Chapter 1324 – Regret!

Fight the demon race?

If the Nie Clan hadn’t done what it had done, then Yang Ye might help them against the demon race. After all, allowing the demon race into the human race’s territory wasn’t beneficial to him at all. However, the Nie Clan had clearly caused this war on purpose. The Nie Clan wanted to use them to keep the entire demon race busy, and while they fought with their lives against the demon race, the Nie Clan would try to benefit from it. Yang Ye would naturally not do something like that!

If it was put in simpler terms, the Nie Clan wanted to use morals and righteousness to bind them to this.

Besides doing it for the sake of the human race, the experts of the 3 cities and 3 sects had stayed behind for another reason, and it was that their homes were in the Veiled Region. Once Heaven Pillar Peak was breached, everything they had in the Veiled Region would be gone. So, even if they knew something was off, they still intended to stay and fight the demon race with the Nie Clan.

What about Yang Ye?

He only had the Slayer Pavilion in the Veiled Region, but they’d left the Veiled Region. So, it could be said that he had no further ties to the Veiled Region.

Moreover, why was the demon race attacking?

Wasn’t it because the Nie Clan was scheming to seize a treasure that belonged to the demon race? The Nie Clan hadn’t hesitated to start a war in order to obtain a treasure that belonged to the demon race, and it even dragged down all the profounders of the human race.

So, how could Yang Ye possibly help the Nie Clan against the demon race?

Yang Ye paid no attention to the others here, and he just glanced coldly at Nie Hun. Nie Hun was looking at Yang Ye as well, and killing intent flickered in his eyes. Yang Ye didn’t attack again. His figure shook and vanished on the spot.

It was impossible for him to kill Nie Hun in a head-on battle unless he raised his sword intent to the Quasi Returnal Rank again or used his sword intent to improve his cultivation again. However, Yang Ye wouldn’t dare do that again. He had good luck earlier, so his sword intent and cultivation hadn’t dropped. But if he did it again, he might not have such good luck again.

Nie Hun’s face grew even more unsightly when he saw Yang Ye conceal himself again. If Yang Ye didn’t have the Sword Domain, then it would really be quite easy for him to kill Yang Ye. It would be the same even if Yang Ye raised his sword intent or cultivation to a higher level. But Yang Ye possessed the Sword Domain, and it completely suppressed his Laws of Time. He was just slightly stronger than an ordinary Voider once he lost the advantage from the Laws of Time!

Simply speaking, he was helpless against Yang Ye!

Whenever he thought about how the Nie Clan had lost around a dozen Voiders and a few hundred Emperors, Nie Hun’s heart felt like it was bleeding. They were experts that the Nie Clan had used innumerable years to foster! Yet now, they were gone in just a short span of time. As for the reason why all this happened, it was because of a decision Nie Tian had made!

There hadn’t been any irreconcilable enmity between Yang Ye and the Nie Clan, but Nie Tian had foolishly chosen to try and bring balance to the strengths of both sides, and he’d decided to help the Yuan Clan’s forces annihilate the experts of Slayer Pavilion. In the end, they failed to kill their targets and caused the Nie Clan to lose so many experts instead. Even Nie Tian himself died because of it.

It wasn’t worth it!

It really wasn’t worth it!


Suddenly, Heaven Pillar Peak shook violently. Everyone here was shocked and hurriedly turned around. They saw a group of enormous mammoths charging in their direction. The mammoths were truly too huge. Just their heights were around 300m, so they simply seemed like mountains.

All of the mammoths were covered in thick black scale armor. Especially the mammoth that led the group, it even had a sharp spike that was around 30m long!

There were many mammoths in the group, and there were just around 200 of them. Even though they were quite small in number, the expressions of the experts on Heaven Pillar Peak had changed drastically. Because they could imagine that if those huge fellows were allowed to approach Heaven Pillar Peak, then it was obvious that Heaven Pillar Peak wouldn’t be able to endure their assault.

Behind the group of mammoths was another group of huge demon beasts. These demon beasts were like cows, but they only had 2 legs and were standing upright. Their figures were around 10m tall, and they held pitch black javelins in their hands and were covered in black armor. There were exactly 3,000 of them, and they were following closely behind the mammoth in an orderly manner while emanating an imposing aura.

On the left of these demon beasts was a group of demon beasts that looked like Swordtooth Tigers. They were in black armor as well, but there were only 1,000 of them. They were following closely behind the mammoths as well, and they marched forward in an orderly manner as well. On the right of the demon beasts that looked like cows was a group of flaming lions. Even though there were only 500 of them, they were huge and possessed powerful auras. They were the strongest group besides the mammoths!

Besides these groups of demon beasts, there was another group on the group that was especially striking, and it was the group of pythons at the leftmost of the group. The pythons were completely pitch black and simply comparable in size to the mammoths. They were in a neat row that crawled behind the mammoths.

Even though there were less than 100 of them, they emanated extreme pressure upon others. Especially their size, it was truly fearsome.

Besides the forces on the ground, there was a group of dark blue rocks in the sky. Every single roc was extraordinarily huge. Especially when their wings were spread out. The world instantly dimmed down below them, and it seemed like night had arrived. There were huge crimson wolves on the backs of those rocs. The crimson wolves were baring their fangs ferociously, and they seemed ready to pounce on and devour their prey.

