Chapter 1302 – There’s No Time To Lose!

The expressions of the Voiders here instantly became unsightly from being provoked like that, and some even released their killing intent while the profound energy within others started to surge. Moreover, some even drew their weapons. If someone launched the first attack right now, then everyone else would definitely swarm Yang Ye.

However, Yang Ye remained completely unafraid and looked them in the eyes.

Since he was a Labor Disciple all those years ago, he’d understood a principle. One couldn’t show weakness because many in this world were fond of bullying the weak and easily bullied. If a person was weak or showed weakness, others would bully that person without any restraint. The reason he’d provoked them was naturally not because of rashness, and it was because he wanted to tell them that he wasn’t afraid even if they had overwhelming numbers!

In any case, that woman from the Nie Clan was here, so it was absolutely impossible for them to fight.

Sure enough, that woman from the Nie Clan suddenly appeared between Yang Ye and those Voiders. Her gaze descended upon Yang Ye as she said, “Do you wish to cause trouble that badly?”

Yang Ye shrugged, “I was just joking. There’s no need to be so serious, right?”

She gazed at him. At this moment, she felt that making Yang Ye head to Heaven Pillar Mountain Range might be a bad decision.

He isn’t normal at all! That was her evaluation of Yang Ye.

She took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye before she turned around to look at the Voiders here, “Everyone, the demon race has attacked, and it’s related to the survival of our human race. So, please put your personal enmities aside and consider the overall situation.”

Senior Yuan spoke coldly, “We will do that, of course. I’m just afraid that some madmen might act rashly from behind us.”

One of the old men by Senior Yuan’s side spoke up as well, “Miss Yuan, I’m sure you’ve realized that he can’t be restrained, and he acts according to his will. If you make him come to Heaven Pillar Mountain Range and become a part of our group…. If I’m to be honest, we will be unable to rest at ease. Because if he goes mad and orders the Slayer Pavilion’s assassins to stab us in the back…. Actually, it isn’t just an assumption. Based on his character, it’s entirely possible!”

The other Voiders hurriedly nodded to display their agreement.

They couldn’t rest at ease while having a madman like Yang Ye on their team.

The woman fell silent for a short while before she looked at Yang Ye, “What do you think?”

Yang Ye grinned, “Miss Nie, you should ask them that question. Ask them if they were the first to attack or I was.”

The smile on Yang Ye’s face vanished when he spoke up to this point, and it was replaced by an icy cold expression. His gaze swept the Voiders before he said, “My Sword Alliance rose to prominence on Dark Hell Continent, and they were afraid that it would be a threat to them, so they sent 3 Voiders to ambush me on Dark Hell Continent. Unfortunately, they failed, so they sent 7 more. Unfortunately, they still failed. In the end, they swarmed me. Yet now, all of you are saying that my presence prevents all of you from resting at ease? Don’t you think it’s laughable?”

Senior Yuan and the others had gloomy expressions on their faces. Just as Yang Ye said, they had indeed been the first to attack. If Yang Ye died, then they wouldn’t care about that, and no one would dare to care about that. After all, history had always been written by the victory .Justice always stood behind the victory. But the problem was Yang Ye hadn’t died!

He was alive!

“Yang Ye, if you hadn’t annihilated our Veiled Region’s World Devastator Cult, how could we have possibly acted against you?” Meanwhile, Senior Yuan spoke coldly, “You’re cruel and ruthless. Countless Emperors of the World Devastator Cult died at your hands. Such….”

“Cut the crap!” Yang Ye interrupted Senior Yuan, “I can’t be bothered to waste my breath on you. Miss Nie, all I want to say is that it wasn’t my intention to become enemies with these fellows. Just think about it, their combined strength is countless times greater than my Sword Domain. If they hadn’t gone too far and tried to kill me on numerous occasions, how could I have possibly become enemies with them?”

She glanced at Yang Ye, glanced at Senior Yuan’s group, and then said, “My Nie Clan has no intention to interfere in the enmity between all of you. But all of you must put your enmity aside for now. Allow me to remind all of you that I don’t want to see anyone causing trouble behind my back. If I discover anyone doing that, don’t blame my Nie Clan for showing no mercy.”

Yang Ye shrugged and didn’t waste his breath.

Senior Yuan’s group didn’t speak as well. It was quite pointless to speak about that right now.

Around 2 hours later, the experts of the 3 sects and 6 cities had converged here. There were 27 Voiders amongst them and almost 5,000 Emperors. Of course, there could have been more, but the Slayer Pavilion had slaughtered many of their Emperors while Yang Ye had killed a few of their Voiders. If Yang Ye had been allowed to continue, then one could only imagine how much the overall strength of the Veiled Region would decline.

Even then, Yang Ye was still visibly moved at the sight of so many experts. After all, such a force was sufficient to go against the Alliance of Guardians in the Radiant Dimension.

However, just a few words were utterly incapable of convincing them to follow him.

“Let’s go!” The woman from the Nie Clan glanced at the experts here before flashing towards the sky.

Countless experts followed behind her.

“Let’s go!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, he held Zi’er’s hand and followed behind the woman from the Nie Clan.

Qian Lankong said, “We have to be vigilant against them!”

