Chapter 1304 – Fighting For Sword Cultivators!

Who was the number one sword cultivator in the world right now?

Yang Ye of course!

Yang Ye was the number one genius on Dark Hell Continent, and he was the number one sword cultivator on the continent. This title of number one didn’t just extend to the younger generation, it extended to all sword cultivators and even those of the old generation. It could be said that he was the current representative of sword cultivators.

Yet now, someone had expressed disdain towards sword cultivators right in front of Yang Ye.

Would Yang Ye stand by idly?

Of course not!

At the moment the white robed man finished speaking, Yang Ye had opened his eyes, and then he stood up and walked towards the white robed man. Actually, he wasn’t interested in the competition between the Nie Clan and those powers of the Veiled Region. Because it was all child’s play to him.

Yet now, the white robed man had openly expressed contempt towards sword cultivators. So, how could he possibly sit there and do nothing? He was the representative of sword cultivators now, and he was the leader of the Sword Alliance. All the sword cultivators on Dark Hell Continent were in the Sword Alliance. Now that someone had expressed disdain towards sword cultivators, it was like expressing disdain towards the Sword Alliance and him, Yang Ye!

If he could still sit there and do nothing, then what would the sword cultivators of the world think? What would the sword cultivators of the Sword Alliance think?

He was fighting for sword cultivators!

As they watched Yang Ye walk towards the white robed man, the experts of the 3 sects and 6 cities gazed at the white robed man, and they took a little pleasure in the white robed man’s misfortune. After all, he just had to offend that madman.

The white robed man’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye and asked, “You’re a sword cultivator as well?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Yes!”

The white robed man pointed at Lin Dalang and said, “Are you stronger than him? If you aren’t or are just a little stronger, then don’t waste my time.”

Yang Ye replied, “Don’t worry, I won’t waste your time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a sword appeared in Yang Ye’s grasp. He was about to attack when Lin Youxuan suddenly ran over to Yang Ye. Her face was slightly red, and she hesitated for a long time before speaking softly, “If… if you defeat him, then I… I’ll kiss you.” She blushed even more once she finished speaking.

“NO!” Meanwhile, Zi’er suddenly appeared by Yang Ye’s side. She gazed at Lin Youxuan while a trace of hostility could be seen in her eyes.

Lin Youxuan puckered her lips and said, “I’m not kissing you, and I’m only doing it if he wins!”

Zi’er grunted coldly, “Actually, you just want to take advantage of him.”

Lin Youxuan’s face grew even redder. She clenched her fists and seemed to be slightly angry from embarrassment, “I’m not!”

Zi’er was about to say something, but Yang Ye suddenly said, “Stop it. Stop for a while. I’m dealing with something here.”

Lin Youxuan grunted, and then she went back to Lin Qian. Zi’er glanced at Yang Ye, and then she blushed slightly and spoke softly, “Big Sister Qingshi told me to look after you and stop you from chasing after more women. Be… be careful.” As soon as she finished speaking, she vanished on the spot with Snowy in her arms.

As he gazed at the blush on her face, Yang Ye shook his head and smiled, and then he turned around to look at the white robed man, “You should watch your words. Understand?”

A smile arose on the corners of the white robed man’s mouth. He was about to speak when the woman who stood not too far behind him suddenly spoke, “Nie Feng, don’t underestimate your opponent.”

The white robed man, Nie Feng’s, eyes instantly narrowed when he heard her, and the smile on his face vanished before being replaced by a trace of seriousness and bewilderment.

Yang Ye glanced at the woman. She wore a green dress, had exquisite features, and a fine body. However, her face was quite stern, or it should be called a little cold. Especially her gaze, while it seemed calm, Yang Ye saw indifference in her eyes. It was indifference towards others, and it usually only appeared in one type of person, a person who was very confident in his or her own strength.

For example, he’d seen Lady’s gaze in the past. Of course, this woman before him couldn’t compare to Lady at all. Lady’s gaze didn’t carry ordinary indifference because even the heavens were nothing to her.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and looked at Nie Feng. He didn’t waste his breath. His figure flashed and immediately appeared before the white robed man, and he was so swift that Nie Feng’s expression changed. It wasn’t just Nie Feng, even the expressions of the woman in a green dress and the others had changed.

A solemn expression appeared in Nie Feng’s eyes. He knew that he’d encountered a formidable opponent. He didn’t dare act carelessly. The profound energy within him surged as his left leg curved slightly, and then a rotating gust of wind started to circle around his left leg. After that, he stomped his right foot down, shot forward, and stomped his left foot down at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression was calm. His wrist moved slightly, and his sword stabbed forward.


Just such a light stab had instantly dispersed the rotating gale around Nie Feng’s left leg, and it shocked Nie Feng. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s sword tapped lightly against Nie Feng’s leg, causing Nie Feng’s leg to instantly shrink back. However, as soon as his leg moved backwards, Yang Ye’s sword was pressed against Nie Feng’s forehead.

Nie Feng’s figure stiffened on the spot.

