Chapter 1225 – I Fought A Few Dozen Emperors On My Own?

Outside Doomsday City. Yang Ye gazed at it for a long time before he turned around and left.

The Sword Alliance was on the right course, and it had no powerful enemies left. So, he could do what he needed to do. This time, his objective was the ruins of the Sword God’s Palace.

Even though it was a forbidden area for sword cultivators, he still had to go there. He’d been in this world for almost a year now, and he didn’t have much time left. As for that expert who hated all the sword cultivators in the world, he couldn’t be bothered about that.

He wouldn’t head there flagrantly, of course. So long as his sword intent remained restrained and coupled with the concealment provided by his Sword Domain, it was very difficult for others to discover that he was a sword cultivator unless that person paid attention to him at all times. But he couldn’t use his sword. However, it didn’t affect him much. Presently, he could suppress an Emperor without any problem even if he didn’t use his sword!

Because he was a mid-rank Saint right now!

After consolidating his foundation for a few months, the potential harm from advancing too quickly in the past had been eliminated. Once that was done, he stopped suppressing his cultivation. So, he was a mid-rank Saint now. However, he didn’t try charging into the high-rank of the Saint Realm. In his opinion, it was best to allow his cultivation to advance naturally upon gaining sufficient accumulations!

He hadn’t been solely consolidating his foundation in these past few months. Besides that, he’d distributed some of his time to cultivate Point At The Heavens, Head Snatcher, Heavenrend, and Death by a Thought. Especially Point At The Heavens and Head Snatcher. He’d just learned them and wasn’t proficient in them, so he had to practice incessantly!

After a few months of practice, all of those sword techniques had clearly improved. Especially the Head Snatcher technique. Now, he really wanted to try snatching some heads!

This time, Yang Ye had changed into a different set of clothes. He’d always preferred green clothes but wore a luxurious embroidered robe instead. Besides that, he wasn’t holding a sword but a jade fan instead, and his gaze wasn’t sharp as it used to be while a faint smile hung on his face. Moreover, he frequently unfolded the fan and fanned a few times like he wanted to draw attention.

Needless to say, he really did give off the aura of a learned scholar!

Based on his current dressing, no one would think he was a sword cultivator. Even if Ye Liuyun and Nan Shuang saw him, they would probably think that they’d mistaken him for the real Yang Ye!

Yang Ye had gotten himself a horse, and he laid on his back and whistled a tune while he let the white horse carry him forward. Snowy was on his chest. She was lying on his chest while she gazed at Yang Ye with her watery eyes and blinked, and then she frequently rubbed her head against Yang Ye’s chin. Or she seized the moment he wasn’t paying attention to sneak a kiss on his chin. Every single time she finished kissing him, she would immediately lay there motionlessly with her eyes closed, as if she’d fallen asleep!

It was comfortable!

Indescribably comfortable!

That was what Yang Ye felt right now. He’d been too busy in the past few years. So, when he finally calmed down, didn’t fight, kill, or engage in deception just like this very moment. He really liked this feeling.

Suddenly, Snowy raised her head and glanced at Yang Ye, and then she moved forward carefully to kiss Yang Ye on the chin. But right when she was about to kiss his chin, Yang Ye had suddenly opened his eyes and gazed at her.

Snowy was stunned. She blinked, lowered her body slowly, and it didn’t take long for snoring to resound….

She was feigning sleep!

Yang Ye chuckled, took her in his hands, and kissed her. After that he patted the white horse beneath him, and it sped up and transformed into a ray of white light that dashed towards the distance.

Yang Ye was still holding Snowy while he laid there on the horse, and he was recalling everything Jian Xu had told him about the ruins of Sword God’s Palace.

The ruins of Sword God’s Palace was over 500,000km away from Doomsday City, on an island on Sword God Ocean. Sword God Ocean was renamed after Jian Wuji’s title. It was the largest ocean on Dark Hell Continent, and the headquarters of Sword God’s Palace was situated on an island at the center of the ocean, Sword God Island.

Even though it was called an island, its size was shocking. It was simply like a small continent. However, that small continent was extremely dangerous now. There was no need to mention how dangerous it was for sword cultivators because practically no sword cultivator dared to step foot into Sword God Ocean.

Besides sword cultivators, ordinary cultivators didn’t dare go there as well. Because the Sword God’s Palace had activated countless sword formations when it suffered the attack of a powerful enemy. Even though it was still destroyed in the end, many of the sword formations still existed. Those sword formations could even kill Emperors! Besides those sword formations, there were vengeful spirits there as well.

What were these vengeful spirits? They were the souls that numerous experts of the Sword God’s Palace had left behind all those years ago. When the Sword God’s Palace suffered calamity all those years ago, practically all the comparatively weaker disciples had been obliterated. However, while the physical bodies of those extremely formidable experts had been destroyed, the souls of many had survived. Those survival had transformed into vengeful spirits!

According to Jian Xu, it was very likely for vengeful spirits at the Voider Realm to exist there. It wouldn’t be very terrifying if it was just a vengeful spirit, it was terrifying because those vengeful spirits had seized the souls of many who’d entered the ruins of Sword God’s Palace. So, those past experts of the Sword God’s Palace had been able to survive through such means. Even though their strength would definitely decline tremendously upon seizing the body of another, they were still extremely strong existences to many Emperors!

However, they didn’t dare to leave Sword God’s Palace. Because any sword cultivator that tried to enter or leave Sword God’s Palace would definitely die!

Even though the ruins of Sword God’s Palace was so terrifying, many experts still headed there in succession because there were truly too many treasures there.

