Chapter 1006 – Otherwise What?

As soon as the woman spoke, a shocking scene appeared.

Yang Ye’s decomposing body actually started to heal. Even though it was quite slow, he was recovering! First, his face started to slowly return to normal. Next, his arm appeared slowly as well.

Meanwhile, Oblivion Maiden who laid by Yang Ye’s side was recovering as well. Her aged and withered body seemed like a withered tree that had gained new life, and she was slowly returning to normal!

A long time passed before both Yang Ye and Oblivion Maiden returned to normal.

Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes, and he saw a familiar scene — linen clothes, bare feet, and a body which had a black chain coiled around it.

“It’s you!” said Yang Ye. Even though the person had her back towards him, how could he not recognize the person who stood before him?

Because she was Nether Maiden who he knew on Profounder Continent!

Quite some time passed before Nether Maiden spoke, “Long time no see!”

Yang Ye stood up and walked towards her. Meanwhile, Nether Maiden suddenly said, “Don’t come over here!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and he was puzzled, “Why?”

She fell silent for a long time before she said, “I don’t want you to see how I look right now!”

A bad feeling arose in Yang Ye’s heart. His figure flashed over and appeared before Nether Maiden. He was stunned upon laying eyes on her. She’s Nether maiden?

At this moment, Nether Maiden seemed like how Oblivion Maiden had been before this. Besides her eyes that were still sharp and full of spirit as they had been, her face had aged like an old woman who was about to enter the coffin!

Nether Maiden asked, “Do I look very ugly?”

“You….” Yang Ye was astounded, “What happened to you?”

“We were the cause!” Suddenly, Oblivion Maiden said, “She hasn’t fully grasped the ability to reverse the future, but she forcefully utilized it for the sake of reversing the energy of your Laws and my special ability. The price she paid for that was her lifespan. Now, she has less than a year left to live. She’ll perish if she can’t attain the Saint Realm in a year!”

When she spoke up to this point, Oblivion Maiden walked over to Nether Maiden, and she looked Nether Maiden in the eyes, “I don’t understand why you did this!”

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted, and he gazed at Nether Maiden and said, “Is she telling the truth?”

Nether Maiden fell silent for a long time before she said, “It isn’t so difficult to attain the Saint Realm.” She gazed at Oblivion Maiden and continued, “I have something to discuss with him in private. So, leave for a while, alright?”

Oblivion Maiden said, “The order I received is to kill him!”

Nether Maiden looked Oblivion Maiden in the eyes and said, “Killing you is absolutely easy if we join forces!”

Oblivion Maiden’s eyelids twitched slightly, “You… you dare to betray the Nether Pavilion?”

Nether Maiden replied, “Yang Ye is an insignificant existence to the Nether Pavilion. The Sect Master and those other 2 seniors haven’t taken his existence seriously at all. The reason they sent you was merely to deter the cultivators of Pine Prefecture. So long as you head back and report that the assignment is complete, then this matter will be forgotten, right?”

Oblivion Maiden said, “Why would I do that?”

“If you don’t, then you and that fox in your arms will die!” Nether Maiden stared fixedly at Oblivion Maiden, and she didn’t conceal the killing intent in her eyes.

“Don’t you dare!” Oblivion Maiden held tightly onto the fox, and killing intent surged into her eyes as well.

Nether Maiden said, “Do you want to give it a try?”

Oblivion Maiden and Nether Maiden stared at each other for a long time. In the end, Oblivion Maiden withdrew her gaze and said, “You saved my life, so I owe you. Now, I don’t owe you anymore.” As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and left. It didn’t take long for her to vanish from their fields of vision.

After Oblivion Maiden left, Yang Ye was about to speak but Nether Maiden suddenly gazed at him, “Do you think that you’re very strong?”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

Nether Maiden just stared at Yang Ye without blinking, and she said, “Do you know what you are to the Nether Pavilion? You’re an ant, a true ant! If they want to kill you, then even the joint forces of all the powers throughout Pine Prefecture won’t be able to save you!”

Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, “Then are you saying that only they can do the killing, and I can’t fight back?”

Nether Maiden glanced at him with slight disappointment, “I’d thought that your character would change upon arriving at the Radiant Dimension, but you’re still the same. Let me ask you what would happen to you if I didn’t come here today? You would die! Even if you killed Oblivion Maiden, you would die as well! Because once you kill her, then the Nether Pavilion will definitely be shocked. At that time, they’ll dispatch experts that you can’t resist at all! You’re very strong in the eyes of many right now, but you’re similarly very weak in the eyes of many. Understand?”

When she spoke up to this point, Nether Maiden closed her eyes, “Yang Ye, even if you refuse to do it for yourself, you still have to think for the sake of your women. What would happen to them if you died?”

Yang Ye clenched his fists and remained silent!

Nether Maiden continued, “You can act as you please, but it must be done on the foundation of absolute strength. You can kill members of the Nether Pavilion as well, but why did you have to do it openly? Do you realize that if you did it in the Central Divine Prefecture, then you would have died a hundred times by now? It wouldn’t just be you who died, everyone else close to you would be implicated and killed because of you!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “I was impulsive, and I underestimated the geniuses and powers of the Central Divine Prefecture. Don’t worry, I won’t do it again!”

