem like he’d underestimated the Celestial Demon Lord. The Demon Lord’s strength was much more terrifying than he’d ever imagined. But that made sense because if he had trump cards, others would definitely have them too.

Now, both sides had revealed their trump cards, and it just depended on whose trump card was superior.

Once the Stellar Ward technique was there to protect his body, Yang Ye could cooperate with Qiong Qi without any fear. Earlier, while Qiong Qi had cooperated with him to kill a few Deities, his body had been torn open with every Deity they killed. After all, Qiong Qi’s speed was much superior to his, and his body couldn’t endure it completely.

But now, he had the Stellar Ward technique to protect himself, so he didn’t have to fear Qiong Qi’s speed even if it doubled!

Moreover, now that he had stellar energy flowing within him, he didn’t have to be so conscious about his use of profound energy when executing sword techniques.

The Demon Lord’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw Yang Ye’s figure crystallize, and then his figure shot at Yang Ye. Demonic lightning flickered and space rippled in his wake.

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath as well. He just patted Qiong Qi lightly, and then Qiong Qi transformed into a ray of dark light that shot at the Demon Lord.

When they were almost in front of the Demon Lord, Yang Ye grasped his sword’s hilt tightly, and then he drew his sword and swung it down.

Meanwhile, a dazzling pillar of black lightning surged out from within the Demon Lord!


A loud explosion resounded as both Yang Ye and the Demon Lord were blasted backwards. The Demon Lord moved around 300m back before he stopped moving while Yang Ye and Qiong Qi were similarly pushed 300m back before they stopped.

They’d been pushed so far back during the first collision because Yang Ye and Qiong Qi had been careless. They hadn’t expected the Demon Lord to possess the Celestial Demon Hegemon Body technique. They’d been caught off guard. Yet now, they were mentally prepared, so they would naturally not suffer such a loss. However, his Heavenrend had still been unable to cause any real harm to the Demon Lord!

Of course, the Demon Lord hadn’t harmed him at all too!

Yang Ye glanced coldly at the Demon Lord, and then he looked down at Qiong Qi, “Can you pierce his defenses?”

A moment of silence ensued before Qiong Qi shook his head, “If I absorb all the energy within that demonic dragon, then I would be able to kill him on my own. However, I’ve only absorbed less than half of that energy, so my strength hasn’t recovered much. Even I can’t do anything to him while he’s in that state.”

Yang Ye asked, “You haven’t finished absorbing it?”

“Obviously!” Qiong Qi spoke angrily, “That’s a demonic dragon. It has lived for countless years, so how could it be absorbed that easily? If you weren’t about to die, I would really be unwilling to come out here and waste time.”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi continued, “Kid, you have to be careful of those violet threads around his body. They are cosmic rays. They are extremely dangerous. I don’t know how he took control of them, but if you get it by it….”

Qiong Qi suddenly stopped speaking, and then he continued, “Actually, it wouldn’t be a problem even if it hits you….”

Yang Ye hurriedly asked, “Why?”

“Because of that thing within you. Anything that enters your body is trash before it, including those cosmic rays.” Qiong Qi spoke solemnly, “Trust me. Anything that enters your body will be nothing more than trash. However you still have to be careful. Because if it doesn’t enter your body and attacks your body directly, then it can still kill you. These cosmic rays are extremely powerful, and they are strong enough to obliterate you.”

Yang Ye nodded and didn’t pursue further answers. Because the Demon Lord didn’t give them time to talk, and he’d transformed into a bolt of lightning that shot towards them.

“Let’s join forces against him!” Yang Ye tapped his right foot lightly against Qiong Qi, and his figure shot towards the Demon Lord. Meanwhile, Qiong Qi leaped forward and charged at the Demon Lord as well.

Two against one!

Actually, there was a huge gap in strength between Yang Ye and the Demon Lord. It couldn’t be helped, the gap between their cultivations was huge. If it wasn’t for his Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent, Rebirth Rank sword intent, and the Stellar Ward technique, he wouldn’t be able to fight the Demon Lord at all. Especially when the Demon Lord had activated his Celestial Demon Hegemon Body.

Presently, even 20 Deities couldn’t harm the Demon Lord in his current state.

It could be said that the Demon Lord’s current strength was much stronger than the strength Blind Maiden revealed that day. Of course, Blind Maiden hadn’t used her true strength in that battle. If it was based only on the strength that she’d revealed that day, the Demon Lord’s strength far surpassed her.

However, if Blind Maiden revealed her true strength, then she would definitely be able to kill the Demon Lord.

After all, she’d reincarnated, and she’d been from the large world. Her strength at that time was definitely not something that the residents of the lower dimensions could compare to.

