Chapter 1230 – I Have Quite A Hot Temper!

Everyone was stunned, including Yang Ye.

They hadn’t expected her to actually cripple that precious part of Yun Tianming’s body…. Even though Quasi Emperors could regrow their limbs, the pain from having ‘that’ cut off was absolutely not something anyone wanted to experience!

Yun Tianming’s entire body was twitched as he howled incessantly.

“You’re courting death!” The black robed old man and the others recovered from their shock, and the black robed old man was about to act. However, Yang Ye’s foot suddenly stomped down on Yun Tianming’s head. The black robed old man hurriedly stopped, and he even stopped the other 2 old men who were about to act. He didn’t speak and just gazed at Yang Ye.

However, even an idiot would know that it was impossible to resolve this matter peacefully.

Yang Ye ignored the old men and glanced at Yun Banqing, but he didn’t say a word.

Yun Banqing remained silent for a long time before she said, “Sorry!”

Yang Ye didn’t speak. Besides venting her anger, there was another reason why Yun Banqing had suddenly chopped it off, and it was so that the conflict between him and the Yun Clan would grow even more severe. Who stood to gain the most from that? Yun Banqing, of course! If Yun Tianming was dead, then there would naturally be no one who acted against her mother and younger brother, and there would be no one to threaten her. Perhaps she could even benefit greatly from it. After all, she belonged to the Yun Clan.

However, Yang Ye would suffer the Yun Clan’s revenge. While he didn’t fear it, he didn’t like being used like that.

When she saw him remain silent, Yun Banqing spoke once more, “I’m sorry!”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “It’s my fault for wanting to lend a hand. It’s not your fault. It was my own choice.”

If he could do it all over again, he would still choose to help her. He wasn’t a good person, or it could be said that he was actually a bad person. A sense of righteousness? He didn’t have anything like that. He always acted according to his own feelings. If he felt that it could be done, then he would do it. As for whether it was right or wrong, he didn’t care at all!

After all, there was no absolute right or wrong in this world. In his opinion, everything should be done according to the heart’s desire!

Yun Banqing lowered her head slightly when she heard him, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye gazed at the black robed man and the others, “Stop staring at me. I’ll let your young master go once we arrive at Sword God Island. If you continue staring at me to the point that I’m annoyed, then I might just stomp his head into pieces. I’m serious, I have quite the temper when I’m in a bad mood!”

Their expressions became unsightly when they heard Yang Ye. However, they didn’t dare attack. Because they would be unable to avoid blame if Yun Tianming died!

The black robed old man glanced at Yang Ye, and then he moved aside with the other 2 old men by his side.

Once they moved aside, Yang Ye suddenly gazed at Yun Banqing and said, “Miss Yun, according to what you said earlier, the Sword Alliance is in a very worrying state?”

She was stunned when she heard Yang Ye ask her a question. She looked up and glanced at him, and she heaved a sigh of relief upon noticing that Yang Ye didn’t seem to be angry. She said, “They rose to prominence too quickly. Coupled with the fact that its master, Yang Ye, is too ruthless, it would naturally cause the clans and sects of the Veiled Region to feel fearful and take precautions against them. Moreover, they might even feel hostile towards the Sword Alliance. So, once conflict arises between the Sword Alliance and a sect or clans of the Veiled Region, then it would be very likely for them to join forces against the Sword Alliance! Or perhaps if a power of the Veiled Region attacks and keeps the Sword Alliance busy, then the other powers might launch a preemptive strike.”

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Needless to say, what she said really did make sense. The Sword Alliance had risen too quickly. At this moment, it was already capable of posing a threat to many powers in the Veiled Region. That naturally made the powers of the Veiled Region feel fearful and become vigilant. It wouldn’t be a problem if no conflict arose between the Sword Alliance and the Veiled Region, but once it did…. The Sword Alliance would be in a very bad situation!

After all, those powers knew everything about the Sword Alliance, but the Sword Alliance knew nothing about them!

Yang Ye remained silent for a while before he looked at her, “Miss Yun, what do you think the Sword Alliance should do to deal with the current situation?”

Yun Banqing was silent for a long time before she said, “Strength is absolute. So, the Sword Alliance shouldn’t be thinking about how to deal with the fear and hostility of the powers from the Veiled Region, it should be thinking about how to get even stronger. But just that isn’t sufficient. Because if this continues, then the Veiled Region will definitely act. After all, they will absolutely not allow the Sword Alliance to fully unite the continent.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why?”

Yun Banqing glanced at him and replied, “Even though the Veiled Region is a completely isolated world, it’s still a part of Dark Hell Continent. Would you allow someone who can pose a threat to you to be near you? The rise of a new power would definitely impact the older powers. Of course, the exception is if the Sword Alliance possesses absolute strength that forces them to seek peace and dare not fight. Unfortunately, the Sword Alliance doesn’t!”

Yang Ye nodded, “You haven’t said how the Sword Alliance should deal with it!”

