Chapter 1232 – I Alone Am More Than Enough!

“I alone am more than enough to deal with you!” The black robed old man’s eyes narrowed slightly. Even though he’d spoken like that, he became vigilant in his heart.

Anyone capable of attaining the Emperor Realm was no fall. That attack Yang Ye executed earlier was sufficient for him to take Yang Ye seriously. But he wasn’t afraid because while he couldn’t sense Yang Ye’s realm of cultivation, his intuition told him that Yang Ye was a Quasi Emperor at most. Would he have to fear facing a Quasi Emperor when he was an Emperor?

After he confirmed that the black robed man was all alone, a smile had curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. If it were all 4 of them, then perhaps he would be fearful. After all, he couldn’t utilize his sword intent right now. But if it was just one…. The smile on Yang Ye’s face grew wider. He didn’t waste his breath. He placed Yun Banqing on the ground and vanished on the spot!

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw Yang Ye’s figure vanished, and there was a solemn expression in his eyes. An expert’s skill would be evident once the expert launched an attack. Yang Ye’s speed truly shocked him! He didn’t have the time to think because Yang Ye’s fist was already in front of him. He didn’t dare act carelessly when he sensed the terrifying energy contained within Yang Ye’s fist, and he pressed his palms together before pressing them forward against Yang Ye’s fist!


An explosion resounded from the point of collision. The black robed old man’s arms trembled violently while his figure was pushed almost 1km back. However, he hadn’t even stopped moving back when Yang Ye suddenly appeared before him, and then Yang Ye’s leg whipped down at him.

It was swift like a bolt of lightning and powerful like a falling mountain!

Because it was too swift, the old man couldn’t dodge at all, and he had no choice but to slap his palm against Yang Ye’s leg.


The old man’s palm had just come into contact with Yang Ye’s leg when his expression changed. Because he felt like his palm had slapped against steel, and it made his entire arm feel numb. After that, his figure was blasted away.

However, Yang Ye pressed forward, and his fists and legs rained down upon the old man.


Absolute suppression!

Yun Banqing was flabbergasted by the scene before her eyes. She hadn’t imagined that an Emperor would actually be unable to fight back against a Quasi Emperor.

Yang Ye’s aura was concealed by his Sword Domain, so both the black robed old man and Yun Banqing thought that he was a Quasi Emperor. The reason they hadn’t thought he was an Emperor was because Yang Ye didn’t possess the imposing aura of an Emperor. Moreover, Yang Ye was too young. Perhaps there were young Emperors in this world, but it was absolutely rare and only occurred once in a thousand years.

But both of them were wrong. Yang Ye was no Quasi Emperor, he was just a mid-rank Saint!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Explosions resounded incessantly while the old man was pushed back repeatedly. He practically couldn’t fight back at all, but Yang Ye grew stronger as the battle progressed, and his attacks grew sharper and sharper!

It could be said that Yang Ye had only encountered a single person in his life that could fight him in close-quartered combat, and it was An Nanjing. An Nanjing’s ability in close-quartered combat was something that even he could be said to fear. Because her instinct in battle was too terrifying, and she always knew what her opponent’s next move was!

Besides An Nanjing, there were very few who could fight him in close-quartered combat!


Suddenly, Yang Ye seized a moment that the old man was distracted to slam his fist against the old man’s stomach. Instantly, a mouthful of blood sprayed from the black robed old man’s mouth, and his figure was blasted flying. However, his figure had just started flying backwards when Yang Ye grabbed his leg before slamming his figure against the ground!


The entire ground shook violently while another mouthful of blood sprayed from the black robed old man’s mouth. However, that wasn’t the end of it. Yang Ye held onto the old man’s leg and raised his figure up before slamming him against the ground in succession.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ground shook incessantly.

After over a dozen breaths of time passed, Yang Ye finally stopped. At this moment, the black robed old man was on the verge of death. Only his eyes could move right now, and his gaze was filled with resentment as he looked at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye paid no attention to him, he flicked a strand of force through the center of the old man’s forehead. It didn’t take long for the old man’s eyes to dim down, and then countless strands of spirit energy started to seep out slowly from his corpse.

Meanwhile, Snowy who’d been hiding, and sleeping had emerged once more. She blinked, and then her gaze descended onto the black robed old man before opening her mouth and absorbing the spirit energy.

After she finished absorbing the spirit energy, she patted her stomach before jumping onto Yang Ye’s shoulder. She wrapped her claws around Yang Ye’s neck, and it didn’t take long for her to fall asleep.

Yang Ye rubbed his head gently against Snowy while a slight smile curled up on the corners of his mouth. After that, he gazed at the black robed old man’s corpse. He remained silent for a long time before he glanced at his own fists, “My physical strength is still too weak!” After all, he’d taken so long to kill an Emperor, and he was very dissatisfied.

However, Yun Banqing had a strange expression in her eyes when she heard him. Do you really have to strike such a blow to my confidence?

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the old man’s spatial ring instantly flew into his grasp. Yang Ye shook his head once he scanned its contents. Because there were actually less than 3,000 violet crystals within it, and the rest was just a bunch of miscellaneous treasures. There was only one Quasi Emperor Rank dagger that was barely passable, and the rest were trash to him!

Yang Ye shook his head and waved his right hand, putting the black robed old man’s corpse away. After that, he walked over to Yun Banqing. He was about to carry her in his arms when she took a step back and said, “I… I can walk myself!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he nodded, “Let’s go!” However, he suddenly frowned, and then he glanced behind himself. After that, he wrapped his arm around Yun Banqing’s waist and vanished into the forest in the distance.

