Chapter 1223 – Blood! How Familiar!

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, rays of light flashed incessantly, and it didn’t take long for shrill cries to resound without end.

“Sword Master, spare me… spare me….”

“Sword Master, we realize our mistakes…. AH!!”

“AH!! Yang Ye! I curse you to die a horrible death! I curse a horrible death upon you! AHHH!!”

It didn’t take long for just a few dozen to be left here. All of them were members of the Souleater Mercs. Even though Yang Ye hadn’t killed them, their legs were trembling, and they couldn’t even stand properly.

However, they heaved sighs of relief, and it was the same for Ye Liuyun. Meanwhile, Yang Ye spoke once more, “I didn’t kill all of you because of Liuyun. She has rendered great service by managing the Sword Alliance well since it was established. All of you are her loved ones and brothers, so I don’t want to make her sad or feel disappointed. However, while you can avoid death, you can’t avoid punishment. From this moment onward, all of you are no longer members of the Sword Alliance. I don’t want to see all of you in Doomsday City again. If I do, then trust me, it’ll definitely be the last time!”

They heaved sighs of relief in their hearts because their lives were safe. However, they hurriedly looked at Ye Liuyun because they hoped that she would speak on their behalf and allow them to stay in the Sword Alliance.

The benefits given to the members of the Sword Alliance was something that even the disciples of other powers couldn’t compare to. Once they left, they would lose everything. They would have to return to those days of wandering through the world. Most importantly, once they lost the Sword Alliance’s protection, they might die at any moment while wandering the world.

Ye Liuyun glanced at the members of the Souleater Mercs, and then she shook her head. Because this was the best outcome. If she did try to beg on their behalf, then she would be pushing it.

Their expressions instantly became unsightly when they saw Ye Liuyun shake her head.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly turned around and gazed at Dugu Jian, Qin Zhuyao, and the others, “There are more traitors in the city. Deal with all of them. As I said, kill all of them.”

Dugu Jian and Qin Zhuyao nodded before leading the group away.

Jian Xu said, “Since you’re fine, then we old fellows can rest at ease. Go ahead and deal with the matters here. We old fellows aren’t interested in all of this nor are we able to deal with it!” As soon as he finished speaking, Jian Xu and the others left the hall as well.

Nan Shuang and the members of the Souleater Mercs left the hall right after, and only Yang Ye and Ye Liuyun remained here.

Yang Ye asked, “Do you hate me for driving them out?”

She shook her head, “They should have been killed.” As soon as she finished speaking, she hesitated for a moment and said, “Actually… actually…. You shouldn’t have killed those fellows!”

Yang Ye asked, “Why?”

Ye Liuyun replied, “The Sword Alliance’s losses will be severe. Because there were definitely many who participated in it this time. Killing them all will make the Sword Alliance’s strength fall greatly. I think that just killing the main culprits is sufficient.”

Yang Ye replied, “You’re right, the Sword Alliance will definitely lose 60 or 70% of its Quasi Emperors during this clean up. As for those below the Quasi Emperor Realm, it would probably be even more. I understand that, but I still chose to kill them!”

Ye Liuyun looked up at Yang Ye and said, “Why?”

He answered, “They are actually like tumors growing on you. It would really hurt to cut them off but leaving them there might bring even greater harm to our entire body. I don’t want the Sword Alliance to have such tumors!”

Ye Liuyun remained silent for a long time before she spoke, “They were very foolish.” She was a smart person and understood it all. Actually, the Sword Alliance was only truly the Sword Alliance while Yang Ye was present, and only then was it strong. No matter how great her reputation and prestige were in the Sword Alliance, if Yang Ye was gone, then even becoming the true master of the Sword Alliance was meaningless.

Why? Because the true experts of the Sword Alliance would leave once Yang Ye was gone. Once those experts leave, the Sword Alliance would only be left with a bunch of weaklings!

“Greed clouds the heart!” Yang Ye continued, “They thought that I wouldn’t be coming back and were deeply afraid that someone would take possession of the Sword Alliance, so they acted impatiently. Actually, I really wanted to show mercy. But when I thought of the fate that Nan Shuang and the others who refuse to become traitors would face if I didn’t return, I couldn’t show mercy anymore.”

“I understand!” Ye Liuyun replied. She naturally understood the true reason they wanted her to be the master of the Sword Alliance. They just wanted to use her to temporarily stabilize the situation in the city. Once that was done, the power and authority they gained would be perfectly justifiable. At that time, the 1st person they killed would be her.

Yang Ye said, “After this incident, I believe that the Sword Alliance will be much more united than ever before.” As he spoke, he sized her up and said, “Your strength is still too weak. You have to find a way to advance into the Emperor Realm!”