She shook her head, “Actually, their rise made it so that they were bound to collide with the Veiled Region. It’s an unavoidable battle. Unless they possess absolute strength!”

What a fucking pain! Yang Ye couldn’t help but curse in his heart. His objective was actually not to reign supreme over Dark Hell Continent. He didn’t have the time for that because he would one day take the Sword Alliance with him and leave Dark Hell Continent. However, he wasn’t in a situation where they wouldn’t attack him if he didn’t attack them!

“If I were the Sword Alliance’s master, I would act first by sending my forces to gain an understanding of the situation in the Veiled Region. If it’s possible, it would be best to split them up and drive a wedge between them! Because there’s fighting within the Veiled Region as well!” Yun Banqing continued, “However, they don’t even know where the Veiled Region is…. Moreover, even if they knew, they wouldn’t be able to get in. Because there’s an identification area at the entrance of the Veiled Region. Every single person that leaves the Veiled Region would have an identification card embedded into them, and the defensive formations there would be triggered if they returned without the identification card.”

Yang Ye sized her up in silence. No one knew what he was thinking.

Meanwhile, Yun Banqing suddenly said, “Actually, it isn’t the Sword Alliance that should be careful, it’s that fellow, Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why?”

Yun Banqing replied, “He’s the strongest in the Sword Alliance, and he’s their pillar of mental strength. Besides that, the Sword Alliance is formed from mercenaries, independent cultivators, and the remaining survivors of the Sword God’s Palace. The reason they are sticking together is Yang Ye. But once he dies, the Veiled Region would practically have to do nothing before the Sword Alliance would collapse on its own. So, if the Veiled Region acts, it’ll definitely send Voiders to kill Yang Ye!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

He remained silent for a long time before he glanced at Yun Banqing and said, “Miss Yun, your status in the Yun Clan doesn’t seem to be very good.

Yun Banqing fell silent for a long time before she said, “My mother is a maidservant, and thus possesses very low status. Even though she gave birth to me and my younger brother, she’s still looked down upon in such an ancient clan like the Yun Clan. So, wasn’t even given any status and remained a maidservant. As for Yun Tianming, his mother is the young miss of the Qin Clan. He was bound to be the next patriarch of the Yun Clan since he was born.”

Yang Ye nodded and didn’t speak further. He looked towards the distance while a trace of worry appeared in his eyes. He’d thought that the Sword Alliance had no enemies and could develop freely. But now it would seem like it wasn’t that it had no enemies, they just weren’t aware of those enemies. However, those enemies had already sent their forces to infiltrate the Sword Alliance!

The Sword Alliance was in a worrying situation! However, he wasn’t afraid. The current Sword Alliance wasn’t the same as how it was in the beginning, and the Veiled Region’s forces would have to think twice before acting against the Sword Alliance!

Yang Ye was silent for a long time before he restrained his thoughts, and then he turned around and looked towards the direction of the Sword God Island!

The Stellar Sword Diagram! Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he spoke in a low voice, “I hope I won’t be disappointed this time!”

Yun Banqing glanced at Yang Ye, glanced at Yun Tianming who remained beneath Yang Ye’s foot, and then lowered her head. No one knew what she was thinking.

The Imperial Oceanic Shuttle grew faster and faster. At this point in the journey, its speed was practically comparable to an Emperor!

All along the way, numerous colossi emerged incessantly around the shuttle. They were of all shapes and sizes, and just a part of them was larger than the entire shuttle.

The others on the shuttle were horrified by the sight of these colossi because there were many Emperor Realm oceanic demons amongst them!

Fortunately, they merely showed themselves before diving back down beneath the surface.

3 days later, they finally saw an island ahead. Actually, it really couldn’t be called an island because it was too huge. It was simply boundless, and they couldn’t see the end of it even with their fields of vision!

The Imperial Oceanic Shuttle didn’t get close to Sword God Island, and it stopped around 5km away. Meanwhile, Qin Sanguan appeared before them, “Everyone, please disembark. Remember that you have 10 days. We’ll be leaving in 10 days. If you can’t return in time, then you have to wait for the next trip to return.”

As soon as he finished speaking, many leaped off the shuttle and vanished into the distance.

It didn’t take long for just Yang Ye, Yun Banqing, and the others to remain on the shuttle!

Qin Sanguan and the 3 black robed old men gazed at Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yun Banqing suddenly picked up Yun Tianming’s unconscious figure and placed her dagger against his throat. After that, she turned to look at Yang Ye, “Leave first and quickly get on Sword God Island. A formation covers the entire island, and their divine sense isn’t able to sense anything in there. So, you’ll be able to hide yourself.”

Yang Ye glanced at her and asked, “Then what about you?”

“I have my own way to escape!” She looked him in the eyes, “Leave quickly.”

Meanwhile, one of the old men by the black robed old man’s side was about to speak, but the black robed old man stopped him. After all, their main objective right now was to ensure Yun Tianming’s safety.

Yang Ye glanced at Yun Banqing, nodded, and then leaped off the shuttle.

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