Chapter 1297 – Snowy Is The Best!

Yang Ye frowned, “They’ve found Darkness City?”

Qian Lankong nodded, “But most of our forces have retreated from the city. However, some of our forces are trapped in the city because the Yuan Clan and those other powers have sealed off the entire city.”

Yang Ye asked, “How many Voiders do they have?”

Qian Lankong spoke in a low voice, “6!”

6 Voiders! Yang Ye fell silent. He’d left a Voider Realm Sword Servant at Doomsday City before leaving for the Veiled Region, and that was naturally done to prevent any mishaps from occurring. Now, he only had a single Voider Realm Sword Servant with him. If he and Qian Lankong were included, they only had 3 Voiders on their side. They had no chance of winning a battle of 3 against 6. Because once they showed themselves, the Voiders of the 2 sects and 5 cities would definitely swarm them.

In other words, they wouldn’t be able to save anyone, and they would lose their lives instead!

Yang Ye remained silent, and Qian Lankong’s gaze remained fixed on him. She seemed to be waiting for his decision. Because she couldn’t save the Slayer Pavilion’s forces by herself. Perhaps she would have a slight chance if Yang Ye was included. But would Yang Ye take a risk for the Slayer Pavilion?

Yang Ye remained silent for a few breaths of time before he gazed at Qian Lankong, “The Yun Clan is the weakest amongst the cities, right?”

She nodded.

“Let’s go!” Yang Ye took Zi’er’s hand and shot towards the distance.

Qian Lankong hurriedly asked, “Where are we going?”

Yang Ye didn’t answer her. Qian Lankong hesitated for a moment before following him.

As they traveled, Yang Ye asked, “Zi’er, can you fight Voiders?”

Zi’er thought for a moment and replied, “I can, but can’t.”

Yang Ye chuckled, “Why?”

She explained, “In the real world, like how we are right now. I would be no match for a Voider. But if we were to enter space, then even if I can’t kill a Voider, I can still fight one.” She shot Yang Ye a playful smile at this point, and then she continued, “You know… all spatial techniques are useless against me. For example, if you use that Void Flash technique of yours, I can just seal off space and trap you within space. I can even change the structure of space and make you get lost within the spatial rift. Or I can even make you travel to a different place! Besides that, I can detonate space. For example, I can make the space in an area of a few thousand kilometers collapse. Of course, it would be quite troublesome to accomplish.”

Yang Ye’s face froze. Needless to say, he’d been shocked by what she said. She can change the structure of space and detonate space….

Qian Lankong was shocked as well. She was extremely curious about Zi’er because that young woman before her had forcefully pushed her out of space!

She’d comprehended the Laws of Space and could merge herself perfectly with the space around her. However, the young girl before her was able to force her out of space! What did that prove? It proved that the young woman’s accomplishments in space were much greater than her. Or perhaps, it could be said that the young woman’s accomplishments in space had completely surpassed the Laws of Space!

Meanwhile, Zi’er suddenly said, “Actually, Snowy is the greatest!”

“Snowy?” Yang Ye gazed at Snowy who was standing on Zi’er’s shoulder, and Qian Lankong’s gaze descended onto Snowy as well. Snowy blinked, and then she rubbed her head lightly against Zi’er’s cheek.

Zi’er nodded and spoke with a slightly solemn expression on her face, “In the past, we thought she was an ordinary Sprite King, but that’s not the case.”

Yang Ye hurriedly asked, “Then what is she?” Because even he was extremely curious about what Snowy was.

Snowy gazed at Zi’er as well. But she clearly didn’t quite understand Zi’er.

Zi’er shook her head and said, “She’s a natural entity, but she’s no ordinary natural entity. In any case, I don’t know what she actually is, but my intuition tells me that she’s very formidable. Especially after she absorbed a huge amount of spirit energy. You should have felt it as well. She has undergone some changes.”

Yang Ye nodded. Snowy had absorbed an immeasurable amount of spirit energy by his side, and he’d sensed changes in Snowy after she absorbed so much spirit energy. However, he didn’t know exactly what had changed. He’d asked Snowy, but she knew even less.

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and rubbed Snowy’s head gently while he spoke softly, “No matter what you are, we’ll always protect you.”

Snowy blinked, and then she flew over to Yang Ye’s shoulder and kissed Yang Ye on the cheek. After that, she seemed to have thought of something and turned to glance at the violet mink. She still remembered that Zi’er prohibited her from kissing Yang Ye.

Yang Ye gazed at the violet mink as well. She blushed and said, “She’s just a child, so kissing isn’t a big deal.” She’d considered herself as an adult while Snowy was still a child in her eyes. So, as an adult, how could she feel jealous when a child kissed Yang Ye?

Snowy immediately revealed a brilliant smile when she heard Zi’er, and then she flew over to the violet mink’s shoulder and kissed her.

Zi’er grinned and rubbed Snowy’s head while a doting expression appeared in her eyes.

A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth as he gazed at them. They were who he wanted to protect, and he would protect them even if he had to die trying.

Qian Lankong glanced at them in silence, and no one knew what she was thinking.

The Yun Clan.

Along with a shocked cry, the peace in the Yun Clan was destroyed.


