Chapter 1228 – Animal!

Once everyone got on the ship, an old man in luxurious robes appeared before them, “Everyone, I’m a manager from Oceanview City, Qin Sanguan. I presume you’re aware of my Oceanview City’s rules. However, I’ll still repeat it. Fighting is prohibited on the shuttle. If there’s enmity between all of you, then please deal with it once you’ve left the shuttle. Otherwise, don’t blame my Oceanview City for showing no mercy.”

All of them would naturally not try to cause trouble, so they nodded.

Qin Sanguan nodded when he saw them nod, and then he was about to start the ship. However, a voice suddenly resounded, “Wait!”

Everyone looked towards its source and saw a group rushing over. A young man led the ground, and there were 3 old men behind him.

The 3 old men were Emperors!

Yang Ye suddenly gazed at Yun Banqing because he noticed that she actually emanated killing intent when she saw the young man’s group. Even though it had only appeared for an instant, Yang Ye had still noticed it.

In next to no time, the young man’s group paid the violet crystals and got on the ship.

Qin Sanguan’s gaze descended onto the young man and asked, “You’re from the Yun Clan?”

The young man grinned, “I’m the Young Master of the Yun Clan, Yun Tianming. Greetings, Senior Qin!”

Qin Sanguan glanced at Yun Tianming and said, “Sword God Island is extremely dangerous. Do you really intend to go?”

Yun Tianming smiled, “I have to gain some tempering, you know.”

Qin Sanguan glanced at the 3 old men behind Yun Tianming and replied, “As you wish!” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left. It didn’t take long for the ship to start moving towards the distance.

Once the ship started moving, Yang Ye turned around and gazed at Blind Maiden. At this moment, she was in a similar state as before. She was seated there motionlessly while looking in the direction of Sword God Island!

I have to ask her once I get back! Yang Ye made his decision. Besides a good impression, he was curious about the mysterious power that was the Nether Pavilion! It was truly too mysterious. Especially its hall masters…. Every single one of them was too heaven defying!

Suddenly, Yun Tianming and the old men behind him walked forward in Yang Ye’s direction, and Yang Ye frowned when he noticed this.

“Banqing, you really made your older brother worry!” Yun Tianming walked swiftly to Yun Banqing, stretched out his hand, and was about to take her hand. However, Yun Banqing moved to the side and gazed at him with undisguised detest, “Fuck off!”

“You bitch! How dare you speak like that to the young master!” One of the black robed old men behind Yun Tianming took a step forward while the aura of an Emperor pressed down upon Yun Banqing.

Yun Banqing’s face instantly turned pale while her body even almost slumped down to the ground. However, she forcefully resisted it.

The black robed old man grunted coldly and took another step forward, causing the strength of his aura to multiply more than twice. Yun Banqing couldn’t hold on any longer and started falling weakly towards the ground.

However, Yang Ye suddenly stretched out his hand and took her, and then she instantly felt her body relax. Because the pressure upon her had instantly vanished once Yang Ye took her hand.

She gazed at Yang Ye with shock while Yang Ye smiled at her, “Are you alright?”

She shook her head while a trace of gratitude flashed through her eyes, “Thank you!”

Yang Ye smiled, “There’s no need for that. I’m just too righteous and can’t stand to watch the weak being bullies. Alas, I’ve tried to change this flaw of mine for years but have never succeeded!”

Yun Banqing was speechless.

The others in the surroundings were stunned. Is he an idiot?

Even if you want to play the hero and save the damsel in distress, you have to take a look at the situation! They have 3 Emperors!

The black robed old man’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye, “Too righteous? How laughable!”

As he spoke, he was about to release his aura once more, but Yang Ye suddenly gazed at Qin Sanguan, “Manager Qin, you said that we are prohibited from fighting on the shuttle. Now, they are attacking openly, and that’s provocation towards Oceanview City and Manager Qin!”

The others here were speechless.

Manager Qin glanced at Yang Ye, and then he gazed at Yun Tianming. Yun Tianming paid no attention to Manager Qin, and he gazed at Yun Banqing instead, “Banqing, who’s this fellow?”

Yun Banqing spoke indifferently, “My friend!”

“Your friend?” Yun Tianming said, “It doesn’t look like it. He seems to really care about you!”

Yun Banqing replied, “That has nothing to do with you!”

“It doesn’t?” Yun Tianming’s eyes narrowed, “I’m your second brother, how can it have nothing to do with me?”

“Second brother?” Yun Banqing suddenly revealed a savage expression on her face, “You are worthy of being called my brother? Why don’t I tell everyone about how you wanted to act like an animal that day and let everyone know exactly what sort of animal the young master of the Yun Clan is?”

Yun Tianming gazed at Yun Banqing for a short while before he said, “Father is cultivating behind closed doors, so I give the orders in the Yun Clan. Thus….” When he spoke up to this point, a slight smile curled up on the corners of his mouth, “You mother and younger brother. Oh, he’s my younger brother as well. They are still alright now. But I don’t know what it’ll be like for them in the future!”

“You!” Yun Banqing gazed at him with shock, “What do you want?”

“What do I want?” He sized her up and smiled, “You know what I want, don’t you?”

Yun Banqing seemed like she’d been struck by lightning, and she took a few steps back and howled, “Even though we’re not from the same mother, I’m still your younger sister! We’re related by blood!”

“You’re naturally my younger sister!” Yun Tianming continued, “My good sister, big brother has something to discuss with you, so come to my room. You’ll definitely come. You’ll definitely come for your mother and younger brother’s sake, right?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he grinned, turned around, and walked away.

Yun Banqing was stunned on the spot. A short while passed before she started walking towards Yun Tianming.

“Wait!” Yang Ye suddenly stepped forward and gazed at Yun Banqing, “Miss Yun, even though the two of you were speaking very vaguely, but I understood it. You and that fellow have the same father but different mother, but that fellow wants you. Tsk, tsk…. I, Yang…. I, Ye Yang, have seen many perverts in my life, but it’s the first time I’m seeing one like him. My knowledge has really been widened.”

Yun Tianming suddenly turned around and walked over to Yang Ye. He looked Yang Ye in the eyes and said, “People should know their limitations! Trying to play the hero? Look at what sort of trash you are. Do you know what sort of trash you are? If you don’t, then let me tell you. You’re a piece of useless trash. Useless! Understand?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he laughed coldly and gazed at Yun Banqing who seemed to have lost her soul, “My patience is running thin! After all, I’ve waited too long for this day. So, I immediately came looking for you once father went into closed door cultivation. Now, come right now!”

Suddenly, Yang Ye turned to look at Qin Sanguan and said, “Fighting is prohibited on the shuttle?”

Qin Sanguan glanced at Yang Ye and was about to speak. But Yang Ye suddenly said, “No, I really can’t stop myself. Answer that question once I’m done!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye vanished on the spot.

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