Chapter 1316 – I’ll Kill You!

He hadn’t fully believed the demon empress before this, yet now, he had to.

The human race had taken the initiative to attack, and it was definitely the Nie Clan’s idea. Was the Nie Clan really unaware of the demon race’s strength? He naturally didn’t believe that. The Nie Clan definitely knew the demon race’s strength well. However, it had still chosen to start a war under such circumstances. So, what did that represent?

It represented that the Nie Clan wanted the entire human race to have no way out. Indeed, once war erupted between the races, would all the powers and experts of the Veiled Region have a way out?


At that time, everyone would follow closely behind the Nie Clan to fight against the demon race, and they would have no other choice but to do that!

The Nie Clan’s objective was to tie the entire human race to it!

Yang Ye remained silent on the spot for a short while, and then he vanished on the spot.

At the top of Heaven Pillar Peak.

The experts of the Nie Clan stood at the border of the peak. Besides them, the experts of the other powers were there as well. At this moment, all of them were looking towards the distance.

Around 10,000 rays of light had shot through the sky and descended into the mountainous region in the distance. In an instant, deafening rumbling resounded incessantly. At the same time, the mountains started collapsing while clouds of smoke shot up into the air and instantly blotted out the entire sky.

The profound energy within everyone surged while vigilance covered their faces. They seemed to be waiting for the demon race to attack. However, they were surprised that the demon race’s experts hadn’t attacked.

A short while later, Nie Tian raised his hand slightly. In an instant, those enormous cannons on Heaven Pillar Peak started trembling.

Nie Tian’s palm descended, “Attack!”

As soon as he gave the order, around 10,000 beams of light shot towards the demon race’s territory.

Lin Qian hesitated for a moment and said, “Patriarch Nie, will such actions infuriate the demon race?”

Nie Tian hadn’t even spoken when Senior Yuan spoke, “Patriarch Lin, your words are quite laughable. Our human race and the demon race are enemies. Since we’re enemies, then we have to fight until one side is annihilated. At such a point in time, it’s naturally best to strike first!”

Nie Tian smiled, “Brother Yuan is absolutely right. Since we’re going to war in the end, why shouldn’t we strike first and seize the initiation? We’ll be in a passive position if we wait for the demon race to attack.”

Lin Qian glanced at Nie Tian, pondered deeply for a moment, and then said, “Patriarch Nie, there’s something I’m wondering. Why is the demon race attacking our human race?”

Some of the others here immediately gazed at Nie Tian because it was exactly what they were curious about. Because Nie Tian had never given them a reason. The demon race had to have a reason to attack the human race, right?

Nie Tian’s eyes narrowed slightly while the smile on his face vanished. He didn’t speak but glanced at Senior Yuan instead. The latter immediately chuckled, “Brother Lin, that question of yours is laughable. Those not of the same race definitely carry ill intent. Would the demon race need a reason to attack our human race?”

“Why not?” Lin Qian spoke coldly, “A war between our races will definitely cause both sides to suffer heavy losses. If there isn’t a reason, then would the demon race go mad and try to attack our human race?”

Senior Yuan laughed coldly, “Why doesn’t it have a reason? Only our human race and the demon race exist on the continent. If they annihilate our human race, then only the demon race would remain on the continent. Is that reason enough?”

Lin Qian was about to speak when Nie Tian said, “Brother Yuan is actually not wrong. Everyone, a single mountain can’t house 2 tigers. Only our human race and the demon race reside on this continent. Once they annihilate our human race, the entire continent would belong to them. Once they gain control over the resources of the entire continent, it would only be a matter of time before they recover from the losses they suffer during the war. Moreover, I’m sure all of you are aware that our human race isn’t the only one that hates the demon race, the demon race feels the same.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced at them and said, “Everyone, we should work together and be united. Otherwise, if we fall into internal strife and doubt each other, then the human race is finished.”

“Brother Nie is right!” Senior Yuan said, “It’s a moment of life and death for our human race, so we absolutely can’t doubt each other. Otherwise, we’ll have no chance before the united forces of the demon race.”

Lin Qian frowned. Anyone could discern that Senior Yuan was colluding with the Nie Clan. But it made sense because the Yuan Clan had just a single Voider now, if it didn’t find someone to rely on, then the Yuan Clan would be wiped out from the continent if Yang Ye went mad one day.

“Attack!” Suddenly, Nie Tian’s voice resounded again.


As soon as he gave the order, another 10,000 beams of light shot towards the demon race’s territory.

Lin Qian shook his head slightly. Even though he felt something was off, it was pointless to say anything now.

A long time passed, yet there was still no movement from the demon race.

Lin Qian frowned, “What’s going on?”

The others had bewilderment in their eyes as well. Logically speaking, even if the demon race didn’t intend to attack, it would respond. However, it didn’t respond at all, and that was too unusual.

Nie Tian frowned and entered into deep thought. A short while passed before he said, “I’ll go have a look!” As soon as he finished speaking, he shot up into the sky. However, his figure had just shot out of Heaven Pillar Peak when a strand of golden flames suddenly flashed out from the distant sky. It was extremely swift and instantly arrived in front of Nie Tian.

Nie Tian’s expression changed slightly as he slapped his palm forward.


