Chapter 1296 – The Blade Of The Sword Alliance!

Yang Ye took Zi’er’s hand and walked out of the hall.

“It’s you!” Yang Ye had just walked out of the hall when a surprised voice came from afar. Yang Ye looked over to its source, and he was instantly stunned, “It’s all of you!”

There were 3 people standing not too far away from him, and he’d met them in the past. It was those 3 siblings that he’d met after leaving Doomsday City and traveling to Sword God Island. He remembered Lin Youxuan well because the young girl really idolized him.

Ye Liuyun, Qin Zhuyao, Dugu Jian, and the others were standing around Lin Youxuan’s group of 3. At this moment, Qin Zhuyao, Dugu Jian, and the other sword cultivators had surrounded the 3 siblings.

It seemed like a battle would break out at any moment!

Meanwhile, Lin Youxuan spoke with surprise, “Ye Yang! What’re you doing here?!”

She doesn’t recognize me? Yang Ye was stunned. After all, he’d fought Voiders in the sky above the city just now, so everyone here should have seen him.

Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun explained, “They just returned after completing their assignments outside the city.”

So that’s why! Yang Ye nodded and said, “What’s going on?”

Ye Liuyun spoke in a low voice, “They are from the Veiled Region!”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then his gaze descended onto them. He hadn’t expected them to actually be from the Veiled Region.

Yang Ye asked, “You’re from the 6 strongest clans, the Lin Clan?”

“Ye Yang, you….” Lin Youxuan was about to say something. However, Lin Erlang grabbed her hand and said, “He’s Yang Ye.”

“Yang Ye?” Lin Youxuan was stunned, and then she turned around to look at Yang Ye, “You… you…. Ye Yang… Yang Ye… you’re Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye smiled, “What? Are you that surprised?”

Lin Youxuan’s eyes opened wide, “You really are Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye was quite amused as he looked at her. He had quite a good impression of the young girl who stood before him.

Meanwhile, she sized him up and muttered, “You’re not very handsome….”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Lin Erlang said, “We didn’t come to the Sword Alliance with ill intent, and we’re merely here to learn more about the Sword Dao.”

Yang Ye gazed at Qian Lankong and said, “I remember that the Lin Clan is the only clan amongst the 6 clan that didn’t attack me, right?”

Qian Lankong nodded, “The Lin Clan keeps a comparatively low profile, and it never participates in the battles between the clans.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he gazed at the siblings, “Now, all of you can leave the Sword Alliance and return to the Veiled Region, or you can stay as well. However, if you choose to stay, then the alliance led by the Yuan Clan might act against your Lin Clan.”

Lin Erlang immediately said, “We’ll be returning to the Veiled Region!”

Lin Youxuan wanted to say something, but Lin Erlang immediately glared at her. However, Lin Youxuan was completely unafraid, and she glared right back at him. Moreover, she even clenched her fists as if she was telling him to fight her!

Lin Erlang was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Lin Dalang suddenly said, “Let’s go back. Don’t make things difficult for father!”

Lin Youxuan puckered her lips, “It’s so boring back home. There are so many sword cultivators here, so we can frequently discuss the Sword Dao…. Big Brother, let’s not return, alright?”

Lin Dalang spoke solemnly, “Think for father and the clan!”

Lin Youxuan replied, “Then you two go back while I have fun here!”

Lin Dalang glanced at her and spoke in an indisputable tone, “No!”

Lin Youxuan wanted to say something, but Yang Ye spoke before her, “Go back. If all of you stay when the Veiled Region fights our Sword Alliance, then it would be your Lin Clan that would be in a difficult position. Right, help me take a message back to your grandfather. Tell him that if the Lin Clan doesn’t go against my Sword Alliance, then my Sword Alliance will definitely not act against the Lin Clan.”

Lin Erlang replied, “I’ll pass it on!”

Lin Youxuan glanced at Yang Ye and spoke softly, “I don’t want to go back! I want to learn more about the sword from you.”

Yang Ye smiled and flicked an Emperor Rank sword over to her, “That’s for you.”

Lin Youxuan exclaimed with shock, “The Emperor Rank!”

Even though the Lin Clan was a Diamond Rank power, Emperor Rank swords were extremely rare. Because practically all of them were at the Sword God’s Palace, but sword cultivators couldn’t go there. Moreover, even if others went to Sword God’s Palace, they couldn’t enter the main hall. So, Emperor Rank swords were very rare on Dark Hell Continent.

When they saw Yang Ye give away an Emperor Rank sword in such a casual manner, Qin Zhuyao, Dugu Jian, and the others immediately shot gazes that were filled with burning desire at Yang Ye.

“Is… is this really for me?” While she was asking, she hadn’t held back at all and embraced the sword in her arms.

Yang Ye smiled, “It is.”

Lin Youxuan was delighted, but she seemed to have thought of something and suddenly glanced at her older brother and 2nd brother. She hesitated for a moment before passing her sword over to Lin Dalang, “Didn’t you want an Emperor Rank sword? Oh, this is for you. Erlang, big brother is stronger than us, so he’s more worthy of this sword!”

Lin Dalang glanced at her, and then he shook his head, “That’s yours!”

Lin Youxuan said, “You’re more suitable for it than I am!”

Lin Dalang stated, “Keep it!”

Lin Youxuan was about to say something when Yang Ye suddenly flicked an Emperor Rank sword to Lin Dalang and Lin Erlang respectively, “Stop fighting. All of you get one!”

