Vol 2. Chapter 128: The Salvation of God (65)

“All Master.”


An enormous amount of emitted energy easily ripped apart the incoming curses. Il-han immediately took a step back to secure some space then completed a series of ultimate spells.

“Ahk! It hurts! You!!”

The child brushed off pieces of sharp ice from his shoulders and put out the flame burning on his legs. It raised a shadow and pushed it forward like a tidal wave. However, Il-han faced the attack by taking a step forward and striking vertically with his claymore.


The tidal wave was cut apart by a lightning flash and the enemy was revealed.


A fist struck its head. The child screamed and attempted to back off, but Il-han immediately followed up with a roundhouse kick. The set of movements was akin to flowing water. If any martial artists had been present, they would have been put in awe by the smooth-flowing moves.

“Keuk! Ahk! Ouch!! It hurts!!!”

The child slowly grew larger while screaming. The transformation soon accelerated, then the black body of the child started to mutate horribly.


But ignoring the transformation, Il-han swung his sword without a word and cut off the child’s leg. The child lost its balance and collapsed with a scream.


A black wolf appeared from the shadow on the floor, then chomped down on the child’s arm before...

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