Vol 2. Chapter 97: The Salvation of God (34)

I brought Eden into the real world from the Unique World, and it felt like I was lifting it. In fact, I was adding my strength to Eden's self-supporting movement. I used a waist-up motion, like a deadlift, so it looked like the spaceship was being pulled out of my pants’ pocket.

The basic concept of the Carrier Eden was simple. It was made sturdy so it didn’t break easily, and it was made simply so it could be repaired as much as needed. And, no matter what, it was made big. 

Kuhkk! As the huge mass that did not exist pushed into the real world, a strong wind rushed towards the surrounding area. The people groaned at the incoming wind...and the whole city of New York instantly fell into darkness. 

Tang! Tang! Tang! Along with a rough sound, the dark city lit up again. Although it was restored to its original state quickly, the scene that revealed itself was completely different from before. This was because the new light source was not the sun, but the lights embedded on the huge steel sphere that floated in the sky.  

"T-T-This..." The white man who greeted me with confidence looked up at the sky with a pale face. He looked at me again and stammered.

However, I paid him no attention. I don’t even know who he was in the first place. I delivered my words through Eden instead of worrying about useless things, "Arrived in New York. Expeditioners of the United States Expedition should get ready to...

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