Yang Ye glanced at Senior Yuan’s group while a cold smile curled up on the corners of his mouth. He would naturally be vigilant against them. Would they let him go? Of course not. Once they had the chance, they would definitely kill him. As for the Nie Clan, so long as Yang Ye died, would the Nie Clan become enemies with them for his sake?

The answer was a definite no!

Similarly, if he could annihilate all of them at once, then the Nie Clan wouldn’t go against him as well. Because dead people were worthless, and no one would go against the living for the sake of the dead.

Yang Ye understood that principle, and Senior Yuan’s group understood it as well!

So, once they had a chance, they would definitely strike a lethal blow against him!

Thus, Yang Ye had to avoid giving them such an opportunity. Of course, Yang Ye wasn’t someone who would remain in a passive position and wait for his enemies to attack. If he had the chance, he would strike a lethal blow against them as well.

The woman from the Nie Clan understood that principle as well, so her beautiful brows were pressed together all the way. Because she was very well aware that the slightest mistake might cause these groups to fight each other. It wouldn’t be a problem if one side could instantly annihilate the other side. Or to put it in a more straightforward way, if the members of the 2 sects and 5 cities could kill Yang Ye in an instant, then the human race would lose much lesser experts. But if they couldn’t, then both sides would definitely enter into battle.

Even though Yang Ye’s side was much weaker, they were all assassins!

Of course, it didn’t mean that she hoped that Senior Yuan’s group would crush Yang Ye. She just didn’t want to see both sides fighting.

But it was very likely for that to occur!

She turned around, glanced at Yang Ye, and then shook her head slightly. Needless to say, Yang Ye’s natural talent was the best she’d ever seen, and his strength was heaven defying to the extreme. If Yang Ye could fight the demon race wholeheartedly, the demon race would definitely fear his name soon. But the problem was, would he?

She didn’t know because she couldn’t see through him. Yang Ye sometimes seemed like a madman yet sometimes seemed very calm. In other words, he was a madman with a mind. A sensible madman wasn’t that bad, she was afraid that Yang Ye was a madman that wasn’t sensible at all.

Regardless of which one Yang Ye was, she felt that bringing Yang Ye to Heaven Pillar Mountain Range might really be a mistake.

However, she couldn’t do anything about it now. After all, she couldn’t let Yang Ye return now! Yang Ye would definitely agree, but some others here wouldn’t agree. Because all their forces were going to battle yet Yang Ye got to return. So, wouldn’t Yang Ye take over the entire Veiled Region while they were away.

Yang Ye naturally didn’t know what she was thinking. His feet were on his sword, and the violet mink was standing behind him. She had her arms around his waist while she rested her head against his back.

3 years! Yang Ye closed his eyes slightly while those words appeared in his mind. He’d promised to go to Lady in 3 years, and he’d naturally not forgotten it. Now, over a year had passed. In other words, he had around a year and a half left. Moreover, he had to make a trip back to the Radiant Dimension during that time.

He felt a sense of urgency!

An extreme sense of urgency!

Yang Ye opened his eyes and looked up at the sky. The sky was still covered in a thin layer of black mist, but it was much fainter than Dark Hell Continent.

The only way to leave Dark Hell Continent was to break open the mysterious restriction that the old man in Daoist robes had left behind.

Can I break through it with my current strength? Yang Ye looked down at the ancient sheath in his grasp, and then he looked up at the sky. If the Sword Spirit woke up, then he could give it a try with his current strength, and he would be even more confident if Qiong Qi woke up as well.

However, both Qiong Qi and the Sword Spirit showed no signs of waking up.

Yang Ye shook his head and sighed softly before putting the ancient sheath away. Yang Ye hadn’t noticed that at the moment he placed the ancient sheath in his spatial ring, the ancient sheath had emanated a faint glow. However, it only flashed for an instant. So, Yang Ye hadn’t noticed it.

One day later, a mountain range appeared within their fields of vision.

The woman from the Nie Clan explained, “Heaven Pillar Mountain Range has 3 main peaks, they are Heaven Pillar Peak, Heavenshaker Peak, and Heaven Tremor Peak. Besides the main peak, there are 72 smaller peaks. What we’re seeing now is Heaven Tremor Peak, and we’re heading to Heaven Pillar Peak. Because that’s the 1st line of defense against the demon race. Right, I’m Nie Qing.”

The others nodded. Meanwhile, a few rays of light flashed out of Heaven Tremor Peak. They were extremely swift and instantly appeared before the group. The light dispersed to reveal a woman and 3 men. All of them were Emperors, and they seemed rather young.

A white robed man spoke respectfully, “Aunt Qing, the patriarch wants to see you. He asked us to lead them instead.”

“Me?” Nie Qing frowned, and then she said, “Take them to Heaven Pillar Peak. Be courteous and respectful.”

The white robed man hurriedly replied, “Of course!”

Nie Qing nodded, and then she turned around and cupped her fists to the experts of the Veiled Region, “I’ll be leaving in advance.” As soon as she finished speaking, her figure vanished on the spot.

Once Nie Qing left, a slight smile immediately curled up onto the corners of the white robed man’s mouth. He glanced at Yang Ye and the others here and said, “There’s no time to lose. The entire younger generation from all 3 sects and 6 cities can attack together.”

Everyone here was at a loss for words.

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