Vol 2. Chapter 129: The Salvation of God (66)

“Hyung, you son of a…”

I had no choice but to laugh in a flabbergasted manner.

Are you all right?

Along with a gush of wind, something very large landed on my right. When I turned my head, Ares was looking at me with his posture lowered to the fullest extent.

That’s right. Are you okay?

Another giant appeared on my left. It was made of light, and more accurately described as a spirit of light rather than a robot.

Transcendental Weapon No. 92.


“Of course. I’m very good.”

What? How did you get here? Weren’t you supposed to be by Celestia’s side?

I was, but a sudden hole appeared out of nowhere and sucked me up. Although I can’t quite understand what happened afterwards… I can feel that the Divine Spirit that has been paining me has finally left me. My king, have you accepted your Divine Spirit once again?

“It somehow worked out like that. But it’s a little embarrassing that it ended up like this after I forced you to take care of it.”

It was too much power for me anyways. But… now that I’ve disappeared so suddenly, the Leonhardt Empire would have been thrown into chaos. In the form of a crown, I was...

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