All those years ago, the Sword God’s Palace wasn’t just the strongest power on the continent, the title of strongest that it possessed even included the powers that were in seclusion from the world. It wasn’t like the World Devastator Cult that was only the strongest amongst the powers that existed out in the open on the continent. Besides being the strongest, the Sword God’s Palace was the wealthiest power. For example, while legendary techniques and precious treasures at the Void Rank were rare in Sword God’s Palace, but it had them…. But there were practically no Void Rank treasures throughout the continent!

Void Rank treasures were considered as rare even in Sword God’s Palace. However, Emperor Rank treasures weren’t rare. Even though they weren’t absolutely common, they were truly quite ordinary in Sword God’s Palace.

Especially the rumors which said that the Stellar Sword Diagram was there….

In the opinion of many experts, the treasures and Stellar Sword Diagram within the Sword God’s Palace were impossible to refuse!

Yang Ye was unable to refuse them as well!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, and his eyes narrowed slightly. He knew that obtaining the Stellar Sword Diagram wasn’t an easy task! Those past experts of the Sword God’s Palace weren’t a problem because the best amongst them only possessed Void Rank sword intent while he possessed Rebirth Realm sword intent. So, those vengeful spirits were nothing to fear. He was truly worried about that mysterious expert!

After all, it was an expert capable of destroying the Sword God’s Palace, so how terrifying was that expert’s strength?

If his identity as a sword cultivator was exposed and caused him to be targeted by that existence….

Suddenly, the white horse stopped moving. At the same time, a clear and melodious voice resounded from ahead, “You on the white horse, I have something to ask you!”

Yang Ye sat up and looked over. He saw 2 men and a woman not too far away ahead. The men were a little over 20, and they were both Quasi Emperors. The woman seemed to be around 16 or 17. She wore a tight fitting violet cress, had bright eyes, sparkling teeth, and snow white skin. Even though she was quite immature, she was definitely a future beauty.

It was the woman who’d spoken just now!

Yang Ye sized them up and was slightly surprised. Their natural talent was very good. Especially the woman, she’d attained the high-rank of the Saint Realm at such a young age. Moreover, based on her aura, she was just half a step away from the Quasi Emperor Realm.

Of course, just that wasn’t sufficient to make him feel shocked. He’d noticed that all 3 of them were actually sword cultivators, and they possessed Void Rank sword intent!

Where did these geniuses come from? Yang Ye grew even more curious.

“What are you looking at!” Meanwhile, the man on the woman’s left roared with fury when he saw Yang Ye staring at the woman.

Yang Ye smiled and was about to speak. But the woman suddenly glared at the man on her left, “Second Brother, what are you shouting for? If he’s staring at me, it means I’m beautiful!” She gazed at Yang Ye and continued, “Right?”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he sized her up and said, “Indeed!”

The corners of her mouth curled up slightly into a smile, and then she pointed at Snowy who was on Yang Ye’s shoulder, “Since I’m that beautiful, give it to me, alright?”

Snowy blinked, and then she hurriedly shook her head and wrapped her arms tightly around Yang Ye’s neck.

Yang Ye replied, “I’m sure you’ve noticed her reaction!”

“Hmph!” She grunted coldly and reluctantly removed her gaze from Snowy before looking at Yang Ye, “Let me ask you something. Do you know how to get to Doomsday City?”

“Doomsday City?” Yang Ye was slightly stunned, “You’re going to Doomsday City?”

She nodded, “Of course. Doomsday City is the place that all the sword cultivators in the world yearn to be at. We’re naturally going there!”

Yang Ye was quite puzzled, “The place that all the sword cultivators in the world yearn to be at?”

“The Master of the Sword Alliance in Doomsday City, Yang Ye, has attained sword intent above the Void Rank! Above the Void Rank! Since Senior Jian Wuji, he’s the only person on the continent to have achieved that!” As she spoke, she revealed an expression of admiration, “I heard he’s very young. I wonder if he’s handsome!”

Yang Ye spoke in a very serious manner, “He’s handsome, extremely handsome!”

Snowy glanced at Yang Ye, and then hurriedly nodded to display her agreement.

The woman’s eyes lit up, “Really?”

Yang Ye replied seriously, “I guarantee it on my own name!”

She sized him up and said, “Since you seem like a pretty good person, let me say a few things about you. Based on your dressing, you should be a profligate disciple. Let me tell you that’s bad. Saints are ants on the continent now, and it’s very easy for someone like you to be killed for the spirit energy within you!”

Yang Ye rubbed his nose and spoke softly, “Isn’t Yang Ye a Saint as well?”

“Can you even be compared to him?” The woman seemed like a little wild cat that had its tail stepped on. She glared angrily at Yang Ye, “Can you? Even though he’s just a Saint, he's the number one sword cultivator on the continent. Moreover, he once fought a few dozen Emperors on his own! Can you accomplish that?”

“A few dozen Emperors on his own?” Yang Ye blinked and said, “I don’t think something like that happened.”

He’d fought 10 Emperors on his own, but a few dozen….

“Who told you that?” She spoke angrily, “That’s what everyone says! Besides that, while he’s a little over 20 just like you and a Saint just like you, he can kill Emperors like dogs. Moreover, he's the leader of the strongest power on the continent. Can you even accomplish that?”

Yang Ye felt quite embarrassed from being admired like that. He hesitated for a moment and spoke humbly, “Actually… actually, he isn’t as outstanding as you think. He’s just an ordinary person, and he has many flaws. Seriously, you….”

“AHH!” She suddenly drew the sword on her waist and pointed it at Yang Ye before howling furiously, “You actually dared to insult my idol! Either you or I will die today!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she swung her sword, and a strand of sword energy formed an arc that slashed down towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was flabbergasted when he saw her attack!

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