Chapter 1235 – I’ll Skin You Alive!


Run quickly!

That was what Yang Ye had to do right now. The huge ape’s strength and physical defenses were horrifyingly strong, and it wasn’t something he could resist right now. Even if he could use his sword, he wouldn’t dare guarantee that he could go against the huge ape, let alone now when he couldn’t use his sword.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t dare to hold back at all, and he raised his speed to its limits. He’d merely fought the huge ape for a short while earlier yet had almost been crippled. So, if he were to let it catch up to him, then the furious ape would definitely fight him to the death. Based on the state he was in right now, he would definitely be killed!

He was very confident, but he wouldn’t act foolishly and with conceit. Fighting to the death without sufficient strength wasn’t confidence but foolishness!

Yang Ye dashed all along the way, and he’d passed through the territory of some demon beasts. However, not only did they show no intent to obstruct him, they hurriedly moved aside for him.

Yang Ye naturally didn’t enjoy such treatment, and the only reason they did that was naturally because of the huge ape behind Yang Ye.

Even before it arrived, its aura had already horrified the demon beasts on the island.

So, would any of them dare to stop Yang Ye? They just hoped Yang Ye fled faster and left their territory!

Yang Ye traveled unobstructed all along the way, and he didn’t look at the surroundings as well. In any case, he was fleeing wherever he could!

Because he was faster than the black ape, the gap between them was growing larger and larger. However, Yang Ye didn’t relax because it seemed like it refused to let him go.

Yang Ye naturally hadn’t forgotten Yun Banqing. After he obtained her location, he took a circle, created some distance with the black ape, and then found her on an ancient tree.

Yun Banqing was about to speak when she saw him, but Yang Ye didn’t give her any time for that. He just grabbed her in his arm and ran.

Even though he couldn’t see the huge ape anymore, its aura was still locked onto him. So, he didn’t dare relax at all. After all, it would arrive before him in an instant if he stopped.

Actually, he was lucky that it was a demon beast and not a human. If it was a human Voider, then he wouldn’t be able to escape without utilizing the Void Flash technique. When compared to humans, demon beasts were blessed by nature when it came to their size, physical defense, and physical strength, but they had a flaw too. It was that they couldn’t utilize any powerful techniques or treasures!

That was why humans could fight demon beasts. Otherwise, humans would have been annihilated if they could only use their bodies as well.

Just like that, Yang Ye ran while the black ape pursued. This pursuit carries on for 2 days. Fortunately, Yang Ye had violet crystals to ceaselessly restore his profound energy. Otherwise, he would have been torn apart a long time ago.

On the 3rd day, Yang Ye and Yan Banqing left the mountain range, and a boundless desert was before them.

Yang Ye had intended to continue through the mountain range because he had cover there, so it made it easy for them to hide themselves. However, Yun Banqing asked him to go through the desert.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, but he’d decided to listen to her in the end, and he continued towards the depths of the desert.

Yun Banqing spoke while being carried in Yang Ye’s arms, “We’ll arrive at Sword God’s Palace if we continue forward!”

Yang Ye asked, “Really?”

Yun Banqing said, “After he got to the island that day, we shouldn’t have gone into the mountain range, and we should have gone around instead. Because that mountain range was where the Sword God’s Palace used to temper its disciples, and that’s why there were so many demon beasts there. The correct path is to go around it to this desert. Because Sword God’s Palace is at the center of the desert.”

Yang Ye’s face darkened when he heard this. So I went to the wrong place. No wonder I encountered demon beasts everywhere! However, it couldn’t be helped because there were 4 Emperors chasing after him, so entering the mountain range was the best choice for him at the time. Because divine sense couldn’t be utilized in the area, so they could conceal themselves in the mountain range. But it would be impossible to head on open ground.

Yun Banqing said, “I researched the Sword God’s Palace before coming to the island. For some unknown reason, everything in an area of 500,000km around Sword God’s Palace was obliterated all those years ago. It was transformed into an expanse of scorched ground, and that ground transformed into a desert after 10,000 years of time. So, entering the desert is equivalent to getting close to Sword God’s Palace. Of course, we aren’t very close either.”

Yang Ye nodded. It was fine so long as they got to Sword God’s Palace. Why? Because one he entered the ruins, he could use his sword. Utilizing the sword outside the ruins of Sword God’s Palace was prohibited, but it wasn’t prohibited inside it.

Yang Ye turned his head back and took a glance behind him. Even though he didn’t see the black ape, its aura was still locked onto him.

Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly, and he sped up.

Meanwhile, Yun Banqing suddenly asked, ‘You can fight Voider Realm demon beasts?”

Yang Ye said, “Only a few blows!”

Yun Banqing glanced at him and remained silent.

The desolate desert was boundless, and sandstorms arose from time to time, causing Yang Ye’s face to gradually grow solemn. According to Yun Banqing, this place hadn’t been like this. In other words, it was man made. That person was definitely the one who destroyed Sword God’s Palace all those years ago. The strength of a person capable of single handedly destroying Sword God’s Palace and obliterating an area of 500,000km around it….