3 Emperor Rank swords!

Everyone here was stunned. Especially Qin Zhuyao’s group.

Isn’t he a little too generous? Lin Dalang and Lin Erlang were stunned as well. Those are Emperor Rank swords! He gave them to us just like that?

A short while passed before Lin Dalang shook his head, “I don’t deserve it. I can’t accept this sword!”

Lin Erlang shook his head, “I can’t accept it as well!”

Lin Youxuan held her sword in her arms and hesitated. Should I? Should I give it back?

A wisp of admiration flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he gazed at them, “I’m not giving it to you for free. Help me persuade your grandfather once you return. Tell him not to side with the Yuan Clan. Alright?”

“Alright!” Lin Youxuan hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, my grandfather always listens to me. He will definitely not side with the Yuan Clan if I tell him not to.”

Lin Dalang hesitated for a moment before he nodded, “I don’t want the Lin Clan to become enemies with the Sword Alliance.”

Yang Ye smiled, “I don’t want to become enemies with the Lin Clan as well.” He was no madman. The Sword Alliance would have much fewer enemies if the Lin Clan didn’t side with the Yuan Clan. So, he was willing to display goodwill towards the Lin Clan. Moreover, he had quite a good impression of these siblings.

“Farewell!” Lin Dalang cupped his fist to Yang Ye, and then he left with Lin Erlang and Lin Youxuan.

“Sword Master!” Meanwhile, Huan Kong suddenly walked over to Yang Ye’s side and chuckled, “Err, you know….”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Tell all the sword cultivators with Quasi Void Rank sword intent to come see me.”

“Alright!” Huan Kong hurriedly turned around and vanished into the distance.

In the Sword Hall.

42 sword cultivators were standing before Yang Ye. The weakest amongst them possessed Quasi Void Rank sword intent, and there were many unfamiliar faces. Obviously, they’d joined the Sword Alliance while he was gone.

Yang Ye said, “From this moment onward, all 42 of you will be the swords of the Sword Alliance. A sharp sword! Right, in the future, all of you’ll be called the Blade. The blade of a sword that’s invincible.”

Qin Zhuyao said, “Blade?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “After all, you’re all sword cultivators, so I’ve specially separated all of you from the rest. Remember that all of you’ll be the main force of the Sword Alliance and its core strength!”

“That’s quite a bit of pressure!” Meanwhile, Huan Kong chuckled, “Sword Master, you know… our equipment is quite bad. So, the pressure we face is absolutely heavy….”

Yang Ye waved his right hand and 42 Emperor Rank swords appeared before them.

42 Emperor Rank swords!

All of them gasped. Even though they knew that it was very likely that Yang Ye possessed more Emperor Rank swords, they hadn’t expected him to produce so many at once. Moreover, all of them were at the Emperor Rank!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye waved his right hand again, and then numerous sword armors and sword wings appeared in front of them.

All of them were at the Emperor Rank as well!

All the people here were stunned.

Yang Ye said, “There aren’t many armor and wings, so only the strongest get to use them. Remember that the armor and wings don’t belong to all of you. The strongest get to use them. So, if you want to possess them forever, then you have to be stronger than the rest.”

Huan Kong laughed bitterly, “You want us to cultivate with everything we have!”

“All of you are too weak!” Yang Ye spoke frankly, “Very weak. All of you have to attain the Emperor Realm at the very least and possess the strength to surmount your realms of cultivation in battle. Otherwise, I’ll leave all of you very far behind. Moreover, our Sword Alliance will face countless difficulties as it rises to prominence. All of you will die without sufficient strength.”

Their expressions gradually became solemn. They naturally knew that Yang Ye wasn’t trying to scare them. Just like the previous battle. If Yang Ye hadn’t rushed back here, and if they hadn’t had the assistance of that Voider Realm demon beast, then they would be dead. Even though they were very strong, they had no chance against Voiders.

Yang Ye said, “You have equipment now. As for resources, the Sword Alliance has it. Now, it all depends on all of you.”

There were 42 sword cultivators here, but only 29 were Emperors, and the rest were Quasi Emperors. Moreover, only 2 possessed Void Rank sword intent. If such strength was used against an Emperor, then it would definitely be absolutely easy. Especially now, all of them had Emperor Rank swords, and some even had Emperor Rank sword armors and sword wings. So, ordinary Emperors wouldn’t be a match for them at all. However, if they were to go against a Voider, then it would be their opponent who would feel that the battle was absolutely easy.

Yang Ye hoped that they had the ability to fight Voiders!

Yang Ye said, “Work hard!”

They nodded and left the hall.

Once they left, Yang Ye stood up and gazed at Qian Lankong, “Let’s go!”

Qian Lankong asked, “Where?”

“Back to the Veiled Region,” replied Yang Ye. Besides dealing with the Voiders from the Qin Clan, Yang Ye had come back for one other reason, and it was to deal with some things in the Sword Alliance.

Qian Lankong hurriedly nodded when she heard this, and she said, “Alright, let’s leave right now!”

After all, the Slayer Pavilion wasn’t in a good situation right now, and Yang Ye had to head back to manage the situation. Otherwise, more and more would die.

After he gave some other orders to Ye Liuyun, Yang Ye brought Zi’er and Snowy with him as he set out to the Veiled Region with Qian Lankong.

As soon as they returned to the Veiled Region, Qian Lankong’s expression changed, “Shit! Darkness City is in trouble!”

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