Not long after they left, Qin Sanguan and the other 2 Emperors from the Yun Clan appeared where Yang Ye had been standing just now.

Qin Sanguan glanced at the surroundings, and he remained silent for a long time before he said, “We’re too late!”

The Emperors from the Yun Clan immediately revealed unsightly expressions on their faces when they heard him. The Emperor on Qin Sanguan’s left spoke in a low voice, “From the moment Brother Mo sent the signal for help and until we arrived, only a few dozen breaths of time passed. Who was able to kill Brother Mo in such a short period?”

The Emperor on Qin Sanguan’s right spoke abruptly, “Could it be that man who was with that bitch?”

Qin Sanguan and the other Emperor’s eyes narrowed. They remained silent for a long time before Qin Sanguan said, “Brother Ning Kun, Brother Feng Yuan, regardless of whether Brother Mo was killed by that kid, we have to be careful. That kid isn’t an ordinary person. Even though there are rarely any geniuses capable of killing Emperors at the Quasi Emperor Realm, there are some. Not to mention Quasi Emperors killing Emperors, there are even Saints capable of killing Emperors. I’m sure both of you’ve heard of the Sword Alliance’s Master, Yang Ye, right?”

Yang Ye!

Both of their expressions changed when they heard that name.

If the question was who the number one genius on Dark Hell Continent was, then the answer would definitely be Yang Ye. This title of number one genius didn’t just cover all the forces on the surface throughout the continent, it even included the Veiled Region!

Instantly annihilating Emperors while at the Saint Realm, and single handedly fighting 10 Emperors without being forced into a disadvantaged situation. Only Jian Wuji could compete with such accomplishments in battle!

Even though both of them were Emperors, if they encountered the Sword Alliance’s Yang Ye, then they would definitely flee without the slightest hesitation!

Was it embarrassing? No! No one would think so! Because such a monstrous genius wasn’t someone that an ordinary person could go against!

Meanwhile, Qin Sanguan said, “Don’t worry. No matter how monstrous he is, he wouldn’t dare to come to Sword God Ocean.”

Ning Kun nodded. Sword God Ocean was a forbidden area for sword cultivators. Even though Yang Ye was strong, could he be stronger than that expert who’d single handedly destroyed the Sword God’s Palace?

“Now, let’s not split up anymore!” Qin Sanguan glanced at the surroundings and said, “There were quite a few experts amongst the people who came here this time. Moreover, there are many dangers throughout the island. We must be careful!”

Ning Kun gazed at Qin Sanguan and asked, “Brother Qin, are you not returning to the shuttle?”

“I have someone to look after it!” Qin Sanguan raised his head and looked towards the distance, “Now that I’ve entered this island of treasures, how can I return empty handed? Moreover, that kid disregarded the rules of my Oceanview City. Wouldn’t my Oceanview City’s reputation be tarnished if he’s allowed to escape? Besides that, he killed the young miss’s son right in front of me. Even I wouldn’t be able to give the young miss an explanation if I can’t kill him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Sanguan waved his hand, “Let’s go. I’m certain that we’ll definitely encounter him again!”

They vanished on the spot once they Qin Sanguan finished speaking.

Not long after they left, Yang Ye and Yun Banqing appeared there. She glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Your ability in concealment is amazing!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, and then he patted Snowy lightly, “Snowy, lead us to treasures!”

Snowy scratched Yang Ye’s neck lightly and didn’t wake up.

Yang Ye took her in his hands and pinched her nose lightly, “Tell me where the treasures are before going to sleep!”

Snowy opened her drowsy eyes and glanced at Yang Ye, and there was a trace of bitterness in her eyes.

Yang Ye felt bad. He kissed her nose and said, “Tell us which direction to head towards, and then you can go to sleep, alright?”

Snowy pointed at her nose. Yang Ye cracked a smile and kissed her nose again. This made Snowy’s little face flush red like an apple.

Yun Banqing glanced at Snowy, and the fondness in her eyes was completely undisguised.

Snowy sniffed lightly. A short while passed before she pointed towards the distance. But Yang Ye and Yun Banqing’s faces became unsightly at the same time. It had nothing to do with Snowy. It was because numerous Swordspike Tigers had suddenly emerged from the forest. There were over 100 of them, and they were led by the golden Swordspike Tiger. However, there was another golden Swordspike Tiger by its side as well!

2 Emperor Realm Swordspike Tigers and over 100 at the Quasi Emperor Realm….

Yang Ye said, “They seem to be targeting us!”

Yun Banqing suddenly said, “See that Swordspike Tiger between those 2 golden Swordspike Tigers?”

Yang Ye was instantly stunned when he looked over. Because it was the same Swordspike Tiger he’d encountered in the beginning. However, it looked quite ugly right now. Because it had been beaten up by him to the point that its head was out of shape.

Yun Banqing said, “It should be the tiger king’s son!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Now, it really was a case of beating up the young and having to face the senior!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to wrap his arm around Yun Banqing’s waist and flee. As for those Swordspike Tigers, they howled before chasing after Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s face grew quite unsightly. Because he noticed that the Swordspike Tigers were extraordinarily swift. If he wasn’t able to fly on his sword, then his speed was just slightly superior to theirs!

Meanwhile, Yun Banqing suddenly said, “Actually, if you’re able to subdue them and make them form an army with humans, then it’ll definitely be extremely formidable.”

Yang Ye immediately stopped when he heard this.

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