Chapter 1236 – I’ll Take You Down With Me Even If I Must Die!

At the moment that finger appeared in the sky, the entire sky started to warp, and then the tens of thousands of kilometers of desert below it started to collapse.

The terrifying energy contained within the finger made all the demon beasts beneath the Voider Realm lay flat on the ground.

It was simply capable of obliterating the world!

It felt like it could obliterate the world!

After he recovered from his shock, he howled just like the black ape before charging at the black ape.

This time, he didn’t conceal his strength, so his speed was extremely swift. It took a mere moment for him to catch up to the black ape, and the finger aimed itself at him and the black ape.

The black ape’s pupils constricted to the size of needles when it noticed this scene, and it turned around to gaze at Yang Ye before roaring with fury, “Human! Get the fuck away!”

“You can speak?” Yang Ye was stunned and said, “Does where I go have anything to do with you?”


The black ape roared furiously at Yang Ye while its imposing aura swept towards Yang Ye. However, it didn’t take long for Yang Ye’s sword intent to block it off. While the imposing aura of a Voider was very formidable, it wasn’t stronger than Rebirth Rank sword intent.

“Die!” The black ape swung his fist at Yang Ye. Yang Ye refused to be outdone and swung his sword at the black ape as well.


An explosion resounded as Yang Ye’s figure was pushed around 100m back, but a bloody injury had appeared on the black ape’s fist. Blood was surging out incessantly from it.

The black ape paid no attention to Yang Ye, and it dashed away. However, Yang Ye was like a ghost that just wouldn’t go away, and he appeared by the black ape’s side again. This made the black ape’s face become unsightly while still maintaining the ferocity on it from before.


Meanwhile, the finger in the sky suddenly descended towards them at extreme speed.

The black ape was visibly terrified, “Human! Fuck off! I don’t want the Adamantium Fruits anymore.”

Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face as he said, “Big Fella, you only have one choice right now, and it’s to join forces with me to deal with that finger. Otherwise, we’ll both die!”

As soon as that finger appeared, Yang Ye knew that unless the Sword Spirit or Qiong Qi showed themselves, he was definitely finished. The formidable energy it contained wasn’t something an ordinary sword technique could resist. It could be said that it gave him a feeling. What feeling? It felt like facing Lady who had Peacekeeper in her grasp!

The strength of that mysterious expert was definitely stronger than Lady in her injured state!

Yang Ye knew that he was in trouble!

Yang Ye had an extremely solemn expression on his face while even the ancient sheath had appeared in his grasp, and the intent sword in his right grasp had been exchanged for a blood red sword.

The black ape was furious when he heard Yang Ye, and he roared furiously at Yang Ye, “Human! You’re shameless!”

“So what if I am!” Yang Ye gazed at the black ape and said, “Big Fella, are you going to join forces with me or not? If you refuse, then I’ll take you down with me even if I must die!”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” The black ape roared with rage. Meanwhile, the finger was less than 300m above them, and the powerful pressure it emanated caused both Yang Ye and the black ape to slow down.

Yang Ye slowly tightened his grip on the blood red sword. Because if the black ape refused to join forces with him, then he would be crippled today even if he could avoid death!

“Human! I’ll definitely kill you!” The black ape turned to gaze at Yang Ye while he howled with fury, and then he continued, “What’s your plan?”

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and said, “You use your strongest attack, and we’ll attack at the same time!”

“Roar!” The black ape roared with fury before his body expanded swiftly. In the blink of an eye, he was numerous times larger than before, and he stomped his right foot against the ground before charging up into the air towards the finger.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to press the blood red sword against the center of his forehead. A moment later, he transformed into a ray of blood red light that shot up into the sky. This time, he naturally hadn’t held back, nor did he dare to hold back. Rebirth Rank sword intent, Void Rank sword intent, his physical strength, the Laws of Speed, and Heaven’s Gravestone that was at the Void Rank now….

With the support of his full strength, the ultimate version of Death by a Thought which he executed now was much stronger than any other instance of it in the past!

Everywhere the blood red sword passed, space seemed weak as a piece of paper and was instantly sliced open!

Just like that, man and beast collided with the finger!


A rumbling explosion resounded throughout Sword God Island.

A few breaths of time later, the finger vanished while both man and beast were lying on the ground.

The black ape had become small, and one of his arms were gone. Besides that, his entire body was covered in cracks like spiderwebs stretched through his body. He simply seemed like he’d been sliced into pieces!

As for Yang Ye, his condition wasn’t much better. Even though his limbs were still intact, his body was covered in cracks just like the black ape. As for the blood red shield, it had been transformed into pieces that were scattered all over the ground. At the critical moment, he’d used the shield to protect himself. Otherwise, his body wouldn’t have just cracked apart, it would have exploded into pieces!

The man and beast laid on the ground while gasping incessantly for air while fear lingered in their eyes. The facts proved that they were utterly incapable of resisting that finger without joining forces with each other!

