Chapter 1298 – Slaughter!

Qian Lankong asked, “What do you mean?”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “Just do as I say if you’re going to follow me.”

Qian Lankong looked him in the eyes and said, “I’ve already apologized for misunderstanding you and mocking you. Do you have to hold a grudge?” Yang Ye’s present attitude towards her was simply worse than how he treated an outsider.

“A grudge?” Yang Ye shook his head, “If I really did hold a grudge, then I wouldn’t have come to the Veiled Region with you. However, it’s true that I don’t have a good impression of you.”

Qian Lankong spoke coldly, “You think I have a good impression of you?”

Yang Ye chuckled, “That’s completely meaningless to me.”

Qian Lankong was about to speak when Zi’er’s voice suddenly resounded in her mind, “If he acknowledged you, then not to mention scolding him, he wouldn’t be angry even if you hit him. But if he doesn’t acknowledge you, then I advise you to shut your mouth. I’m serious. He has really improved his temper. If it was in the past, he would have definitely attacked by now!”

Qian Lankong gazed at Zi’er, and Zi’er was looking at her as well.

No one knew Yang Ye’s temper better than Zi’er. In the past, besides a very small group of people, Yang Ye didn’t trust anyone and would kill because of the slightest disagreement. At that time, Yang Ye didn’t just go to extremes, he was quite insane. After so many years, while Yang Ye still had a similar character, his temper and the way he dealt with things had improved quite a bit. At the very least, he would reason with people sometimes. Moreover, he would frequently try to use other methods besides killing to resolve problems.

However, he was a madman in his bones. Once someone hit the limits of his restraint, then he would completely disregard the consequences.

If someone with sufficient strength acted willfully, that was considered to be character; but if someone without sufficient strength acted willfully, that was considered as courting death.

Yang Ye understood that, so he was ceaselessly working hard on growing stronger. Because only by possessing powerful strength could he act according to his will.

Otherwise, one could only constantly exercise forbearance when being bullied, and one would have to do that until the other person was done with bullying you!

Perhaps short term forbearance would lead to peace; but it wasn’t always the case. Most times, making a compromise would only make the other party press for more. That was human nature. If you were easy to bully, others would bully you with all their might. As for considering the overall situation and thinking about the future, it was mostly just an excuse for one’s weakness.

Qian Lankong fell silent. In the beginning, Yang Ye had really been amiable. At that time, Yang Ye seemed to have no temper at all, and he was quite shameless as well. But after getting to know him better, she noticed that it wasn’t that Yang Ye had no temper, his temper was terrible. As for his shamelessness…. It was those moments he wasn’t shameless that he became extremely terrifying.

Qian Lankong glanced at Yang Ye and sighed. She really did regret her actions. She regretted reaching for a yard when given an inch. At that time, Yang Ye had treated her as someone he was working together with, and he really respected her opinion and thoughts. However, she’d gone too far repeatedly. Now, Yang Ye just treated her as a subordinate and didn’t treat her well at all, but she had no choice but to accept it.

Because only Yang Ye could save the Slayer Pavilion now!

Reap the fruits you sow!

Such a term appeared in Qian Lankong’s mind.

“Someone’s coming!” Meanwhile, Zi’er suddenly frowned. She was about to attack when Yang Ye stopped her.

It didn’t take long for a black robed figure to appear not too far away from Yang Ye. After the black robed man appeared, numerous other black robed figures appeared in succession. It didn’t take long for around 300 black robed figures to appear here.

All of them bowed slightly to Yang Ye and spoke respectfully, “Pavilion Master!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then his gaze descended onto Shui Linlang who led the group, “That’s all?”

She shook her head in response, “Many are still on the way.”

Yang Ye asked, “How many are trapped in Darkness City?”

Shui Linlang spoke in a low voice, “Around four or five hundred. Hall Master Zhao and 4 other hall masters are there as well. We must rescue them immediately. If the enemy finds them….”

Yang Ye said, “How did they find Darkness City?”

“Hall Master Li was caught.” Shui Linlang spoke in a low voice, “As soon as he was captured, we started making arrangements for our forces to leave Darkness City, but it was still too late.”

Yang Ye nodded, “There are almost 300 here. Now, split into groups of 70, and then head to the other 4 clans besides the Yuan Clan. Don’t attack once you get there. Hide yourselves well and await my command. Once you receive my command, attack immediately. But you’ll only have 3 breaths of time. After that, everyone must retreat immediately and go into hiding!”

Qian Lankong spoke in a low voice, “They definitely have Voiders in their clans!”

Yang Ye nodded, “One more thing, you’re not allowed to attack until you’ve seen their Voiders leave.”

Qian Lankong frowned, “They’ll leave?”

Yang Ye replied, “That depends on us!”

Qian Lankong glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I understand now.”

Yang Ye glanced at the black robed figures behind Shui Linlang and said, “Now, it’s time for our Slayer Pavilion to counterattack.”

They bowed slightly to Yang Ye, and then they vanished on the spot.

“Let’s go!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, his figure vanished on the spot as well.

Yuan Heaven City.

Yuan Heaven City was the largest city amongst the 6 cities of the Veiled Region, and it was the strongest. Because the Yuan Clan resided in Yuan Heaven City.