Nether Maiden glanced at him and spoke softly, “This is the Radiant Dimension, and it’s completely different from Profounder Continent. There aren’t just countless Saints here, there are even existences above the Saint Realm. Besides that, there are numerous guests from outside this world. We’re just a drop in the universe, and there are too many who are more outstanding and stronger than us. You absolutely can’t kill members of the Nether Pavilion in public. Because it might bring a calamity down upon you, and it’ll even cause the deaths of many people who you care about!”

“I’m still too weak!” Yang Ye clenched his fists slowly. He knew that Nether Maiden wasn’t wrong at all. He had no knowledge of the Nether Pavilion’s true strength, but someone it sent just like that was so formidable. So, it was obvious how terrifying the Nether Pavilion’s true strength was!

Just as Nether Maiden had said, if they really did dispatch an extraordinary expert for him, then what would he do? What would the academy, the sword school, Yu Wushuang, and the others do then?

Not to mention an extraordinary expert, the consequences would have been unimaginable if Nether Maiden hadn’t rushed over here today. Even then, he’d made Nether Maiden pay such a heavy price!

“The Radiant Dimension is a unique place. It doesn’t just house the extraordinary geniuses from countless lower dimensions, there are the extraordinary geniuses of the Radiant Dimension itself and visitors from outer space. They are from various different worlds and even stellar regions. Every single one of them is a genius. There’s no such thing as the strongest in the Radiant Dimension because there’s always someone stronger! Even an existence as strong as the Nether Pavilion doesn’t dare to act as it pleases in the Central Divine Prefecture!” Nether Maiden continued, “Yet you have no backing or strength. So, if you still maintain such a character when you head to the Central Divine Prefecture, then you’ll drag down everyone you know!”

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time before he said, “No matter what, I have to thank you for your help this time. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful from now on.”

She glanced at him, pondered deeply for a moment, and then said, “Lu Yuanhao is at the Central Divine Prefecture. That man from the Lu Clan who came looking for you before this should have been sent here by him. Even though Lu Yuanhao is only the patriarch of a branch family in the Lu Can, you can’t underestimate him at all. The Lu Clan is one of the 4 great clans of the Central Divine Prefecture, and their strength isn’t something you can go against at all.”

Lu Yuanhao! Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed when he heard this name. Because Lu Yuanhao knew that he had the tiny vortex! If Lu Yuanhao exposed the fact that he possessed the tiny vortex, then Yang Ye had no doubt that both the Nether Pavilion and White Deer Academy would come looking for him. At that time, it would truly be impossible for him to escape death!

However, Yang Ye felt that Lu Yuanhao would probably not expose such knowledge! Because once he did, then Lu Yuanhao would definitely have no chance to obtain the tiny vortex. If he wanted to obtain the tiny vortex, then he had to help Yang Ye keep his secret.

Of course, in that way, Lu Yuanhao had a way to threaten him!

But it wasn’t a huge problem. Because he wasn’t completely helpless when facing Saints now. So long as Lu Yuanhao was selfish and wanted to take the tiny vortex for himself, then Yang Ye felt that he wouldn’t be in danger in the near future!

In short, he had to become strong, much stronger than he was right now!

The battle he had with Oblivion Maiden allowed him to realize that he was actually still very weak. Of course, he was extremely strong when compared to some, and he was strong to the point they could only look up to him! However, if he were to be compared with some geniuses like Oblivion Maiden and Nether Maiden, then he could only be considered as being not bad!

He naturally wouldn’t compare himself with those who were weaker to him. If he was going to compare himself to someone, he intended to compare himself to those who were more outstanding then him! Because only then could he become more and more outstanding. If he were to compare himself to those who were weaker to him, then it would definitely make him become conceited and satisfied with his current accomplishments, and he wouldn’t be able to improve anymore!

“I’m leaving. Good luck!” As soon as she finished speaking, she didn’t even give Yang Ye a chance to speak before she flickered off into the distance and vanished from his field of vision.

Yang Ye shouted, “Your lifespan!”

Nether Maiden’s voice came from far away, “Just take care of yourself!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Welkin Wolf Peak.

A day had passed, but the forces on the side of Ocean of Clouds Academy were still waiting. Instructor Zhuo and the other Saints from the academy were standing in confrontation with Welkin Wolf Demon King’s group in midair. Meanwhile, the human army was standing in confrontation with the army of demon beasts.

All of them were waiting for Yang Ye to arrive!

The atmosphere here was heavy and tense, and a battle might break out at any moment!

Suddenly, a white robed old man appeared in the sky.

It was an expert of Sky Divine Hall!

The white robed old man glanced at Instructor Zhuo’s group, and then he said, “Since it has come to this, I won’t waste my breath. If both of you continue fighting, then it’ll definitely end in destruction for both of you. So, my Sky Divine Hall suggests that you make peace. What do you think?”

“Make peace?” Instructor Zhuo laughed coldly, “Your Sky Divine Hall really is amazing. Earlier, you were helping Welkin Wolf Mountain Range destroy my academy, yet now that you’ve failed, you’re here to be a mediator? How laughable!”

“My Sky Divine Hall won’t allow the destruction of Welkin Wolf Mountain Range!” The white robed old man glanced indifferently at Instructor Zhuo and said, “You have to realize that I’m not discussing the matter with all of you. You have no choice but to make peace. Otherwise….”

“Otherwise what?” Suddenly, a voice resounded. Everyone here was shocked and turned to look towards the source of the voice. They saw that Yang Ye had suddenly appeared in the distance.

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