Even though it was two against one, Yang Ye and Qiong Qi still weren’t able to gain the upper hand. However, they weren’t at a disadvantage either. Because the Demon Lord couldn’t pierce their defenses as well.

Qiong Qi’s physical defenses were extremely formidable, and he possessed extraordinary speed as well. So, even though the Demon Lord had hit Qiong Qi a few times, it hadn’t caused any real harm to him.

As for Yang Ye, Yang Ye’s body was at the peak of the Epoch Realm, and it was further enhanced by the Stellar Ward technique now. So, his physical defenses were absolutely abnormal.

As for the Demon Lord’s Celestial Demon Hegemon Body, it was even more terrifying.

Even Heavenrend couldn’t pierce his defenses. So, how terrifying was that?

The current situation in the battle was one where none of them could harm each other.

However, when it came to the battle on the ground below, Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region had completely suppressed the forces of Celestial Demon Stellar Region. Even a Deity of Celestial Demon Stellar Region had been surrounded and killed.

As for the violet robed old man who was in battle with Zhuang Weiran, he’d been suppressed in battle.

So, regardless of whether it was the violet robed old man or the other forces of Celestial Demon Stellar Region, defeat was only a matter of time for them.

Now, it all depended on the outcome of Yang Ye’s battle.

Regardless of whether it was Yang Ye or the Demon Lord, both their techniques had time limitations, so the first one to have their technique vanish would be the first to die.

Both sides were buying time!

Yang Ye had the Stellar Sword Diagram, but he didn’t dare utilize it unless he had no other choice. Because the slightest mistake might cause him to die before he could even kill his enemies. Losing lifespan wasn’t the same as losing his cultivation. If his lifespan was completely exhausted at once, then even the Primordial Pagoda couldn’t save him!

Even though the Primordial Pagoda was heaven defying, it wasn’t that heaven defying to the point of being able to undo death. It was probably impossible for anyone in this world to resurrect the dead.

After all, it wasn’t something that a human could accomplish!

So, even if he had the Stellar Sword Diagram, he didn’t dare utilize it rashly.

Yang Ye and Qiong Qi were buying time because Zhuang Weiran and the other experts of Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region had firmly gained the upper hand. If they delayed further until all the experts of Celestial Demon Stellar Region were annihilated, then it wouldn’t be a battle of two against one, it would be a group besieging the Demon Lord. It was the Demon Lord who couldn’t allow the battle to drag on. He naturally understood that, so his aura started growing stronger and stronger a short while after the battle began. Obviously, he didn’t want to let it drag on anymore.

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi’s voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, “Kid! Be careful!”

Yang Ye nodded. After all, people would always fight desperately when they were forced into a corner.

The stellar energy within Yang Ye surged incessantly while the sword in his ancient sheath was exchanged for the Sword Precursor. However, he hadn’t put Heaven’s Gravestone away, and he was holding it in his right hand. Besides that, his sword energy had grown countless times stronger with the help of his Quasi Returnal Rank slaughter intent.

Unfortunately, the Quasi Returnal Rank intent he possessed was slaughter intent. Slaughter intent was mainly used to corrupt the mind and not to improve sword energy. If it was sword intent, then he might have been able to pierce the Demon Lord’s defenses. Even though slaughter intent could enhance sword energy as well, the boost it provided was limited. But it was different for sword intent. The boost sword intent provided to sword energy was unparalleled. After all, he was a sword cultivator, so his strength relied on sword intent!


Suddenly, the Demon Lord’s furious howl resounded through the air, and then a bolt of lightning surged out of the Demon Lord. Yang Ye and Qiong Qi were instantly blasted over 1km away.

The Demon Lord didn’t stop with that. He immediately stretched his hands forward and twisted them slightly. In an instant, the violet threads around him started to move, and it didn’t take long for them to converge on his hands.

However, once they converged on his hands, his face had instantly warped with pain.

Yang Ye and Qiong Qi’s faces turned solemn at the sight of this. Their instinct told them that the violet threads were a threat to them. Especially Yang Ye. He’d come into contact with cosmic rays, but the 3 cosmic rays he’d encountered that day were much inferior when compared to the cosmic rays on the Demon Lord’s hands.

The Demon Lord’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye. He didn’t waste his breath because it was pointless to say anything right now. He immediately stomped his right foot down and shot forward in Yang Ye’s direction.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his stellar energy circulated madly.

However, when the Demon Lord arrived less than 30m away from Yang Ye, he suddenly turned around and shot rapidly in Zhuang Weiran’s direction.

His goal was to kill her first!

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