Chapter 1102 – I Think You Should Die Instead!

“Thank you!” Bai Xiangyao spoke abruptly while they traveled to the Cloud Shuttle.

“For what?” Yang Ye gazed at her with slight bewilderment.

Bai Xiangyao spoke softly, “Thank you for not killing her. I would have to face a huge amount of trouble if you killed her in my branch.”

Yang Ye replied, “I’m not a maniac. Right, who was that Young Miss Ye. It looked like Li Xueqing and the old man were extremely afraid of her, and they didn’t even dare to make a sound after she killed one of them.”

Bai Xiangyao shook her head slightly, “She’s no ordinary person. Not to mention killing one of them, nothing would happen to her even if she killed all of them. Li Xueqing was pampered and spoiled from a young age, and she can be considered to have caused a huge amount of trouble this time. I presume that she won’t be able to leave her home for a long time once she returns after this.”

Yang Ye was quite curious, “What is that Young Miss Ye’s background?”

Bai Xiangyao spoke solemnly, “She’s from Apex City!”

Yang Ye spoke honestly, “I’ve never heard of it!”

The corners of Bai Xiangyao’s mouth twitched, and a short while passed before she laughed bitterly, “Don’t say that to anyone or you’ll be laughed at for being ignorant. Apex City is ranked at the 3rd place amongst all the cities throughout the Central Divine Prefecture, and it’s extremely famous. Apex City isn’t a Diamond Rank power, but many Diamond Rank powers dare not offend it. Especially the current City Governor, Ye Langxie. He’s called the number one sword in the Central Divine Prefecture, and he’s ranked at the 10th position on the Martial Rankings!”

“The 10th!” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. The top 10 was quite terrifying. After all, Feng Qingyi was extremely strong, but he was only ranked at the 21st. So, Yang Ye could imagine how terrifying Ye Langxie who was ranked at the 10th would be.

Bai Xiangyao nodded, “Besides a few Diamond Rank powers, there are very few powers that dare to offend Apex City. As for daring to go against it, there are even fewer. Because not to mention anything else, just Ye Langxie alone is sufficient to be a huge headache for many powers. Unless an Emperor descends here, no one is capable of doing anything about an existence like him!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “What’s Ye Miaozhu’s connection to Ye Langxie?”

“She’s his younger sister!” Bai Xiangyao continued, “She’s a very kind and gentle person, and her reputation in the prefecture is extremely good. Moreover, she’s extremely strong as well. But no one knows how strong she is. Because she rarely gets angry and coupled with the fact that no one dares to offend her, her true strength has always been a mystery.”

Yang Ye asked, “She isn’t ranked on the Martial Rankings?”

Bai Xiangyao shook her head, “She isn't. However, it isn’t because of her strength. It wouldn’t be a problem for her to ascend the Martial Rankings with the strength she possesses. As for why she hasn’t, perhaps it’s because of her character.”

Bai Xiangyao suddenly stopped and said, “We’re here!”

Yang Ye looked up and saw a huge Cloud Shuttle not too far away from them.

Both of them got on the Cloud Shuttle and met Ye Miaozhu. The latter glanced at Yang Ye, and then shot a puzzled gaze at Bai Xiangyao.

Bai Xiangyao said, “Young Miss Ye, Young Master Ye intends to head to Thousand Crane Dimension. You just happen to be passing by Thousand Crane Dimension on the way back to Apex City. So….”

Ye Miaozhu nodded lightly, “No problem!”

Bai Xiangyao grinned, and then she glanced at both Yang Ye and Ye Miaozhu, “Take care!” She turned around and left once she finished speaking.

It didn’t take long for the Cloud Shuttle to depart.

On the deck.

Ye Miaozhu suddenly asked, “You’re a sword cultivator?”

Yang Ye nodded.

She asked another question, “You’ve attained Void Rank sword intent?”

Yang Ye nodded again and said, “Your sword intent should have attained the Void Rank as well, right?”

She nodded lightly, and then glanced at him, “I rarely see sword cultivators outside Apex City. Want to have a spar?”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and said, “This doesn’t seem to be a suitable place!”

Ye Miaozhu said, “There’s no need for a battle.”

He looked ahead and continued, “Feel that? The Cloud Shuttle is speeding up. It won’t take long for its speed to arrive at an extremely terrifying level. At that time, even a high-rank Saint might be torn into bits without the protection provided by the rooms here.”

Yang Ye said, “Go on!”

She lightly combed the hair by her ear and spoke softly, “Let’s see who’ll be the first one to be unable to endure it, alright?”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “Alright!”

She nodded lightly and didn’t speak further.

Yang Ye didn’t speak as well, and they both looked ahead. The Cloud Shuttle was growing faster and faster, and its speed had surpassed the peak of a Half-Saint. The powerful wind pressure striking against them already started to make them feel slightly uncomfortable.

Another while passed, and the wind was like countless sharp blades that were ceaselessly cutting their bodies.

At least that was what they felt right now.

