Chapter 1103 – Godslaughter!

Even though he had a good impression of Ye Miaozhu, Yang Ye wasn’t interested in interfering with the enmity between Apex City and the Evil Faction. He had a huge number of enemies already, and he would really be courting death by adding the Evil Faction to the list. That was why he’d had the intent to leave earlier, but he hadn’t expected that the old man would actually want to kill him to keep him quiet!

Now, he had no choice but to interfere.

In Yang Ye’s opinion, he tried his best not to cause trouble, but if others insisted on looking for trouble with him, then he wouldn’t hold back at all.

His attitude towards life was to never shrink back and fight if he wasn’t pleased! What if he couldn’t defeat his enemy? Then flee!

The enemy was a Quasi Emperor, so he hadn’t help back when he attacked.

Because they were very close and coupled with the fact that Yang Ye had launched a sudden attack, Yang Ye’s sword energy had arrived in front of the old man when the old man had just recovered from his shock.


A resounding explosion erupted in the sky, and then the Cloud Shuttle shook violently and started to sway from left to right.

In the blink of an eye, the sky returned to calm once more.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye and Ye Miaozhu’s figures had vanished from the Cloud Shuttle.

“I made a mistake in my judgement this time!” The emaciated old man’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he transformed into a black ray of light that vanished into the horizon.

Yang Ye had naturally fled. He hadn’t fought a Quasi Emperor in the past, but he knew that unless he used all his trump cards like using his intent and laws with the Brink Laws or the ultimate version of Death by a Thought, it would be utterly impossible to defeat the old man. But once he utilized those trump cards, it would be equivalent to putting his life on the line.

At this moment, he had no intention to risk his life against the old man.

Yang Ye had taken Ye Miaozhu along with him as he fled. She was heavily injured, so it was impossible for her to be a match for the old man. Once he was done with her, the old man would definitely come for him. So, he took her with him. After all, based on her identity, she would have definitely sought assistance from Apex City. Perhaps the experts of Apex City were already on the way.

Sure enough, Ye Miaozhu who was held by the waist in Yang Ye’s arms said, “Hold on for 15 minutes. The forces of my Apex City are on the way. It’ll take 15 minutes at most for them to get here!”

“15 minutes?” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Are you sure they’ll be able to locate you accurately?”

Ye Miaozhu replied, “Yes!”

Yang Ye nodded lightly, “Alright!”

As he spoke, he placed her on his back, and then the sword wings swiftly unfolded behind him. Yang Ye’s speed suddenly rose explosively under the assistance of the sword wings, and he transformed into a speck of light that vanished into the horizon. That wasn’t the end of it, Yang Ye had even activated the Laws of Speed!

With both the sword wings and Laws of Speed enhancing his speed, Yang Ye’s speed had arrived at an extremely terrifying level. The space in his wake instantly cracked apart before shattering into pieces, and because he was too fast, fine cracks had even started to appear slowly throughout his body.

Yang Ye didn’t dare to utilize his physical strength to increase his speed further. Because if he did that, then the old man wouldn’t have to catch up to him before he would cripple himself!

His current speed was at the limits of his body’s endurance!

Ye Miaozhu suddenly said, “He’s getting closer!”

Yang Ye asked, “How strong is the Evil Faction?”

Ye Miaozhu pondered deeply for a short moment and said, “Very strong!”

Yang Ye asked, “How strong is very strong?”

Ye Miaozhu replied, “Have you heard of the Nether Pavilion?”

Yang Ye answered, “I have!”

She said, “They dare to go against the Nether Pavilion!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. A short while passed before he laughed bitterly and thought to himself, Old man Xiao, you can’t blame me for this. I really didn’t cause trouble this time, it was they who came to look for trouble with me.

After all, if Dean Xiao found out that Yang Ye had offended the Evil Faction, then one could only imagine how furious he would be.

Ye Miaozhu spoke softly, “I’m sorry for dragging you into this!”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I brought it onto myself.” He added, “How strong is that old geezer?”

“A senior Quasi Emperor!” Ye Miaozhu spoke solemnly, “Your cultivation is too low, so you’re no match for him! You just have to delay him for 15 minutes, and then we’ll be safe.”

Yang Ye said, “I can sense that he’s growing closer. It won’t even take 15 minutes, he’ll catch up to us in 100 breaths of time at most!

“Then put me down!” Ye Miaozhu said, “I should be able to keep him busy for a short while.”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, “Are you joking?”

“Of course not!” Ye Miaozhu continued, “I dragged you into this, and I feel sorry for that. So, how can I make you go down with me? Based on your strength and speed, if you flee on your own, then you have a very good chance of staying alive until the experts of my Apex City arrive.”

“I’m really quite tempted by that!” Yang Ye shook his head, “Unfortunately, it’s too late now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye stopped fleeing because the emaciated old man was standing not too far ahead of them.

