Vol 2. Chapter 132: The Salvation of God (69)


The call with Celestia was over. She said she would make some time and come find me sooner or later, since that was her intention in the first place. It was said that the reason why she was able to solidify her position of Empress was due to the overwhelming uproar when the Emperor-class Gigas, Ra of Bright Lightwas gone. 

'It's not bad.' Needless to say, I did not intend to return Ra. Aside from the fact that Ra was definitely necessary, Ras himself did not really want to leave. 'I do have to go to Leonhardt once.' It was time to think about how to make the name of the Game Master known.

Captain-nim, it's the Basaras. 

"Again? They're persistent, so persistent."

This time it's not an intrusion by warp, but they are after a surprise attack. 

"Surprise attack?"

We've confirmed the approach of the Giga-class battleship. I guess we have no choice but to confirm as the units we sent disappeared without a sound. 

"You've basically made up your mind," I commented. No matter how much of a late-comer we were, if we have reached the Stage III Civilization, we were by no means a pushover of a force. Why would we go to the lengths of being independent from the Primordial God? It meant that they wouldn't be able to overwhelm us just by bringing a battleship over. However...it was entirely possible if the objective was terrorism and looting. That was exactly what they were after, too.

"Phew." I moved my body on Earth to an open area that had been destroyed by the monster whales. Boom!!! A giant crater was formed just by exerting my power. As it was hit with the energy being released from my body, the land composed of dirt...

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