Just the safest estimate placed that person on par with Lady before Lady had recovered from her injuries, and that person might even be stronger!

Yet such a person was extremely hostile to sword cultivators!

Yang Ye felt depressed when he thought up to this point. Because it was like an inherent enemy to him!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye felt the ground shudder while sand sprayed up in the air. It was absolutely shocking.

Yun Banqing said, “It’s growing faster!”

The lack of obstructions was disadvantageous to Yang Ye and her. But it was advantageous to the black ape. Because it was gaining speed, and Yang Ye wasn’t surprised by that. The profound energy within him immediately surged, and he sped up again.

However, the gap between him and the black ape was growing shorter and shorter.

After another 2 days of pursuit, the black ape was just 3km behind them. This made Yang Ye’s face turn gloomy because if this continued, then it would catch up to them before they got to Sword God’s Palace.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for an instant before he gazed at Yun Banqing, “We are probably not far from Sword God’s Palace. Go on without me. I’ll stay and play with it.”

As he spoke, he grabbed her waist and swung her away while he stopped on the spot, and then he turned around to face the black ape. He didn’t speak a single word, and he just clenched his right fist slowly. A moment later, he stomped his right foot against the ground, and then his figure shot forward before slamming his fist at the black ape.


It roared furiously as it leaped up and slammed its fist at Yang Ye’s fist.


Their fists collided. The black ape was instantly pushed almost 100m back while Yang Ye was blasted around 3km away! Yang Ye’s figure had just stopped when a mouthful of blood sprayed from him. He wiped off the bloodstains on the corner of his mouth, looked up, and then his pupils constricted in an instant. A moment later, a blood red shield appeared in front of him.


A loud explosion resounded as Yang Ye flew backwards with the shield. However, his figure stopped a moment later, and then he shot forward once more. Meanwhile, the black ape leaped up and shot towards Yang Ye as well.

Once he arrived around 100m before the black ape, a ray of blood red light surged out from within him, and then a terrifying and invisible force pressed down upon the black ape.

It was his slaughter intent being condensed to the brink!

A wisp of ferocity flashed through the black ape’s eyes as it slammed his fist forward again.


An explosion resounded, and then a terrifying wave of energy arose between Yang Ye and the black ape. Meanwhile, the black ape slammed its first forward, and it instantly obliterated the wave of energy.

Suddenly, Yang Ye appeared before the black ape, and he swung his fist at its chest.


The black ape was blasted backwards, but it had merely moved around 30m back before it stomped his right foot backwards, and then it instantly stopped moving back. After that, it immediately stomped its right foot down again, and it shot forward and arrived before Yang Ye in an instant. Just like before, it slammed its fist at Yang Ye.

It was simple and violent!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. He grabbed the blood red shield with both hands and raised it up against the black ape’s fist.


The shield shook violently. Yang Ye felt his arms go numb, and then his figure was blasted backwards while his feet scraped against the ground.

Meanwhile, the black ape leaped forward again and slammed its fist down at Yang Ye’s shield!



The shield shook violently while a mouthful of blood sprayed from Yang Ye’s mouth, and his figure was blasted flying again. As for the black ape, it didn’t stop and charged at Yang Ye again.

Just like that, explosions resounded incessantly. In the end, Yang Ye’s shield started to crack apart, and it was really on the verge of being destroyed.

After being struck a few dozen times, a strand of terrifying intent surged out from within Yang Ye. As soon as that intent appeared, the black ape was immediately blasted around 300m away!

Rebirth Rank sword intent!

A wisp of shock flashed through the black ape’s eyes. But it didn’t take long for it to seem to have thought of something, and the shock transformed into terror.

“I’ll skin you alive!” Yang Ye put the blood red shield away, and then he walked towards the black ape. There was an intent sword in his grasp now. However, his hands were trembling. They were trembling from the force of the black ape’s attacks.

He felt aggrieved!

Extremely aggrieved!

He’d been beaten to the point he practically didn’t have the ability to fight back, and it made him feel aggrieved to the limit. As he watched the black ape hit harder and harder, and treat him like an utter sandbag, he couldn’t be bothered about that mysterious expert any longer. All he wanted to do now was take revenge!

The black ape gazed at Yang Ye, but it didn’t attack and moved backwards repeatedly.

“You’re afraid? Are you afraid?” Yang Ye grew faster and faster while Rebirth Rank sword intent appeared in the surroundings. Meanwhile, his intent sword was howling incessantly.

But right when he was about to attack….

It sounded like a blade had sliced through a piece of cloth. Yang Ye looked up and saw that the sky had been sliced open, and then a finger emerged from there.

The black ape howled when it saw that finger, and then it turned around and fled!

Yang Ye was stunned as he gazed at it, and then he looked down at the sword in his grasp. He spoke with a muddled expression, “I drew my sword? How could I have drawn my sword?”

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