Chapter 0033: Egg vs Rock

Once Li Luo made that insult, everyone here knew that he was not planning to back out! He would clash with Song Yunfeng head on!

However, this collision would be akin to smashing an egg against a rock... there was no hope.

"Brother Luo..." On the side of the Second School, numerous fellow classmates were fraught with worry. Zhao Kuo especially was constantly pounding his fist in anxiety. "Song Yunfeng, you bastard! That's such a low blow!"

Everyone else nodded in agreement. Song Yunfeng had clearly resorted to underhanded means to provoke Li Luo, truly shameless. 

Within the crowd was a certain Yu Lang. He was still lying on a bed, tightly wrapped all over in bandages. In order to demonstrate his professionalism in acting out his role, he remained tightly bedridden, but even then, he would not miss this show, opting to have his bed dragged near the stage...

"What is Li Luo trying to do? Does he want to be abused?" 

Not far away, Lu Qing'er was also observing the machinations on the stage. Her face was wreathed in a dark frown. She had expected Song Yunfeng to throw out some taunts in order to incite Li Luo; however, even then she did not think that he would target Li Luo's two missing Duke Stage parents. Clearly, Li Luo held a deep sense of gratitude and respect for his parents. Even though he could shrug off insults towards him, he would never let anyone else tarnish his parents' names and honor. 

Frankly speaking, Song Yunfeng did not possess any right or stature to even attempt to smear the Dukes. However, when faced with this situation, Li Luo was unwilling to take it sitting down.

Lu Qing'er gaze swept across the battle stage, eventually resting upon Li Luo. At this point, the thought struck her. Had Li Luo really been forced into a confrontation with Song Yunfeng because of those words?

On the stage, Song Yunfeng's icy glare was focused on Li Luo. The phrase "Song Family's son of a bitch" uttered in front of the entire audience had also caused him to feel incensed.

Despite that, he did not continue to spar with verbal barbs. That was pointless. He would wait for the battle to begin, then he would completely thrash Li Luo. The best retort would be to literally step on Li Luo's face in front of all.

Once the administrators had confirmed that neither of the two parties were planning to forfeit, they solemnly announced the commencement of the final fight.


The moment the start of the fight was declared, Song Yunfeng immediately summoned all of his crimson-red resonant power, sheer energy blasting into the skies. Within the resonant power, one could vaguely see the form of a Crimson Eagle materializing.

This was Song Yunfeng's seventh-grade resonance, which specialized in blazing heat and berserk power.

Song Yunfeng did not hold back at all, his Eighth Seal cultivation demonstrated for all to see. A suppressive atmosphere also exuded from him, directly oppressing one's spirit.

On the other side, Li Luo similarly channelled all of his resonant power. Blue resonant power that looked like the waves of the sea wrapped around his entire body.

Directly comparing the strength and density of resonant power, it was obvious to the audience that Song Yunfeng held a significant advantage.

This directly caused the mood to turn slightly gloomy. Just how could Li Luo overturn such a stark disadvantage? Impossible!

At this moment, Li Luo placed both his palms in front of him in a stance. The blue resonant power around his body gradually started to ripple, and everyone could see that he was activating his oft used Nine Layered Jade Waves. 

The Nine Layered Jade Waves’ weakness was that it required a period of time for it to reach its peak. Unfortunately, Song Yunfeng wouldn't just sit around and twiddle his thumbs while this happened.

"Hmph!" Song Yunfeng, who noticed this, immediately snorted. He circulated the crimson-red resonant power around him whilst he explosively shot towards Li Luo.

A bolt of crimson light lanced across the stage with speed akin to a cannonball entrapped within a fiery tornado. A leg lashed downwards like a fiery hammer, directly chopping down towards Li Luo. 

Song Yunfeng was not planning to play around, and immediately exerted his full strength. His only desire was to launch a blitz of attacks, quickly trampling Li Luo beneath him.

Facing Song Yunfeng's ferocious and merciless assault, Li Luo immediately started brandishing his palms in a circular motion, his water resonance power directly forming a water curtain to defend against the attack.


