Chapter 1314 – Kill All Humans!

Standing before Yang Ye and Zi’er was a beautiful woman in a green dress. Based on her appearance she was around the age of 30. She had willow leaf shaped brows, almond shaped eyes, jade white skin, and an indifferent and elegant bearing. Her figure was rather curvaceous, and every single move she made carried an indescribably noble and dignified aura.

There were some plants in front of her. Her right hand was placed flat against a pure white flower in front of her, and threads of profound energy were ceaselessly raining down from her palm towards the flower.

Profound energy!

She possessed profound energy!

She was human!

Demon beasts naturally had no profound energy, but she actually did. In other words, she was no demon beast but a human. That was why Yang Ye felt shocked.

“I’ve heard about you!” The beautiful woman spoke abruptly, “No one knows about your origins, and they just know that you suddenly rose to prominence on Dark Hell Continent. Moreover, the speed at which you rose to prominence was even greater than Jian Wuji. As for your natural talent, it’s on par or even superior to Jian Wuji. Presently, it doesn’t matter if it’s the younger generation of the human race or demon race, none are a match for you. No, it isn’t just the younger generation, even the older generation has no more than 5 who can certainly defeat you!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “You’re a human!”

She glanced at him while a smile curled up on the corners of her mouth, “I am a human indeed. We’re the same!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why?”

She grinned, walked over to a dark blue flower, and then placed her palm on it. Profound energy seeped out from her palm and entered the flower.

A few moments later, she said, “It’s quite a long story. So, let me summarize it. I was young and ignorant, and I traveled to the central territory of the demon race and almost lost my life. Fortunately, my husband, the last king of the demon race, saved me. Just like that, I married into the demon race and became its empress. Right, it isn’t easy to become the empress of the demon race. But it isn’t necessary to explain all of that to you.”

“The last king?” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed, “Your husband isn’t the king anymore?”

Her hand stiffened for a moment, but it didn’t take long for her movements to return to normal, “He has passed.”

Yang Ye was speechless.

She said, “It’s very normal. Anyone unable to advance a step further will transform into dirt one day.”

Yang Ye asked, “You’re the new king?”

“They prefer to address me as empress!” She smiled, “You can do the same.”

Yang Ye fell silent for a short while before he said, “I’m confused about something. The Nie Clan on Heaven Pillar Peak said that it’s the demon race who wants to attack the human race. Is that true?”

She replied, “So what if it’s true? So what if it’s a lie?”

Yang Ye replied, “If it’s a lie, then I’ll take my people and leave. If it’s true….”

She smiled, “You can’t change anything even if it’s true, right? If you’re given 5 years, then perhaps you could. Yet now, if I’m to be honest, you’re no threat to both the Nie Clan or my demon race. At the very least, you aren’t one for now.”

Yang Ye fell silent because she wasn’t lying. If the demon race really wanted to attack the human race, then could he crush the demon race? Was it even possible? It was impossible even if he had the Sword Spirit and Qiong Qi’s help. He was a man, not a god.

Meanwhile, the beautiful woman added, “The Nie Clan said that my demon race intends to attack the human race. Did they not tell you why?”

Yang Ye shook his head.

She grinned, “Of course they wouldn’t. Because my demon race has never had the thought to attack the human race. No, we hadn’t had such thoughts in the past, but we aren’t thinking about it now, we’re prepared to do so.”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Empress, I’m a straightforward person, and I hate beating around the bush. Besides determining the strength of your demon race, I’m here for another reason, and it’s to find out if the demon race really intends to attack the human race or if the Nie Clan has other objectives. I don’t want my subordinates and I to be used and treated as cannon fodder. Please tell me the truth!”

She glanced at him, fell silent for a short while, and then said, “The demon race has a precious treasure. It was something Jian Wuji brought here from outside this world, and the demon race obtained it upon his death. However, it hadn’t grown fully at that time. So, it wasn’t really of any use. Yet now, it has grown and is on the verge of maturity. Oh, I forgot the most important point — it has a chance to help one break through the shackles of the Voider Realm and advance to a higher realm!”

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. A realm above the Voider Realm!

Attaining the realm above the Voider Realm wasn’t really tempting to Yang Ye. Because he was just a Quasi Emperor, so it was too far away from him. But it was definitely impossible to refuse for those old geezers at the Voider Realm throughout the continent. The Voider Realm was the limit of this world. In other words, no matter who it was, only death awaited upon attaining the Voider Realm.

After thousands of years of cultivation, one still had to return to dirt. Would anyone be willing to suffer such a fate? Would anyone? Yet now, there was a treasure that could help someone advance from the Voider Realm. So, how could they possibly stop themselves from trying to obtain it? No, it should be said that countless would stop at nothing to obtain it.

