Chapter 0034: Li Luo's Water Mirror Art

"How is this possible? How can his Water Mirror Art block Song Yunfeng's full-strength move?!" The entire audience was shocked silly by this development. Everyone had looks of puzzlement on their faces.

They were not unfamiliar with the Water Mirror Art, and some of the water resonance users in the crowd also utilized this move. However, blocking Song Yunfeng's attack like Li Luo had just done was just a pipe dream for them.

This clearly incomprehensible situation had unfolded right in front of their eyes.

Difa Qing's beautiful eyes had widened into full moons and her jaw dropped.

"Did I just see something supernatural?" Bei Kun was equally dumbfounded.

Lu Qing'er, who was not far away, also had a look of surprise. Her slender eyebrows were raised, her eyes focused on Li Luo. It was as she had guessed: Li Luo did have some means to deal with Song Yunfeng!

Even an impossible situation could be turned around by him!

Amidst the cacophony of shouts, Li Luo shook his stinging arms before making his way into the inner part of the stage. He stared at Song Yunfeng, whose expression was flickering between jubilation and frustration, smirking and rushing towards him.

Deep down, he could feel a great sense of accomplishment and joy spreading through him.

His experiment had truly succeeded!

The resonance art he had just used looked like the Water Mirror Art, but there were some additional intricacies to it. This was because Li Luo had infused it with light resonance power, layering the Shadow Reversal Art atop it.

The Water Mirror Art would reflect a portion of the attack back to mitigate its effect, while the Shadow Reversal Art was designed to reflect the opponent's attack as a counterattack. These two reflective resonance arts had layered to become an exceptionally strong Water Mirror Art that could reflect even the strongest attacks!

Li Luo had experimented and discovered that when the two arts were perfectly synchronized, they might even be able to cause severe harm to the opponent!

Using their own abilities to counter themselves!

This modified version of the Water Mirror Art had been renamed to the Waterlight Demon Mirror.

"Stop screwing around and pretending to be mysterious! Do you really think that you can change the inevitable outcome?" Just as Li Luo was celebrating to himself, Song Yunfeng's expression turned gloomy and he shot out explosively towards Li Luo. His fingers were arched like talons, and as he slashed down, sharp, crimson-red talons materialized from his resonant power, tearing through the skies.

There was no hesitation as he continued his stream of attacks. 

Li Luo immediately reacted with his strengthened Water Mirror Art, and a thin curtain once again appeared in front of him.


Song Yunfeng's savage blow collided directly. A muffled sound could be heard when their moves clashed. Both of them were simultaneously forced back.

Song Yunfeng had prepared himself for the recoil and hence did not end up embarrassed like the previous exchange. However, his expression instantly became uglier as he realized that Li Luo's Water Mirror Art was too insidious. Every clash felt as though he was punching himself instead of the opponent!

What in tarnation was this? Could it even be considered a Water Mirror Art? 

Song Yunfeng's blitz had been stonewalled by Li Luo, and the entire audience gulped in trepidation. This happening once could be considered luck, more than that demonstrated skill. 

It wasn't only them who were confused. Even the ones sitting on the raised platform, such as the old dean, Xu Shanyue, Lin Feng, and so on, were equally startled by the scene before them.

"Li Luo's Water Mirror Art is clearly normal," the old dean commented in surprise.

The rest of the teachers nodded in agreement. The run-of-the-mill Water Mirror Art would never be able to leave Song Yunfeng in such a miserable state.

"It's reflective strength has similarities to the Duke resonance art Mysterious Water Mirror," a teacher commented.

However, this was quickly met with a rebuttal. "Do you really think Li Luo is able to utilize a Duke Stage resonance art with his Sixth Seal Stage resonant power?"

The one who previously raised this point was silent and unable to reply. Duke Stage resonance arts required immense amounts of resonant power, so much that even a Tenth Seal Stage cultivator might not be able to utilize them.

"That is definitely a Water Mirror Art," Xu Shanyue concluded after close observation. "However, it looks as though Li Luo has also modified it." 

The other teachers stared at each other blankly. Modifying a resonance art? Although they all knew that Li Luo was extremely gifted in understanding and executing resonance arts, this idea seemed preposterous. Could a person of his caliber and cultivation level even have the ability to do so?

Unfortunately, this seemed to be the only possible explanation. 

"He truly is the son of those two..." In the end, the rest could only sigh at the thought of this.

On the other hand, Teacher Lin Feng had been completely silent from the beginning, his face completely black. This entire scene had played out completely different from his expectations.

Back to the battle stage, the audience were cheering repeatedly in waves at the intensifying battle.

Song Yunfeng looked so gloomy, it was frightening. He stared daggers at Li Luo as he continued to ponder his next action. Every time he wished to take action, he would be reminded of that special Water Mirror Art and could only stop himself.

"Do you dare to attack me?" Song Yunfeng said through gritted teeth.

He realized that Li Luo could only use the Water Mirror Art to counter his moves. So long as he did not take the initiative to strike, Li Luo's Water Mirror Art would be useless!