“I don’t have time to cultivate!” Ye Liuyun lowered her head slightly. She was managing all the internal affairs of the Sword Alliance. It could be said that she was the busiest person in the city.

“I’m sorry!” said Yang Ye. Even though he was the one who’d established the Sword Alliance, he’d practically left all management of the Sword Alliance to her. It could be said that if he didn’t have her to do all of that, one could only imagine how the Sword Alliance would be right now. After all, besides one’s strength, one needed managerial ability to manage a power. But he didn’t possess such ability, and the others within the Sword Alliance didn’t as well.

“This is my choice!” Ye Liuyun grinned, “Just as I said before, I prefer such a life more than how I used to live.”

Yang Ye nodded and flicked a golden fruit to her, “That’s a Fruit of Creation. I don’t know if it can help you advance to the Emperor Realm, but it’ll still be very beneficial to you even if it can’t.”

Ye Liuyun glanced at it and didn’t refuse it. She put it away and said, “I’ll consider it part of my wages!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “Does our Sword Alliance have an Assignment Hall now? A place specially established to accept assignments?”

She nodded, “It has already started to take shape!”

Yang Ye nodded and flicked a spatial ring over to her, “There are 2 Quasi Emperor Rank treasures and various other items in there. I have no use for them. Choose what you want and keep anything that’s suitable for you. If there isn’t anything you need, then place them at the Assignment Hall. In short, make arrangements for them!”

She glanced at him and said, “That old man is dead, right?”

Yang Ye nodded slightly.

She didn’t inquire further and put the spatial ring away, “Then I’ll be leaving!”

Yang Ye replied, “Alright!”

Ye Liuyun bowed slightly to Yang Ye and left. Right when she was about to leave the hall, Yang Ye’s voice suddenly came from behind her, “Even though we’ve left Cloudfall City, it’s still a place that we once called our base. So send someone to manage that place. Right, you can send anyone!”

Her figure stiffened, and a long time passed before she took a deep breath and said, “Thank you!” Ye Liuyun walked out of the hall once she finished speaking. The gloominess on her face had vanished, and she had a smile of happiness on her face.

Yang Ye revealed a smile as he watched her vanish into the distance. After that, he waved his right hand and 8 corpses appeared before him. 7 of them were the corpses of Emperors and the last was the Head Snatcher who was just a Quasi Emperor. Yang Ye was just about to start refining them when his gaze suddenly descended onto the Head Snatcher’s chest. There was some tiny blood red writing there.

He pressed his index and middle fingers together before waving it across the center of the Head Snatcher’s shirt, causing it to be instantly sliced open. The Head Snatcher’s chest was actually covered in tiny blood red words.

Yang Ye frowned as he gazed at the words, “The Head Snatcher technique? The Void Rank….” He hadn’t expected that such a technique would be inscribed on the Head Snatcher’s body. Moreover, it was a Void Rank technique! After all, Void Rank techniques weren’t Emperor Rank techniques. Even he hadn’t seen many techniques like this.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a long time, and his gaze descended onto those words when he thought about how his throat had almost been slit open earlier. That technique was very strange, extremely strange, and even he had almost lost his head during the battle. He didn’t mind learning such a strange and mysterious method of attack.

Yang Ye’s face turned solemn as he looked through it. Because he noticed that it was very terrifying. It stressed upon control of the enemy’s blood to launch an attack from within the enemy. Controlling another’s blood would catch that person off guard. Because very few would be paying attention to the situation within their body and suppress their own blood at all times while they fought. Just like what had happened to him. If the tiny vortex hadn’t acted and suppressed his blood, his throat might have been split open!

The reason the Head Snatcher could kill Emperors was actually this technique!

Yang Ye noticed that if it was cultivated to its limits, then it wasn’t just capable of snatching the enemy’s head, it could even detonate the blood within the enemy’s body! Of course, it was better to use it to snatch an enemy’s head! Why? Because it was blood and brutal!

“Not bad!” A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. After he committed the technique to memory, he started to refine them. Even though the Sword Alliance had Jian Xu and the others, and it had 7 Emperors now, would anyone complain about having too many Emperors?

Refining 7 Emperors and the Head Snatcher in one go was difficult, but it wasn’t a huge problem for him now.

2 days later, once he finished refining all the corpses, he had a total of 11 Emperor Realm Sword Servants when the other Sword Servants that survived the battle were included! Coupled with Jian Xu’s group, the Sword Alliance had 18 Emperors now!

Once he finished refining the Sword Servants, Yang Ye started to cultivate the Head Snatcher technique.

The Head Snatcher technique was much simpler than Yang Ye had imagined. Because it had a requirement that was extremely harsh to others yet was absolutely simple to him. It required one to sense the blood within the enemy.

Blood was too familiar to him!

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