Chapter 1306 – Do You Have The Balls?

“The Ye Clan’s patriarch, Ye Kong,” said Qian Lankong who stood by Yang Ye’s side.

The Ye Clan!

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the old man in luxurious robes that had spoken. There was another black robed old man by the old man’s side. Yang Ye recognized that old man because it was Ye Ming who’d pursued him on Dark Hell Continent.

The old man in luxurious robes, Ye Ming, everyone from the Ye Clan, and even the forces of the other cities and sects were looking at Yang Ye.

The Ye Clan wanted to be on friendly terms with Yang Ye. But would Yang Ye allow it?

If Yang Ye refused, then they would have just one path to take, and it was to look for an opportunity to kill Yang Ye no matter the cost. Because if Yang Ye was allowed to grow, the consequences weren’t something that they could bear. But if Yang Ye agreed, it represented that Yang Ye wasn’t determined to fight them to the death.

It would be equivalent to giving them another choice, a choice to become friends with Yang Ye. If they could become allies with Yang Ye, then Yang Ye’s potential and strength wouldn’t be a threat to them, it would be of help to them instead.

Actually, after they witnessed Yang Ye’s potential and natural talent, many of them had started to regret their decision. They regretted allowing their judgment to be clouded to the point of trying to kill Yang Ye. They could split the Sword Alliance between themselves once they killed Yang Ye, and they would gain some benefits while eliminating a potential threat. However, they’d severely underestimated Yang Ye’s strength and potential. So, not only had they failed to secure those benefits, they’d lost countless forces instead.

Continue trying to kill Yang Ye/

What was the price they would have to pay to succeed? Moreover, such a price was absolutely not something a little bit of benefits could cover. Even 10 million violet crystals couldn’t be compared to a single Voider. But could they even get 10 million violet crystals from splitting the Sword Alliance amongst themselves? Just look at the Yuan Clan. It was once the number one clan in the Veiled Region, yet now, it was practically the weakest.

In short, unless they had no other choice, they wouldn’t continue being enemies with Yang Ye. Because the price they would have to pay was extremely huge, and they may not even be able to kill him.

Now, the Ye Clan had expressed its desire to become friends, so they were waiting to see what Yang Ye’s choice would be.

What to choose? Did he even need to hesitate?

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate. He immediately cupped his fist in the direction of the Ye Clan’s patriarch and smiled, “Of course.”

Continue being enemies with them? He would be a fool to do that. After all, what could he gain even if he annihilated all of them? Violet crystals? Sword Servants? Territory? He didn’t really need all of that. Moreover, if he did that, he would have to pay quite a price. For example, many from the Sword Alliance and Slayer Pavilion would die, and he would waste a huge amount of time.

But he didn’t have much time to waste on Dark Hell Continent anymore.

The Ye Clan’s patriarch and the experts of the other powers instantly heaved sighs of relief when they heard Yang Ye. Actually, they really didn’t want to continue fighting Yang Ye to the death. Because it was really not worth it. Using the lives of countless in order to kill a single person, yet the reward which just a small bit of insignificant benefits. Wasn’t that absolutely foolish?

Actually, if they knew Yang Ye was so terrifying, they would absolutely not listen to the Yuan Clan and attack Yang Ye. The Yuan Clan had irreconcilable enmity with Yang Ye, but they didn’t!

The Ye Clan’s patriarch cupped his fist in Yang Ye’s direction, “I represent the Ye Clan in apologizing to you for the matters of the past. From today onward, my Ye Clan is willing to become allies with the Sword Alliance and cooperate with it.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Let’s forget the matters of the past.”

When they heard Yang Ye, another old man stepped forward, “My Li Clan is willing to become allies with the Sword Alliance and cooperate with it as well!”

As soon as the old man finished speaking, another old man stepped forward, “My Ning Clan is willing to become allies with the Sword Alliance and cooperate with it as well!”

It didn’t take long for all the other powers to declare their desire to become allies with the Sword Alliance, and only the Yuan Clan, Yun Clan, and Qin Clan hadn’t done so.

It made sense because one of them was the Yuan Clan which Yang Ye had almost annihilated, he’d killed the son of the Yun Clan’s patriarch, and he’d killed 2 Voiders of the Qin Clan. How could they just put aside such enmity? Especially the Yuan Clan, Yang Ye had almost annihilated it!

Form an alliance with Yang Ye? Even if they were willing to do so, Yang Ye would probably not be willing to accept them.

Yang Ye was naturally unwilling to become allies with them. Because he didn’t trust them. Moreover, their actions had gone over the line. Especially the Yuan Clan and Qin Clan. It was all thanks to the Yuan Clan that he was enemies with most of the powers of the Veiled Region. As for the Qin Clan, it had dispatched its forces to Dark Hell Continent to attack the Sword Alliance. That was absolutely unforgivable to Yang Ye.

Actually, even he knew that based on the enmity between them, it was impossible for them to make peace with him. Even if he spoke about making peace with him, it would definitely be for the sake of scheming against him.

