Vol 2. Chapter 131: The Salvation of God (68)

Reporting in, Captain-nim. The Great Pirates of Basara...

"Ahh, I felt it, too." As I answered, I suddenly felt baffled and asked, "No, but aren't they falling for it like crazy even when there isn't any bait? Are they all lacking in intelligence?"

The Great Pirates of Basara, who had invaded South Korea, were arrested by the police who arrived late. They had been robbed by high school students who were on their way home. Yes, they were robbed by high school students. It was mind-boggling to think about it. The Basara's evil reputation was widely known in the whole Great Universe, but only infants and newborns who were just born not long ago could be kidnapped by them on Earth-34.

The Pirates were frozen as they had always been until now and they were thrown into the Unique World. I will proceed to buy the Iron Heart that we have come by.  

"Yes, yes."

It had been a year since the stage was over. The number of human beings, which was over 6 billion, had fallen to less than 500 million. It was a devastating damage that mankind had never experienced before. However, the remaining 500 people that survived shared a current average level of over Level 10. Moreover, this average level included the children and the elderly who were non-combatants, so the average level that a typical adult would have on Earth-34 was higher than that. 'This isn't a joke. This is basically a level equivalent to the standard Nobles...

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