Li Luo grinned upon hearing those words. Slightly shaking his head, he retorted, "I wouldn't dare. Why don't you try?"

Song Yunfeng was so furious upon hearing this that he was trembling in anger! He finally experienced firsthand what it meant to be frustrated and indignant! He was clearly multiple times stronger than Li Luo, but this damned tortoise shell of a move just kept hindering him! His hands were truly tied!

Song Yunfeng was not a complete imbecile. He gradually calmed himself down and began to consider his options. All of a sudden, he dashed towards Li Luo.

The difference this time was that he had suppressed his resonant power significantly.

"This Water Mirror Art is a high-grade resonant art, so it's resonant power consumption must be considerable. If I can force Li Luo to consistently activate it, then he will be drained of his resonant power! When he is no longer able to sustain the move, he will no longer have any means to fight back anymore, and there will be nothing to fear," Song Yunfeng mused to himself.

When Li Luo saw Song Yunfeng's change in tactics, he could also sense the reduced resonant power output by Song Yunfeng. Thinking things through, he was quickly able to grasp his intentions.

"Looks like he does have a brain after all. However, if he suppresses his resonant power, why would I be afraid of him?" Li Luo smiled. Song Yunfeng's tyrannical advantage came from his superior resonant power. Now that he was resorting to his hands and feet instead, what was there to fear? 

Hence, he took the initiative to move towards Song Yunfeng. The two bodies directly clashed, hands and feet pummelling each other, bereft of resonant power. Even then, their physical prowess could produce sonic booms upon attacking.

The two were fighting in close combat, a complete frenzy from the position of the onlookers. However, as things went by, Song Yunfeng's expression changed for the worse. He had discovered that without the assistance of his resonant power, he had no way to overpower Li Luo! 

Song Yunfeng's gaze was filled with fury, and he suddenly burst out with his full potential, punching out with a berserk blow infused with crimson resonant power, hoping to deal an unexpected, vicious blow. 


When his fist was about to collide with Li Luo, the dreaded water curtain once again appeared. Clearly, Li Luo had prepared himself to execute the resonance art at a moment's notice.


When his furious fist collided with the water curtain, massive amounts of resonant power rebounded back towards Song Yunfeng, forcing him to retreat in complete depression.

Li Luo had similarly been forced back, but the strain on him was less evident. Rubbing his knuckles, he gave a smile that was not a smile to Song Yunfeng, seemingly provoking him. 

"Li Luo!!!!! I would like to see just how many times you can keep this up with your paltry Sixth Seal resonant power!" Song Yunfeng screamed with an ashen face full of exasperation.  Crimson-red resonant power surged out of him like a tide as he attacked with everything he had.

He was at the Eighth Seal Stage, so his resonant power was significantly denser and greater than Li Luo’s. Even though Li Luo possessed a water resonance, he would still use the most direct method to grind down his reserves!

Song Yunfeng did not bother to take a break. He immediately activated all of his resonant power to launch yet another battery of blows. 

In response, Li Luo continued to use his Water Mirror Art as per before.


A familiar scene took place when the two were knocked back.

For the next few moments, the audience continued to watch dumbstruck as the two continued the exact same set of motions…

Song Yunfeng charged forward like an enraged bull, while Li Luo activated his Water Mirror Art much like a matador with his cape. Then a bang would be heard and the two would separate.

No one felt that this was exceptionally strange. They all knew that Li Luo had less resonant power to begin with and that it would be a matter of how long he could keep up. These repetitive clashes continued until Li Luo's thirteen Water Mirror Art was broken.

The water resonance power shrouding Li Luo seemed to have thinned out and lost its original sheen.

This was the sign of resonant power exhaustion.

Some within the crowd immediately voiced their regrets. It looked like things were coming to a close.

Song Yunfeng on the other hand finally leaked out a cold smile. "What are you going to do now Li Luo? You're all out of juice!"


Never one to let up an opportunity, he sprinted forward, summoning up all of his crimson-red resonant power. At this point, even his eyes had been infused red, making him look like a demonic eagle pouncing on its prey.  

Seeing Song Yunfeng's relentless offensive, Li Luo did not do anything. Instead, he silently stood at his current position, watching the furious, red shadow gradually growing larger in his view.

At the moment when that blazing fist was about to strike, when Song Yunfeng was just an inch away from Li Luo, the attack was suddenly forced to a halt.  

A hand had tightly clutched onto Song Yunfeng's arm, preventing him from going any further.

Frustrated, he turned to look and noticed the administrator standing right beside him, directly preventing him from making any further moves.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Song Yunfeng howled.


The administrator was expressionless, directly pointing at a stone pillar. Atop it was an hourglass, and no one else had noticed that the sand had stopped flowing.

Li Luo exaggeratedly loosened his sore shoulders, giving the most radiant and gentle smile he could at Song Yunfeng.

"Oh! It looks like time's up, you idiot... Perhaps you wanted some overtime?"

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