Vol 2. Chapter 93: The Salvation of God (30)

"Teacher! I made a crown!!"

Oh my. Thank you, Ji-eun. 

"Teacher! Why are you wearing such revealing clothes?"

Ah, erm, yeah. It was my father's request. He liked my current appearance so much that he told me to never change the way I look. He was so determined about it that he nearly quarreled with the Secretary of Defence. The female dancer who had a curvaceous body was leading the children that just arrived. She was dressed in an attire that would cause the  students’ parents to cough up foam if they saw it.

However, Genie was undeniably popular. Perhaps it was natural that Genie, close to being an incomparable beauty, was popular with children, who responded most honestly to outer appearances. This was still the case even if a Character Image covered Genie's body, that was made of steel. 

"...Where is this?" A woman, lying on the lawn, opened her eyes. It was Seon-ae, who was once my partner, and her mature appearance made it impossible to think of her as a high school student. Even the woman who used to look like a young girl couldn't resist the stage’s flow of time, and had grown old.

Instead of saying that we were at Center, or the Central Plaza which was referred to as the 'middle area of Center' to be exact, I simply said, "It's a sort of subspace, so to speak."

"This is the rumored..." Seon-ae jumped up as if she had heard a backstory and looked around.

The Central Plaza had a generous width and breadth of one kilometer, so there was no one who observed her carefully. Also, the Central Plaza was now noisy with the...

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