Unsurprisingly, when faced with Song Yunfeng's berserk resonant power, the water curtain immediately gave way like a piece of paper. A simple touch of his moves directly shattered Li Luo's paltry defense, and the Nine Layered Jade Waves followed suit right after. Song Yunfeng's absolutely tyrannical force had completely crushed Li Luo's attempt with a simple move.  

A dull thud resounded when Song Yunfeng's foot made contact, shockwaves rippling immediately after. Li Luo, on the other hand, was directly knocked flying tens of meters away, almost out of the stage and disqualified. 


The entire crowd gasped at this scene. This was only the first exchange, and the stark difference in strength was evident. Song Yunfeng completely suppressed Li Luo. Even though he had excellent talent in the resonance arts, it was useless against absolute might.

Lu Qing'er's pretty face looked grave at this moment. Even with her breadth of experience, she saw no way for Li Luo to make a comeback.

"Don't give up, Brother Song! Beat him up!" On the other side of the stadium, Bei Kun and Difa Qing were currently standing with a group of Song Yunfeng's friends. Bei Kun was cheering agitatedly at this point.

Difa Qing was silent though, only shaking her head in response. The gap between the two was just too vast! There was no chance to turn things around.

On the stage, Li Luo's fists were stained with some crimson-red energy. He immediately willed icy-blue resonant power to surge out and extinguish the crimson-red residue. Vapor hissed into the sky when the two energies clashed, and Li Luo slowly savored the burning pain. He finally had an understanding of how strong Song Yunfeng was.

"This level of strength..."

A glint flickered through Li Luo's eyes. 


Yet at this point, Song Yunfeng was not planning to give Li Luo any chance for rest. He immediately launched a vicious assault, akin to a hawk attacking its prey. The air whistled as his swift moves swept towards Li Luo.

Li Luo raised his head and saw a crimson light rapidly approaching him. He was right at the edge of the battlefield, and if he was not careful, it would be the end of the game there and then.

However, his expression did not hold any trace of worry, nor did he seem demoralized. He took a deep breath and immediately activated his water resonance power. Executing certain hand seals, a resonance art took shape.

A faintly blue water curtain took form in front of him, looking vaguely like a thin mirror.

Some of the audience immediately recognized the move. "High-grade resonance art, Water Mirror Art?"

Lu Qing'er's eyes briefly lit up. The Water Mirror Art was a defensive resonance art that did not possess much defensive power. Instead, it was able to reflect a portion of the opponent's attack to mitigate the damage.

However, the Water Mirror Art alone would be unable to even slightly hinder Song Yunfeng's savage and cruel flurry of blows. 

In that brief moment, Song Yunfeng had already pounced right in front of Li Luo. Staring at the thin water curtain, a trace of ridicule and coldness could be seen in his gaze. Li Luo might have a wide repertoire of resonance arts, but if he thought that a mere Water Mirror Art was going to stop him, then he was truly too naive.

After which, Song Yunfeng mustered even more power and punched outwards. The fist that rushed towards Li Luo was like a screaming, red eagle eager to devour its prey.

At the moment the blow was about to strike the water curtain, Song Yunfeng could vaguely make out a blurry humanoid shadow within the mirror. This reflection was also simultaneously lashing out against him with a crimson-colored fist. The two fists collided, and he could feel his fist punching through the water curtain as well.


At this point, a low rumble could be heard. 

When the resonant power energies collided, they created a tempest that swept away all of the debris around them, scattering it in every direction.

Li Luo's body was shaken and he was forced back two steps. Just another step would cause him to fall off the stage. However, no one was focused on that. Instead, their attention was all placed upon Song Yunfeng, who seemed to have received a massive backlash from his attack. He had actually been knocked back countless tens of steps, barely stabilizing himself!

Immediately looking up, Song Yunfeng's face was full of shock.

He had actually been pushed back? 

How did Li Luo's Water Mirror Art possess such terrifying recoil strength?

The rebounded energy had reached a level equal to 70% of Song Yunfeng's previous move!

This was in a realm of power completely impossible for an ordinary Water Mirror Art to attain!


The audience erupted in endless uproar and astonishment at this scene. Song Yunfeng, on the other hand, had an expression of uncertainty as he viciously scowled at Li Luo.

Li Luo's Water Mirror Art was truly damn strange!

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