The golden flame exploded apart, and then the entire sky was instantly transformed into an ocean of flames. As for Nie Tian, he’d returned to Heaven Pillar Peak. The expressions of everyone here were filled with shock because Nie Tian’s right hand was actually still covered in flames. After a few breaths of time, Nie Tian was finally able to disperse the flames. At this moment, his hand was mangled.

“Trash!” A cold and proud voice resounded in the sky. It belonged to a woman, and it was quite young, yet it was filled with dense disdain and ridicule.

Nie Tian’s expression became unsightly, and he was about to attack again. Meanwhile, Senior Yuan suddenly obstructed Nie Tian and said, “Brother Nie, don’t act impulsively. The demon race’s reaction is quite unusual. We must figure out their strength first.”

Nie Tian fell silent for a short while before he said, “The experts of the demon race are paying attention to us. We aren’t able to leave Heaven Pillar Peak.”

“What about Yang Ye?” Senior Yuan suddenly gazed at Qian Lankong and spoke coldly, “He went out to investigate. Why hasn’t there been any information from him until now?”

Qian Lankong didn’t give Senior Yuan any face, “I don’t know!”

“You don’t know?” Senior Yuan laughed coldly, “Yang Ye wouldn’t have sided with the demon race, right?”

Qian Lankong said, “Patriarch Yuan, can you use your brain? Side with the demon race? What reason does he have to do that? Besides that, everyone here knows that you are enemies with us. So, if you want to act against us, then please do it openly. Stop playing such tricks or others will look down upon you!”

“I’m acting against you?” Senior Yuan spoke coldly, “I admit that there’s quite a bit of enmity between me and your Slayer Pavilion, but it’s a moment of life and death for the human race. I know my limits. Besides that, Yang Ye has been gone for a long time. Based on his speed, it would have been sufficient for him to go through the entire territory of the demon race. Yet now, there has been no news from him. Isn’t that strange?”

“Strange?” Qian Lankong laughed coldly, “All I know is that he dared to go while you hid here like a coward, and now you’re trying to play underhanded tricks on us.”

“How dare you!” Senior Yuan roared with fury, and then the others watched with astonishment as he shot towards Qian Lankong. At the same time, the Yun Clan’s patriarch, Yun Ling, and the 2 Voiders from the Qin Clan suddenly shot towards Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang.

4 Voiders had attacked in unison!

Everyone here was stunned because they hadn’t expected Senior Yuan’s group to attack all of a sudden.

Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang’s expressions changed drastically when they saw Senior Yuan’s group attack. Obviously, Senior Yuan’s objective had never been to blame Yang Ye, and it was to kill them. So long as he killed them, the Slayer Pavilion’s only remaining Voider would be Yang Ye. At that time, Yang Ye’s strength would be utterly insufficient to pose a threat to the Yuan Clan, Yun Clan, and Qin Clan!

In just an instant, both Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang had understood Senior Yuan’s intentions.

Meanwhile, Senior Yuan’s group had arrived in front of them. At the same time, the space around them froze. In other words, they couldn’t merge into space at all.

They had no choice but to go head on against their enemies!

They didn’t hesitate to attack decisively with their daggers.

However, how could they possibly be a match for 4 Voiders?


As soon as they collided, Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang were blasted away. Meanwhile, Yun Ling and a Voider of the Qin Clan had appeared behind Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang. Both of them had ferocious expressions on their faces as they slapped their palms at Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang.

Both of them were horrified and were about to turn around and defend themselves. Suddenly, 4 terrifying auras that belonged to Voiders pressed down upon them, causing their bodies to even bend before the pressure from those 4 auras. Meanwhile, Yun Ling and the Voider from the Qin Clan’s palms had arrived behind Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang’s heads.

A savage smile appeared on the corners of Senior Yuan’s mouth when he witnessed this scene. Yun Ling and that Voider of the Qin Clan had a similarly savage smile on their faces.

As for Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang, despair had appeared in their eyes. They were assassins, so their ability in direct combat was weak. Now, they were even being besieged by 4 Voiders while one of those Voiders was even a living fossil in the Veiled Region. So, how could they fight against such a force? They weren’t Yang Ye!

When she thought of Yang Ye, a smile instantly curled up on the corners of Qian Lankong’s mouth. Because she knew that Yang Ye would definitely avenge them.


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded.

Senior Yuan was shocked, “Watch out!”


Senior Yuan’s voice had just resounded when Yun Ling’s eyes instantly opened wide behind Qian Lankong, and then a hole that was fine as a needle appeared at the center of his forehead.

As for the Voider of the Qin Clan, he didn’t hesitate to immediately stop his attack and fly over to Senior Yuan’s side.

At this moment, everyone was looking at the person who’d appeared behind Qian Lankong.

It was Yang Ye.

An instant death!

He’d killed a Voider in an instant!

Tempestuous waves were surging through all their hearts.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the others, and he just gazed at Senior Yuan’s group of 3. Meanwhile, Nie Tian suddenly said, “Yang Ye, this is a misunderstanding. This….”

Yang Ye suddenly pointed a finger at Nie Tian and said, “Shut up! If your Nie Clan dares to stop me today, then I’ll kill all of you too!”

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