The sword had merely pierced his skin, and a drop of blood seeped out onto the tip of Yang Ye’s sword.


The surroundings were deathly silent.

The experts of the 3 sects and 6 cities gazed at Yang Ye with extremely solemn expressions on their faces. They knew Yang Ye would definitely win, but they hadn’t expected him to win with such ease and accomplish such a crushing victory. Nie Feng was an Emperor, and he was no ordinary Emperor. Especially the rotating gale that Nie Feng created earlier, it was no ordinary technique as well, it was a Void Rank technique. However, Yang Ye had destroyed it with a light stab of his sword, and even Nie Feng had been defeated with just a few light stabs of the sword.

A monstrous genius!

That was what all of them thought right now.

As for Senior Yuan’s group, they had extremely gloomy expressions on their faces. The more monstrous Yang Ye was, the more disadvantageous it would be for them. They’d formed enmity with Yang Ye, so it was very difficult to be reconciled with Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was only a Quasi Emperor now, but his strength was already so terrifying. So once he attained the Emperor Realm, could they even kill him?!

Not to mention then, it was difficult for them to kill him even now!

Besides the Yuan Clan’s Senior Yuan, the experts of the other powers started to have other thoughts.

The Lin Clan and Sky Wave Sect felt fortunate. They felt fortunate that they hadn’t obeyed the Yuan Clan’s summons and gone against Yang Ye. If they’d gone against Yang Ye, then based on Yang Ye’s potential and strength, once Yang Ye grew….

Yet now, they didn’t have to worry about that. Moreover, they could even get on friendly terms with Yang Ye. After all, getting on friendly terms with Yang Ye was equivalent to getting on friendly terms with a peerless expert in the future!

The woman in a green dress couldn’t maintain the calmness in her eyes as she gazed at Yang Ye, and it was replaced by a trace of shock and disbelief.

Yang Ye gazed at Nie Feng and said, “Sword cultivation did fall into a decline in the past, but sword cultivation will rise to prominence now. Understand?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye put his sword away, turned around, and walked away.

Nie Feng was stunned for a long time. Suddenly, a ferocious expression arose on his face as he roared with fury, “No! I refuse to believe it! I don’t believe it!”

As he spoke, a terrifying aura surged out from within him, and then he transformed into a spinning gale that shot towards Yang Ye.

Qian Lankong and the others’ expressions changed at the sight of this, and then they were furious. He can’t accept death?!

Yang Ye stopped moving while a wisp of killing intent flashed through his eyes. He was about to act when the woman in a green dress suddenly appeared in front of Nie Feng. He stretched her right hand forward, and then an arc of lightning shot out from the center of her palm. It instantly slammed against the rotating gale.


An explosion resounded before the gale was instantly obliterated, and Nie Feng’s figure was blasted over 1km away.

Everyone here was stunned. Why would that woman from the Nie Clan attack Nie Feng?

Meanwhile, Nie Feng crawled up from the ground. At this moment, he was completely scorched black, and his hair was even standing on end from the electricity. Besides that, electricity frequently flowed through his body, causing his body to shudder from time to time.

Nie Feng looked up at the woman and spoke in a slightly angry tone, “Nie Yun, what….”

Suddenly, the woman in a green dress, Nie Yun, appeared in front of Nie Feng, and then she slapped him on the cheek.


Nie Feng was slapped flying.

All the spectators were flabbergasted, and even Yang Ye was quite stunned. Even if she wants to help me, she doesn’t have to be that ruthless!

However, that wasn’t the end. She suddenly appeared in front of Nie Feng, and then grabbed him by the throat and raised him up, “My Nie Clan can’t accept defeat?”

Nie Feng glared angrily at her, “I didn’t lose!”


She slapped him again, causing the latter’s face to swell up, but his figure wasn’t slapped flying because Nie Yun was still holding tightly onto his throat.

Nie Yun looked Nie Feng in the eyes and said, “You didn’t lose? If he hadn’t held back, that attack would have taken your life. But after he held back and spared you, you launched a sneak attack from behind him. That’s a response of someone who’s unable to accept defeat! You can’t accept defeat! You didn’t just bring shame to yourself; you’re bringing shame to our entire Nie Clan!”

As she spoke, she suddenly swung her palm at Nie Feng’s face again.


Along with a clear and resounding slap, Nie Feng was slapped flying. Obviously, Nie Yun hadn’t held back this time, so Nie Feng spat out multiple mouthfuls of blood while his figure flew.

The spectators were stunned by the sight of this.

Nie Feng crawled up from the ground. He looked at Nie Yun and wanted to say something, but when he met her icy cold gaze, Nie Feng immediately swallowed everything he’d been about to say. Besides anger, there was even more fear and a trace of terror in his eyes as he gazed at Nie Yun.

Nie Yun glanced coldly at Nie Feng before she said, “If it wasn’t out of consideration for the fact that you’re Fourth Uncle’s only grandson, I would have crippled you to prevent the Nie Clan from losing face.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Nie Yun turned around to look at Yang Ye, and then she started walking in his direction, “Come, it’s your turn now.”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

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