Chapter 1227 – Even The Heavens Would Go Blind If She Opened Her Eyes!

Yang Ye immediately thought of the Nether Pavilion when he heard those words.

He turned to look at the woman in linen clothes, hesitated for a moment, and then started walking in her direction. He wanted to confirm if she was from the Nether Pavilion. Because of Nether Maiden and the others, he actually had a good impression of the Nether Pavilion.

The Nether Pavilion was a strange and mysterious power, so it wasn’t impossible for one of its hall masters to be here. After all, he still remembered what Nether Maiden had told him. Many of the Nether Pavilion’s hall masters weren’t in the Radiant Dimension, and even Nether Maiden hadn’t been there.

“What are you doing!?” Meanwhile, Yun Banqing suddenly obstructed Yang Ye’s path.

Yang Ye replied, “I have something to ask her….”

“Have you gone mad?” She said, “I guarantee that you’ll be killed before you even reach her!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

She replied, “Do you know the City Governor of Oceanview City, Li Chunfeng?”

Yang Ye told the truth, “I don’t!”

The corners of Yun Banqing’s eyes twitched slightly. She gazed at him for a short while, and when she noticed that Yang Ye didn’t seem to be lying, she said, “He’s an expert at the peak of the Emperor Realm. However, he’s very respectful to Blind Maiden, extremely respectful! Just that is enough to say a lot, isn’t it?”

Yang Ye said, “I’m just going to ask something….”

Yun Banqing spoke flatly, “Someone wanted to ask her something in the past, and another corpse was left in the ocean!”

Yang Ye asked, “She killed that person?”

Yun Banqing shook her head, “The experts of Oceanview City did it!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he looked up at Blind Maiden and started to send a voice transmission. However, it didn’t take long for Yang Ye’s eyes to narrow slightly because his voice transmission had vanished before it could even arrive 30m in front of her.

She’s not ordinary at all! Yang Ye gazed at her for a long time before he asked, “What’s she sitting there for?”

“I don’t know!” She gazed at Blind Maiden and said, “Supposedly, she has been sitting here for very long ago, and she only leaves after the nightfall. No one knows why she does that! However, there’s a song, but no one knows if it’s really about her….”

Yang Ye asked, “A song?”

Yun Banqing nodded and recited softly,

“Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. He trained hard all day and night, swearing to join Sword God’s palace.

“Childhood friends in love with each other.

“A thorn for a hairpin, a simple dress, and a pair of eyes that watched him year by year.

“As she sent him to the ferry, she said that she would wait a lifetime for him.

“He said that he wouldn’t disappoint her affection once he made a name for himself in Sword God’s Palace.

“18 years of waiting gained only a final letter in return.

“He said he’d love her in another life.

“Flowers bloomed and wilted, seasons passed for years.

“A 100 years of waiting turned her blind.


“Even the heavens would go blind when she opens her eyes….”

Yun Banqing lowered her head slightly once she finished reciting it, and no one knew what she was thinking.

Yang Ye fell silent for a short while and said, “She has been waiting for 100 years?”

Yun Banqing glanced at him and said, “100 years? Let me explain it like this. Oceanview City didn’t even exist when she started waiting here. No one knows exactly how long she has been waiting here. Of course, no one is able to confirm if that song is about her. However, she’s definitely not an ordinary person. So, it’s best if you don’t disturb her!”

Yang Ye shot a glance at Blind Maiden. She gave him a very strange feeling because he couldn’t sense her aura at all. If she was a cultivator, there should be at least some fluctuations of profound energy, but he didn’t sense anything from her. She felt like an ordinary person!

Of course, no one would think that she was ordinary. After all, would someone that made a peak Emperor act respectfully towards her be an ordinary person?

In Yang Ye’s opinion, he had a stronger desire to know if she was from the Nether Pavilion!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and was about to head over to ask her. However, Yun Banqing suddenly said, ‘The Imperial Oceanic Shuttle is here!”

Yang Ye looked over and saw a ship that was large like a mountain had appeared on the horizon. It was extremely swift and only took a moment to arrive before them.

Once it stopped at the coast, over a dozen walked out of it. The weakest amongst them was at the Quasi Emperor Realm, and there were 3 Emperors as well. But at this moment, all of them had quite unsightly expressions on their faces.

None of them spoke a single word, and they just quickly vanished from here once they left the ship.

Yun Banqing spoke abruptly, “Supposedly, over 800 went on the last trip to the ruins of Sword God’s Palace, but only a little over a dozen returned now…. Moreover, there had been over a dozen Emperors amongst them, yet only 3 have returned.”

Yang Ye glanced at Yun Banqing. She was at the Quasi Emperor Realm and couldn’t be considered to be weak, but she was absolutely not strong. It could be said that her chances of returning alive were very slim.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he said, “Actually, you can go there after attaining the Emperor Realm!”

Yun Banqing replied, “Why don’t you tell me to attain the Voider Realm before going?”

Yang Ye smiled, “It’s just a suggestion. I have no ill intent!”

She glanced at him and said, “Without resources, cultivating to the Emperor Realm in the outside world would take an endless amount of time. But if I head to Sword God Island, I might gain some fortuitous encounters that would change my life. Even if I gain no fortuitous encounters, just obtaining an Emperor Rank treasure or technique would be sufficient for me to utilize throughout my lifetime.”

Yang Ye glanced at the others here. Obviously, many of them were of the same mind as Yun Banqing. Indeed, just obtaining an Emperor Rank treasure was really sufficient for some to use throughout their lifetime. After all, it could be sold for at least over 10,000 violet crystals! Moreover, that was just the minimum price! Because Emperor Rank treasures were extremely rare on the continent now!”

Meanwhile, a voice resounded from the ship, “Those heading to Sword God Island, get on!”

It didn’t take long for everyone to walk up the ship. Yang Ye noticed that all of them paid a total of 1,000 violet crystals before ascending the ship.

1,000 a person!

Yang Ye was visibly moved. Even though 1,000 was very little, there were over 1,000 people here! So, just this trip alone would gather around a million violet crystals!

He’d thought that he was extremely rich, but now it would seem like….

Yun Banqing said, “Let’s go!”

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, paid 1,000 violet crystals, and ascended the ship with Yun Banqing.

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