There was only a single golden eagle in the distant sky. It was around 1km wide, and it was the largest amongst the demon beasts here.

It was at the Voider Realm!

There were 2 people on its back, the Demon Empress and Mo Xiaoleng.

The expressions of everyone on Heaven Pillar Peak became extremely unsightly when they saw the demon race’s army. They’d thought that the demon race’s strength was just slightly superior to them. But now it would seem like they weren’t just slightly strong, they were much stronger!

“Stay calm!” Meanwhile, Nie Hun glanced at them and said, “While the demon race’s forces are powerful, we have a natural barrier, Heaven Pillar Peak. They won’t be able to do anything to us. Tell everyone to prepare and await my command.”

The others exchanged glances, and then they nodded. They naturally couldn’t fall into chaos at a time like this.

Nie Hun raised his right hand, and then around 10,000 pitch black cannons appeared on the mountain walls of Heaven Pillar Peak.

“Attack!” Nie Hun swiftly dropped his right hand. In an instant, the cannons fired in unison, and then around 10,000 beams of light were blasted at the army of demon beasts.

The Demon Empress on the distant Cloud Eagle raised her right hand slightly, and then she dropped it gently, “Ward!”


As soon as she finished speaking, the others watched with astonishment as the ground before the mammoths suddenly cracked open, and then hundreds of ink black turtles shot up into the air. After that, the turtles quickly converged together with their backs facing Heaven Pillar Peak. They’d formed a super turtle shell shield that was around 30km wide!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The beams of light slammed against the turtle shells, and then rumbling explosions resounded incessantly like thunderclaps. The turtle shell shield started to tremble, but it didn’t take long for strands of flowing light to appear on the shells. Once the flowing light appeared, the shield instantly stabilized.

In next to no time, all the beams of light had vanished, but the turtle shell shield hadn’t suffered even a shred of damage!

The demon beast army hadn’t stopped, and they were continuing their march towards Heaven Pillar Peak. As for the turtle shell shield, it started to approach Heaven Pillar Peak slowly.

It was orderly, extremely orderly, and without any disorder!

The expressions of the experts on Heaven Pillar Peak instantly became unsightly at the sight of this. They’d thought that the demon beasts only knew how to use brute force. But now that they’d witnessed the scene before them, they knew that they were wrong. The demon beast army was much more disciplined than the human army!

The army of demon beasts didn’t charge all the way in one go, and they marched slowly in Heaven Pillar Peak’s direction. But it was exactly why every single expert on Heaven Pillar Peak felt heavy pressure weight down on them.

As the demon race’s army marched forward, the hearts of all the experts on Heaven Pillar Peak grew heavier and heavier. All of them were looking at Nie Hun and awaiting his orders.

Nie Hun stared fixedly at the Demon Empress, and a short while passed before he waved his right hand, “Activate the formations!”


As soon as he finished speaking, the entire mountain trembled violently, and then a ray of dazzling light erupted from the mountain. It didn’t take long for the light to disperse, and then a silver energy barrier appeared on the mountain wall of Heaven Pillar Peak. After that, the barrier of light shook intensely, and then numerous silver beams of light erupted from it and shot forward.

In just an instant, the entire sky was covered in silver beams of light, and it was an extremely shocking sight.

Suddenly, the huge turtle shell shield in midair started to spin. It spun faster and faster. In the end, it transformed into a vortex, and the beams of silver light were completely absorbed by the vortex. In next to no time, all the beams of silver light had vanished, and the huge turtle shell shield stopped spinning as well.

There was a layer of faint silver light on the shield, but the light was gradually dispersing.

The experts on Heaven Pillar Peak had even more unsightly expressions on their faces. The demon race had clearly come prepared. They have a counter for the formation, so does that mean we have to fight the demon race directly?

The strength of humans had always been inferior to demon beasts and coupled with the battle between Yang Ye and the Nie Clan, the human race’s overall strength was much more inferior now. So, heading down the mountain to fight the demon race directly would definitely be no different than courting death.

Everyone gazed at Nie Hun. Heaven Pillar Peak was the Nie Clan’s territory, and the Nie Clan had existed for so long, so it definitely had other trump cards.

Nie Hun gazed at the demon beasts below, but his face was exceptionally calm. No one knew what he was thinking.

Mo Xiaoleng spoke while standing on the Cloud Eagle’s back, “Why aren’t we attacking right away?”

The Demon Empress chuckled, “There’s no rush. Take it slow.”

Mo Xiaoleng didn’t speak further.

The Demon Empress gazed at Heaven Pillar Peak while a slight smile appeared on the corners of her mouth.

The demon race’s army was growing closer to Heaven Pillar Peak, and there was only a few hundred kilometers left between them and Heaven Pillar Peak. However, Nie Hun didn’t act at all. All the humans were prepared to fight, and they were just waiting for Nie Hun’s command.

It didn’t take long for the mammoths to arrive just around 20m away from the mountain walls of Heaven Pillar Peak.


Suddenly, 12 rays of light shot up into the air from within the Nie Clan, and then they shot through the sky in the direction of the demon race’s territory.

12 Voiders!

Everyone on Heaven Pillar Peak was stunned. The Nie Clan still has 12 Voiders?

The Demon Empress chuckled and said, “They’re finally unable to hold back anymore?”

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