Yang Ye’s face was extremely solemn as he gazed up at the sky. Now, he’d finally witnessed how terrifying that mysterious expert was. After all, that expert’s body was somewhere far away, and just a single finger had almost crushed both him and a Voider Realm demon beast. Such strength was much stronger than Lady while she was still in an injured state! Moreover, this expert was extremely hostile to sword cultivators!

Yang Ye’s heart couldn’t help but feel heavy at the thought of that!

Suddenly, the space in the sky started to split apart again. Both Yang Ye and the black ape were stunned, and then their expressions became unsightly.

Suddenly, the black ape seemed to have thought of something, and he swiftly turned to look at Yang Ye while speaking angrily, “Damnable human! Quickly put away your sword and sword intent! Hurry!”

Yang Ye shuddered when he heard this. Because he’d almost forgotten about that. He hurriedly put the blood red sword away and withdrew his sword intent. In next to no time, the Sword Domain made it so that he didn’t emanate the aura of sword intent at all.

The man and beast just gazed silently at the sky while extreme anxiety could be seen on their faces. They were even holding their breaths. A few breaths of time passed, and then they watched anxiously as the crack in the sky healed slowly.



Both of them heaved sighs of relief. Because if another finger descended, then they would have no choice but to wait for death to arrive!

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s expression changed, and he turned around to gaze at the black ape. At this moment, the black ape was looking at him, and the black ape revealed a ferocious expression that carries ghastly killing intent and rage.

The black ape felt aggrieved!

Extremely aggrieved!

After all, how could he not feel aggrieved when a human had almost caused his death? The black ape crawled up slowly from the ground, and then he started walking towards Yang Ye. Meanwhile, Yang Ye crawled up from the ground as well.

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Come closer and I’ll withdraw my sword!”

The black ape immediately stopped moving and stared fixedly at Yang Ye. If his gaze could kill, Yang Ye would be dead by now.

Yang Ye didn’t care about the black ape’s gaze. Even though his recovery was quick, he couldn’t fight the black ape right now if he didn’t use his sword.

The black ape gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “Human! You’re a sword cultivator, yet you actually dared to come here!”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he noticed that the black ape had no intention to attack, and he asked, “Who was that person? Do you know who it was?”

The black ape didn’t answer and replied with a question instead, “Why is your sword intent above the Void Rank?”

Yang Ye replied, “Answer me first!”

The black ape spoke furiously, “Why aren’t you the one who replies to me first? You’re so weak!”

Yang Ye spoke angrily, “That’s because I wasn’t using my sword! If I use my sword, I’ll definitely be able to skin you alive!”

The black ape replied, “Your cultivation is too low. You can’t kill me even with sword intent above the Void Rank!”

“Alright, let’s not linger on this!” Yang Ye shrugged, “My sword intent improved after receiving Senior Jian Wuji’s guidance on Godfall Mountain!”

“The Palace Master’s guidance?” The black ape’s expression changed, “You… you met the Palace Master?”

Yang Ye glanced at the black ape’s expression and nodded, “Of course, I’ve already inherited his Sword Dao. I’m here on his instruction. Right, I’m the Palace Master of Sword God’s Palace now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye ceaselessly observed the change in the black ape’s expression. Earlier, he’d heard from Yun Banqing that the demon beasts here had been raised by Sword God’s Palace. In other words, the black ape might submit to him after he revealed his identity as the palace master of Sword God’s Palace!”

“The palace master?” The black ape frowned.

Yang Ye quickly nodded, “Of course!”

The black ape gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “Where’s the Sword God’s Seal?”

Yang Ye was speechless.

The black ape glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Would anyone acknowledge you as the palace master without the Sword God’s Seal?”

Yang Ye asked, “All of you’ll submit if I have the Sword God’s Seal, right?”

The black ape replied, “Submit? Are you dreaming?”

Yang Ye was astounded, “Weren’t all of you raised by the Sword God’s Palace?”

The black ape answered, “In the past, but not now. Besides that, the Sword God’s Palace is gone, so we aren’t bound to it anymore.”

Yang Ye was stunned for a while before he spoke angrily, “Since you refuse to submit, then why ask so much?”

The black ape’s expression changed, and he replied angrily, “Human! Watch what you say!”

Yang Ye grunted coldly, “I’m not going to waste another breath on you. Now, you walk backwards, and I’ll walk backwards as well. We’ll stay out of each other’s business!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and fled.

Meanwhile, the black ape suddenly said, “Wait!”

Yang Ye’s expression changed, and he turned around to gaze at the black ape, “What? Do you want to fight?”

The black ape replied furiously, “Give me back my Adamantium Fruit Tree and the Adamantium Fruits!”

Yang Ye stated, “Those are mine!”

The black ape was furious, “They clearly were mine!”

Yang Ye replied, “They were, but they are mine now!”

“You! I’ll kill you!” The black ape was exasperated. Its aura surged out from it, and it was about to attack.

“Do you think that I’m afraid of you!” Yang Ye was furious as well, and he flipped his palm. An intent sword instantly appeared in his grasp.

As soon as the sword appeared, both Yang Ye and the black ape were stunned.

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