The old man’s gaze descended onto Yang Ye, and he said, “You’re a sword cultivator from Apex City, right? What a failure in judgement. Needless to say, the sword cultivators of your Apex City really are not bad. Not to mention Ye Langxie, just that little girl’s attainments in the Sword Dao are absolutely formidable. Even I almost suffered an injury by accident. As for you, a tiny little Half-Saint actually possessed such attainments in the Sword Dao. That’s very rare as well.”

Yang Ye sighed softly, “I cultivated in Apex City for a few dozen years, and I finally left Apex City recently. I thought that I would have no need to fear anyone below the Emperor Realm. But after I met Senior, I realized that this world isn’t as I imagined. Just like this very moment. I feel like I’m stuck in quicksand and am absolutely powerless.”

He naturally wasn’t foolish enough to tell the old man that he was from White Deer Academy. White Deer Academy couldn’t endure another battle, so being considered as a member of Apex City was exactly what he wanted.

Ye Miaozhu glanced at Yang Ye but remained silent.

There was a trace of interest in the old man’s eyes when he heard Yang Ye, “You know your limits well. Even though your strength isn’t bad, you really can’t fight back against me. However, your speed is really not bad. I’m afraid that very few at the same realm of cultivation would be able to compare to you!”

Yang Ye sighed, “Unfortunately, all of that is useless before Senior!”

“Even though I know that you’re buying time, I have to say that I don’t really want to kill you. Unfortunately, I have no other choice. It’s related to the grand plans of my Evil Faction, so you can’t be allowed to live!” The emaciated old man was about to attack once he finished speaking.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Wait!”

The old man asked, “What?”

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and his face was covered in resolve, “Senior, I cultivated for a few dozen years in Apex City, and I cultivated a sword technique for over 10 years. It’s called Godslaughter. It’s said to even be capable of killing Emperors in an instant! Since I started cultivating it until now, I’ve never executed it in battle. Now that I’ve met Senior, I know that my time is over, but I hope that Senior will be able to give me a chance, a chance to execute Godslaughter. In that way, I’ll be able to die without regrets.”

“Godslaughter?” The old man was slightly stunned, and then he gazed at Ye Miaozhu, “Does your Apex City have such a sword technique? It can even kill Emperors in an instant?”

Ye Miaozhu was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly pinched her butt. Ye Miaozhu’s face instantly flushed red. She nodded, and then lowered her head to gaze at Yang Ye while a trace of embarrassment and anger could be seen in her eyes.

The old man gazed at Yang Ye once he saw Ye Miaozhu nod, “Even Emperors can be killed in an instant. Now that you’ve said that, I’m really quite curious. Alright, execute it. Let me see if this Godslaughter you speak of is really that strong.”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Senior, it might kill you in an instant. Are you really willing to let me execute it?”

“What a joke!” The old man laughed with ridicule, “Kill me in an instant? Not to mention a mere Half-Saint like you, even a Quasi Emperor can only dream of killing me, Ku Rong, in an instant. Go on. Feel free to attack. Let me see how great you are.”

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then an intent sword condensed in his grasp. His Void Rank sword intent surged out explosively, and the space around him instantly started to ripple. It was an absolutely shocking sight.

After that, Yang Ye took a step forward, and the intent sword in his grasp shook violently.


A sword howl pierced the sky.

In next to no time, countless rays of light appeared around Yang Ye. Under the effects of his Void Rank sword intent, all of these rays of sword energy emanated ear piercing sword howls without end. However, with Ku Rong’s discerning ability, he was naturally able to instantly discern that most of those rays of sword energy were just after images, and there were only 2 that were real.

Meanwhile, an ancient sheath appeared in Yang Ye’s left grasp, and he sheathed the intent sword within it.

As soon as his sword was sheathed, Yang Ye’s aura instantly became extremely fierce and sharp, and it seemed like it could even pierce a hole through the sky.

Ku Rong’s eyes narrowed slightly when he witnessed this scene, and there was a trace of seriousness in them. At the same time, his profound energy started to circulate. In an instant, countless white barriers of energy appeared above his skin. If one looked carefully, one would notice that there were at least 100 of these barriers overlapped on each other. Besides that, he’d slowly clenched his right fist, and a dazzling ray of cold light flickered on his fist.

As a Quasi Emperor, he could be said to have experienced countless battles. So, he would naturally not do something like underestimating his opponent. After all, countless people had died from their carelessness.

“God… slaughter….” As soon as Yang Ye’s voice resounded, Ku Rong’s expression changed slightly, and then he stretched his right hand forward. The entire expanse of space before him instantly became ethereal. However, Yang Ye suddenly transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the horizon.

He’d fled!

Ku Rong was stunned when he witnessed this scene, and then his face immediately became gloomy.

He’d actually been tricked!

Ku Rong relaxed his right fist, and he dispersed the defensive barriers around himself before intending to pursue Yang Ye.

However, a ray of light suddenly appeared in the sky. Ku Rong’s pupils constricted when he saw it, and it only took an instant for a sword to stab against the center of his forehead!

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