Nie Qing heaved a sigh of relief when she witnessed this scene. She was absolutely worried that Yang Ye and the experts of those powers would suddenly enter into battle. Fortunately, it seemed like such a situation probably wouldn’t occur. Even though there were still 3 clans that didn’t express any intention to make peace with Yang Ye, those 3 clans were comparatively weaker. So, the Nie Clan just had to step forward and deter them, and they would definitely not dare to act rashly.

Meanwhile, a voice resounded abruptly, “We’ve arrived at Heaven Pillar Peak!”

They stopped and looked towards the distance. They saw a huge mountain that towered into the distant sky. The mountain didn’t just tower into the clouds, it was extremely wide. Even with their fields of vision, they couldn’t determine how wide the mountain was. It simply seemed boundless!


For the very first time, they felt quite tiny before Heaven Pillar Peak.

Profounders and especially profounders that were at the level of the experts here were capable of collapsing mountains with a wave of their palm, and they could even destroy the heavens and the earth. However, they still felt reverence towards the extraordinary ‘craftmanship’ of nature. Because they could obliterate it, but they couldn’t create something like it.

“Let’s go!” Nie Qing shot forward and led them towards Heaven Pillar Peak.

In next to no time, their group arrive at the peak of Heaven Pillar Peak. When they arrived at the peak of the mountain, they felt like they’d arrived amidst the clouds. Actually, it wasn’t just a feeling, they really were amidst the clouds. Because the peak of Heaven Pillar Peak towered into the clouds. So, all they saw when they looked around them was floating clouds, and if they looked up, it gave them the misconception that they could just stretch out their hands to touch the sky!

Nie Qing led them to the edge of the mountain. When they looked down from there, a wasteland entered their eyes. Behind the wasteland was a desolate desert, and they could faintly notice mountain ranges far off at the end of the desert.

Nie Qing pointed at the end of the desert and said, ‘That’s where the demon race is.” As she spoke, she pointed at the desert and wasteland, “That’s the buffer zone between us and the demon race. We can’t allow them to destroy Heaven Pillar Mountain. Otherwise, the demon race’s army will be completely unobstructed, and they’ll charge into the core of our human race’s territory. At that time, the human race would be finished!”

Meanwhile, the Lin Clan’s patriarch, Lin Qian, asked, “How strong is the demon race?”

Nie Qing shook her head, “I don’t know. Because since the demon race was united, the forces we’ve sent there have never returned. We even sent Voiders to investigate, but our Voiders were immediately discovered upon entering the desert. If they hadn’t retreated in time, they would have perished.”

“I think that someone should be sent there!” Suddenly, Senior Yuan spoke, “We know nothing about the demon race’s strength. Under such circumstances, we’ll definitely be caught off guard if they launch a sudden attack. So, I suggest we send someone to investigate. At the very least, we have to find out about their forces.”

Nie Qing shook her head slightly, “My Nie Clan is naturally aware of that. However, even the Voider with the best skill in concealment throughout my Nie Clan wasn’t able to enter the demon race’s territory before being discovered….”

Senior Yuan glanced at Yang Ye and said, “If it’s in terms of concealment, can anyone compete with the Sword Alliance’s master, Yang Ye? After all, so many Voiders were pursuing him that day, yet we weren’t even able to catch sight of his shadow.”

Everyone looked at Yang Ye when they heard Senior Yuan. Even though they knew he was acting against Yang Ye on purpose and wanted to use the opportunity to kill Yang Ye, they had to admit that Senior Yuan made sense. Because if it was in terms of concealment, then there really wasn’t anyone who could compete with Yang Ye.

But would Yang Ye be willing to go? If he were to be discovered there, then he would definitely be killed.

Meanwhile, Senior Yuan continued, “Of course, it’s dangerous to head there, but facing a little danger for the sake of the entire human race is nothing, right? Don’t you think so too? Alliance Master Yang.” As he spoke, he gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Of course! How about we do this? Senior Yuan, please do go there with me, and we’ll do our part for the human race together. Alright?

Senior Yuan spoke flatly, “My ability in concealment isn’t as good as yours!”

Yang Ye grinned, “That’s not a problem. I can help conceal you as well! Once we’re both concealed, wouldn’t it be absolutely easy for us to enter the demon race’s territory?!”

Senior Yuan’s eyelids twitched. He’ll help conceal me? Perhaps he can accomplish that. But if he flees once we enter the demon race’s territory, then wouldn’t I be besieged by the entire demon race?

Yang Ye’s face gradually turned cold when he saw Senior Yuan remain silent, “What? You become mute when it’s time for you to contribute to the human race as well?”

Senior Yuan spoke coldly, “If you don’t want to do it, then just be frank. Why make up such excuses to avoid it?”

Yang Ye laughed coldly, “No, I’ll go if you do. Alright?”

Senior Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly while a cold glow flickered within them, but he remained silent.

A wisp of ridicule curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “I would think highly of you if you attacked me out in the open. Even I feel embarrassed on your behalf when you play such despicable tricks!”

Senior Yuan was livid from being treated like this in public, and he even clenched his fists while strands of violent aura surged out incessantly from him.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye ridiculed, “Want to attack? Do you even have the balls?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the profound energy within Yang Ye started to surge.

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