The Yun Clan’s courtyard was covered in almost 100 corpses, and all of them were Emperors and Quasi Emperors.

The beautiful woman in palace clothes suddenly started laughing madly as she gazed at the corpses, “Good! Good! Die! Everyone from the Yun Clan should die! Death is what they deserve! They deserve death!”

“The madam has gone mad.”

“Of course! Her son is dead, and now both her father and older brother died. Even I would go mad.”

“Let’s go. We can’t stay in the Yun Clan anymore. Even if we don’t die to the Slayer Pavilion, we’ll die at that mad woman’s hands.”

Qian Lankong shook her head and spoke while hidden, “What a pitiable woman.”

“Pitiable?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, “Yes, if I let her son kill me and sully Yun Banqing, then she wouldn’t be pitiable. Qian Lankong, are you really an assassin?”

Qian Lankong fell silent.

Yang Ye added, “A pitiable person definitely has a detestable side. If you’ve seen Yun Banqing’s mother, you would realize that she isn’t pitiable at all.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye gazed at Qian Lankong and said, “Tell all the assassins outside Darkness City to come see me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and left.

Qian Lankong grunted coldly and said, “I was just saying. What the heck!”

The news of countless Emperors and Quasi Emperors being annihilated in the Yun Clan had quickly spread to the other powers.

Outside Darkness City.

Senior Yuan spoke indifferently, “The Slayer Pavilion has made a move.”

Ye Ming said, “They finally weren’t able to restrain themselves anymore.”

Lin Xiao who stood by Ye Ming’s said asked, “Shall we continue surrounding and attacking the assassins of Slayer Pavilion, or should we go deal with the pavilion master of Slayer Pavilion?”

“Continue besieging them, of course!” Senior Yuan spoke indifferently, “They didn’t come here to save the assassins in the city and attacked the Yun Clan instead. It’s because they want us to give up on Darkness City, of course. How can we let them succeed?”

Ye Ming hesitated to speak, “But if….”

Senior Yuan replied, “I know what you’re worried about. We can’t abandon the city, but we can’t just stand by idly and let the Slayer Pavilion’s master do as he pleases too.” Senior Yuan glanced at all the experts here and continued, “We can gather at least 20 Voiders if the Voiders of all our clans and sects are included, right?”

The others fell silent. The 5 clans and 2 sects here definitely didn’t just possess one Voider each. However, would anyone reveal all their trump cards? After all, they were still working together for now, but sects and clans like them only cared about their own interests. So long as the benefits were sufficient, or if their interests would be harmed, then they would turn hostile in an instant.

They were holding back!

They weren’t holding back to keep reserve forces to deal with Yang Ye, and it was for safety’s sake.

Simply speaking, the various powers didn’t fully trust each other.

Meanwhile, Senior Yuan continued, “Everyone, I understand what you’re thinking, and my Yuan Clan understands as well. But if we hold back, fear each other, and even doubt each other, then even if we can crush both Yang Ye and the Slayer Pavilion, we’ll definitely have to sacrifice many. It’s even to the extent that they’ll crush us one by one. I think all of you should be very well aware that any one of the clans or sects behind us can’t resist Yang Ye and the Slayer Pavilion without help. Even my Yuan Clan can’t! Because they are assassins, and they’re hiding in the shadows now.”

A short moment of silence ensued before Ye Ming nodded, “Senior Yuan is absolutely right. If our experts spread out, then they’ll crush us one by one. Regardless of whether it’s the Slayer Pavilion’s master or Yang Ye, they aren’t experts that just 2 or 3 Voiders can deal with. Everyone, if we don’t want to pay an even greater price, then we can’t hold back anymore. We must use our full strength to annihilate them in one go!”

After quite a long period of silence, an old man stepped forward and said, “I agree.”

“I agree as well!”


It didn’t take long for everyone to express their agreement. They were no fools, so they naturally knew that Senior Yuan and Ye Ming were right. It was true that the Slayer Pavilion and Yang Ye were inferior to their joint forces. But the problem was that their enemies were assassins that wouldn’t fight them in direct combat. Their enemies would look for opportunities to launch surprise attacks, and that was extremely terrifying.

When he saw that no one had any objections, Senior Yuan nodded and said, “Notify the experts in your clans and sects to converge. Leave 5 people here while the rest of us go surround and kill the Slayer Pavilion’s master.”

Ye Ming asked, “How will we find them?”

“They’ll definitely launch another attack!” Senior Yuan spoke indifferently, “Notify your clans and sects to be cautious and vigilant. So long as they notice the experts of the Slayer Pavilion, immediately send us a voice transmission. Based on the strength that we possess, it will take just a few breaths of time for us to get anywhere while travelling at full speed.”

The others nodded and sent voice transmissions to their clans and sects.

At a spot in the sky, Qian Lankong asked, “Where are we going next?”

Yang Ye replied, “The Yuan Clan!”

“The Yuan Clan definitely has more Voiders!” Qian Lankong spoke in a low voice, “Even if we kill Voiders with a single attack, they’ll still be able to send out transmission talismans. Once the other Voiders know our whereabouts, they’ll rush over immediately. If we’re pinned down, then we’ll….”

Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “I want them to come!”

Qian Lankong was at a loss for words.

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