If the demon empress wasn’t lying, then the Nie Clan’s actions made sense. The Nie Clan wanted that treasure, but just the Nie Clan’s strength wasn’t sufficient to resist the demon race. So, they gathered the experts of the entire human race. In short, the Nie Clan wanted to use the entire human race to help them obtain that treasure which the demon race possessed.

For the sake of obtaining it, the Nie Clan hadn’t hesitated to push the entire human race into a corner!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “I have another question. Even though the Nie Clan’s strength is very formidable, it should be insufficient to fight the demon race. It isn’t just the Nie Clan, even the entire human race’s strength should be inferior to the demon race. However, they still made that decision. Are they taking a risk, or they have some sort of trump card?”

“Both!” She spoke indifferently, “Firstly, you’ve underestimated the Nie Clan’s strength. It’s an ancient clan, and its resources and reserves run very deep. Even though their overall strength is still inferior after the other experts of the human race joined their side, it isn’t much inferior to the demon race. Moreover, not to mention being slightly inferior, they would probably take the risk even if the gap between our strengths was huge. Fighting for it would mean they still had a chance, but if they didn’t fight for it, then they can only wait for death to arrive!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “The others don’t know about the Nie Clan’s objective!”

She chuckled, “That isn’t something I should be concerned about. All I know is that once they step foot into the territory of my demon race, it’s a declaration of war to my demon race. At that time, the demon race will stop at nothing to kill the invaders. Moreover, we’ll destroy Heaven Pillar Peak, march in, and kill all humans in the Veiled Region!”

Yang Ye’s expression changed. Because while she still had a smile on her face, his intuition told him that she wasn’t joking. If the human race dared to attack, then she would definitely do as she’d said!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short while before he said, “You’re a human as well!” He felt that he should speak on behalf of the human race.

“There’s a saying in the human race!” She smiled, “You are who you marry. I’ve married into the demon race, so I’m considered a member of the demon race. Besides that, the demon race are my husband’s people. Since they are my husband’s people, they are my people, and I’m responsible and am bound by duty to think for them. As I’ve said, if the human race dares to attack, then the demon race will definitely annihilate the human race. Weeds should always be pulled up by the roots, right?”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “The demon race will suffer heavy losses.”

“That’s unavoidable!” She continued, “Moreover, once the humans are annihilated, only the demon race would remain on the continent. So, it won’t take long for the demon race to recover.”

Yang Ye asked, “Are you that confident that it would be the demon race that crushes the human race, and not the human race that crushes the demon race?”

She chuckled, “If the human race is truly united, then we’ll each have a 50% chance at victory. But is the human race united? Take you and the Nie Clan as an example. If the Nie Clan and you can work together sincerely, and both of you have no selfish desires, then it would really be difficult for my demon race to crush the human race. But are all of you united? No! All of you have your own selfish desires. The strength of the human race can’t be truly converged. But my demon race can. A single order from me will make the entire demon race attack, and they won’t hesitate at all!

Yang Ye shook his head and remained silent. What was there to say? She’d made it very clear. The demon race wouldn’t attack unless the human race attacked. So, it wasn’t their problem!

Meanwhile, the empress spoke abruptly, “Do you know why I told you all of this?”

Yang Ye said, “Please do tell.”

The beautiful woman’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye, “Because you’re unlike many humans. I can feel that you have no ill intent towards demon beasts, and it’s obvious from that little girl by your side. If you had the thought that the demon race deserved death because you’re a human, then trust me, you wouldn’t have made it here.”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “I’ll return and lead my subordinates away from Heaven Pillar Peak. Besides that, I’ll reveal the truth to everyone….”

“I advise you not to do that!” She continued, “Firstly, they won’t believe you. Secondly, you’re the first that the Nie Clan will kill. Based on your strength, if you flee to somewhere like my demon race’s territory, the Nie Clan would definitely be helpless against you. But what about your subordinates? They’ll die! Don’t even think that you have the strength to fight the Nie Clan. It’s much stronger than you’ve imagined!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “You’re right. I almost did something stupid.”

If he went back and said that the Nie Clan was conspiring against them, then the other clans and sects would definitely not believe him. It was even to the extent that the Nie Clan would falsely accuse him of siding with the demon race. At that time, it was very likely that the Nie Clan would lead the forces of the entire human race to attack the Sword Alliance and the Slayer Pavilion.

If that really happened, the Sword Alliance and Slayer Pavilion would be truly finished.

Meanwhile, the empress spoke abruptly, “Go on. We should be enemies when we meet again.”

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while, and then he said, “I have one last question. Who’s that terrible young woman?”

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