Meanwhile, a strand of sword intent suddenly surged out from within Ye Miaozhu, and then it instantly formed an invisible barrier in front of her. In an instant, she returned to normal, but the space before started to ripple strangely.

On the other hand, Yang Ye didn’t do anything. He just allowed his body to be struck by the high speed wind around him. Even though the Cloud Shuttle was very fast, it wasn’t fast enough to tear open his body. Unless it attained a speed similar to when he executed Death by a Thought with his full strength, otherwise it was impossible for his body to be torn apart.

But the Cloud Shuttle’s current speed was far from attaining such speed!

Yang Ye gradually felt his body become hot, and it felt like something was trying to tear it apart. However, such speed was far from sufficient to actually tear his body apart.

Ye Miaozhu had her hands behind her back while her eyes were closed. She seemed like she was in a meditative state. The friction created from moving at high speeds seemed to not affect her at all.

Unlike Yang Ye, she was using her sword intent to resist it, and Yang Ye was using his body!

Time passed by slowly, and the Cloud Shuttle’s speed gradually arrived at its limits.

At this moment, there actually were threads of flames on Yang Ye’s body. Presently, he didn’t just feel a slight feeling of something trying to tear his body apart, it hurt instead. It was like he was being minced into pieces. Moreover, the bones through his entire body had started to make cracking noises.

Ye Miaozhu was still calm as before. But the space around her had started to ripple like tidal waves.

A long time passed before the Cloud Shuttle started to gradually slow down.

Meanwhile, Ye Miaozhu suddenly opened her eyes and gazed at Yang Ye, “Your body is at the Divine Fortitude Realm!”

Yang Ye didn’t try to conceal it and nodded.

“How surprising!” Ye Miaozhu said, “As a sword cultivator, your body has actually arrived at the Divine Fortitude Realm. If someone didn’t know you were a sword cultivator, they would definitely think you are a body cultivator!”

Yang Ye replied, “To be honest, I thought you were a weak woman when I first met you. Because I didn’t sense even the slightest fluctuation of profound energy from you, and I didn’t sense a trace of sword intent as well.”

Ye Miaozhu grinned, “I wanted to witness your cultivation in the Sword Dao, but you didn’t utilize your sword intent.”

“Let’s have a spar if we have a chance in the future!” Yang Ye continued, “I rarely meet formidable sword cultivators. Especially sword cultivators in the younger generation. You’re actually the first I’ve ever met.”

Sparring with sword cultivators, and especially formidable sword cultivators was extremely beneficial to the improvement of his own Sword Dao. Even though everyone used the sword, every person had a different Dao of the Sword. If they could spar and learn from each other, then it would definitely be beneficial to both of them. Unfortunately, it wasn’t suitable to do that now, and he didn’t have the time as well!

Ye Miaozhu smiled, “Come to Apex City and you’ll meet many!”

Yang Ye replied, “I’ll definitely go have a look if I have the time!”

Suddenly, Yang Ye and Ye Miaozhu’s expressions changed, and they simultaneously turned around to look towards the distance. A black spot was rushing towards them from the horizon. It took less than a breath of time for a black robed and emaciated old man to appear before them.

A Quasi Emperor! Ye Miaozhu’s face fell.

Yang Ye glanced at the old man, and then he glanced at Ye Miaozhu. Obviously, she was the old man’s target because he didn’t recognize the old man at all.

The old man’s gaze descended onto Ye Miaozhu, and he said, “Your Void Flash Sword Technique really is formidable. You were even able to shake me off. Unfortunately, you’re heavily injured now, so I presume you’re unable to execute it again. Now, are you going to come willingly with me, or should I take you by force?”

She’s heavily injured! Yang Ye’s pupils constricted as he turned around to gaze at Ye Miaozhu, and there was a trace of shock in his eyes. He hadn’t expected that she was actually heavily injured!

Just thinking about it was terrifying!

Ye Miaozhu gazed at the old man and said, “How did your Evil Faction locate my whereabouts?”

The Evil Faction!

Yang Ye gazed at the old man. He’s actually from the Evil Faction. He didn’t know much about the Evil Faction, but based on what he’d heard in the past, it was an extremely terrifying power.

“You don’t need to know that.” The old man continued, “Don’t worry. My Evil Faction won’t kill you. We just need your older brother to help us do something. Of course, if he refuses…. Haha! I believe that so long as you’re in our hands, then he will definitely not refuse, and he wouldn’t dare to refuse either!”

Ye Miaozhu fell silent for a short while, and then she said, “Allow this friend of mine to leave, and then I’ll go with you!”

“That won’t do!” The old man shook his head slightly, “I can’t let Apex City know that you’ve fallen into the hands of my Evil Faction for now! So, he must die!”

“I think you should die instead!” Suddenly, Yang Ye’s voice resounded, and then he swiftly drew his sword!

A sword howl resounded as a ray of sword energy tore through the sky, and it shot towards the old man.

It was 100 overlapped Heavenrends!

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