As the number one city of the Veiled Region, it was naturally heavily guarded, but those guards were nothing more than ‘decorations’ to Yang Ye’s group.

The Yuan Estate.

A shadow entered it without making a sound.

“AH!” A shrill cry suddenly resounded, and then numerous shrill cries resounded incessantly.

“How dare you!” A furious howl suddenly resounded through the entire city before a terrifying aura appeared in the sky above the Yuan Estate. At the same time, countless experts throughout the city rushed towards Yuan Estate.


A sword howl suddenly resounded, and then a beam of sword energy shot through the sky like a shooting star.

“AH!!” Countless shrill cries resounded through the sky.

Yang Ye had his sword in his grasp as he stood proudly in the sky above the Yuan Estate. He didn’t utilize the identity of the Slayer Pavilion’s master. Utilizing that identity represented that he couldn’t utilize his sword, and if he didn’t use the sword, his strength would be reduced drastically.

“Yang Ye! It’s you!” Meanwhile, a voice suddenly resounded from within the Yuan Estate, and then an old man appeared before Yang Ye. The old man’s face was quite ferocious as he gazed at Yang Ye. Yang Ye had killed the young master of the Yuan Clan. Even though it wasn’t his grandson by blood, he had no children or grandchildren, so he’d always treated the Yuan Clan’s young master as his own grandchild. If Old Man Yuan hadn’t stopped him, he would have gone to Dark Hell Continent a long time ago.

Even though he wished for nothing more than to kill Yang Ye right now, the old man didn’t allow his emotions to overcome him and lose control. He’d immediately activated a transmission talisman when he saw Yang Ye.

However, he was shocked to notice that the transmission talisman vanished in an instant after he activated it.

“How could that be possible?!” The old man crushed another transmission talisman. However, it immediately vanished just like before.

The old man was shocked!

“Yuan Jing! Flee!” The old man howled. Even though he didn’t know why he couldn’t send out a transmission, he was very well aware that Yang Ye wasn’t the only one here. It was an ambush, an ambush on the Yuan Clan!

Suddenly, Yang Ye stomped his right foot down, and his figure transformed into a ray of light that shot forward. He was so swift that it only took him an instant to arrive before the old man.

At the moment Yang Ye appeared in front of the old man, a terrifying aura suddenly shot up into the air from within the Yuan Estate, and then it vanished into the sky. However, Yang Ye paid no attention to it, but a ray of violet light had gone after it.

Yang Ye’s Rebirth Rank sword intent surged out madly. At the same time, 2 terrifying auras instantly appeared here. As soon as the auras appeared, black robed figures appeared on both sides of the old man.

The Rebirth Rank sword intent and the aura of 2 Voiders pressed down upon the old man at once. He was just about to attack, yet now, his body couldn’t help but bend before the pressure that was being exerted upon him. At the exact moment that his figure was pressed down, a sword stabbed against the center of his forehead while daggers stabbed through both sides of his neck.


When facing the joint forces of Yang Ye, Qian Lankong, and Shui Linlang, the old man was annihilated without the ability to even fight back.

Yang Ye waved his right hand and put the old man’s corpse away, and then he gazed at the Yuan Estate, “Annihilate all the Emperors in there and retreat within 10 breaths of time!”

Shui Linlang and Qian Lankong nodded before shooting into the Yuan Estate.

“AH!!!” As soon as they entered, shrill cries started resounding incessantly throughout the Yuan Estate.

A short while later, Qian Lankong and Shui Linlang appeared in front of Yang Ye. Yang Ye nodded, crushed a transmission talisman he held in his right hand, and then they vanished on the spot.

Outside the city.

A ray of violet light flashed over, and then the violet mink appeared in front of Yang Ye.

She said, “He has sent the transmission!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Hide yourselves!”

As soon as he gave the order, all 4 of them vanished on the spot.

Not long after they vanished, over a dozen terrifying auras appeared in the sky above Yuan Heaven City.

When Senior Yuan saw the dense expanse of corpses that covered the Yuan Estate, a ferocious expression instantly appeared on his face as he howled, “Good! Good! Very good! Yang Ye!!”

As he spoke, he gazed at an old man by his side, “Yuan Jing, you said that there were 3 of them?”

The old man nodded, “Yang Ye led the group, and there were 2 Voider Realm assassins. But I’m not sure if the Slayer Pavilion’s master was amongst them. Right, there was a young woman in violet clothes as well. If it wasn’t for her, Yuan Lin wouldn’t have had to sacrifice himself.”

Senior Yuan frowned, “A young girl in violet clothes?”

The old man nodded, “She can seal off space, and make our transmission talismans become ineffective. That’s the reason why Yuan Lin wasn’t able to send a transmission, and I had to flee over 50,000km away from the city before I succeeded!”

Senior Yuan was about to speak when the space before the other old men around him rippled abruptly.

“Shit! My clan has been attacked!” One of the old men’s expression changed, and then he vanished on the spot.

“My Ye Clan has been attacked as well!”

“My Li Clan….”

In next to no time, all the old men left, and only Senior Yuan and Yuan Jing remained here.

Senior Yuan frowned. Suddenly, his expression changed violently, “Watch out!”

As soon as Senior Yuan spoke, a sword howl resounded!

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